Fumio Kishida

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Japan's PM Kishida strengthens alliances amid maritime tensions on Philippine patrol ship tour China Philippines Japan 6mos
Japan's PM visits Manila to boost defense ties in the face of China's growing aggression China Philippines Japan 6mos
Japan’s Fumio Kishida bets on $113bn stimulus to tackle inflation and low polling Japan 6mos
Japan PM announces $113 billion economic stimulus Japan 6mos
Panel report under fire over tax hikes for wage earners 6mos
Kishida to pitch Japan as China counterweight during Philippines, Malaysia trip China Philippines Japan Malaysia 6mos
Prime Minister Kishida and a month of misery 6mos
Japan and the Philippines consider talks on new security pact Philippines Japan 7mos
Japan's PM vows measures to address rising inflation concerns Japan 7mos
China ‘willing to work with Japan to relive spirit’ of 1978 peace treaty China Japan 7mos
Voting kicks off in key parliamentary by-elections 7mos
Upcoming parliament session puts Kishida's stimulus package in spotlight 7mos
Saudi crown prince, Japanese PM discuss Gaza escalation Israel Japan Saudi Arabia 7mos
Upcoming by-elections first test of Kishida’s new Cabinet 7mos
Kishida Cabinet's approval rate sinks to record low 7mos
Why are ruling party lawmakers calling for tax cuts? 7mos
Chinese premier has conveyed will to advance dialogue with Japan China Japan 7mos
Tokyo courts world’s investment royalty with ‘Japan is back’ message | Financial Times Japan 7mos
Saudi crown prince holds telephone call with Japan’s prime minister Japan Saudi Arabia 7mos

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What is Japan's so-called 2024 problem? Japan 8mos
Japan is committed to supporting COP28, Kishida tells UAE Special Envoy Japan UAE United Arab Emirates 8mos
EU chief warns of Russian ‘nuclear threat’ Russia Japan 8mos
‘Invest in Japan’: can finance reforms help Tokyo rival Singapore, Hong Kong? Japan Singapore 8mos
Takahama No. 2 nuclear reactor restarted after 12-year halt 8mos
Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida banks on women to revive his fortunes Japan 8mos
Japan's prime minister Fumio Kishida appoints more women to cabinet posts - Financial Times Japan 8mos
Japan appoints new foreign, defense ministers in cabinet reshuffle Japan 8mos
Japan’s prime minister Fumio Kishida brings more women into government | Financial Times Japan 8mos
Crown Prince Mohammed hints at oil production rise in meeting with Japan’s PM India Japan Saudi Arabia 8mos
Saudi crown prince meets Japanese prime minister on sidelines of G20 Summit India Japan Saudi Arabia 8mos
Regional summits a missed opportunity to mend Japan-China ties China 8mos
Japan, Indonesia expand cooperation on maritime security, energy Japan Indonesia 8mos
Japan Kishida bomb attack suspect indicted for attempted murder Japan 8mos
No sparks over Fukushima as Kishida crosses paths with China's Li China 8mos
Japan’s WTO complaint plan over Fukushima seafood ban set to test China ties China Japan 8mos
Japan makes record defence spending request amid tension with China China Japan 8mos
Japanese PM eats ‘Fukushima lunch’ Japan 8mos
Third of Japan's 18-year-olds women may never have children: study Japan 8mos
Japan PM, ministers eat Fukushima seafood to dispel concerns Japan 8mos
Japan asks China to urge citizens to stop harassment over Fukushima wastewater China Japan 9mos
Why Japan is seeking to boost regional deterrence with US and South Korea US South Korea Japan 9mos
Japan: Fukushima water release puts Kishida under pressure – DW – 08/24/2023 Japan 9mos
Kishida faces leadership test over Johnny's sexual abuse scandal 9mos
Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant: Why Japan's 'disaster management' is a global concern Japan 9mos
Japan, Iran leaders to meet in September for nuclear talks: report Iran Russia Japan 9mos
Four-year outlays on COVID, inflation relief to hit ¥68.5 trillion 9mos
Decision on when to release Fukushima water could come Tuesday 9mos
US, S. Korea, Japan agree to boost ties at Camp David summit US South Korea Japan 9mos
US-Japan-South Korea summit pacts ‘nothing short of historic’ South Korea 9mos
Japan’s US, South Korea accord won’t help unpopular Kishida at home: analysts US South Korea Japan 9mos
