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Live: Matildas take on Uzbekistan in Olympic qualifying play-off in Tashkent 2h
Fears for luckless Gilbert as Dolphins prop suffers knee injury in trial game defeat 2h
'Extreme' weather conditions force organisers to abandon Rottnest Channel Swim part way through... 3h
Hundreds remember Olympian Melissa Hoskins in Adelaide memorial service 3h
Police divers scour Newcastle waterway amid ongoing search for bodies of alleged murder victims 3h
Colombia to start recovering bounty from 18th-century shipwreck 5h
Aussie F1 duo pleased with performance ahead of new season 6h
Former NRA boss ordered to pay back $6.7 million to organisation 6h
From sourdough to sweet treats, these dishes have one key ingredient in common — buffalo milk 7h
Patients missing appointments, pleading for bulk-billing as cost-of-living pressures make healt... 8h
Ballarat community members renew bushland search for Samantha Murphy 8h
Aerosmith's Steven Tyler has 1975 sexual assault allegation dismissed 8h
Bathurst 500 returns to Mount Panorama-Wahluu, but will it be back in 2025? 9h
This aviation company says there's a simple solution to the nation's trade shortages — the othe... 9h
Saying 'I do' rain, hail or shine. Meet the couple who refused to let a cyclone ruin their day 9h
Have you travelled abroad solo as a woman? Tell us your story 10h
Fans from across the globe flock to Perth for WWE wrestling superstars 10h
This boat was made from the same steel as Nazi U-boats. It could highlight a sustainable new fu... 11h
Real estate agent recovering in wheelchair after vicious dog attack that 'crushed bones' 11h

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'Absolutely ridiculous': NT Police sergeant questioned over Zachary Rolfe texts, in police shoo... 11h
Uncle Cedric was told to 'pack a bag and get out of here' in the '50s. Now the land where he li... 11h
Without a loved one to bury them, the dead are laid to rest at this volunteer-run cemetery 12h
Surfing Mums helps new parents stay in the water while still looking after their kids 12h
Comedian Shane Gillis was fired by Saturday Night Live in 2019. So why is he returning this wee... 12h
Driver and three passengers dead after car rolls in northern NSW 12h
Eight months out from the Queensland election Labor's departure lounge is filling up 12h
Balancing a mother's right to privacy and the public's right to know in a period of intense tra... 13h
Rebels' woes continue with humiliating defeat to Brumbies in season opener 13h
Hemp is a superfood and is even replacing plastics. So why isn't Australia embracing it? 13h
Vow to overturn police decision on antique gun regulation 'humiliating', says anti-gun advocate 13h
Fertility services are paying social media influencers to promote egg freezing — but is that le... 13h
Young couple vanishes, police officer charged with murder and focus shifts to finding bodies 13h
Five men vanish into the snow — four are found dead, and one is never seen again. What happened... 13h
The government is picking fights on prices for consumers, but can it land a punch? 13h
New wave of players embrace 'being a nerd' as Dungeons and Dragons turns 50 14h
A 'fun bucket' and creative date ideas mean we save without missing out socially 14h
Matildas confident they can cover Kerr's absence in Olympic qualifiers against Uzbekistan 14h
Russian authorities gave Navalny's mother three hours to agree to secret burial, aides say 14h
Does the 'drug dealer defence' still hold up in climate law cases? 14h
These horror stories show how transport systems 'fail' Australians with disability 14h
Having 'failed to make a breakthrough', Ukraine is entering a third year of war 'outgunned' and... 14h
As a 'wall of flame' bore down Victorian farmers had to make critical decisions 14h
Netanyahu unveils plan for post-war Gaza, saying Israel would keep security control on Palestin... 14h
Houston, we've privatised Moon landings. And things might never be the same again 15h
Samantha Murphy's disappearance goes to the heart of women's fears about running alone 15h
Wet weekend ahead for QLD and NSW as Cyclone Lincoln ends WA's run of heat 15h
With the son of Italy's last king dead, a decades-long battle over a defunct crown is laid bare 15h
Pregnant women are choosing doulas and 'intuition' over the medical system 15h
War-weary Ukraine shows renewed interest in Australia's aging Abrams tanks 15h
The unofficial Eras tour: How unlucky Swifities took matters into their own hands 16h