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The PP and the double rod in the prevarication 32m
Fèlix Millet dies, the bourgeois thief who helped convergence to charge commissions Palau 1w
Removed posters that mocked the Pasqual Maragall Alzheimer's 2w
This is not just from Villarejo 3w
Ayuso loads against Sánchez, Aragonès and Colau in the equestrian circle of Barcelona: "Citizen... Catalonia 3w
What would Schrödinger say by Pedro Sánchez 1mo
Oriol Junqueras: "A part of independence does not accompany us and prevents us from following a... 1mo
The PSC is a lot of psc (for good and bad) 1mo
Marta Rovira (ERC) rejects for now returning to Catalonia: "I don't have enough guarantees" Switzerland 1mo
ERC tries to save the budgets and give in to the PSC in the construction of a new highway 1mo
Analysis | Who wants Junqueras in jail? 2mos
Díaz signs his alliance with the commons in an act with Colau in Barcelona: "We both shared a l... Catalonia 2mos
The former president of Barça Sandro Rosell will not appear as a candidate for the municipal 2mos
Feijóo recovers the historic Daniel Sirera as mayor of the PP for Barcelona Catalonia 2mos
Barcelona, ​​"Mecca of easy sex" 2mos
Salvador Illa: "I am willing to not pay the broken dishes of this failed Government" 3mos
A good play by Pedro Sánchez Catalonia 4mos
Wolfgang Kalech, the lawyer who does not lose any cause Germany Spain Iraq 4mos
The author of the Dalmasso case report: "I do not usually answer the phone to Laura Borràs not... 4mos

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Why the Mossos Chief Fallen 5mos
Aragonès and Albiach meet to address the budgets and future of the Government Palau 5mos
Carles Campuzano, the Convergent 'Progre' compensated by ERC 5mos
Aragonès already has its ‘master play’ but still without life 5mos
Laura Borràs, about the new Government: "It has no political or democratic legitimacy" Catalonia 5mos
The square of the Aragonès circle: survive without the help of the PSC and scratch specific Jun... 5mos
The fallacy of the independence unit is over 5mos
Mossos, history of an unresolved crisis Catalonia 5mos
Chronicle | The time of truth for junts, by Neus Tomàs @neustomas 5mos
The meeting between Aragonès and Turull to redirect the crisis of the Government ends without a... 5mos
The salaries played together if it leaves the Government: more than 20 million euros and hundre... 5mos
Aragonès charges the head of its vice president and complicates the survival of the Government 5mos
Spain is not Canada no matter how much Aragonè insists Spain Canada 5mos
Anna Gabriel: "Neither the DUI will take us to independence nor the dialogue table to self -det... 6mos
The Government, with the rope around the neck 6mos
Summit between ERC and Junts to try to redirect internal war 6mos
Neither master plays nor electoral advance in Catalonia 6mos
The judge files the case for the cut of the AP-7 in the jonquera during the protests of the pro... 6mos
Sànchez (Junts) replicates Junqueras for the dialogue table: "Or he is an undocumented person o... 6mos
Turull's call to Aragonès to keep the Catalan government afloat Catalonia 6mos
ERC denounces that those concentrated in Borràs shout "shit mour" to a deputy Catalonia 6mos
PSC, ERC and CUP want the Parliament to suspend Borràs this Thursday 6mos
Junts approves in your Congress delete inheritance tax and donations 6mos
The former mayor of Barcelona Xavier Trias opens the door to introduce themselves with Junts to... Catalonia 6mos
Feijóo exhibits in Barcelona sensitivity with plural Spain and load against the "neo -Center" o... Spain 6mos
Tardà AFEA to his abstention in the Memory Law: "Sad and disappointed" 6mos
The Catalan TSJ takes its president from Torrent's trial to see their appearance of impartialit... 6mos
Ernest Maragall will repeat as an ERC candidate for the mayor of Barcelona Catalonia 6mos
A Putin propagandist lands at the new executive of Ayuso Russia 6mos
Vox, PP and C's paralyze the new Catalan law with a request to the Guarantees Council Catalonia 6mos