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A helpless king, destroyed politicians and a prime minister clinging to power - the Politics Ma... Malaysia 1h
Israel puts in the fight against the fourth wave on Booster vaccines Israel 3h
Everyone can teach in Berlin: more and more newcomers without regular training replace missing... 3h
Why is the SPD so difficult for the problem of political Islam? Germany 5h
From Saudi crown prince chased | NZZ accent Saudi Arabia 10h
Does India build a military base on a remote island in the Indian Ocean? India Mauritius 10h
Mexico President wants to prepare a medial show process to his predecessors - but the voters do... Mexico 10h
"The Netest Human" - when Andrew Cuomo goes, Kathy Tallow New York's First Governor 10h
Scottish minister demands explanation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson Scotland 11h
Brazil's Supreme Court determined against Bolsonaro for Fake News Brazil 11h
A Colognein is sentenced in Iran for political activities to ten years imprisonment Iran 15h
Israel makes Iran's revolutionary guard responsible for the attack on the "Mercer Street" Iran Israel UK Oman 20h
Who is stronger: the Chinese communist party or the delta variant? China 20h
Syrian is arrested in Berlin for alleged war crimes Syria 1d
"Delta has changed everything» - a study shows: In the previously largely spotted Australia, bo... Australia 1d
From the hero of the pandemic to the man, the "no one likes": the career of the New York Govern... 1d
Lithuania's migration crisis will also become a problem for the EU Lithuania Belarus 1d
How China politicizes the Olympic Games in Tokyo China 1d
"Every day feels like the day of explosion» 1d

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A policeman is killed before the Pentagon - the backgrounds are unclear 1d
New moratorium against evictions in USA because of pandemic US 1d
After the publication of an inquiry report, party friends demand the resignation of the New Yor... 1d
Possible ship abduction in the Gulf of Oman Oman 1d
Belarusian oppositionate in Kiev arrived Belarus 1d
With a climate protection instant program, the German Greens want to go back to the successful... Germany 1d
Devastating forest fires bring Erdogan in distress Turkey 1d
According to BGH judgment on "Hatrede" comes a lot of effort on Facebook 2d
The forest fires around the Mediterranean find no end - the extent is dramatic 2d
Japan can no longer treat all Corona's sick hospital and represents quarantine interpreters to... Japan 2d
Election court takes a visor Brazil's President Bolsonaro Brazil 2d
Comment - For ten years it is a "dead horse". It's time to abolish the Office of the Internatio... Germany 2d
Because of the pandemic: US extend fast deportation control on the border US 2d
The people against the last absolute monarch of Africa: in the small state Eswatini bubbles it South Africa 2d
In the midst of the third Corona wave: Africa wants to get into vaccine production South Africa Morocco Egypt 2d
The EU external officer requires more vaccination involvement in Europe in Africa Spain 2d
Interview - "Orban is a highly gifted, cynical power politician - but he runs the risk of spann... Hungary 2d
End of the rental moratorium in the US: Government takes mandatory states US 1d
A hacker attack meets Rome's health care - was the vaccination campaign the goal? Italy 2d
Israel's highest judge try the spaghatch in the dispute over Sheikh Jarrah Israel 2d
German Health Ministers want to make all children a vacation offer from twelve years Germany 2d
The case Timanowskaya shows the great solidarity in Poland with the oppressed in Belarus, but h... Poland Belarus 2d
Second indictment of alleged China espionage in Germany China Germany 2d
A political rival or "oligarch"? In Haiti there is still puzzles about the wire members of the... Haiti 3d
On the run in front of the Taliban Germany Afghanistan 3d
Bilder - On wings are looking for Sumatra after tin - and damage the sea Indonesia 3d
Freget "Bavaria" runs in the IndopaziFik China Germany 3d
Belarusian Olympic Sportsman requests asylum in Poland after the alleged kidnapping attempt Japan Poland Belarus 3d
At least 15 soldiers killed in terrorist attack in Niger Niger 3d
When the vaccine comes with the warship: Despite logistical challenges, the small pacific natio... Fiji Papua New Guinea 3d
Ice Crème War: Ben & Jerry's Vs. Israel | NZZ accent US Israel Palestine 3d