US promises ‘new era’ as Biden prepares to host first summit with Japan and South Korea US South Korea Japan 9mos
‘High alert’: China watching closely as US, Japan, S Korea aim for ‘Asian Nato’ China US North Korea South Korea Japan Taiwan 9mos
South Korea’s Yoon calls Japan a partner ahead of summit with U.S. US South Korea Japan 9mos
Japan and U.S. to jointly develop hypersonic missile interceptor US Japan 9mos
Japan and U.S. to jointly develop hypersonic missile interceptor US Japan 9mos
Global funds that drove Topix rally may now threaten Japan gains Japan 9mos
Iran's Foreign Minister In Japan For First Visit Since 2019 Iran Japan 9mos
Japan to start Fukushima water release as early as late August US South Korea Japan 9mos
Japan slams Russia nuclear threats on Hiroshima anniversary Russia Japan 9mos
Japan seeks to ease arms export rules in bid to be ‘good actor’ in Ukraine war Russia Japan Ukraine 10mos
My Number woes put digital minister Taro Kono under pressure 10mos
UAE, Japan sign agreements expanding on historic ties Japan UAE 10mos
UAE and Japan to forge stronger bonds with PM Kishida’s visit Japan Saudi Arabia UAE Qatar 10mos
Saudi crown prince receives Japan PM in Jeddah Japan Saudi Arabia 10mos
What to expect as Japan’s PM Kishida begins tour of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar Japan Saudi Arabia UAE Qatar 10mos
Japan and NATO usher in new era of cooperation amid China concerns China Japan 10mos
Yoon’s Japan outreach faces test as South Koreans oppose Fukushima water release Japan 10mos
Japan and South Korea arranging summit to be held in Lithuania South Korea Japan Lithuania 10mos
With eye on China, Japan to deepen ties with NATO at key leaders' summit China Japan Lithuania 10mos
EU envoy praises Hokkaido's 'smart approach' as leaders eye green opportunities 10mos
U.S., Japan, South Korea look to ‘lock in’ gains with trilateral summit this summer US South Korea Japan 11mos
‘No way’ for Japan PM Kishida to call snap polls as yen woes deepen Japan 11mos
The Japanese executive weakened by the failures of the digitization of public services Japan 11mos
LDP power struggle in Yamaguchi shows waning influence of Abe faction 11mos
Two North Korean missiles fell into the exclusive economic area of ​​Japan North Korea Japan 11mos
Kishida to hold summit with EU leaders in Brussels in July 11mos
Japan adopts concept of farming policy overhaul to boost food security Japan 11mos
Japan adopts concept of farming policy overhaul to boost food security Japan 11mos
Wyborcza.pl Japan 11mos
Japanese PM forces son to resign after private party at PM's official residence prompts public... Japan 11mos
Japan’s leader fires aide — his son — after party at official residence Japan 11mos
Japan PM's son to resign after public outrage over private party at official residence Japan 11mos
Japan PM fires son after pictures emerge of ‘inappropriate’ private party at official residence Japan 1yr
North Korea announces 'satellite' launch, Japan on alert – DW – 05/29/2023 North Korea Japan 1yr
Japan PM Kishida willing to meet North Korea’s Kim Jong-un over kidnappings North Korea Japan 1yr
Japan considering ¥10,000 monthly benefit for high-school age children Japan 1yr
Japan considering ¥10,000 monthly benefit for high-school age children Japan 1yr
Japan's political parties prepare as talk of snap election heats up Japan 1yr
Japanese PM weighs in on NATO membership Japan 1yr
Riding on G7 success, Fumio Kishida eyes early election 1yr
Japan: Japan, South Korea leaders pray at memorial for Korean atomic bomb victims in Hiroshima South Korea Japan 1yr
Japan, South Korea leaders pray at memorial for Korean atomic bomb victims in Hiroshima US South Korea Japan 1yr
Why the G7 summit in Hiroshima is so important for Japan China Russia Japan 1yr
Zelenskyy attendance at G7 confirmed, set to meet Japan’s Kishida Japan 1yr
Video: G7 Leaders Lay Wreaths in Memory of Hiroshima Victims Japan 1yr
Symbolism rich as G7 leaders visit Hiroshima A-bomb museum 1yr
Japan ready to expound on city’s anti-nuclear message Japan 1yr
Why Japan’s sleepy city of Hiroshima was chosen to host the G7 Japan 1yr
Russia: In symbolic Hiroshima, US & allies size up Russia & China China US Russia Japan 1yr
Japan PM prepares push for nuclear weapons pledge in Hiroshima | First Thing China Japan Ukraine Taiwan 1yr