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Former Qatari Premier on the Gaza Conflict: "The Worst Thing Would Be a Ceasefire without a Pla... 4d
The Fizzled Counteroffensive: Fears Grow of a Stalemate on the Front in Ukraine 4d
Refugees on the Balkan Route: Europe's Nameless Dead 5d
Freezing in the Forests, Drowning in the Rivers: Europe's Nameless Dead on the Balkan Route 6d
(S+) Interview with Bundesbank President Nagel: "We Are not the Sick Man of Europe" 1w
Karamba Diaby's Journey: Forging a Political Career in the Face of Threats and Attacks 1w
A Tour of Hell: In Gaza with the Israeli Army 1w
Cake and Casualties: Uzhhorod Is Ukraine's Most Peaceful City 1w
A Taste of an Approaching Dystopia: The Death of the Amazon River Dolphin 1w
Anti-Semitism in France: French Jews Concerned about the Future 1w
Dubious CO2 Certificates: What Will Become of the Liberian Rainforests? 1w
A Potential Rift in the Climate Movement: What's Next for Greta Thunberg? 1w
Jewish Life in Germany: A Sudden, Ominous Sense of Insecurity 1w
Ukraine Prepares Electricity Grid for Another Winter of War 1w
A Century of Hate: The Middle East Cycle of Violence Continues to Breed Intolerance 1w
The Food of the Future: "Grasshoppers Are More Valuable than Caviar" 1w
Ukraine: Special Forces Officer Allegedly Involved in Nord Stream Attack 1w
Forgotten in Kyiv: Support Slides for Ukraine Following Attack on Israel 1w
War in the Middle East: The Strategic Calculations of Israel's Enemies 1w

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Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni: "Netanyahu Will Not Stay" 1w
The Middle East Conflict: Interview with a Palestinian and an Israeli 1w
Between Bombs and Hope: Families of Israeli Hostages Agonize over Fate of Loved Ones Israel 1mo
The Unwinnable War: Israel Faces International Headwinds as the Ground Offensive Commences Israel 1mo
NATO Partner and Hamas Host Germany Qatar 1mo
Escalating Violence: Radical Settlers on the West Bank See an Opportunity Israel 1mo
Middle East Conflict Tests the Postwar World Order US Israel 1mo
Anti-Semitism in Berlin: "For the First Time, I Understand What it Means to be Jewish" Germany 1mo
"Absolutely Appalling": A New Wave of Anti-Semitism Sweeps Across Germany Israel Germany 1mo
Oppression in Russia: Yegor's High Price for Protesting the War Russia 1mo
Uyghurs in China: Filmmaker's Detention Shows That Arrests of Minority Continue China 1mo
Interview with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: "We Have to Deport People More Often and Faster" Israel Germany 1mo
The Crisis in the Middle East: Diplomacy on the Precipice China Russia 1mo
Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak Criticizes Benjamin Netanyahu Sharply Israel 1mo
Interview with Israel's EU Ambassador Haim Regev: "We Can and We Will Wipe Out Hamas" Israel 1mo
Xi and Putin in Beijing: The Burgeoning Alliance between Russia and China China Russia Ukraine 1mo
When the Music Stopped: An Inside Look at the Hamas Assault on the Trance Festival 1mo
The Return of Liberal Poland?: Opposition Parties Secure Votes for New Government Poland 1mo
The Mood on the Berlin Streets: "I Actually Don't Like Hamas, But..." 1mo
Berlin Will Have to Follow Words of Support for Israel with Action Israel Germany 1mo
Hamas Terror: Germany Must Stand Unequivocally with Israel Israel Germany 1mo
Europe's Broken Asylum System: Conditions for Migrants in Tunisia Continues to Worsen Tunisia 1mo
(S+) "Putin Can't End this War without Victory" Russia Germany 1mo
Muslim Anti-Semitism in Berlin: "Wide Swaths of Arab-Speaking Population Harbor Sympathies for... Israel Germany 1mo
Hamas Attack on Israel: "The Hostages Are Likely Facing an Extended Period of Suffering" Israel Germany 2mos
Aston Martin Goes for Glory: A Canadian Billionaire Takes on Formula One Royalty Canada 2mos
Rising Radicalism: Germany's Right-Wing AfD Party Makes Strides in the West Germany 2mos
Interview with Dutch politician Sophie in’t Veld on the "Predator Files": "It's a Deal from Hel... Netherlands 2mos
Unrest in the Balkans: Why the Serbian Minority in Kosovo Feels Threatened Kosovo Servia 2mos
European Council President Charles Michel: Ukraine Could Join EU By 2030 Ukraine 2mos
Interview with Amnesty International Security Lab Detective: "The Victims Are Completely Transp... 2mos