Latest stories about Japan

Buffaloes to allow ace pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto to move to MLB 1mo
Osaka erupts in celebration as Tigers win Japan Series 1mo
Tigers beat Buffaloes in Game 7 to end 38-year Japan Series drought 1mo
Ex-Prime Minister Kan officially announces he will not run in next Lower House election 1mo
Japan turns to Southeast Asia to boost security network China Philippines Malaysia 1mo
Inami wins LPGA Japan Classic after Hataoka collapse South Korea 1mo
Japanese aid worker tells of her harrowing last days in Gaza 1mo
School's out forever in aging Japan 1mo
New eye-catching railway inspection train to debut in Japan 1mo
Hiromi Yamaji: The banker turned stock exchange boss rattling Japan’s listed companies 1mo
Japan’s scallop industry seeks safe harbour from China ban China 1mo
Japan university becomes first to breed Japanese eels 1mo
Japan's PM Kishida strengthens alliances amid maritime tensions on Philippine patrol ship tour China Philippines 1mo
Retiring in Japan? Be prepared to foot your own bills 1mo
Toshio Suzuki, producer of "boy and heron": "Miyazaki does not have great self -confidence" 1mo
Ace Yoshinobu Yamamoto helps Buffaloes force Game 7 in Japan Series 1mo
'Accio broomstick!' Quidditch is back and open to everyone 1mo
Japan helping Philippines, US to protect South China Sea amid Beijing tensions China Philippines US 1mo
Japan and Philippines agree to take defense ties to next level Philippines 1mo

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At trilateral talks, Japan asserts Fukushima treated water is safe China South Korea 1mo
Russia to appoint new Japan ambassador after one-year vacancy Russia 1mo
Japan’s fading rally drives some investors to cheap China shares China 1mo
Japan to provide $65 million additional humanitarian aid to Palestinians Israel 1mo
In global employee well-being survey, India second after Turkiye; Japan last India 1mo
Tycoon Kaoru Nakajima hires iconic Palermo opera for birthday bash 1mo
Japan, Philippines to boost defence ties amid China’s rise China Philippines US 1mo
What does the end of YCC mean for US credit? US 1mo
South Korea's DJ Soda drops case over groping at Japan event South Korea 1mo
Hong Kong student jailed after calls for city’s independence on social media 1mo
Bear attacks up in Japan as climate change pushes them out of natural habitats 1mo
Japan's PM visits Manila to boost defense ties in the face of China's growing aggression China Philippines 1mo
The SDF has a big problem: Filling its ranks 1mo
H.K. student gets two-month sentence for 'seditious' posts from Japan 1mo
New US sanctions over Russia-Ukraine war target Lancet drones - Al Jazeera English China US Russia UK Turkey UAE 1mo
Kishida seeks to build defense ties in Philippines visit Philippines 1mo
Major Japanese banks begin to raise time deposit rates 1mo
After China’s seafood ban, more Japanese eating Fukushima fish China 1mo
Nippon Steel drops patent lawsuits against Toyota and Mitsui 1mo
University of Tokyo asks firms to stop pressuring job-hunting students 1mo
Could the Tigers' curse be over, once and for all? 1mo
SDF plane evacuates 46 from Israel as Japan's top diplomat visits Israel Vietnam 1mo
Weak yen forces Japan to cut back on historic military spending 1mo
Ex-Red Cross head among 103 foreigners decorated in Japan Switzerland 1mo
Blinken's Japan trip shows U.S. 'laser-focused' on Asia: diplomat US 1mo
US ‘focused’ on Asia with Blinken trip to Japan, South Korea, India: diplomat India US South Korea 1mo
Kansai Electric applies to run Takahama reactor beyond 50th year 1mo
World Series manager revels in Japan lessons 1mo
Breaking a promise comes with sharp penalties in Japan UK 1mo
