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China’s top diplomat offers reassuring words to US business leaders despite chill in relations China US 41m
Revived China-Australia defence talks a step in the right direction: analysts 4h
3 reasons why China and Brazil are looking to deepen trade ties China Brazil 5h
Hong Kong’s homebuyers return as banks keep rates steady 5h
Protest organisers confident over turnout at first rally since lifting of Covid-19 curbs, despi... 6h
CY Leung urges Hong Kong to keep up with digital economy developments China 6h
India’s Gandhi says he won’t stop asking Modi tough questions India 7h
China, US draw on regional forces to scale up mutual deterrence China US 7h
Thai PM Prayuth to run for re-election in May Thailand 7h
China to launch early 6G applications by 2025 ahead of 2030 commercial roll-out China 8h
Japan eyes upgrading Aegis ships with Tomahawk missiles from US China US North Korea Japan 9h
China calls for tighter trade ties with New Zealand China New Zealand 9h
The smart card tracking workers on China’s giant next-gen amphibious ship China 9h
Malaysia says ex-Astro CEO returned US$10 million linked to 1MDB Malaysia 9h
China unveils new plan to clean up major rivers and lakes China 10h
‘New islands allow Hong Kong to build fourth tunnel without passing urban areas’ 11h
Ancestral trip or political ploy? Ma Ying-jeou to visit mainland China China Taiwan 13h
Hail could hit Hong Kong, Observatory says as it issues amber rainstorm warning 13h
World must take ‘give and take’ approach to accept China’s rise: Singapore PM China 14h

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China’s primary and kindergarten enrolments tumble as births hit record low China 14h
Fading out of sight: Hong Kong’s street hawkers are dwindling, ageing, in danger of disappearin... 15h
South Korean chip giants dodge ‘worst-case scenario’ in new US proposal China US South Korea 15h
As Thaksin’s daughter readies for Thai polls, army and youth pose challenges Thailand 16h
Japan PM refused China envoy farewell meeting amid Diaoyus tensions China Japan 16h
China’s top memory chip maker YMTC sees improved global market demand in 2023 China 17h
Why Vietnam’s online propagandists are disowning Ke Huy Quan’s Oscar win Vietnam 17h
Driving to Guangdong: Hong Kong motorists hope red tape won’t get in the way 17h
Why copy the West’s TikTok bans? For much of Asia it’s ‘just another app’ China Malaysia Indonesia 17h
Why new curb on overseas lawyers in national security cases is right 19h
China’s local financing vehicles scale back funding amid debt reduction drive China 20h
Eyeing China, US-EU joint naval exercise touts ‘freedom of navigation’ China 20h
‘Growing hesitancy to accept China’s money’ could trip up belt and road in Asean China 21h
A portal to China is closing, at least temporarily, and researchers are nervous China 1d
What game strategy tells us about the US-China-Russia contest US 1d
EU chief Ursula von der Leyen to join Emmanuel Macron on visit to China China Russia France Ukraine 1d
Singapore Airlines cargo flight makes emergency landing in Hong Kong 1d
Apple CEO Tim Cook arrives in Beijing to meet top officials US 1d
China calls for ‘strategic consensus’ with EU on Ukraine ceasefire, peace talks China France Ukraine 1d
Proposed US ‘guardrails’ to block TSMC, Samsung chip expansion in China China US Iran North Korea Russia 1d
Number tags for marchers but no masks, Hong Kong police tell protest organisers 1d
China in US corn buying spree at start of 2023, but will it last? China US Ukraine Brazil 1d
China updates online advertising rules to tame recommendation algorithms China 1d
Japan court acquits Vietnam trainee of abandoning stillborn babies Japan Vietnam 1d
‘A political performance’: Chinese netizens slam TikTok hearing in US China US 1d
Chinese team says new stealth tech for submarines can ‘cancel out’ US sonar China US 1d
Activists call for Hong Kong government to be open over land reclamation project 1d
China casts net far and wide to cajole and charm investors, multinationals China 1d
Japan unveils first-ever guidelines on refugee status recognition US Japan 1d
21 Hong Kong teachers struck off register in 2022 for serious misconduct 1d
China balloon row: US faces US$2 million bill for downing 3 mystery objects China US 1d