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Rwanda put the genocide hero Paul Rusesabagina on the open foot Rwanda 8h
UN Water Conference ends with comprehensive action plan 13h
Canada and the USA regulate illegal migration between the two countries US Canada 15h
India's election campaign is launched: the opposition leader Gandhi is excluded from parliament India 15h
The man who explains to the German how the Russian fights Russia Germany 15h
Is the EU currently transforming into a military power, Monsieur Grand? Ukraine 13h
A second brook mutation? In the fight for the city of Awdijiwka, Ukrainer and Russians expect a... 1d
The British king does not come to France: a diplomatic highly exceptional process France UK 1d
The British king does not come to France: a diplomatic highly exceptional process France UK 1d
The latest developments - pension reform in France: King Charles shifts visitors about riots ++... France 1d
"Legal tyranny in Israel must not be excused with hypothetical future worries" Israel 1d
Attack on Iraq: When the tablecloth was cut between Jacques Chirac and Tony Blair US Russia Iraq 1d
In the elections in Turkey, the Kurds are the tongue on the scale Turkey 1d
A SIKH separatist keeps India in suspense-and awakens memories of 1984 India 2d
Portugal's government is planning a forced letting of empty apartments Portugal 2d
Trouble in the “traffic light”: Habeck's heating plans expose the tensions within the governmen... 2d
Protests against the pension reform in France: "The protest could radicalize" France 2d
Saudi Arabia fears a nuclear Iran. Will Riad now build its own bomb? Iran Saudi Arabia 2d
Comment - The defense against Russia has united Ukraine - but it now presents its horrific pric... Russia Ukraine 2d

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How the goddess of victory of Kiev becomes the nation's fighter in the defense war Ukraine 2d
Chile tries a fresh start in conflict with the indigenous Mapuche Chile 2d
A turn of time in Germany's Asia policy? Less consideration is taken into account for China's s... China Germany Taiwan 2d
Voice in parliament for the indigenous people: Australia is planning a referendum Australia 2d
The political drama around Boris Johnson is back 2d
When the president finally speaks 3d
With a perfidious accusation, Russia's authorities are again against the Memorial organization Russia 3d
Water Days in New York: UN wants to combat the impending shortage of water 3d
Comment - China's balancing act between Russia and the West is getting wider and wider China Russia 3d
How China keeps the Russian economy alive China Russia 3d
Unequal “strategic partners”: Ukraine is practicing in purpose optimism in dealing with China China Ukraine 3d
Stalin baroque for the nuclear industry: Like the Small Estonian town of Sillamäe, from a stric... Estonia 3d
"If the dead hadn't existed, the protests would have been over" - in Peru Hochland, the violenc... Peru 3d
Interview - "To represent the Crimea as a red line: This is a negotiating strategy - and not a... US Russia Ukraine 3d
Elly Schlein is the antithesis of Giorgia MeloniZz accent Italy Switzerland 3d
Comment - fight for the voters on the right of the middle: the Corona processing becomes a poli... Austria 3d
UN: Ten percent of the world's population live in "high and critical danger" because of water s... 3d
Russia and China move even closer together - there is no peace signal towards Ukraine China Russia Ukraine 3d
The aftermath of Corona pandemic in Austria again leads to tensions Austria 4d
Italy's language popes are against gender stars Italy 4d
A ban on alcohol for Aborigines is supposed to stop the escalating violence in the outback Australia 4d
Chinese propaganda on Swahili - how China takes the global south China 4d
"They have to be banished": A wave of homophobia spills over several African countries Kenya Uganda 4d
JK Rowling became a hate figure from the heroine - NZZ accent 4d
Netanyahu directs in the dispute over the judicial reform - but only a little bit Israel 4d
"They have to be banished": A wave of homophobia spills over several African countries Kenya Uganda 4d
Threats against MPs and riots in demonstrations: In France, the climate hardens France 5d
Alvin Bragg: The man who "Trump wants to get there" 5d
Putin hopes for back strengthening from the big brother XI China Russia Ukraine 5d
Despite Brexit, migration is making all records - now the government wants to motivate more Bri... UK 5d
The United Nations climate warns again to slow down global warming. But he also presents a numb... 5d