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Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya: How she took on an authoritarian leader despite her fears Belarus 8m
Ofelia Fernandez: Inspiring young women all over Latin America US 2h
Ivory Coast election: Opposition, ruling parties claim victory Ivory Coast 2h
Yemen: Several killed in migrant detention center fire Yemen 7h
French MP and billionaire Olivier Dassault dies in helicopter crash France 9h
Saudi coalition strikes Houthi rebels in Yemen US Yemen Saudi Arabia 10h
French MP Olivier Dassault dies in helicopter crash France 11h
Equatorial Guinea's largest city Bata rocked by explosions Equatorial Guinea 11h
Coronavirus: German immunologist suggests COVID vaccine priority reversal Germany 13h
Black Lives Matter in Brazil: A mother fights for justice for her dead son Brazil 14h
How George Floyd's death reignited a worldwide movement 14h
British-Iranian aid worker has ankle tag removed: UK lawmaker UK 16h
British-Iranian aid worker released after five years: lawyer UK 15h
China warns US not to cross 'red line' on Taiwan China US Taiwan Myanmar 16h
Myanmar: Thousands rally after overnight raids China Myanmar 16h
Swiss await result of Muslim 'burqa ban' vote Switzerland 17h
Swiss on course to pass Muslim 'burqa ban' Switzerland 13h
Swiss narrowly pass Muslim 'burqa ban' Switzerland 9h
Pope Francis calls for peace in Iraq's war-torn Mosul Iraq 19h

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China post-COVID export growth sets new record China 19h
Switzerland votes on Muslim 'burqa ban' Switzerland 22h
Coronavirus digest: Auckland emerges from weeklong lockdown New Zealand 23h
Cocaine: The drug pipeline to Europe Germany 23h
Lebanon's caretaker PM threatens to quit as economy plunges Lebanon 1d
Senegal: Opposition calls for more protests after days of deadly clashes Senegal 1d
Paraguay: President calls on cabinet to resign after protests over COVID response Paraguay 1d
US Senate narrowly passes $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill US 1d
US relationship with Saudi Arabia is a tightrope for Biden US Saudi Arabia 1d
Thailand: Hundreds protest lese majeste law in Bangkok Thailand 1d
Pope Francis holds first ever papal Mass in Baghdad Iraq 1d
Anger and collective trauma scar Ethiopia's Tigray region Ethiopia 1d
Coronavirus: German vaccine shortage 'over soon' Germany 1d
Ivory Coast vote: Two ex-presidents team up against Ouattara Ivory Coast 1d
Myanmar: Defiant anti-coup movement returns to streets Myanmar 1d
EU seeks US supplies of AstraZeneca vaccine — report US 1d
Fact check: The risk of catching coronavirus outdoors 1d
Pakistan PM Imran Khan wins vote of confidence Pakistan 1d
Pope Francis meets Iraq's top Shiite cleric al-Sistani Iraq 1d
Ali al-Sistani: Spiritual leader and stabilizing factor Iraq 1d
Ethiopia's Tigray: UN scraps formal call for peace Ethiopia 1d
Belarus anti-government protesters receiving medical treatment in Germany Germany Belarus 1d
Venezuela to introduce 1-million-bolivar bill US Venezuela 1d
Myanmar: UN envoy demands end to military 'repression' of protesters Myanmar 2d
Somalia: Deadly blast hits Mogadishu restaurant Somalia 2d
ICYMI: Feel-good stories from around the world 2d
EU, US agree 4-month tariff freeze over aircraft dispute US 2d
German-Russian relations flare up over state-run TV channel Russia Germany 2d
Coronavirus: German businesses offer help with vaccine drive — report Germany 2d
Coronavirus: German businesses offer help with vaccine drive Germany 2d
South African police hunt for crocodiles after farm escape South Africa 2d