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US Congress turns "shutdown" one day before the deadline expires US 12m
Large tattoo for Angela Merkel: The Chancellor wishes a song of Nina Hagen and warns, "always s... 6h
From the dungeon to the candidate: Ghadhafis son may now start with the presidential election 9h
Germany sends the uncovered in the Lockdown Germany 11h
First Qatar, now Lebanon - who displeases the rulers in Riad, is penetrated and isolated Saudi Arabia Qatar Lebanon 11h
Without a constitutional state no money: Poland and Hungary threatens a defeat before the Europ... Hungary Poland 11h
"Keep the president!" - Donald Trump should have a positive corona test concealed. Chronology o... 13h
Comment - Austria's Shadow Chancellor takes off - for its party and the country is a deep crest Austria 13h
Austria's former Chancellor Sebastian Quick return from all political offices: "My passion for... Austria 15h
Draghi pulls the emergency brake - Italy's students will not be sent again in quarantine Italy 15h
Corruption in Congo-Kinshasa: Judicial investigation opposes Kabila clan Congo-Kinshasa 15h
UNO: Number of the needy worldwide grows by almost 40 million 21h
Brazil: Bolsonaros evangelical wish candidate becomes judge at the Supreme Court Brazil 23h
The communist, a moose and the Kremlin - NZZ accent 23h
The Taliban revenge on former soldiers - more than a hundred documented murders and kidnappings US Afghanistan 23h
Supreme Court discusses right to abortion: "That kills us as an American institution» US 23h
Austria's Lockdown works, but the price is high Austria 23h
Ambassador without government, without employee and without money Afghanistan 23h
Turkish President Erdogan exchanges Finance Minister Turkey 1d

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Corona outbreak in Ischgl: Austria does not have to pay damages, decides a court Austria 1d
Tightening of the asylum regime and sanctions: So the EU slows down the influx of migrants abou... Belarus 1d
Hungary and Poland are probably the right-wing extremist group in the EU Hungary Poland 1d
Fraud allegations against the President of the EU Court of Auditors Germany 1d
Restart in Honduras: What is from the mighty clan of President Juan Orlando Hernández? US Honduras 1d
Interview - Why the historian painted Thiessen continues to settle for voluntariness: "The vacc... Germany 1d
The end of "Roe v. Calf"? The Supreme Court of the US advises on the most important abortion ca... US 1d
Josephine Baker come to the highest honor - and she becomes the ideal French France 1d
Comment - in the shadow of the Russian bear: Ukraine is still not at the destination on the way... Russia Ukraine 1d
Naturheiler boom, "lateral thinker" and patchwork policy: Why the vaccine skepticism is so high... Spain Netherlands Italy Portugal 1d
CNN suspends his figurehead Chris Cuomo - because the television detector advised his brother A... 2d
An increased use of data to advance innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, medicin... 2d
US government threatens at the end of December payment failure US 2d
Germany plans far-reaching contact restrictions for uncovered Germany 2d
Germany plans far-reaching contact restrictions for uncovered Germany 2d
Belarus sends more and more migrants back to Iraq - many are not voluntary Iraq Poland Lithuania Belarus 2d
Unburved Greeks and Greeks From 60 years, 100 euros will have to pay for in the future - the "h... Greece 2d
Comment - Éric Zemmours Candidature promotes nothing good for France's presidential election ca... France 2d
Lifelong imprisonment for IS trailer in the process for verdurated Jesides girl Iraq 2d
Decision of the Federal Constitutional Court: Restrictions and cooperations were right Germany 2d
In American politics, a rhetoric of violence rares US 2d
Billionsents for more influence: EU wants to offer China Paroli China 2d
Billionsents for more influence: EU wants to offer China Paroli China 2d
A dock worker fights in Italy against vaccine passport - NZZ accent Italy 2d
Comment - Tauwetter on the Gulf: Suddenly they talk to each other again Saudi Arabia 2d
Were starting locks and school closures right? Karlsruhe finally announces decisions 2d
Third Corona vaccine already three months after the second - for fear of omikron accelerated Un... UK 2d
Religion instead of reforms - Why India's Prime Minister made a historic turnaround India 2d
NZZ viewpoints - "Hospitals are not full because of the uncovered full - politics wants to dist... 2d
"Unfair discrimination": South Africa criticizes rice barren because of Omikron sharp South Africa 3d
Interview - "Lukashenko has become too toxic for the Russians» Belarus 3d