Benjamin Netanyahu

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Netanyahu in post-election speech makes no victory claim Israel 23m
Israel’s Netanyahu appears to suffer setback in exit polls Israel 38m
‘Israel at historic juncture’: Netanyahu refuses to concede as Gantz claims ‘mission accomplish... Israel 58m
After Tight Israeli Election, Netanyahu’s Tenure Appears Perilous Israel 1h
Netanyahu's main election rival, Gantz, says it appears prime... 1h
Netanyahu election rival Gantz says will work for unity government Israel 1h
'Benjamin Netanyahu wanted to postpone elections for a war in Gaza' 4h
Exit polls show Israel's Netanyahu in a dead heat to keep his job Israel 4h
Narrow exit poll results hold Israel in suspense: Even if Netanyahu beats Gantz, forming coalit... Israel 4h
Benjamin Netanyahu falling behind in Israel election exit polls Israel 4h
Tight contest has Netanyahu's re-election plans in limbo Israel 5h
The Latest: Exit polls show Israeli PM short of majority Israel 5h
Benjamin Netanyahu in close fight for survival in Israeli election Israel 5h
Netanyahu fails to sweep majority in Israeli election exit polls Israel 5h
Polls close in Israeli election Israel 5h
Israel Election Live Updates: Exit Polls Show Tight Race Israel 6h
LIVE: Israeli PM Netanyahu faces Benny Gantz in unprecedented repeat vote Israel 7h
Israel Votes in Do-Over Election: Live Updates Israel 7h
Israel elections: Polls in re-rerun vote open Israel 9h

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He's a great political survivor of the age - but is this the end of Netanyahu? Israel 9h
Analysis: Will Benjamin Netanyahu be re-elected? Israel 10h
Facebook blocks Netanyahu chatbot on election day Israel 10h
Five things you need to know today: Supreme Court to examine lawfulness of prorogation US Israel UK Scotland 12h
Netanyahu fights for his political life as Israel heads to the polls Israel 14h
Israel elections: Netanyahu fights for political survival as country votes for second time in f... Israel 16h
Israel votes with Netanyahu's political survival at stake Israel 19h
Israelis return to polls to decide Netanyahu's fate 20h
Voting begins in Israel election seen as referendum on Netanyahu Israel 20h
Israelis vote in repeat election centered on PM Netanyahu Israel 21h
Israelis have begun voting in historic repeat election seen as referendum on longtime Prime Min... 21h
‘Referendum’ on Netanyahu & settlement annexations: Israel goes to polls in historic snap elect... Israel 21h
Israelis vote in second election in five months 21h
Israel's Netanyahu fights for new term after decade in power Israel 1d
Guy Ziv and Benjamin L. Shaver: Silence on annexation from Netanyahu's rivals Israel 1d
Netanyahu in tight race against Benny Gantz as Israel votes in run-off Israel 1d
Israeli PM again vows to annex 'all' West Bank settlements Israel 1d
Israel elections: Voters head to polls again Israel 1d
Opinion: Fate of two-state solution depends on Israel vote Israel 1d
Will election-weary Israelis end Benjamin Netanyahu's rule? Israel 1d
Israeli PM vows to annex 'all the settlements' in West Bank Israel Palestine 1d
Netanyahu says he will annex Jewish settlements in Hebron if re-elected Israel 1d
Ross and Makovsky: Netanyahu is endangering the future of a two-state solution US Israel 1d
Benjamin Netanyahu fights for political future as Israelis go to the polls for second time in f... Israel 1d
Israel’s Do-Over Election: Déjà Vu or a Chance for Change? Israel 1d
Benny Gantz: the thorn in Netanyahu's side Israel 1d
Ugly Breakup of Israel’s Odd Couple Could Turn an Election Israel 1d
What does Israel's election mean for Palestinian factions? Israel Palestine 2d
Netanyahu Takes Cabinet to West Bank to Hammer Home Vote Message - BNN Bloomberg Israel 2d
Israel approves settlement in West Bank days before crucial elections Israel 2d
A look at the corruption scandals facing Israel’s Netanyahu Israel 2d
Netanyahu’s West Bank annexation plan is vile attempt to win votes at expense of peace – Turkey Israel Turkey 2d
Israel's Netanyahu sharpens focus on settlements, two days before... Israel 2d
