Latest stories about Palestine

Palestinians reminisce about Ramadan before the Nakba 3mos
Israel says arrested Palestinian suspected of planning terror attack Israel 3mos
Bennett speaks with Jordan’s king, amid concerns of Ramadan violence Israel Jordan 3mos
Three Palestinian militants killed by Israeli forces in West Bank clash Israel 3mos
Israeli troops kill 3 Palestinians in West Bank gun battle Israel 3mos
Middle East: Three Palestinian extremists killed by Israeli unity Israel 3mos
Palestinians feeling the pinch as prices soar 3mos
Palestinian throwing firebomb shot and killed by Israeli troops in Hebron clashes Israel 3mos
Israeli forces kill Palestinian in West Bank as violence spikes Israel 3mos
Israeli forces kill Palestinian as protests turn violent Israel 3mos
Palestinian man killed by Israeli forces in occupied West Bank Israel 3mos
More and more acts of violence in Israel and Palestinian Autonomy Israel 3mos
Israeli forces kill Palestinian in West Bank clashes Israel 3mos
Israel and the West Bank are on edge again. Here are five things you need to know Israel 3mos
Palestinian baby dies after treatment delayed by Israeli blockade of Gaza Israel 3mos
Israel-Palestine ‘peace moves ahead with Biden govt working quietly behind the scenes’ US Israel 3mos
Three Palestinians killed as Israeli extremist visits Al-Aqsa in ‘provocation’ Israel 3mos
Israeli forces kill 2 in West Bank clash, Palestinian stabs bus passenger Israel 3mos
Several killed in West Bank clashes after Arab attacks in Israel Israel 3mos

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Israel and the Palestinian territories facing a resurgence of tensions after Tel Aviv's attack Israel 3mos
In Hebron, the power of the Palestinian authority holds only a thread 3mos
Israeli forces raid a refugee camp in the West Bank killing two Palestinians Israel 3mos
Palestinian student hopes to ease Gaza power shortage 3mos
Jordan’s King Abdullah says Palestinian inclusion a must for regional peace and prosperity duri... Israel Jordan 3mos
2 Palestinians killed in Israeli raid on West Bank: Ministry Israel 3mos
West Bank: 3 Palestinians killed in clashes with Israel Israel 3mos
Israel raids West Bank refugee camp, Palestinian killed Israel 3mos
Five killed in Israel by Palestinian gunman - Financial Times Israel 3mos
Palestinians in Gaza call for right of return on Land Day Israel 3mos
Japan condemns Palestinian ‘terrorist’ attacks in Israel Israel Japan 3mos
On Land Day, Palestinians vow to continue their struggle against Israeli occupation Israel 3mos
What’s behind the spate of Palestinian attacks on Israelis? 3mos
Analysis: Palestinian ‘individual attacks’ expected to rise 3mos
Video. Israel: a Palestinian opens fire near Tel Aviv and makes at least five dead Israel 3mos
Israeli forces arrest 5 in connection with deadly shooting Israel 3mos
Five Israelis killed by Palestinian gunman as terror wave grows 3mos
Near East: The Israeli-Palestinian Brasier still conjects US Israel Morocco United Arab Emirates Egypt Bahrain the Hebrew state 3mos
Two Ukrainians Among Five Killed In Israel Attack, Police Say Israel Ukrania 3mos
Israel: The Palestinian killed five people. This is another series of attacks Israel 3mos
In Israel, a new attack is at least five dead Israel 3mos
Israelis say gunman who killed 5 was West Bank Palestinian Israel 3mos
israel: Palestinian gunman kills 5 in third attack in Israel in a week Israel 3mos
Palestinian gunman kills five near Tel Aviv amid spree of attacks 3mos
Video: Deadly Shooting Attack in Tel Aviv Suburb 3mos
A Palestinian slaughters five Israeli near Tel Aviv Israel 3mos
Palestinian terrorist kills five in Bnei Brak shooting spree 3mos
Arab gunman kills at least 5 people in Tel Aviv suburb -ambulance service Israel 3mos
UAE reaffirms its support for Palestinian cause at Negev Summit Israel UAE 3mos
New push to prevent violence in Palestine Israel Jordan 3mos
Israel breaches Palestinian academic freedom | Opinion Israel 3mos
Jordan’s king lands in Ramallah on rare trip to meet Abbas Israel 3mos
