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Israel's Defense Minister Galant for Break at Justice Reform Israel 14m
Russia sees new escalation in the Azerbaijan Armenia conflict Russia Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Armenia 54m
Putin: Russia will station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus Russia Belarus 2h
Death number after US air attacks in Syria increases to 19 US Syria 3h
Ukraine War: Is Russia's offensive in Bachmut to stand up? Russia UK Ukraine 10h
China in the Ukraine War: Despite the war, Kiev cooperates China Russia Ukraine 12h
Selenskyj releases the World Bank for reconstruction Russia Ukraine 16h
Guterres demands more use against drinking water shortages 17h
Paul Rusesabagina: "Hotel Rwanda" hero released from custody US Rwanda 19h
New attack on the US base in Syria US Iran Syria 22h
Report on the new attack on the US base in Syria US Iran Syria 13h
Armenia and Turkey want to open 30 years of closed border Armenia Turkey 23h
François Hollande in an interview about strikes and north stream France Ukraine 1d
Ukrainian church dispute: monks clear cave monastery 1d
Baerbock in Georgia: "Our hand is wide out" 1d
North Korea tests new underwater drone Haeil North Korea 1d
North Korea tests nuclear weapons -enabled underwater drone Haeil North Korea 1d
Black in Selma is bad despite the success of the civil rights movement 1d
USA and Canada agree on new regulations for migrants US Canada 1d

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King Charles: Visiting France moved due to riots France 1d
Rahul Gandhi is no longer allowed to work as a member India 1d
Visiting the France of the British King Charles moved France UK 1d
US relief in Syria: Air Force flies attacks US Israel Syria 1d
France: Demonstrators put fire in front of the town hall in Bordeaux France 1d
Ukraine war: flashing speaks across the borders of Ukraine Ukraine 1d
Ukraine: USA believes the reconquest of Crimea is unlikely US Ukraine 1d
Vladimir Putin's machoalen neither strong nor male: Peter Mettler Switzerland 1d
Vladimir Putin is a caricature of masculinity: Peter Mettler Switzerland 1d
Remewing: US air attacks in Syria US Iran Syria 1d
The night at a glance: Selenskyj demands modern fighter planes Russia 1d
Ukraine War: Selenskyj demands modern fighter planes Russia Ukraine 1d
Rapids at Rentendemos: Fire in front of the town hall in Bordeaux France 1d
North Korea tests nuclear underwater attack drone North Korea South Korea 1d
Georgia: Airbus from Baerbock starts at landing in Tbilisi Georgia 2d
Two years in prison: Gandhi is said to have defamed modes 2d
Scottish Prime Minister Sturgeon says goodbye Scotland 2d
Blockades in Israel: New protests against judicial reform Israel 2d
EU sanctions against Belarus show cracks in the EU Belarus 2d
After the drone crash: John Kirby attacks Moscow US Russia 2d
After the drone crash: John Kirby attacks Russia US Russia 2d
More rights for indigenous people: Australia presents a referendum Australia 2d
Australia introduces a referendum: More rights for Aborigines Australia 2d
Sánchez wants to talk to XI about mediation in the Ukraine War Spain Ukraine 2d
Possible charges of Trump: ammunition for the pre -election campaign 2d
Poland: USA open garrison in Poznan US Russia Poland 2d
Pension dispute in France: government threatens new mass protests France 2d
Foreign Office criticizes Israel's return permit in settlements Israel 2d
Ukraine War: Selenskyj speaks in Bachmuth after a front visit Russia Ukraine 2d
Selenskyj on front visit - overview of the night Russia Ukraine 2d
Australia - referendum for the recognition of indigenous peoples presented Australia 2d