Japan Times 1948: Tojo and 6 others are sentenced to hang 1mo
All Blacks captain Sam Cane to join Suntory 1mo
With deaths from overwork on the rise, can Japan ever find work-life balance? 1mo
The slow and steady rise of Lamp, a cult favorite 1mo
What the end of Japan’s yield curve control experiment means for markets 1mo
Japan ‘risks contaminating’ the whole world – China China 1mo
Tigers rally for victory to move within win of Japan Series title 1mo
Japan unveils $113B stimulus to cushion economic blow from inflation 1mo
Tokyo High Court rejects same-sex couple's residence status lawsuit 1mo
Why single mothers in Japan have been left behind 1mo
Japan celebrates Self-Defense Forces’ 69th anniversary 1mo
Japan's 2023 buzzwords reflect light and dark sides of the year 1mo
Why is Miyazaki essential? Understand in three minutes 1mo
Japan begins third round of Fukushima water discharge 1mo
Bank of Japan leaks are making an awful mess 1mo
Japan OKs construction budget of up to ¥235 billion for Osaka Expo 1mo
Japan's GPIF reports ¥683 billion loss in July-September period 1mo
Japan begins third release of treated Fukushima wastewater 1mo
10 Japanese with 8 Palestinian family members flee Gaza to Egypt Palestine Egypt 1mo
Japan’s Fumio Kishida bets on $113bn stimulus to tackle inflation and low polling 1mo
Japan top envoy faces diplomatic test on trip to Israel and Jordan Israel Jordan 1mo
Japan begins third release of water from Fukushima plant China Russia 1mo
Ambassador Suzuki carries the weight of his father's past as a kamikaze pilot. He says it tells... Australia 1mo
Japan laments loss of China’s Li Keqiang as go-between to mend frosty ties China 1mo
Japan's yen and bond priorities at odds as market pressure grows 1mo
Japan PM announces $113 billion economic stimulus 1mo
Yusuke Oyama lifts Tigers to thrilling win to even Japan Series 1mo
Yusuke Oyama lifts Tigers to thrilling win to even Japan Series 1mo
Japan to offer surveillance radars to Philippines China Philippines 1mo
Hong Kong's origami fans share their passion at regular meet-ups 1mo
How Yuki Udagawa’s steely nerves quieted Koshien’s raucous crowd 1mo
Fortnite developer fails to report ¥30 billion in revenue in Japan 1mo
China, Japan coastguard ships in another face-off near disputed Diaoyu Islands China 1mo
Japanese police capture suspected gunman, 86, after standoff at post office 1mo
Kishida to pitch Japan as China counterweight during Philippines, Malaysia trip China Philippines Malaysia 1mo
Security conference delegates suggest ways for US and China to build trust China US 1mo
How Yuki Udagawa’s steely nerves quieted Koshien’s raucous crowd 1mo
Toyota profits double on strong sales and weakening yen 1mo
Japan's top envoy faces diplomatic test on trip to Israel, Jordan Israel Jordan 1mo
Japan couple calls for broader action at Minamata treaty meeting 1mo
Japan is changing, slowly 1mo
Japan ramps up yen intervention warning after BOJ-fueled sell-off 1mo
Hong Kong’s environment chief says Japanese seafood ban here for the long haul 1mo
Suspected gunman captured in Japan after hostages freed safely 1mo
Japan ramps up yen intervention warning after BOJ-fueled sell-off 1mo
Opinion | The Yield of Japan’s Bad Policies 1mo
Pentagon unveils gigantic new nuclear bomb 24 times more powerful than deadly one dropped on Ja... US Hindustan 1mo
MHI plans global defence sales push after Japan expands military budget US 1mo
The US is building a new nuclear gravity bomb - with 24-times more power US 1mo
Police in Japan capture suspected gunman after hostage incident at post office 1mo
Japan police arrest suspected gunman after hostage standoff 1mo
Japan: Two reported hurt in hospital shooting in Toda - BBC 1mo