Palestinian frustration shows with low poll turnout 3mos
The Palestinian cancer centre that can't take patients 3mos
Israel’s occupation of Palestinian Territory is ‘apartheid’: UN rights expert Israel 3mos
Palestinian children died in large house fire 3mos
Israel’s occupation of Palestinian Territory is ‘apartheid’: UN rights expert Israel 3mos
Palestinians vote in second phase of municipal elections 3mos
Israel’s 55-year occupation of Palestinian Territory is apartheid – UN human rights expert Israel 3mos
Israeli and Palestinian mothers gather for peace by Dead Sea Israel 3mos
Blinken to travel to Israel, West Bank, Morocco and Algeria: State Dept US Iran Israel Morocco Ukraine Algeria 3mos
UN official uses ‘apartheid’ for first time to describe plight of Palestinians Israel 3mos
EU will remain a ‘steadfast’ supporter of Palestinians, official says 3mos
Palestinians call for World Bank pressure on Israel over withheld funds US Israel 3mos
Jewish Settlers Attack Palestinian Commuters, Vehicles in West Bank 3mos
Egypt rejects unilateral actions undermining two state-solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conf... Israel Egypt 3mos
Israeli UN Envoy Denounces Report From Harvard Law Group, Palestinian NGO Alleging ‘Apartheid’... Israel 3mos
Jordan’s King Abdullah to visit Ramallah next week Israel Jordan 3mos
Four killed after stabbing attack in Israel’s Naqab region Israel 3mos
At least one killed in Palestinian attack in Israel: Police Israel 3mos
Jordan’s King Abdullah to visit Ramallah in bid to lower tensions ahead of Ramadan 3mos
Why some African countries are thinking twice about calling out Putin South Africa Cuba 3mos
Israel carries out aerial spraying of herbicides near Palestinian farmlands Israel 3mos
Palestinian stabs Israeli in Jerusalem, shot by police Israel 3mos
Palestinian man shot by police after alleged stabbing attack Israel 3mos
Abbas strips Palestinian rivals of diplomatic passports 3mos
Palestinians decry EU suspension of aid on Israel’s behest Israel 3mos
Saudi king receives cable from Palestinian president congratulating him on successful medical t... Saudi Arabia 3mos
Broken dreams: Palestinian students who escaped the Ukraine war Ukraine 3mos
Israeli troops shot dead a Palestinian teen. The army hasn’t said what he did wrong Israel 3mos
Israeli court to rule on displacement of West Bank Palestinians Israel 3mos
Sandwiched between wars, a Syrian-Ukrainian faces uncertain future Syria Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Israel settler opens fire at Palestine primary school in West Bank Israel 3mos
From Gaza to Ukraine and back: war haunts Palestinian students Ukraine 3mos
Israeli law ‘controls and restricts Palestinian intimacy’ Israel 3mos
10 Israeli settlers pose as soldiers, break into home of a Palestinian family, pepper spray the... Israel 3mos
Israel uses COVID-19 to traumatize Palestinian prisoners: Report Israel 3mos
Turkey could mediate between Palestine, Israel: FM Malki Israel Turkey 3mos
Israel renews law blocking citizenship for Palestinian spouses Israel 3mos
Armed Israeli settler fires towards Palestinian school in Bethlehem - Quds News Network Israel 3mos
El-Sisi affirms Egypt’s support for UNRWA Egypt 3mos
Palestinian woman, US citizen, recounts torture, abuse in ‘Jericho Slaughterhouse’ US 3mos
Saudi aid agency signs two agreements to help Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Jordan Syria Saudi Arabia Jordan 3mos
Israel renews law to keep out Palestinian spouses Israel 3mos
Israel’s Knesset passes law barring Palestinian spouses Israel 3mos
Israel renews law to keep out Palestinian spouses Israel 3mos
'Racist' New Israeli Law Bars Naturalization of Palestinian Spouses US Israel 3mos
Controversial 'citizenship law' passes in Knesset 3mos
Druze pop star seeks to bridge Palestinian and Israeli divide Israel 3mos
Israel's Knesset passes law barring Palestinian spouses Israel 3mos
‘Love for a free life’: Why Palestinian prisoners hunger strike 3mos