Jordan Valley settlement officially approved by Israeli lawmakers Israel 2d
Turkey says Israel becoming 'racist, apartheid regime' with... Israel Turkey 2d
Embattled Israeli PM fights for survival in do-over election Israel 2d
‘We don’t care who wins’: young Gazans see little choice in Israel’s elections Israel 2d
Trump says he discussed a mutual defense treaty with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Israel 2d
Trump floats idea of mutual defense pact with Israel, days before close election Iran Israel 2d
Trump discussed possible mutual defense treaty with Israel's Netanyahu US Israel 3d
Trump floats possible defense treaty days ahead of Israeli elections Israel 3d
Facebook suspends Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu page for hate speech Israel 3d
Facebook sanctions Netanyahu page over hate speech violation Israel 4d
Netanyahu cozies up to Putin with Iran pledge as Trump spying claims whirl US Iran 4d
Benjamin Netanyahu in close election fight for power in Israel Israel 4d
EU leaders must get tough with Israel | Letter Israel 4d
Factbox: Where Netanyahu stands on key Israeli policy issues Israel 4d
'King Bibi' fights for his political life in Israeli election Israel 4d
Facebook suspend Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's bot over hate speech Israel 4d
Facebook Suspends Netanyahu Campaign Bot for Hate Speech Israel 4d
Netanyahu meets Putin as he makes desperate bid for Russian speaking voters ahead of knife-edge... Israel Russia 4d
Security, terrorism & Iran: What Netanyahu talked to Putin about, days ahead of Israeli electio... Iran Israel Russia 5d
Netanyahu says Israel won't tolerate Iran's 'aggression' from... Iran Israel Russia 5d
Israeli parties vie for Arab vote in bid to oust Netanyahu Israel 5d
Israel’s Netanyahu says continued rocket attacks ‘make new Gaza war inevitable’ Israel 5d
With Gaza war talk, Russia visit, Netanyahu fights on in election race Israel Russia 5d
Russia raps Netanyahu's Jordan Valley plan before Putin meeting Israel Russia 5d
‘Netanyahu goes to Putin to show Israeli voters: ‘I’m an important world leader’ Israel Russia 6d
Netanyahu sees U.S. staying tough on Iran despite Bolton ouster US Iran Israel 6d
Netanyahu sees U.S. staying tough on Iran despite Bolton ouster US Iran Israel 6d
The West Bank and the Jordan Valley explained Israel 6d
Benjamin Netanyahu was rushed off stage at a campaign rally after a rocket was launched towards... Israel 6d
Netanyahu vows to annex West Bank's Jordan Valley if re-elected Israel 6d
At a news conference Tuesday, Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled a controversial new campaign pledge:... Israel 6d
Israel PM rushed off stage as speech interrupted by rocket fire Israel 6d
Abbas says all agreements with Israel OVER if Palestinian land annexed Israel Palestine 1w
Rocket sirens drive Netanyahu off stage during campaign rally (VIDEOS) Israel 1w
Netanyahu pledges to annex entire Jordan Valley with support of US if he wins Israeli election US Israel 1w
Rocket siren, warning of attack from Gaza, forces Netanyahu off... 1w
The Latest: Netanyahu comment on annexation brings criticism Israel 1w
Israel's Netanyahu vows to annex Jordan Valley if re-elected Israel 1w
Israeli annexation of Jordan Valley would be the ‘death of the two state solution’ – George Gal... Israel UK 1w
Netanyahu says Israel will annex parts of West Bank Israel 1w
Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to annex West Bank if he wins election Israel 1w
Netanyahu vows to annex part of West Bank after Israel election Israel 1w
Netanyahu announces post-election plan to annex part of occupied... Israel 1w
Israel's Netanyahu promises to annex Jordan Valley, in occupied West Bank, if elected Israel 1w
Israeli Leader Says Iran Hid a Nuclear Weapons Site Iran Israel 1w
Israel on alert: Netanyahu exposes Iran's secret nuclear bomb base - shock satellite image Iran Israel 1w
Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu reveals what he says is Iran nuclear weapons site Iran Israel 1w
Netanyahu has found another ‘secret’ Iranian nuclear facility, shows pictures as proof US Iran Israel 1w