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If it is not convergence, it looks a lot like 1d
State and Generalitat de Catalunya Dispose of transfers that have been raised decades 3d
60% of the Catalans would accept to vote an agreement of the dialogue table that does not inclu... Spain Catalonia 1w
Catalonia reimburses another week the curfew, which will affect 162 municipalities 1w
The married trabalenguas Catalonia 1w
Die dies Dídac Tab, Exalcalde de Gavà and historic PSC leader 1w
Aragonese: "There is no reason for Government's warning instruments to be rejected" 1w
The day it fell "a bomb" at the Institut Català de Finances 1w
Gemma Nierga: "I have the feeling that I have reinvented myself" 2w
The head of I3ventures confirms that the Bartomeu Board commissioned the Tits against his oppon... 2w
The Governn does not find any bank that endeavors bond for a day to expire the term of the Cour... 2w
The 60th anniversary of òmnium gathers in France to Puigdemont, Junqueras and all independence... France 2w
A checkbook that compensates for the uneasiness by Iceta Catalonia 3w
Puigdemont-Junqueras, a photo that does not erase four years 4w
The Government looks for a formula to endorse the millionaire bonds of the Court of Accounts 4w
Junquerras defends his commitment to dialogue because it facilitates "international recognition... 1mo
Journalist Jofre Llombart, new secretary of diffusion of Government Catalonia 1mo
Albert Royo: "What they do is a robbery on behalf of the Sacred Unity of Spain" Spain 1mo
The 41 'chosen' by the Court of Auditors to pay for Procées 1mo

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Junqueras defends before his game that "independence is more than ever a duty" Palau 1mo
Junts returns the card and apologize to his parliamentarian spokesperson after pulling it out o... 1mo
Court adjustment court 1mo
Catalunya premieres the phase of distension 1mo
Sánchez has been put to Zapatero 1mo
Aragonès will not attend the Sánchez conference at the Liceu 1mo
The Catalan PP rides 10 days later its first table to sign against the indulses Catalonia 1mo
PP and citizens only manage to gather in Barcelona to 200 people to protest against the indulse... 1mo
Puigdemont: "In European justice, referees are not purchased and the field is neutral" 1mo
Close, on the presence of Vox in the Plaza de Colón: "The parties do not manifest, do people" 1mo
The Prosecutor's Office asks for four years in prison to a Mediapro computer to spy on the emai... 1mo
VOX resorts before the Constitutional Parllament's decision to leave without a senator 1mo
Junts replicates Junqueras that independence should not discard any way 1mo
Salvador Illa creates an alternative Government in Catalonia 1mo
Pere Aragonès: "To make the pain caused by the prison more becoming, any measure will be welcom... 2mos
The elites that rock the extreme right US Spain 2mos
The Supreme did show himself in favor of indaulting at 23f despite not being repentant or "reas... 2mos
Document | Consult the Supreme Report on the pardon to those convicted by the Proceder 2mos
The hot potatoes of the Government of Aragonès Catalonia 2mos
Aragonès, the President Independentist who does not want to end up in a police station 2mos
The keys to an agonizing pact to govern Catalunya 2mos
The keys to an agonizing pact to govern Catalunya 2mos
Catalans prefer a government headed by PSC in coalition or solo, according to the cis 2mos
Independentism continues playing Russian roulette but try to avoid electoral repetition Russia 2mos
The day that ERC was exhausted by patience 2mos
Interview | Salvador Illa: "The normal thing would be that Aragonese took a step to the side" 3mos
Màrius Carol: "The right was the first to try to move the chair to King Juan Carlos" 3mos
Independentism takes its contradictions to the limit and activates the countdown for an elector... 4mos
Five keys that explain the clash between Junts and ERC 4mos
The departure of Iglesias and the cobwebs of the Catalan table Spain Catalonia 4mos
Laura Borràs: "I come to the presidency of the Parliament with a serial complaint" Catalonia 4mos