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Hungarian PM Viktor Orban declares election victory as vote count continues Hungary 3mos
6 dead, at least 9 injured in shooting in downtown Sacramento 3mos
6 dead, at least 10 injured in shooting in downtown Sacramento, Calif. 3mos
Pakistan PM Imran Khan has president dissolve parliament amid moves for regime change Pakistan 3mos
Sri Lankan government imposes curfew, blocks social media platforms Sri Lanka 3mos
Hungarians openly challenged authoritarian rule in election campaign, but can they unseat PM? Hungary 3mos
Pakistan PM Imran Khan says vote to oust him is 'blatant interference' by U.S. US Pakistan 3mos
U.K. reports record levels of COVID-19 infections UK 3mos
Pope Francis says he is considering trip to Kyiv Ukrania 3mos
Hong Kong asks entire population to test itself for COVID-19 3mos
Yemen's warring parties agree to 2-month truce in major breakthrough Yemen 3mos
Will Smith resigns from film academy over Chris Rock slap 3mos
See the gifts exchanged at the Pope's final meeting with Indigenous delegations 3mos
U.S. to accept asylum claims at southern border again next month after pandemic pause US Mexico 3mos
Canada to face Belgium, Croatia and Morocco in group stage at World Cup in Qatar | CBC Sports Canada Morocco Belgium Qatar Croatia 3mos
Mine collapse in Serbia kills 8, injures 18 Serbia 3mos
Amazon workers at New York warehouse vote to unionize, 1st of retail giant's U.S. workforce to... US 3mos
Canadian intelligence agency calls out false Russian claim Ukraine is harvesting organs Russia Canada Ukraine 3mos
Russia accuses Ukraine of sending helicopters to strike fuel depot in Belgorod Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos

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Rainbow flags may be taken to protect fans at World Cup, Qatari official says | CBC Sports Qatar 3mos
Cherry blossoms return to Japan, but the party's not the same this year Japan 3mos
L.A. police were willing to arrest Will Smith, Oscars producer says 3mos
Washington OK's statewide alert system for missing Indigenous people 3mos
Some Shanghai residents to face longer period of COVID lockdown 3mos
7 months after Kabul's fall, Canada has yet to bring in 30,000 Afghans Pakistan Canada Afghanistan 3mos
Catherine McKenna to chair UN panel on climate change progress at corporate, local levels Canada 3mos
South Korea's tattoo artists blast court ruling still making it a crime to apply ink South Korea 3mos
Israeli forces kill 2 in West Bank clash, Palestinian stabs bus passenger Israel Palestine 3mos
USA Basketball teammates break silence on Brittney Griner's imprisonment in Russia | CBC Sports Russia 3mos
Will Smith 'was asked to leave' the Oscar ceremony but refused, Academy says 3mos
Teenager sentenced to 6 weeks in jail after racially abusing English player during Euro | CBC S... UK England 3mos
Controversial royal trip renews questions about monarchy's future — including in Canada Canada UK 3mos
Tom Parker, singer of U.K. band The Wanted, dead of brain tumour at 33 3mos
Inuit leader says Vatican Museums open to repatriating Indigenous artifacts 3mos
U.K. pulls judges from Hong Kong's top court UK 3mos
FIRST PERSON | Seeing Ukrainians' experience of war brings back my own memories of fleeing Syri... Syria Ukraine 3mos
Can Putin be trusted to honour a ceasefire? Unless Russian troops withdraw, Ukrainians are skep... Russia Turkey Ukraine 3mos
NEXUS screening interviews to resume next month — but only in the U.S. US 3mos
More than 100 years later, lynching now a federal hate crime in the U.S. US 3mos
Yemen's Houthi rebels express doubt as Saudi-led coalition announces ceasefire Yemen Saudi Arabia 3mos
The Queen attends a memorial service for Prince Philip, one year after his death 3mos
Shooting leaves at least 5 dead in Israel, paramedics say Israel 3mos
Shooting leaves at least 4 dead in Israel Israel 3mos
In the elegant, historic port city of Odesa, residents prepare to fend off a Russian attack Russia Ukraine 3mos
FedEx founder stepping down as CEO after nearly 50 years 3mos
U.S. FDA authorizes 4th dose of Pfizer COVID-19 shot for Americans 50 and up US 3mos
Shanghai lockdown tests China's 'zero-COVID' limits China 3mos
British police fine 20 people over lockdown parties hosted by Boris Johnson, staff UK 3mos
More than 1,000 gang suspects arrested amid wave of killings in El Salvador El Salvador 3mos
Academy will launch review, explore 'consequences' after Will Smith slap 3mos