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Nevada police identify victim of 41-year-old cold case homicide using genealogy and DNA testing 26m
Didi says it will leave New York 'immediately' and list in Hong Kong 26m
Colombia seizes hundreds of tarantulas and insects bound for Germany Germany Colombia 1h
'The higher the better': Why platform heels are back in fashion 1h
Peng Shuai 'reconfirmed' she is safe, IOC says amid growing global outcry 2h
Facebook sold ads comparing vaccine to Holocaust US Germany 1h
United completes first successful flight on 100 percent sustainable fuel 1h
German military honors outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel with punk rock sendoff Germany 4h
Stricter testing requirements for travelers coming to the US will take effect Monday US 4h
Trump-aligned lawyers ordered to pay $175,000 over bogus election fraud lawsuit 2h
The rescue of Parwana: 9-year-old child bride is taken to safety in Afghanistan Afghanistan 4h
Epstein's house manager: Staff instructed to 'see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing' 2h
Shell scraps plans to develop Cambo North Sea oilfield UK 4h
Video shows men spit and throw shoes at Hanukkah party bus 5h
US Army and FAA investigating military flyover of NFL game US 2h
'Wrong, wrong, wrong': John King responds to GOP lawmaker 6h
Pope Francis urges Europe to shed its 'walls of fear' on visit to divided Cyprus Cyprus 7h
Sword-wielding man dressed as a ninja shot by French police France 8h
US imposes new sanctions on Belarus over migrant crisis US Poland Belarus 8h

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A year on this exoplanet lasts about 8 hours 8h
Botswana president: Bans are unacceptable, inhumane and demeaning Botswana 5h
Abuse directed at London Hanukkah party bus investigated as a hate crime, police say 8h
Trump's former chief of staff could flip Trump's January 6 narrative on its head. Here's why. 6h
Surgeon fined $3,000 for amputating patient's wrong leg Austria 10h
Huge areas of Spanish island buried in volcanic ash Spain 5h
A ferocious marine reptile with gnarly teeth for crushing prey was discovered in Colombia Colombia 10h
NYPD responding to reports of man appearing to have a shotgun outside the United Nations 10h
'You get the racsim': Sandra Bullock on raising a multi-racial family 6h
How to be safe during home workouts 11h
BuzzFeed is voting to go public, but much of its staff just walked out 11h
Elle magazine bans fur in all its titles 11h
Paris Archbishop allegedly involved in 'intimate relationship' with woman resigns 12h
'Single All the Way' is a necessary queer fantasy 12h
Shawn Mendes releases new song 'It'll Be Okay' following Camila Cabello breakup 12h
Repealing Roe v. Wade would set the US apart from other leading democracies. Here's how some ke... US 12h
As nuclear talks resume in Vienna, the game has just begun Iran 12h
Sandra Bullock opens up about partner and parenting on 'Red Table Talk' 12h
CNN+ host Scott Galloway: I'd rather give my kids Jack Daniels and weed than Instagram 12h
WHO speaks out after first detected Omicron case in US US 12h
Germany announces nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated Germany 12h
Germany announces nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated Germany 13h
Jockey Chris Caserta presumed dead after being caught in rip current Australia 13h
Mindfulness for kids: 'Right now, I'm OK' 13h
Analysis: Would Putin get away with invading Ukraine again? Russia Ukraine 12h
Congress scrambling to avert shutdown as plan unveiled to fund government into February 14h
China faces host of challenges as Winter Olympics loom China 13h
Post-conquest Aztec altar uncovered in Mexico City Spain Mexico 14h
Could the biggest SPAC deal on record reignite the Wall Street fad? 14h
Blinken and Lavrov meet amid tensions over Russia's intentions in Ukraine US Russia Sweden Ukraine 15h
Kamala Harris' senior adviser to leave White House 14h