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Taiwan's vice president calls for security dialogue with Japan | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News China Taiwan 7h
Japanese company official detained by Chinese authorities China 7h
‘Merchant of Landscapes’: The Lasting Footprint of a Japanese Gardener in Mexico Mexico 7h
Japan eyes upgrading Aegis ships with Tomahawk missiles from US China US North Korea 10h
Japan eyes upgrading Aegis ships with Tomahawk missiles by FY 2027 11h
Training for War on a Pacific Island With Nuclear Memories US 11h
Japan team creates offspring using eggs from male mice cells 11h
Japan logs record 3,085 abuse cases against disabled in FY 2021 11h
Chinese and Russian researchers barred from Japan space agency institute China Russia 15h
Foreign residents in Japan hit record 3 million at end of 2022 16h
Taiwan vice president calls for military dialogue with Japan Taiwan 16h
Japan PM refused China envoy farewell meeting amid Diaoyus tensions China 18h
Kishida nixed China envoy farewell meeting amid strained ties China 18h
Kishida defends Abe's diplomacy with Russia Russia 20h
School president quits after calling Ukrainian refugees ‘privileged robbers’ – media 23h
Saudi nationals and residents eligible for e-visa to Japan starting Monday Saudi Arabia 1d
Japan court acquits Vietnam trainee of abandoning stillborn babies Vietnam 1d
S.Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol vows stepped-up alliance with Japan, US | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News US North Korea South Korea 1d
Japan unveils first-ever guidelines on refugee status recognition US 1d

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Japan releases nation’s first guidelines for refugee status eligibility 1d
‘Rushing off to his next meeting’: Japanese man climbs Malaysia peak in suit Malaysia 1d
5 things you may not know about Fukushima, 12 years after the nuclear accident 1d
Japan consumer price measure reaches highest level in 41 years 1d
Japan logs record cases of trade secret theft in 2022 1d
Okinawa simulates evacuating over 100,000 residents, tourists near Taiwan Taiwan 1d
Prime Minister Kishida's visit to kyiv confirms the emergence of an international more active J... India Ukraine 2d
Japan celebrates world baseball tournament victory over US US 2d
Toshiba to go private as board accepts $15B takeover bid: Reports 2d
To 'stand on Taiwanese soil': An interview with Taiwan's top diplomat Taiwan 2d
Japan orders YouTuber and former lawmaker GaaSyy to surrender his passport 2d
Japan's World Baseball Classic glory spurs fan frenzy at home 2d
Toshiba to accept takeover bid from group of Japanese companies 2d
Toshiba approves $15bn buyout offer from Japanese private equity fund 2d
‘Great Wave’ print sells for $2.76 million, setting new record for Hokusai South Korea 2d
Numbers of new HIV infections and AIDS patients hit a 20-year low in Japan 2d
Kyoto to introduce Japan's first empty homes tax 2d
Japan, South Korea ministers vow close cooperation on North Korea issue North Korea South Korea 2d
Yakuza-related police investigations hit three-decade low 2d
In Japan, cherry blossom forecasting is a big deal. Warming is making it harder. 2d
Official campaigning for nationwide local elections begins in Japan 2d
Japan policy paper to call Chinese military "strategic challenge" China 2d
North Korea fires multiple cruise missiles off its east coast, South Korea says - Reuters North Korea South Korea UK 3d
Japan PM Kishida vows to support Poland through financial assistance Russia Ukraine Poland 3d
Russia boosts defences near Japan amid US row over Asia Pacific China US Russia 3d
Geothermal Power, Cheap and Clean, Could Help Run Japan. So Why Doesn’t It? 3d
Japan LGBTQ activists launch group ahead of G7 3d
Russian drones kill four at student dormitory in Ukraine as rival summits end Russia Ukraine 3d
Academics Commemorate Jailed Tatar Scientist Miftakhov On 30th Birthday US Russia 3d
Japan to provide $470 million to Ukraine Ukraine 3d
Japan PM Fumio Kishida’s ‘necessary’ surprise visit to Kyiv receives strong domestic support ah... 3d
Japan edge USA to win World Baseball Classic US 3d
Japan sets date for launch of new children's agency 3d
Japan to lift evacuation orders in two Fukushima towns next week 3d
