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/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 395, Part 1 (Thread #536) 15h
Zelenskyy says he wants to talk to Xi Jinping, but didn’t receive return offer 8h
Moscow will station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus: Putin 2h
Ukraine's air force is now allowing foreigners to sign up as pilots as it pushes for Western fi... 12h
Russia pardons 5,000 former criminals after fighting in Ukraine, Prigozhin says 7h
NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg welcomes Norway's 'significant' miltary aid to Ukraine 7h
Support Grows to Have Russia Pay for Ukraine’s Rebuilding 20h
Austria to arrest Putin and bring him to Hague if he decides to visit 23h
Vatican returns Parthenon sculptures to Greece 13h
New Zealand raises concerns with China on South China Sea, Taiwan 8h
Ukraine Defense ministry calls for information blackout about upcoming offensives 1h
Thousands rally in Tel Aviv against Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul | Further demonstrat... 1h
Russia warns of nuclear retaliation if Ukraine tries to seize Crimea 19h
Bulgaria's Pro-Kremlin Leader Refuses To Send Soviet-Era Fighter Jets And Tanks To Ukraine 5h
Putin says Moscow has deal with Belarus to station nuclear weapons there -Tass 2h
Russia puts Putin’s ex-speechwriter on wanted list over Ukraine 14h
France bans TikTok, Twitter from government staff phones amid security concerns 1d
Pope extends sexual abuse law to include lay leaders 7h
‘Not as generous’: Polish leader hits Germany over Ukraine support 5h

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New Zealand tells China its concern on lethal aid to Russia 3h
Super tanker anchored off coast of Yemen is likely to sink or explode at any moment, UN says 17h
Joe Biden says no sign yet of China sending Russia weapons 5h
President Volodymyr Zelensky has said Ukraine's counter-offensive against Russia cannot start u... 2h
Iranian groups launch new missile strikes on US forces in Syria after US airstrikes 1d
Russia wants demilitarised buffer zones in Ukraine, says Putin ally 1d
Netanyahu acted illegally by getting involved in judicial overhaul, says Israel's attorney gene... 1d
Wagner boss defies Kremlin Ukraine 'Nazi' narrative 1d
An elite French gendarme was shot dead in France's overseas territory of French Guiana in South... 3h
Biden says China has not yet provided weapons to Russia 11h
UN human rights mission denounces Russia, Ukraine for POW executions 6h
Russian parliament speaker proposes banning ICC over Putin arrest warrant 10h