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Climate Change Creates New Challenges for Russian Firefighters Russia 6h
Rising Malnourishment: Global Food Prices Spike in Response to the Pandemic 1d
Holding a Match to the Powder Keg: Proposed Northern Ireland Amnesty Law Faces Massive Critique Ireland UK 2d
AstraZeneca and Pfizer/BioNTech: Germany Faces Dilemma of What to do with Excess Vaccine Germany 5d
Delta and Other Baggage: New COVID-19 Rules for Travelers in Germany Arrive Late and Fall Short Germany 5d
Germany’s New Climate Reality: A Country Races to Prepare for the Unavoidable Germany 1w
“There Is No Other Way Out of the Pandemic”: British Public Health Expert on the Need to Get Va... UK 1w
Catastrophic Flooding Spotlights Germany’s Poor Disaster Preparedness Germany 1w
Growing Anxiety as the Taliban Approaches in Eastern Afghanistan Afghanistan 1w
Herd Immunity is Impossible. Now What? Germany 2w
Interview with Former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu: “Parts of the Government Are Mafi... Turkey 2w
Financial Times Editor Roula Khalaf: “I Think We Went Too Far” Germany 2w
Flood Disaster Could Become a Major Issue in German Election Germany 2w
With Departure of NATO Troops, the Taliban Gains Ground in Afghanistan US Germany Afghanistan 3w
The High Political Costs of Russia's New Pipeline to Germany US Russia Germany 3w
Bestselling Author Michael Wolff on his Trump Exposés: “There Was No Plan. He Is Deranged” 3w
Dealing with Europe’s Autocrats: It’s Time to Cut Funding for Orbán Hungary 3w
Fears Mount Following Attack on Dutch Journalist: “No Story Is Worth as Much as My Life” Netherlands 3w
Germany Shifts Focus of Vaccine Drive to the Undecided and Skeptics Germany 3w

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A Journey Through the Troubled Former Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 3w
German Vaccine Researcher Leif Erik Sander: "There Will Always Be Infections, Despite Complete... Germany 4w
The Delta Dilemma: Coronavirus Variant Has Some Worried about a New Autumn Wave Germany 1mo
Germany's Vaccination Campaign: The Race for Herd Immunity Germany 1mo
The Afghans Who Helped Germany Only To Be Left Behind Germany Afghanistan 1mo
Violence in Ethiopia: Using Famine and Rape as a Weapon of War Ethiopia 1mo
Abuse in the Pandemic: Deploying Codewords and Fake Online Shops against Domestic Violence 1mo
Israeli Corruption Fighter on the Submarine Affair: "It Appears that Bribe Money Is Coming from... Israel Germany 1mo
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Nord Stream 2, Russia and China China US Russia Germany 1mo
Hopes Are High for the mRNA Technology that Is Leading Us Out of the Pandemic 1mo
BioNTech CEO Uğur Şahin on mRNA-Technology: "We Have Opened the Door To a New World of Pharmace... 1mo
Italy: The Women of Venice Discover Boating Italy 1mo
Merkel Adviser on the Future Course of the Pandemic: “I Am Especially Worried About the Unvacci... Germany 1mo
A Family’s Journey from Cologne to the Islamic State Syria 1mo
Former Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte: "I Keep Telling Myself that Justice Will Prevail" 1mo
A Visit to the Belarus Opposition: The Courageous Women of Minsk Belarus 1mo
The Telegram Billionaire and His Dark Empire 1mo
Biometric Data: How I Lost Control Over My Own Face 1mo
France’s War in West Africa: “People Collected Severed Arms, Legs and Heads” France Afghanistan Mali 1mo
What's it like flying on Mars? An interview with the chief pilot of Nasa's Ingenuity helicopter... 1mo
A Boost for the CDU: German Conservatives Back on Track as General Election Approaches Germany 1mo
Attention Deficit Disorders: Lessons from the Pandemic on ADHD 2mos
Hank Azaria on Being the voice of “Apu” on “The Simpsons” India 2mos
Taking Aim at the Beeb: The BBC Is Under Pressure as Boris Johnson Tightens the Screws 2mos
The Coronavirus in India: "There Is Hardly a Family that Has Been Spared" India 2mos
COVID-19: How Much Sense Does It Make to Vaccinate Children and Adolescents? Israel Germany 2mos
Freezing Payments and Halting Exports: How the EU Wants To Sanction Belarus Belarus 2mos
Lukashenko's Revenge: How Far Will Belarus Dictator Go in Hunt for Opposition? Belarus 2mos
Merkel's Lame Duck Government: Stasis in Berlin as Campaign Season Approaches Germany 2mos
Criminalizing the Sick: Argentina's Authoritarian Corona Regime Argentina Formosa 2mos
In the Sinister Disneyland of Xinjiang: China's Ongoing Oppression of the Uighurs China 2mos