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Over 5,000 alleged gang members arrested in El Salvador El Salvador 3mos
Costa Rica chooses a new president Costa Rica 3mos
Serbs choose President and Parliament Kosovo Servia 3mos
Sri Lanka calls the emergency. Demonstrate desperate citizens where they are still allowed: in... Sri Lanka 3mos
Horror about evidence of war crimes after retreat of the Russians of Kyiv Russia Ukrania 3mos
Comment - Russia has served a bloodbath at the Ukrainian population - now the west has to do mo... Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
A provincial championship is to save Spain's conservative Spain 3mos
Political crisis in Pakistan: The President dissolves the Parliament after dispute over confide... Pakistan 3mos
The friendly Mr. Stoltenberg should stop Putin in chess 3mos
After protests: Sri Lanka temporarily blocks all social media Sri Lanka 3mos
In Hungary, a new parliament is elected Hungary 3mos
Ukrainians in the world - where they lived before the war and wherever they flee US Russia Italy Switzerland 3mos
Egypt: a giant on the edge of the abyss? Ukraine Egypt 3mos
The Moldova - land with dramatic history in the shadow of Ukraine war Ukraine Moldova Republic of Moldova 3mos
First partial success with evacuation of lusted city Mariupol Ukrania 3mos
Lessons in Germany to Ukrainian standards Germany Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Russia has suffered a devastating defeat in the Battle of Kyiv Russia Ukrania 3mos
Remuneration or further as before? The opposition and orban lead in Hungary election campaigns... Hungary 3mos
"When the war is over, I drive back to Kyiv. I buy a Kiev pie and a strauss lilac »- Homage to... 3mos

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"Bad for the country, but good for the Republicans»: Biden tilts Covid Special Rule, with which... US Mexico 3mos
In doubt against the West: China does not want to go to the "right side of the story" China Ukraine 3mos
Comment - "Business as usual" is no longer possible with China China Ukraine 3mos
"If one is clear, then that the Falkland Islands are not British» - Argentina's president renew... UK Argentina 3mos
Gazprom rises from the German subsidiary. This also depends on the Swiss companies of the Russi... Germany Switzerland 3mos
Abuse of the Catholic Church: Pope apologizes in indigenous - trip to Canada possible Canada 3mos
Successful evacuation campaign from the besiest port city of Mariupol Russia 3mos
«I'm all alone» - the silence suffering of the victims in the grossing of the war Russia 3mos
Working around the term of office: Kenyas Supreme Court blocks presidential prospective constit... 3mos
Ten kidnappings per day: In the north of Nigeria terrorists and criminals make every trip to th... Nigeria 3mos
Four scenarios to the end of Ukraine war Russia Ukraine 3mos
Joe Biden wants to tame the oil market with bureaucracy - with the "largest release of strategi... US 3mos
Mickey mouse becomes the LGBTQ activist 3mos
William and Kates Caribbean Dessaster - NZZ Akzent Jamaica Belize Bahamas 3mos
Mario Draghi has again firmly anchored in Europe. But his government partners make life difficu... Italy 3mos
The trucker protests find no resonance in the USA US Canada 3mos
Ukraine War: Russia will not change even without Putin Russia Ukraine 3mos
"We psychologists are in the same location as our clients» Russia Ukraine 3mos
World Attrich Court Will Open Office in Venezuela Venezuela 3mos
The NATO states make up clearly Ukraine 3mos
Russia only wants to rubles for his natural gas - but the Europeans can still transfer in euros Russia 3mos
Russia does not adhere to promise to de-escalation in Ukraine Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Where are the Russian top hackers? - "I know that Russia is using it somewhere» Russia Ukraine 3mos
Turkish prosecutor wants to set procedures for Khashoggi murder Saudi Arabia Turkey 3mos
China makes the process of an Australian China Australia 3mos
The German Government brings ten alleged trailers to the terroreseiliz is from Syria Germany Syria 3mos
Satellite pictures change our view of the war, but also the conflict itself - which drifts Russia 3mos
Guest comment - Ukrainians defend their land and take their own victims in purchase. A just rea... Ukrania 3mos
In Israel, many fear a new wave of violence Israel 3mos
How a Chinese from Odessa Beijing provoked - NZZ accent China Ukraine 3mos
Rocket sign from Israel: Would Germany be sure? Israel Russia Germany 3mos