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Arab League warns that Israel may end life of PA President Abbas Israel 2d
‘Like Swiss cheese’: Abbas rubbishes Trump’s map for Palestine, urges UNSC to reject ‘deal of t... Palestine Switzerland 1w
‘Nothing for Abbas to accept’: Senior Palestinian official & negotiator explains why ‘deal of t... US Israel Palestine 1w
Boxed in by US and Israel, an ailing Abbas takes defiant stance against Trump peace plan US Israel 1w
Israeli UN envoy: No progress toward peace as long as Abbas in office Israel 1w
US peace plan full of holes, Abbas tells UN US Israel Palestine 1w
Savaging Trump plan, Abbas warns Palestinians will cut all ties with Israel, US US Israel 2w
Abbas to attend UNSC session as Palestinians prepare resolution against US Mideast plan – envoy US Palestine 2w
Abbas sends Netanyahu message slamming Trump's sham 'peace' plan Palestine 3w
Palestinian President Abbas to visit UN Security Council US Palestine 3w
Palestinians push U.N. action over U.S. peace plan, Abbas to speak at U.N. Security Council US Palestine 3w
Abbas instructs troops not to block Palestinians from clashing with IDF 3w
Palestinian President Abbas refuses to accept call from Trump amid fury over 'peace' plan Palestine 3w
Abbas said to refuse to take phone call from Trump US 3w
Trump plan said to give Israel sovereignty throughout Jerusalem, all settlements Israel Palestine 3w
Palestinian Authority blocks 59 Palestinian websites, social media channels critical of Abbas Palestine 3mos
Palestine stands with Turkey: Abbas Turkey 4mos
Abbas slams US for ‘depriving peace process of credibility’ US Palestine 4mos
Abbas promises to continue paying families of martyrs, receives applause at U.N. General Assemb... Israel 4mos

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Saudi king condemns Netanyahu pledge in call with Abbas Saudi Arabia 5mos
Abbas says all agreements with Israel OVER if Palestinian land annexed Israel Palestine 5mos
Merkel meets Palestinians’ Abbas for talks in Berlin Germany 5mos
Germany's Merkel insists on two-state solution in Israel-Palestine conflict US Germany Palestine 5mos
PA President Abbas: 'Millions Of Fighters' Will Take Over Jerusalem 5mos
Palestinian Authority President Abbas: We Shall Enter Jerusalem — Millions of Fighters! 5mos
Palestinian President Abbas fires all advisers amid West Bank financial crisis Palestine 6mos
Palestinian president fires advisers as financial crisis hits Israel Palestine 6mos
New Report: US Sanctions on Iran are Killing Cancer Patients US Iran 6mos
After meeting Democrats in Ramallah, Abbas reportedly snubs visiting Republicans 6mos
Palestinian leader Abbas says agreements with Israelis to stop Israel Palestine 6mos
Palestinians will halt all agreements with Israel, says Abbas US Israel Palestine 6mos
Palestinian leader calls for end to agreements with Israel Israel Palestine 6mos
Middle East conflict: Abbas: Palestinians negotiate agreements with Israel Israel Palestine 6mos
Palestine’s Abbas suspends ALL agreements with Israel Israel Palestine state of Israel 6mos
Iran seizes British-flagged oil tanker in Gulf Iran 7mos
Trump ‘fond’ of Abbas, Kushner insists while raging over Palestinian rejection Palestine 7mos
Trump is 'very fond' of Palestinian President Abbas, willing to... US Palestine 7mos
Palestinian Leader Abbas Brushes Off Trump Plan for Investment Palestine 7mos
Palestinian President Abbas Rejects US Plans for Peace | NZZ US Palestine Switzerland 7mos
Trump administration unveils $50 billion Palestinian economic plan in approach Abbas calls 'una... Israel Palestine 7mos
PA Advisor on Islam warns world ‘will pay’ unless Muslims save Al-Aqsa Israel 8mos
Jordan: 'Abbas rejects every solution to the crisis' Jordan 8mos
Palestine's expensive government: outrage over Abbas's secret salary increase 8mos
Palestinians angry as PA cabinet revealed to have given itself secret pay raise 8mos
Abbas says Trump’s peace plan, Bahrain workshop will ‘go to hell’ Palestine Bahrain 8mos
Palestinian President Abbas hopes to meet with Putin in June – official Palestine 9mos
Abbas bypasses EU, asks Russia help avert PA collapse over terror payment Russia 9mos
