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A Kazakh mining chief tells Putin about his huge nuclear-powered copper project in Russian Arct... Russia Kazakhstan 11h
More icebreakers coming to aid Russian Arctic ships in need Russia 1d
Sámi representatives voice concerns to energy company ST1 over proposed wind farm Finland Norway 1d
New law will be "end of Russian federalism," says North Russian MP Russia 2d
Skolt Sámi Heini Wesslin did not learn about her culture – now she hopes that truth and reconci... Finland 2d
Putin praises China and paves way for stronger Arctic energy deal China Russia 3d
Work set to begin on cross-border Finland to Sweden rail line Finland Sweden 3d
Deep freeze sweeps across Arctic Europe, sends power prices soaring Russia 4d
Gazprom intends to open world's northernmost oil province Russia 6d
Full speed ahead for Russia’s new fleet of giant icebreakers Russia Finland 6d
The new Arctic colonization 1w
Foreign Minister calls for better supercharger network in remote north Finland 1w
Russian warship sailed close-up to Norwegian naval exercise FLOTEX 21 Russia Norway 1w
Finland approves new national park in Lapland Finland 1w
Ice-locked Arctic towns might not get needed supplies Russia 1w
Arctic towns get mail by drone Russia 1w
Busiest ferry routes inside Arctic Circle go electric Norway 1w
"This candle must not be blown out" 1w
EU willing to co-pay for lifting sunken nuclear subs from Arctic seabed 1w

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Russia's biggest oil project rises on coast of Yenisey Bay Russia 1w
Rosneft's new Arctic field gets name after deceased EMERCOM chief Zinichev Russia 2w
With cooperative spirit, Finland targets Arctic Russia Russia Finland 2w
Russia hit own satellite with missile from Plesetsk Russia 2w
Arctic shippers eye release from Russian ice captivity Russia 2w
Sámi representatives in COP26 raise concerns over 'green colonialism' Finland 2w
General Prosecutor demands shutdown of Memorial 2w
Moscow dissatisfied with Norwegian navy visit to Norwegian Arctic archipelago Russia Norway 2w
Several of Russia's dirtiest rivers are located near the border to Norway Russia Norway 2w
Norwegian Army starts training with anti-tank mines near Russia border Russia 3w
Two icebreakers are on the way to rescue ice-locked ships on Northern Sea Route 3w
Russia casts new light on Arctic navigation Russia 3w
A critical situation might be in the making on the Northern Sea Route 3w
Arctic shipping in slow-motion, but goals stay unwavering Russia 3w
Northern Fleet ordered to transfer liquid oxygen to civilian hospitals as virus deaths hit brut... 3w
Disney to sail children-friendly luxury cruise at climate-hit Svalbard 3w
As Moscow turns down coal deal at COP26, Russian miners get ready for a big Arctic dig Russia 3w
An interior ministry colonel is appointed human rights chancellor in north Russian region Russia 3w
Tromsø to reimpose restrictions as COVID-19 cases soar 3w
Russia's coal-fired power plant in Svalbard faces overhaul Russia 4w
Climate negotiators point at Russia's great forests. Many of them are ablaze Russia 4w
Russia choses Northern Sea Route for cargo to Bangladesh, although Suez would be much shorter Russia Bangladesh 4w
Norway gets 'Fossil of the Day' award for promoting own gas at COP26 Norway 4w
Thailand, Milan, London. These are some of the new routes from northern Scandinavia Thailand 1mo
Climate change worries Finland’s young reindeer herders Finland 1mo
Plans to terminate an old hydroelectric plant in Inari faces difficulties - process will take d... 1mo
Lundin Energy invests in new Barents oil project Sweden 1mo
As Jonas Gahr Støre goes to Glasgow, new poll shows most Norwegians support his bid for continu... Norway 1mo
Yelena is a terrorist and extremist, Russian prosecutors say Russia 1mo
Putin: Russian Arctic gas can provide long-term energy security for Europe and Asia Russia 1mo
Oil shipments through Barents Sea could rocket with Rosneft's new Arctic field Russia Norway 1mo