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Beyond China’s boondoggles, where will investments go when even water is a risk? 12m
Opinion | Golden era of China-Vietnam relations is at hand, never mind the West 52m
Hong Kong extends voting until midnight for district council poll 5h
Hong Kong’s revamped district council poll reflects political tale of two cities 7h
Chinese oil giant CNOOC looks underground to store fuel reserves 7h
Crowds flock to Hong Kong’s first outdoor LGBTQ festival Pink Dot since 2018 8h
Cross-border voters praise Hong Kong government efforts to help them cast ballots 8h
Singapore suspends poultry imports from parts of Japan, US over bird flu fears 9h
US sanctions more Chinese officials and firms over alleged abuses in Xinjiang 9h
Taiwan warned PLA is watching after Beijing sends up more satellites 10h
Chinese research team says new iron-rich corn could help ease anaemia worldwide 11h
‘He is the pride of Japan’: baseball mad country elated with Ohtani’s record deal 12h
Hongkongers caught out by tunnel not using HKeToll, incur fines amid confusion 12h
Hong Kong woman, 52, arrested on suspicion of killing husband with mattress 13h
AI reunites son with family but raises questions in China about ethics, privacy 14h
Egyptian refugee in Hong Kong gets his ticket to Canada after 10 long years 15h
Prostitute or courtesan? Delhi heritage walks shed light on ‘twisted’ history 16h
Chinese state media changes ‘Tibet’ to ‘Xizang’ after Beijing white paper 16h
Hongkongers cherish ‘heartwarming’ role looking after kids for working parents 16h

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Japan battles to protect premium US$100 a bunch grapes ‘stolen’ by China, Korea 17h
Hong Kong 47: who are the key defendants in national security trial? 17h
Is Kim Jong-un’s daughter the next North Korean leader or a ‘propaganda star’? 17h
China Coast Guard blames Philippine boats for ‘collision’ near disputed shoal 17h
Election turnout may plunge despite Hong Kong government’s publicity efforts 18h
Australia triples fees on foreign buyers of existing homes to stem rental crisis 18h
Kuaishou sharpens focus on fast-growing real-estate video content 19h
Hong Kong district council election: John Lee casts ballot, urges public to vote 19h
Opinion | Governments must act decisively on the climate or we’re all doomed to boil 19h
Made-in-China still dominates US holiday sales, but do Americans even care? 22h
‘Sea of misery’: Indian rights lawyer spotlights plight of jailed women 22h
Dispute emerges over invite for Hong Kong leader to attend Apec summit in US 23h
US forces in South Korea on agile combat mission with drill in Singapore 1d
Opinion | Why China should move beyond wartime past and forge closer ties with Japan 1d
Philippines arrests member of militant group over Catholic mass bombing 1d
How China and the US are poles apart in small modular nuclear energy ambitions 1d
China coastguard faces off with Philippine vessels near Scarborough Shoal 1d
US warns of possible North Korea’s 7th nuclear test in 2024 amid steps to curb Kim Jong-un’s il... 1d
In world first, China’s LandSpace methane rocket sends satellites into orbit 1d
Hong Kong day procedure centre loses licence over handling of suspicious jabs 1d
Hong Kong charity event to feature Christmas-themed Disney plush toys 1d
US in US$2 billion pledge to Angola as it looks beyond Chinese funding model 1d
Exclusive | Hong Kong tourism blueprint to revamp Kai Tak’s role within sector: culture chief 1d
Hong Kong ‘to get tough’ on soft resistance targeting district council election 1d
Waning immunity, increased travel fuel jump in Singapore Covid cases 1d
China’s consumer prices mark steepest fall in since November 2020 1d
Electricity prices will not exceed inflation: Hong Kong environment chief 1d
Exclusive | Hongkongers overreacting to proposed Science Museum relocation: culture chief 1d
Is MasterChef Indonesia’s winner ‘undeserving’ as ethnic tensions simmer? 1d
Southeast Asia eyes seafood export bounty as sustainability falls by the wayside 1d
Japanese academic among 3 killed in Las Vegas university shooting 1d