Abbas between Netanyahu, Trump and Putin | NZZ Russia 9mos
West Bank city to name a street after late Jewish member of Fatah Israel Palestine 9mos
Abbas: ‘Europe invented Zionism and Israel… let’s not fool ourselves’ Israel 9mos
Abbas in Cairo to discuss Palestine situation Palestine 9mos
Mahmoud Abbas hails Fatah university election win Palestine 10mos
Abbas spokesman: If Jerusalem is off the table, Trump is off the table 10mos
New Palestinian government gets mixed reception Palestine 10mos
Abbas swaps new Westbank Palestinian government Palestine 10mos
Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas swears in new government Palestine 10mos
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas swears in new government Palestine 10mos
Palestinian President Abbas ‘hopes for peace’ after Israeli elections Israel Palestine 10mos
New Palestinian government to be formed in days: officials Palestine 10mos
Explosion at submarine battery in Iran Iran 10mos
Trump’s America lost mediator’s role in Arab-Israeli conflict – Palestinian Authority’s Abbas US 10mos
Abbas slams Hamas: Gaza’s ‘oppressors’ belong in ‘garbage bin of history’ 10mos
US ambassador pans Abbas for not condemning deadly West Bank terror attack US Palestine 11mos
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas names ally as new PM Palestine 11mos
Abbas picks loyalist Shtayyeh as Palestinian prime minister Palestine 11mos
Abbas picks longtime ally to head Palestinian government Palestine 11mos
Palestinian president appoints ally Shtayyeh as new PM Palestine 11mos
Gaza protesters call on Palestinian leader to quit Palestine 11mos
Abbas rejects all tax revenues from Israel over terror payment deduction Israel 11mos
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas will refuse Israeli tax transfers Israel Palestine 1yr
Abbas accepted resignation of Prime Minister Hamdallah | NZZ Switzerland 1yr
Palestinian President Abbas accepts PM Hamdallah's resignation Palestine 1yr
Palestinian government resigns in possible power move by Mahmoud Abbas Palestine 1yr
Palestinian prime minister tenders resignation, government to Abbas Palestine 1yr
Palestinian prime minister tenders resignation, government's to Abbas Palestine 1yr
Abbas' health restored after secret treatment by Israeli doctor: report Israel Palestine 1yr
Palestinian PM Hamdallah offers to resign amid efforts by Abbas to form new govt Palestine 1yr
Palestinian PM willing to quit if president Abbas wishes Palestine 1yr
Palestinian president decides to change his government Palestine 1yr
Israeli doctor helped save Palestinian leader Abbas's life Israel Palestine 1yr
Palestinians assume chairmanship of largest bloc of nations at the UN Israel 1yr
Palestinians strike against social security law Palestine 1yr
Palestine's Abbas in New York for takeover of G77 chair Palestine 1yr
In role reversal, Abbas pressures Hamas as Israel allows aid US Israel Palestine Qatar 1yr
Palestine's Abbas to meet UN Secretary General in NY Palestine 1yr
Hamas arrests Gaza men suspected of attacking Abbas's TV station 1yr
Hamas rejects Abbas’ plan to dissolve Palestinian parliament Palestine 1yr
Abbas wants to prevent with elections a Hamas successor | NZZ 1yr
Hamas rejects Abbas's plan to dissolve Palestinian parliament Palestine 1yr
Hamas rejects Abbas plan to dissolve Palestinian parliament Palestine 1yr
Hamas rejects Abbas plan to dissolve Palestinian parliament Palestine 1yr
Abbas announces new elections for Palestinian parliament | NZZ Palestine 1yr
King Salman tells Abbas of Kingdom’s unwavering support for Palestinian rights Palestine 1yr
Israel settlers call for Abbas’ assassination Israel 1yr
Vatican renews call for 2-state solution to Mideast conflict US Palestine 1yr
Egyptian court orders release of prominent blogger — judicial source Egypt 1yr
Vatican reaffirms call for 2-state solution to Mideast conflict as Pope Francis meets Abbas Palestine 1yr
Pope, Abbas discuss Jerusalem at first meeting after U.S. embassy move US 1yr
Abu Mazen: "Trump's US is no longer enough to reach peace" US Italy Palestine 1yr
Most advanced West Asian destroyer joins Iran's navy Iran 1yr