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China makes arrests, shuts down rogue chemical factories that spewed banned ozone-depleting gas 7h
40% of India's MPs face criminal charges, including rape and murder: Study 8h
On Japan’s Okinawa, U.S. military is accused of contaminating environment with hazardous chemic... 8h
Iraq sentences three French citizens to death for joining Isis 6h
More than 70 retired military leaders urge Trump not to go to war with Iran: Any conflict would... 18h
A supermarket in Thailand garnered attention from the netizens around the world for the impleme... 8h
Astounding Amount of Water Has Been Discovered Beneath the Martian North Pole 3h
Hong Kong protestors demand China be held to account for 1989 Tiananmen crackdown 1h
EU election: German exit polls show heavy losses for ruling parties, surge for Greens 2h
Thousands in Hong Kong commemorate 1989 Tiananmen protests - More than 2,000 people marched in... 3h
China's robot censors crank up as Tiananmen anniversary nears - Reuters 11h
Magnitude-8 earthquake strikes north-central Peru 11h
Algeria – the nation where malaria was discovered – is officially free of malaria, the WHO said... 1d
Climate change is destroying a barrier that protects the U.S. East Coast from hurricanes 5h
Nordic nations have 'disturbingly high' levels of rape, says Amnesty International 10h
Tower of London welcomes its first raven chicks in 3 decades 21h
China released a Uyghur mother to silence her American son, then sent her back to a detention c... 1d
Two die, nearly 600 taken to hospitals nationwide as heat wave hits parts of nation 5h
Magnitude 8.0 hits northern Peru. (7:40GMT) Affected countries: Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil... 7h

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Beyond 1984: Detainees in China's Muslim concentration camp are allowed to cry only once every... 2h
Trump says not disturbed that North Korea has 'fired off some small weapons' 15h
Russia launches new nuclear-powered icebreaker in bid to open up Arctic | Russia is building ne... 11h
South African Doctor Performs World’s First Middle Ear Transplant Using 3D Technology 3h
Police take hard line on arrested Extinction Rebellion protesters | A team of 30 officers is ca... 4h
Scottish Government to set out plans for indyref2 within days of Theresa May’s departure 8h
Fresenius: World leader in dialysis treatments bribed public hospital doctors in Spain | German... 8h
Yellow vest protest in Brussels turns violent as Belgium holds both general election and electi... 4h
Turnout up in France as 21 countries vote in knife-edge EU poll 7h
Xinjiang Re-education Camp Detainees Appointed ‘Crying Time’ Every Two Weeks 12h
‘This Is Bigger’: Palestinian and Israeli Teens Strike Together for the Climate 3h