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In South Africa, the mood towards migrants becomes more hostile 57m
Ukraine: From the Leyen in Kiev for the second anniversary 2h
The UN and the Ukraine War: exhausted on the East River 3h
Baerbock at the UN: at the side of Ukraine after two years of war 8h
London's agreement with Frontex 14h
Great Britain cooperates with Frontex: the agreement is not a milestone 13h
Sebastian Kurz guilty about false statements 15h
War against Hamas: How is Gaza destroyed? 15h
Israel's war against Hamas: How is Gaza destroyed? 15h
Israel: Criticism of Netanyahus Vision for the Gaza Strip 16h
How NATO received two candidates for Stoltenberg's successor 17h
Frontex: London wants to cooperate with EU at border protection 19h
Putin wants secret funeral nawalnyjs 20h
Putin and Nawalny's death: Russia's rulers want secret funeral 19h
Money blessing for Tusk: Brussels is free for Warsaw 137 billion 20h
Brussels releases Poland 137 billion euros: money blessing for Tusk 20h
EU wants to release 137 billion euros for Poland: money blessing for Tusk 19h
Role of AI in the war: Minister of Armaments of Ukraine in an interview 21h
Ex-is-supporter was rightly withdrawn by British citizenship 21h

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Türkiye accuses refugee helper from Syria espionage 21h
Former ambassadors of Ukraine Melnyk admit errors 1d
Former Ukraine ambassador Andrij Melnyk admits errors 1d
After the war: Netanyahu wants to keep security control over Gaza 1d
Federal Government: at least 30 Germans in Russia in custody 1d
Process against Sebastian Kurz: Strange witness survey shortly before judgment 1d
War in Middle East: USA describe talks about Geisel-Deal as "constructive" 1d
After the death of the Kreml opponent: Biden meets widow and daughter of Nawalnys 1d
Israel War: The unrest in the West Bank is increasing 1d
OSCE conference in Vienna without Russian Duma MP 1d
Scholz and Ukraine: What's next with Germany's Ukraine Help? 1d
Olaf Scholz and Germany's Ukraine aid: How to proceed 23h
The doctors in South Korea go on strike 1d
Pro-Putin poster on the farmer's protest: Tusk speaks of "high treason" 1d
Nawalny's mother was allowed to see her son's body 1d
EU Department: Household not sufficiently protected 1d
Biden, Scholz, Sunak and Macron for Rutte as the successor to Stoltenberg 1d
Nawalny's mother was allowed to see her son's body 1d
G-20 Foreign Ministers' Meeting: Baerbock talks Lawrow to a certain extent 1d
Scholz supports Dutch Prime Minister 1d
Does Israel commit a genocide in Gaza? A definition in criticism 1d
Middle East conflict: Israel is doing a genocide of Palestinians in Gaza? 1d
Parliament in Tirana clears the way for Italian recording centers 1d
Migration Agreement: Italy can build recording centers in Albania 1d
Abuse: ex-bishop arrested in Australia 1d
EU: Citizens strange with the top candidates 1d
Albania approves the construction of Italian migrant camps on its own territory 1d
The US Republicans want bidens impeachment so much 2d
Joe Biden: Republicans want the US President's impeachment 2d
Immigration reform bursting: bids are considering inflow asylum by decree 2d
Joe Biden is considering inflow asylum by enacting: immigration reform burst 2d