Chinese leader Xi Jinping leaves Moscow after three-day visit China 3d
A tale of two visits: Kishida and Xi tread starkly different paths on Ukraine - The Guardian China Russia UK Ukraine 3d
China's Xi Jinping, Japan's Fumio Kishida end visits to Russia and Ukraine China Russia Ukraine 3d
China's Xi, Japan's Kishida end visits to Russia and Ukraine China Russia Ukraine 3d
Japan gets ‘Too Much Coriander’ pizza as fast food giants try to appeal to Gen Z 3d
World Baseball Classic final: Japan wins third title with 3-2 win over Team USA US 3d
Russia Flies Nuclear-Capable Bombers over Sea of Japan Russia 3d
Asteroid samples suggest life on Earth seeded from space: Japan scientists 3d
As Japan and India share China concerns, they can’t agree on Ukraine stance China India Russia Ukraine 3d
Russia flies strategic bomber planes near Japan as Kishida visits Ukraine Russia Ukraine 3d
Ukraine war latest: Japanese PM visits Kyiv; US to speed up Patriot, Abrams delivery US Ukraine 3d
Japanese and Chinese leaders visit opposing capitals in Ukraine war - BBC China UK Ukraine 3d
'Outraged by the cruelty': Japan PM Kishida visits Bucha on surprise Ukraine trip - Euronews China UK Ukraine 3d
Your Wednesday Briefing: China, Japan Divided on Ukraine China Ukraine Sri Lanka 3d
Japan’s PM makes surprise visit to Ukraine in show of support China Russia Ukraine 3d
Video: Japan’s Prime Minister Condemns Russian Invasion of Ukraine Russia Ukraine 3d
Japanese PM meets Zelensky in Kyiv, pledges more aid to Ukraine Ukraine 4d
Organic molecules found in sample from near-Earth asteroid 4d
Ukraine War: Putin Says Kyiv Not Willing to Implement Chinese 'Peace Plan' - The Moscow Times China UK Ukraine 4d
He's hosted China, Japan and the United States this week. Why is the leader of this small islan... China US 4d
Kishida meets Zelenskyy for talks in surprise visit to Ukraine Ukraine 4d
Zelenskiy says he will join G7 summit virtually after invitation from Kishida 4d
Seoul agrees to reinstate military intel pact with Tokyo South Korea 4d
Russia flies strategic bomber planes near Japan as its PM visits Ukraine - Reuters Russia Ukraine 4d
Japanese and Chinese leaders visit opposing capitals in Ukraine war - BBC China UK Ukraine Russia Ukraine 4d
Japan’s leader lands in Ukraine as China’s Xi meets with Russia’s Putin - National | Globalnews... China Russia Ukraine 4d
Japanese PM Kishida offers Ukraine support as China’s president backs Russia China Russia Ukraine 4d
Japanese and Chinese leaders visit opposing capitals in Ukraine war China Ukraine 4d
Japan's Prime Minister Kishida arrived at Selenskyj in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 4d
S. Korea informs Japan of decision to fully restore bilateral military information-sharing deal... South Korea 4d
South Korea restores intelligence-sharing pact with Japan South Korea 4d
Chinese leader in Moscow, Japanese in Kiev. The war is underway for propaganda messages China Russia Ukraine 4d
Ukraine: Kishida arrived at Selenskyj in Kiev Russia Ukraine 4d
Fumio Kishida in kyiv for an interview with Volodymyr Zelensky Ukraine 4d
(LEAD) S. Korea fully restores bilateral military information-sharing pact with Japan | Yonhap... South Korea 4d
Japan confirms Kishida Kyiv visit to "resolutely reject Russia's aggression against Ukraine" China Russia Ukraine 4d
Japan’s leader in Kyiv to back Ukraine as China’s Xi visits Russia China Russia Ukraine 4d
Seoul moves Japan to trade ‘white list’ as Yoon consolidates upswing in ties 4d
COVID-19 tracker: Tokyo confirms 877 new cases 4d
South Korea to restore Japan’s trade status to improve ties South Korea 4d
Hot springs block Japan's geothermal potential 4d
Ukraine-Russia war latest: Japanese PM makes surprise visit to Ukraine to counter Xi-Putin summ... China US Germany UK Ukraine 4d
With renewed push, Kishida looks to put his own stamp on Japan's Indo-Pacific strategy 4d
Japanese and Chinese leaders visit rival capitals in Ukraine war China Russia Ukraine 4d
Intense Fighting In Eastern Ukraine As Japan's Prime Minister Heads To Kyiv Russia Ukraine 4d
Putin and Xi prepare for second day of talks in Moscow as Japanese PM heads to Ukraine - The Gu... Ukraine 4d
UFO sightings put rural Japanese community on the intergalactic map 4d