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Travelers to Greece undeterred by extreme heatwave Greece 15m
British police arrest 11 people in UK hate crime investigation following Euro 2020 final UK Italy England 1h
These reality shows are sending regular people to space 1h
Planets similar to those in our solar system found around nearby star Chile 1h
Exclusive: Intel agencies scour reams of genetic data from Wuhan lab in Covid origins hunt US 1h
Robinhood brings the meme stock phenomenon full circle 1h
Israelis told to 'stop embracing' as Covid-19 cases spike Israel 2h
'There is no life for me here': One of the last Guantanamo detainees is a litmus test for Biden 1h
Delta variant is ravaging the world but it's pushing Southeast Asia to breaking point 2h
Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro will be investigated over unproven voter fraud claims Brazil 3h
Meet the British couple doing 96 events in 17 days: We have blisters on all of our toes! UK 3h
Go inside Simone Biles' 'secret gym' in Tokyo 3h
Nigeria seizes record $54 million in pangolin parts and elephant tusks Nigeria 4h
US returns over 17,000 looted artifacts to Iraq US Iraq 4h
Indian men's hockey team dedicates Olympic bronze medal to doctors, Covid-19 frontline 'warrior... India 4h
Elon Musk says Steve Jobs biographer is writing a book about him 4h
5 ways to support tweens' and teens' developing brains 5h
How to practice mindfulness if you hate sitting still 5h
Dubai's luxury megaproject Heart of Europe is creating a huge coral reef 6h

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Iran's hardline new president to be inaugurated amid stalled nuclear talks and hopes of Saudi d... Iran Saudi Arabia 6h
Sydney suffers worst pandemic day as lockdown area extended 7h
Delhi leaders order judicial inquiry into alleged rape and murder of 9-year-old girl India 7h
Haze coats Temple of Olympian Zeus as wildfires rage in Greece Greece Turkey 7h
Bill Gates says time he spent with Jeffrey Epstein 'a huge mistake' 7h
If vaccination rates don't increase, dangerous Delta variant could continue to evolve, expert w... 9h
'Justice for India's daughter': Protests erupt over alleged rape and murder of 9-year-old India 8h
Pro-fossil fuel Facebook ads were viewed 431 million times — in one year 9h
Australia to establish $280 million reparations fund for 'Stolen Generation' Australia 9h
Florida's governor turns his ire on Biden instead of Covid-19 as it rages in Florida 9h
How South African artist Penny Siopis is exploring 'Shame' South Africa 10h
Firefighter allegedly faked his family's Covid-19 diagnoses and took paid leave to go to a reso... 10h
Seventeen die after lightning strikes wedding party on boat in Bangladesh Bangladesh 10h
CNN tracked down a super-spreader of Covid-19 misinformation. See how he reacted 7h
Why Phuket's 'Sandbox' pilot project matters to other islands in Asia 11h
10 people killed, 20 were injured in van crash 11h
Last of Tokyo's geishas cling to a disappearing trade 11h
Bill Gates speaks out on his divorce 11h
Delta variant is ravaging the world, but it's pushing Southeast Asia to breaking point 13h
'I don't want to hear a blip from you': Florida governor mocks Biden as virus rages in his stat... 11h
Internet celebrity's 'Star Wars'-themed theater goes viral 11h
US intervenes to protect state secrets in Saudi Crown Prince's vendetta against former spy US Saudi Arabia 14h
Biden admin. proposes $750 million weapons sale to Taiwan in move likely to anger Beijing Taiwan 15h
Arkansas GOP governor says he regrets ban on mask mandates 15h
Biden changes his tune by getting confrontational with GOP governors over Covid spike 16h
UK to add several European countries to 'green' travel list Germany Romania UK Norway Austria Slovakia Latvia Slovenia 15h
Belarusian dissidents fear the regime will put them in detention camps. It may have already bui... Belarus 17h
Journalist was at a cafe when Taliban attacked. Hear his story Afghanistan 17h
See the dried up reservoir that's shutting down this power plant 7h
Mexico sues gun makers over flow of arms from US US Mexico 18h
See Prince Harry's sneaky cameo in Meghan's birthday video 17h