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What's next for Kashmir 2 years after losing semi-autonomy? India 1h
Pakistan orders probe into Hindu temple vandalism Pakistan 3h
Italian former mafia boss arrested in Spain Spain Italy 3h
Chinese media: End tax breaks for gaming firms China 4h
Nicaragua charges ex-beauty queen running for election Nicaragua 6h
Brazil: Top judge orders Bolsonaro probe for 'vote fraud' claims Brazil 8h
Opinion: Iranian regime will stop at nothing to ensure survival Iran 10h
German-Iranian ties face scrutiny as hard-liner Raisi takes office Iran 10h
Van full of migrants crashes in southern Texas killing at least 10 12h
Russia blocks more news sites critical of Kremlin Russia 14h
Senator slams Facebook for closing political ad research accounts 16h
Mexico sues US gun makers for billions in damages US Mexico 17h
Why Italy is struggling to contain wildfires Italy 17h
Wildfire reaches Turkish power plant, workers evacuated Turkey 17h
Cuban government asks for humanitarian aid Cuba 20h
Bangladesh: Lightning kills wedding-goers Bangladesh 20h
Coronavirus: WHO urges delaying booster shots Germany 21h
Rockets from Lebanon trigger air raid sirens in Israel Israel Palestine Lebanon 21h
Germany pledges €40 million one year after Beirut blast Germany France Lebanon 22h

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Suspected ship hijacking ends in Gulf of Oman UK Oman 22h
Kashmir: A conflict between wild animals and humans 22h
Opinion: Nicaragua's return to dictatorship Nicaragua 23h
Iran's new President Ebrahim Raisi: What to expect Iran 1d
On Tunisian streets, economic worries and political fury Tunisia 1d
Meet an Afghan who returned from space with a message of peace Afghanistan 1d
Germany arrests alleged Syrian war criminal Germany Syria 1d
Iran sentences German human rights advocate to 10 years in prison over 'propaganda' Iran Germany 1d
Afghanistan: Taliban claim attack targeting defense minister Afghanistan 1d
Coronavirus: EU calls for US to lift COVID entry ban on European travelers US 1d
Train crash in Czech Republic leaves dozens injured Czech Republic 1d
Train crash in Czech Republic leaves dozens injured, 2 dead Czech Republic 1d
Train crash in Czech Republic leaves 2 dead, dozens injured Czech Republic 1d
Train crash in Czech Republic leaves 3 dead, dozens injured Czech Republic 1d
Greece: Thousands flee homes as fires rage outside Athens Greece 1d
A year after Beirut explosion, parents seek justice for their daughter Lebanon 1d
NY Governor Cuomo urged to resign over sexual harassment allegations US 1d
Human rights court defends Afghan's right to stay in Austria Afghanistan Austria 1d
Germany: Top vaccine advisory body STIKO opposes inoculating teens Germany 1d
Germany: Top vaccine advisory body STIKO holds off endorsing vaccine for teens Germany 1d
Investigators: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed women 1d
Young people in Ghana want to #FixTheCountry Ghana 1d
UAE: Chemical tanker involved in 'non-piracy' incident UAE Oman 1d
'Non-piracy' incident reported in Gulf of Oman Oman 1d
UAE: 'Potential hijack' incident reported in the Gulf of Oman UAE Oman 1d
'Potential hijack' incident reported in the Gulf of Oman Oman 1d
Wildfires raging across Turkey threaten power station, ignite anger Bulgaria Greece Italy Turkey 1d
What is the India-France Rafale fighter jet deal all about? India France 1d
Why are there so few UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa? 1d
EU sanctions Nicaragua's vice-president Rosario Murillo Nicaragua 1d
Chinese Tencent gaming company limits access for minors amid state criticism China 1d