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Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus 7h
A Russian ice cream maker has been accused of promoting homosexuality after using a rainbow on... 11h
Boris Johnson refuses to apologise for blaming care homes for coronavirus death toll 11h
UK to resume arms sales to Saudi Arabia despite 'possible' war crimes in Yemen, government says 10h
WHO acknowledges 'emerging evidence' of airborne spread of COVID-19 6h
Covid-19 antibodies may only last ‘weeks’, casting doubt on herd immunity - A study of almost 7... 9h
Refusal to wear mask should be as taboo as drink-driving, says Royal Society chief 16h
The United States is 'looking at' banning TikTok and other Chinese social media apps, Pompeo sa... 17h
Pope pulls speech on Hong Kong freedom, raising questions over pressure from Beijing 15h
Australians at risk of arbitrary arrest in China, Government warns 15h
Dutch police discover secret torture site in shipping containers on Dutch-Belgian border 5h
Several English pubs forced to close again after customers test positive for coronavirus 11h
FBI chief says China threatens families to coerce overseas critics to return to China 6h
Bolsonaro experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, says CNN Brazil 23h
A third of Britons plan to refuse Covid-19 vaccine amid rise in online anti-vaxx conspiracies 5h
US to deport International Students F-1 and M-1 Visas taking online only classes. 2h
Six arrested after 'Dutch torture chambers' found 2h
Russian prosecutors demanded that a respected Gulag historian be sentenced to 15 years in priso... 1h
Canada opens doors to Asian tech talent fleeing Trump's US 20h

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Pandemic accelerating, global peak still to come: WHO chief 4h
Armed man who broke into Trudeau residence charged with threatening to kill or injure PM 19h
Citizens found without mask or not following the COVID-19 prevention guidelines at public place... 1d
Trump administration submits formal notice of withdrawal from WHO 4h
U.N. expert deems U.S. drone strike on Iran's Soleimani an 'unlawful' killing 1d
UK workers forced to pay extra tax if employers cover costs of coronavirus tests - 'Many of our... 11h
Zimbabwean police arrests nurses striking over low pay 10h
Dutch police arrest 6 men, uncover makeshift torture chamber 9h
Hong Kong activists are holding up blank signs because China now has the power to define pro-de... 1d
China’s massive effort to collect its people’s DNA concerns scientists 4h
Russia: Feminist activist could face prison for vagina drawings 11h