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Finlands northernmost municipality Utsjoki makes big push for year-round tourism 17h
The spring temperatures in Russia and Norway break records 21h
Norway bolsters patrol in Arctic waters with new Coast Guard ships 21h
In Fascist-inspired crusade, warriors from Moscow's war of aggression wave Z-flags on North Pol... 1d
As Russia is flexing semi-ballistic destruction, Norway doubles up on missile defence 1d
GPS interference prevented Finnair's airplane from landing in Joensuu 2d
easyJet launches seven new direct flights from Europe to Tromsø 2d
Warship Admiral Lavchenko on fire in the Barents Sea, Ukrainian military claims 2d
Three candidates from the Arctic region to EU 2d
Old Russian fishing village on the Barents Sea coast may get its destroyed churches rebuilt 3d
Termination of Lapland professor puts a chill on Arctic research 5d
Lapland candidates: EU needs to put the Arctic on the map 5d
BA launches flights from London to Finland's northernmost airport 5d
Military priests from Kola Peninsula are decorated for service on occupied land 5d
The Rock-n-Roll Priest of the North 6d
Northern Fleet’s nuclear sub 'Kazan' makes port call to Havana next week 6d
In desperate need for more Arctic tankers, Novatek sends 200 of its engineers to shipyard 6d
"Darkness is not forever" 1w
Sámi Parliament repeat election started: two candidates nominated thanks to court ruling 1w

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Arktikugol asks permission to relocate illegal orthodox cross at Svalbard 1w
Artur Chilingarov has passed away at 84 1w
“Insanity and fear are growing stronger,” says wives of mobilized soldiers group 1w
Russia’s radioactive submarines remain a toxic Arctic threat 1w
Experts urge policy overhaul to address climate tipping point risks 1w
Four Olenya-based bombers took part in large-scale missile attack on Ukraine's energy infrastru... 1w
Norway aims to upset the apple cart of Russia’s plans for education centre at Svalbard 1w
Intensified GPS jamming is side effect of Russia’s self-protection of Kola bases 1w
Nordic countries say they will speed up, scale up support for Ukraine 1w
Russia starts artillery firing a few nautical miles from Norway’s Grense Jakobselv 1w
Finnish Defence Minister announces €300 million investment in Lapland defence 1w
North Russian governor calls on local population to send hunting weapons to the front 1w
Oslo looks to Brussels for strengthened security and defence 2w
Wind power is being planned for Rovaniemi, Finland 2w
Russian crime suspects are told charges will be dropped if they go to war 2w
Northern Fleet shows off along Kola coast 2w
US and Norway key allies as thousands of soldiers train rapid reinforcement of Lapland 2w
Navalny's widow to visit Oslo 2w
Nordic-Baltic countries discuss building of 'drone wall' along border to Russia 2w
All missiles from Olenya-based bombers shot down in overnight attack on Ukraine 2w
President Stubb makes first official visit to Lapland 2w
Russia conducts Barents SAR exercise without Norwegian participants 2w
Military attachés from friendly countries embarked nuclear submarines 2w
Closure of border will hardly affect local Russians, says Mayor of Kirkenes 2w
NOW: Russian frigate aims guns against NATO aircraft 3w
Russia says its North Pole platform is key to understanding climate change 3w
Norway closes border for Russians tourists 3w
"We will continue to work whatever they call us," assures SOTA editor after declared 'undesirab... 3w
New commander of North Russian armed forces has waged war in Ukraine and Syria 3w
Ahead of Putin's meetings with Xi, North Russian Governor Aleksandr Tsybulsky talked Arctic shi... 4w
Shipments of liquefied gas from the Russian Arctic could be stopped this summer. 4w