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Asia shares cautious as Wall St futures slide 3d
Russia claims full control of Luhansk region as key city captured 3d
Six killed in Sloviansk; Russia claims control of Luhansk region 3d
West African leaders lift economic sanctions on Mali 3d
What’s behind the rise in COVID-19 cases? 3d
Several people shot at Copenhagen shopping mall: Danish police 3d
Alpine glacier collapses in Italy, killing five people: Rescuers 3d
Palestinian teen shot by Israeli soldiers in Jenin dies 3d
Uzbekistan president announces ‘fatalities’ in provincial unrest 3d
‘Life-threatening’ floods force evacuations in Sydney, Australia 3d
Photos: How malnutrition is killing children in a Nepal village 3d
Bus falls into ravine in southwest Pakistan killing 19 3d
Sahel insecurity, post-coup sanctions loom large at ECOWAS summit 3d
China’s top diplomat makes first trip to Myanmar since coup 3d
Chile’s new constitution finalised after turbulent process 3d
Lukashenko says Ukraine fired missiles at Belarus military posts 3d
Argentina’s economy minister resigns as government crisis builds 3d
Lukashenko says Ukraine fired missiles at army targets in Belarus 4d
Uvalde schools police chief resigns from City Council 4d

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Fighting intensifies for control of key Ukrainian city Lysychansk 4d
Israel shoots down three unarmed Hezbollah drones 4d
Palestinians to hand bullet that killed Shireen Abu Akleh to US 4d
Will Tunisia’s new constitution end its political crisis? 4d
Uzbekistan imposes state of emergency in protest-hit Karakalpak 4d
UK blasts Russian ‘exploitation’ of British prisoners in Ukraine 4d
UN condemns protesters who stormed Libya parliament 4d
Ukraine asks Turkey to detain Russian-flagged cargo ship 4d
Pulitzer winner Kashmir journalist says barred from flying abroad 4d
Corruption: Africa’s undeclared pandemic 4d
Protests in Uzbek autonomous region over constitution reform plan 4d
Cricket: Broad hit for record 35 runs in over by India’s Bumrah 4d
China hit by year’s first typhoon Chaba, record rains forecast 4d
Abortion misinformation in the United States of America 4d
Death toll in Manipur landslide in northeast India hits 26 4d
Syria says Israeli strike on Tartous coast wounds two civilians 4d
At least 5 killed in magnitude 6.1 earthquake in southern Iran 4d
US to send Ukraine advanced surface-to-air missile systems 4d
G7 leaders inflict more economic pain on Russia over Ukraine 4d
Russia-Ukraine latest: Ukraine says Lysychansk ‘not encircled’ 3d
Ukraine says Russia dropped phosphorus bombs on Snake Island 3d
Libya protesters storm parliament building in Tobruk 3d
At least 17 people found dead in South Africa nightclub 1w
After Roe v Wade, they will come for me – and for you 1w
Indonesia’s president to visit Russia, Ukraine on peace mission 1w
Ecuador lifts emergency after first talks with Indigenous leaders 1w
Third rocket attack in 72 hours targets northern Iraq gas complex 1w
Russia to send Belarus nuclear-capable missiles within months 1w
What’s in US President Joe Biden’s bipartisan gun violence bill? 1w
Fall of Severodonetsk is Russia’s biggest victory since Mariupol 1w
What’s behind the recent ethnic violence in Ethiopia? 1w