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Guide to be a politician who does not worsen things 1w
ERC Tilda of "political garbage" the accusation of the CNI that Aragonès directed the CDR 4w
Analysis | Ten years of lies and not an apology for the dirty war, by Neus Tomàs @neustomas 1mo
Bolaños lentils and Junts dentist 1mo
Claim the referendum to achieve financing 1mo
Aragonès warns of Sánchez that the dialogue table will not address financing or a new statute 1mo
Aragonese claims Sánchez to open the negotiation for a referendum about independence 1mo
Jordi Turull: "The agreement with the PSOE is very honest" 2mos
PSC Obiols, Serra, Montilla, Navarro and Iceta defend the agreement signed with Junts 2mos
Laura Borràs (Junts): "Sánchez will last what his word lasts" 2mos
DEL ¡Adeu, Espanya! Hi, Espanya! 2mos
One of the five Catalan mayors of the PP leaves the party for its "criminalization" of ultras p... 2mos
Accuse of terrorism, the last resort against procés 2mos
Catalunya does not need Ayuso's gasoline 4mos
Díaz has an agreement with the PSOE this month: "We will have a progressive coalition governmen... 4mos
Junts moves to the PSOE that his vote in the investiture will be a yes or no but in no case an... 4mos
More floors and less flags 4mos
Noise without referendum in sight 4mos
In the kitchen of the negotiation: PSOE and Juns bring positions without spotlights or intermed... 5mos

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Collboni I give the king with a comic of Ibáñez and recovers Barcelona's relationship with the... Catalonia 5mos
Trias is speech and announces that at least until 2024 will stay in the City Council 5mos
Puigdemont's plan: amnesty is just the beginning 5mos
Artur Mas recommends Puigdemont to be "more demanding than intransigent" 6mos
The president of the Diputación de Barcelona defends that PSC and Junts are joined "the will to... 6mos
The leader of the Catalan PP offers to make President of the Generalitat to Illa if the PSOE gu... Catalonia 6mos
Analysis | Pedro Sánchez has a new problem and is called Junts, by Neus Tomàs @neustomas 7mos
The right takes the gasoline drum for Catalonia 7mos
PSC and Comuns agree with the mayor of Terrassa to govern the Diputación de Barcelona 7mos
Batet (PSC): "The majority of the population has no problem continuing to pay the rent" 7mos
Yolanda Díaz, in Barcelona: "PP and Vox campaigns throughout Spain against Catalunya" Spain 7mos
Landscape after the battle of Barcelona Catalonia 8mos
Aragonès bets on veteranía to try to exhaust the legislature 8mos
Juns unauthorizes Borràs and is committed to preventing him from governing a xenophobic party i... 8mos
Analysis | The extreme right in the eye of others, by Neus Tomàs @neustomas Spain 8mos
The Barceloneta Square where Ernest Maragall would have been mayor 8mos
The extreme independence right wins the elections in Ripoll and breaks into other Catalan munic... Catalonia 8mos
Maragall (ERC) will negotiate the Mayor's Office with Trias but does not rule out a leftist pac... 8mos
The eternal return of Albiol: Badalona's 'sheriff' seeks its first absolute majority in the ung... 8mos
Collboni's pulse with Colau and opposition candidates focuses the debate on TV3 9mos
Xavier Trias: "Don't we want tourism? Well, to go hungry" Catalonia 9mos
Villarejo distributes ammunition the Congress 9mos
Díaz covers Colau and asks not to divide the progressive vote: "You have to prevent the right f... 9mos
A member of the Feijóo executive resigns due to differences with the PP list in Barcelona Catalonia 9mos
Barcelona celebrates the first electoral debate where no politician can lie 9mos
Jaume Collboni: "I will not make mayor of Xavier Trias or mayor to Ada Colau" 9mos
Ada Colau: "I am the guarantee that progressive policies remain in Barcelona" 9mos
Salvador Illa: "We will not attend the party table for the law of clarity" Catalonia 10mos
The judge exculpates David Madí for the "weakness" of his influence with the Generalitat in fav... 10mos
The PP and the double rod in the prevarication 10mos
Fèlix Millet dies, the bourgeois thief who helped convergence to charge commissions Palau 11mos