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US Senator Graham hopes Trump will slow US Syria withdrawal US Syria Turkey US Syria 1h
UN experts: Fuel from Iran is financing Houthis in Yemen war Iran Yemen 1h
Saudi Arabia seeks to improve its knowhow Saudi Arabia 7h
Houthi militia ‘must respect neutrality of aid workers’ Yemen 7h
Saudi falconry festival launches photo competition Saudi Arabia 7h
Riyadh library to hold workshop for entrepreneurs 7h
Saudi health ministry provides clarity on female patients’ consent Saudi Arabia 7h
Healthy living program in Saudi schools launched Saudi Arabia 13h
Yemen's Houthis imposed war on Arab coalition: Saudi FM Al-Jubeir Yemen Saudi Arabia UAE 13h
Syrian refugees wade through their worst Lebanese winter Syria Lebanon 13h
Saudi artists draw inspiration from Islam Saudi Arabia 13h
Saudi female bikers ready to chart a new course Saudi Arabia 13h
Farmer turns ferryman as river engulfs Syrian hometown Syria Lebanon 13h
ThePlace: Saudi Arabia’s Great Tabuk Mountains Saudi Arabia 7h
Deadly attack on US forces leaves Syria town fearful for future US Syria 13h
Deputy Hajj minister meets officials from Thailand, Turkmenistan Thailand Turkmenistan 13h
Explosion in north Syria targets Al-Qaeda gunmen, kills 11 Syria 13h
FaceOf: Fayez Al-Shehri, Saudi Shoura Council member UK 13h
Trump giving ‘new life’ to Daesh, former envoy says US Iran Russia Syria 13h

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Israeli fire wounds 14 as thousands of Palestinians protest at Gaza border Israel 13h
Saudi Arabia ‘strongly condemns’ Houthi attack on Yemen UN monitors US Yemen Sweden Saudi Arabia 13h
A cease-fire in Tripoli remains steadfast despite the recent clashes: UN envoy to Libya 19h
Turkey sentences detained judge who won human rights award to 10 years Turkey 19h
Arab ministers meet in Beirut ahead of economic summit Syria Lebanon 19h
Al-Qaeda leader killed in operation in southern Libya Egypt 19h
US believes Daesh likely responsible for Manbij blast US Syria 19h
Algeria to hold presidential election on April 18 Algeria 19h
Israel demolishes home of accused Palestinian killer Israel Palestine 1d
Iran’s American-born journalist detained by FBI to appear in US court — Iranian state TV US Iran 1d
Palestinian forces soldier on amid Israeli raids, US neglect US Israel Palestine 1d
Sudan protesters, police clash as anti-Bashir unrest spreads Sudan 1d
90-year anniversary: How the Arab world came to know Tintin and Popeye UK Saudi Arabia 1d
Militants kidnap Christian in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula Egypt 1d
Iran ‘shooting itself in the foot’ with spying, diplomat warns Iran Germany France 1d
Meet Saudi Arabia’s artist to the kings Saudi Arabia 1d
Yemeni activists accuse Houthis of detaining, torturing women over made-up charges Yemen 1d
Chinese pianist Lang Lang set to regale music lovers at Tantora China 1d
Saudi Arabia to become ‘a tourism magnet’ Saudi Arabia 1d
‘How to set an example’ initiatives promote social responsibility among pilgrims 1d
TheFace: Samara Zaza, Saudi NGO specialist Saudi Arabia 1d
Saudi communication ministry sign agreement with UN agency Saudi Arabia 1d
FaceOf: Dr. Tony F. Chan, president of KSA’s KAUST Saudi Arabia 1d
Sandstorm engulfs parts of Saudi Arabia with rain expected at the weekend Saudi Arabia 1d
French military to continue fight against Daesh in Levant: Macron US France Syria 1d
Man detained in Lebanon on suspicion of entering from Israel US Israel Lebanon 1d
Gaza authorities: 6 Egyptian fishermen rescued, 1 missing Egypt 1d
Hamas unveils Iran-funded homes for former Israel prisoners Iran Israel Palestine 1d
Former Houthi air force commander killed in Yemen Yemen 1d
New envoy stresses need for UN-backed solution to Syria war Syria Norway Lebanon 1d
Egypt reopens five ports after weather improves Egypt 1d