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Pope Calls for Universal Basic Income, Shorter Working Day 9h
U.S. tells Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine, stop cyberattacks on America and allies 7h
A long-awaited report from Brazil’s Senate concludes that Jair Bolsonaro purposely let the coro... 7h
Anonymous posts Taiwan independence flag on CCP website 19h
More than 99.9 percent of scientific studies agree humans caused climate change 1h
Volcanic activity raises Japanese island, exposing sunken Second World War ships 15h
Member of Qatari royal family admits killing pedestrian with Rolls Royce near Buckingham Palace 1h
New COVID-19 Variant 'Delta Plus' With 'Higher Transmissibility' Found In US, UK 2h
At least 1,100 children taken from homes of innocent families as the result of the Dutch govern... 8h
Former Nazi camp secretary formally charged with more than 11,000 counts of accessory to murder 2h
Women escaping domestic violence can now access $5,000 federal payments 1d
The last three mountain glaciers in Africa are receding at such a rapid pace that they could di... 12h
Interpreter who assisted Australian Defence Force executed by Taliban 3h
‘Climate change is hitting us’: French beekeepers expect worst honey harvest in half a century... 1h
Charge Bolsonaro with murder over Covid toll, draft Brazil senate report says 2h
Portugal honours hero diplomat who saved thousands of Jews 12h
Haiti gang demands $17M ransom for kidnapped American and Canadian missionaries 13h
Everyday activities won't be available to the unvaccinated - Jacinda Ardern 1d
Romans have elected a centre-left former economy minister as their next mayor, rejecting by a l... 1d

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Israel approves West Bank residency for 4,000 Palestinians, after 10-year freeze 11h
Russia cannot block Ukraine's NATO aspirations, US Secretary of Defence says 15h
Tibet activists unfurl flag at Beijing Winter Olympics flame ceremony - France 24 7h
Chinese developer Sinic defaults as Evergrande deadline looms 4h
Court finds Colombia responsible for rape, torture of journalist 17h
China, Russia navy ships jointly sail through Japan strait 11h
Former Guatemalan soldiers stormed the rear area of Congress on Tuesday and torched several veh... 1h
Brazil senators readying call for Bolsonaro criminal charges 59m
Romania's COVID-19 deaths hit record as intensive care beds run out 9h
Sex work has been legal in Spain since 1995. But the nation's prime minister is now vowing to b... 1d
Volcanic Activity In Japan Is Lifting Abandoned Ships Out Of The Ocean 5h