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/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 432, Part 1 (Thread #573) 1yr
Jack Ma, the billionaire co-founder of Alibaba who disappeared from public life in 2020, has ta... 1yr
Russia is building defenses deep inside its own territory, fearing a sweeping Ukrainian counter... 1yr
Railway track blown up in Bryansk Oblast in Russia: train carrying fuel derails 1yr
Ukrainian Ambassador to Ireland Calls on to Boycott Jameson Whiskey after Russian Supply Resume... 1yr
Ukrainian defenders oust Russian forces from some positions in Bakhmut 1yr
South Africa considers inviting Putin to summit via Zoom so that he avoid arrests 1yr
Nurses across England strike in biggest walkout so far 1yr
Hyundai to stop selling machinery used for illegal Amazon mining 1yr
Ukrainian government bans letters Z and V on car license plates, Interior Ministry clarifies ru... 1yr
Ukraine Is Now Using Steam Decks to Control Machine Gun Turrets 1yr
Air defence systems repelling Russian missile attacks in Kyiv region - officials 1yr
ECHR orders Russia to pay EUR 129 mn to Georgian victims of its 2008 invasion 1yr
Brazil's Lula: The UN was so strong enough to create Israel, but now can't create a Palestinian... 1yr
Ukraine war: Russia launches second pre-dawn missile attack in three days 1yr
A powerhouse US doctor slain in Sudan, 'killed for nothing' 1yr
China Votes in Favor of UN Resolution Condemning Russian Aggression 1yr
Ukraine war: Explosion near Russian border region derails freight train - governor 1yr
ISIS leader Abu Hussein al-Qurashi killed in Syria 1yr

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World's workers rally on May Day; France braces for protests 1yr
Sunday Times: South Africa’s government asks Putin not to come to BRICS Summit because of his I... 1yr
Indigenous community in Colombia gets its day in court over ‘ancestral land’ | The U’wa people’... 1yr
Paraguay: Pro-Taiwan candidate wins presidential election 1yr
Deep learning pioneer Geoffrey Hinton quits Google 1yr
Mexico bus plunges off cliff, at least 18 die 1yr
Pope says Vatican involved in secret Ukraine peace mission 1yr
Private jet sales likely to reach highest ever level this year, report says | Air transport 1yr
Ethiopia used chemicals to kill locusts. Billions of honeybees disappeared 1yr
Biden hosts Philippines leader Marcos as China tensions grow 1yr
Russia’s occupation ‘governor’ of Kherson region manages to register company in UK despite sanc... 1yr
Princess Anne says 'you know what you're getting' with her brother, King Charles 1yr