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Mexico says US-border crossings down by 30% US Mexico 1h
Juventus soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo avoids criminal rape charges in US US Portugal 3h
Donald Trump offers to mediate Kashmir conflict India US Pakistan 4h
Portugal: Wildfires continue to rage as winds fan the flames Portugal 4h
Egypt: The security situation remains tense Egypt 6h
EU ministers fail to reach migration agreement Italy 6h
Puerto Rico: Thousands urge governor's resignation in massive protests 7h
Eastern DRC: Distressed calls for security from Ituri residents Democratic Republic of the Congo 7h
Saudi Arabia easing male guardianship law: True reform or symbolic PR? Saudi Arabia 8h
EU suspends migration control projects in Sudan amid repression fears Sudan 8h
Kenya's finance minister arrested on corruption charges Kenya Italy 8h
Syria: Russia denies responsibility for deadly air strikes Russia Syria 8h
German ambassador to Venezuela returns after spat Germany Venezuela 10h
Hong Kong protests: Is the government losing control of law and order? 10h
French submarine that vanished in 1968 found in Mediterranean France 11h
UK Conservative lawmaker charged with sexual assault UK 12h
North Korea claims '99.98% turnout' in local elections North Korea 13h
Opinion: Ukraine is tired of yesterday Ukraine 14h
EU sets up fleet to combat forest fires 16h

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New Zealand plans to tighten gun laws in wake of Christchurch massacre New Zealand 17h
Iran claims it dismantled CIA spy ring, sentencing some to death US Iran 9h
Russia cracks down on environmental activists Russia Germany 17h
India to launch moon mission after delay India Poland 18h
India's moon mission blasts off after delay India Poland 14h
Israel begins demolition of Palestinian homes in east Jerusalem Israel Palestine 18h
'Avengers: Endgame' beats 'Avatar' to become highest-grossing movie ever 20h
Iran tanker seizure: UK to hold emergency meeting Iran Germany France UK 21h
Iran tanker seizure: UK holds emergency meeting Iran Germany France UK 12h
Attackers beat Hong Kong autonomy protesters in subway China 23h
Trump: Minority Democratic congresswomen should 'apologize to America' US 1d
South Africa: Ramaphosa denies graft allegations linked with campaign funding South Africa 1d
British journalists slam use of 'intimidating' lawsuits UK 1d
Sieren's China: Deceptive figures China 1d
Ukraine hands President Zelenskiy's party a majority: polls Ukraine 1d
Opinion: Open discussions, not ingratiation 1d
The Bedoons: Kuwait's stateless minority Kuwait 1d
Germany's India envoy visits 'Nazi-inspired' Hindu group India Germany 1d
Saudi Arabia: Pop music gains a political conscience Saudi Arabia 1d
US Secretary of State Pompeo blames Cuba, targets Mexico US Mexico Cuba Venezuela 1d
US Secretary of State Pompeo blames Cuba for Maduro, targets Mexico US Mexico Cuba Venezuela 1d
US Secretary of State Pompeo blames Cuba for Venezuelan regime US Mexico Cuba Venezuela 1d
Japan PM Abe's party favorite to win upper house Japan 1d
PM Shinzo Abe's party claims victory in Japan's upper house Japan 1d
Lufthansa resumes flights to Cairo after safety suspension Germany Egypt 1d
Cruise ship rescues 111 migrants off Greece Greece 1d
Mediterranean gets new NGO migrant rescue ship Italy 1d
Hong Kong protesters back on streets after explosives discovery China 1d
Britain calls Stena Impero oil tanker seizure 'hostile act' as Iran releases video of capture Iran Germany UK 1d
Hundreds of firefighters combat Portugal wildfires Portugal 1d
US heat wave: Millions suffer as hot weather intensifies US 1d