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Boris Johnson confronted by angry father on hospital visit: 'The NHS has been destroyed' - The... 8h
Netanyahu cancels trip to U.N. as he appears to fall short in Israel elections 4h
Disputing Trump Claims, Japan Says No Evidence Iran Was Behind Saudi Attack: Japanese defense m... 2h
“Please save your praise. We don’t want it,” Swedish Climate Activist Greta Thunberg told the U... 9h
Duterte Says He Ordered a Politician Killed; a Spokesman Says He Misspoke 7h
Saudi Arabia Owns the 45th Floor of Trump Tower, and It Shows 2h
Israel's Netanyahu fails to win majority in close election 4h
New Documents Show Pentagon Spent At Least $184,000 in U.S. Taxpayer Funds at President Trump’s... 2h
White House Describes Saudi Oil Attack as "Their 9/11", depsite no reported casualties. 18h
EU's Michel Barnier tells Boris Johnson to stop 'pretending' to negotiate Brexit 11h
US-Russia nuclear war would kill 34 million people within hours and is increasingly likely, Pri... 8h
Covering up the corruption: GOP tries to block probe of Mike Pence's Ireland trip. 2h
Greta Thunberg to Congress: 'Don't listen to me. Listen to the scientists' 2h
Japan defense minister: Not aware of any Iran involvement in Saudi attacks 8h
'We are losing the race' on climate catastrophe, warns UN chief 19h
'This Is a Global Fight.' Cantonese Pop Diva Denise Ho Wants the World to Stand Up With Hong Ko... 13h
Tory minister apologises for ‘accidentally’ approving illegal sale of military equipment to Sau... 13h
'We're losing the race': UN secretary general calls climate change an 'emergency' 4h
U.S. has highest proportion of climate deniers, survey of 28 countries finds 23h

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Netanyahu's main election rival, Gantz, says it appears prime minister lost 20h
India bans e-cigarettes, dashing Juul and Philip Morris expansion plans | CBC News 5h
70% of Britons back single-use plastic ban, poll claims - Most thought retailers should stop se... 11h
A crack just emerged in the financial markets: The NY Fed spends $53 billion to rescue the over... 4h
Ecuador's parlament legalizes medical marijuana 7h
Swiss to vote on banning factory farming - Voters will have the final say on a people’s initiat... 21h
Voting age should be lowered to 16 to avert climate breakdown, UK think tank says - Without urg... 11h
Climate change: It's right to be scared, says top UK scientist. Sir David King stressed the sit... 3h
Instagram Blocks Users Under 18 From Seeing Posts Promoting Certain Cosmetic Surgery And Diet P... 40m
Documents reveal how Russia taps phone companies for surveillance 5h
‘Our water is our gold’: Armenians blockade a private goldmine which they say threatens the cou... 1d