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Cyprus’s haunting new underwater sculpture park – in pictures 3h
Turkish side to organize int'l meeting on Cyprus, Varosha issues Turkey 4h
Impressive: new underwater museum opened 6h
Turkey's support vital for Turkish Cyprus' survival: Tatar Turkey 1d
Turkish Cyprus rejects talks of UN control over Varosha Turkey 2d
Delta spreads 'like wildfire' as doctors study whether it makes patients sicker | Cyprus Mail 2d
Children aged 12-15 to be included in Cyprus’ vaccination fight against Covid 5d
Northern Cyprus not consulted on future of peacekeeping forces Turkey 6d
Works depicting Lycian galleys to go on display at Cyprus Museum 1w
EU became party to deadlock on Cyprus issue: Turkey's VP Oktay Greece Turkey 1w
Turkey-Cyprus war: EU ready to defend territory from Ankara threats - 'Unacceptable!' Turkey 1w
Biased EU stance cannot contribute to Cyprus issue, Ankara says Turkey 1w
Turkish Cypriots urge EU to recognize Varosha as TRNC territory Turkey 1w
Why Britain should push for a two-state Cyprus future | Opinion UK Turkey 1w
Ongoing stalemate in Cyprus only hurts the Turkish side | Column Turkey 1w
Locals in Turkish Cyprus enthusiastic about Varosha reopening Turkey 1w
Cyprus conflict: EU threatens Turkey with sanctions Turkey 1w
Turkish plan to reopen Cyprus ghost town strains rapprochement with Egypt Turkey Egypt 1w
U.S. issues 'Do Not Travel' advisories for Spain, Portugal over COVID-19 cases US Spain Portugal Kyrgyzstan 1w

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Turkish Cypriots fear the heavy hand of Erdogan Turkey 1w
Record-smashing heat extremes may become much more likely with climate change, study finds Ireland Canada Turkey Cuba 1w
UNSC statement on Varosha 'unprincipled': Turkish Cyprus Turkey 1w
UN condemns Turkish move to reopen Cyprus ghost town Turkey 1w
Security Council calls for ‘immediate reversal’ of Turkish and Turkish Cypriots decision on Var... Turkey 1w
The symbol of rebuilding the TRNC | Column Turkey 1w
EU will miss the old TRNC a lot! | Column Turkey 1w
UN Security Council slams Turkish plan to reopen disputed Cyprus resort Turkey 1w
Turkey rejects UN Security Council's statement on Cyprus' Maraş Turkey 1w
UNSC condemns plan to reopen Northern Cyprus resort Turkey 1w
UN Security Council slams decision to reopen Cyprus suburb Turkey 1w
In Cyprus, the evidence of Turkish influence Turkey 1w
UN Security Council condemns Erdogan Cyprus plans Turkey 1w
Erdogans Cyprus plans: UN Security Council Convoys Turkey Action Turkey 1w
A first in 47 years: Friday prayers in Turkish Cyprus’ Varosha Turkey 1w
Erdogan’s visit to the Turkish-occupied northern district of Cyprus Turkey 1w
Countdown to an independent Turkish Cypriot State has begun Turkey 1w
No chance! US slaps down Turkey over ‘two-state solution’ as Cyprus row hits boiling point US Turkey 1w
Cyprus talks did not bear results for 53 years: FM Çavuşoğlu Turkey 1w
Ghost Town Varoscha: Sharp criticism of Erdogan's action on Cyprus Turkey 1w
US condemns Erdogan, Tatar move to transfer Varosha to Turkish Cypriot rule US Turkey 2w
The ghost town Varosha has been a negotiation for decades in the Cyprus question. Now Erdogan p... 2w
Draft UN statement urges Turkish reversal of Cyprus action Turkey 2w
US joins condemnation of Turkish plan for Cyprus ‘ghost town’ US Turkey 2w
Washington shoots down Turkey’s two-state solution for Cyprus, as stand-off on disputed island... US Greece Turkey 2w
Cyprus appeals to UN Security Council over Varosha reopening Greece 2w
Cyprus talks must be held between two states alone: Erdoğan 2w
Cyprus talks must be had between two states alone: Erdoğan 2w
Cypriot peace in crisis as Erdogan backs two-state solution Turkey 2w
France to escalate Cyprus issue to UN in row over ghost town France Turkey 2w
Backlash as Northern Cyprus reopens ghost resort Greece Turkey 2w
EU comments on Cyprus issue null and void, Ankara says Turkey 2w
France slams Erdogan 'provocation' after Cyprus two-state comments France Turkey 2w
'Don't have 50 years to waste!' Turkey sends EU stern warning to stay out of Cyprus row Turkey 2w
Recep Tayyip Erdogan strengthens its hold on the Turkish part of Cyprus Turkey 2w
Turkey says part of Cyprus ghost town to reopen; EU, UK, US object US UK Greece Turkey 2w
Erdogan, Tatar announce controversial plan to further reopen Cypriot ghost town Turkey 2w
Turkey says deserted Cyprus town to reopen amid Greek objections Greece Turkey 2w
Erdoğan plan to unilaterally revive Cyprus ‘ghost town’ condemned by EU Turkey 2w
Brexit triggers UK interest in Cypriot financial sector UK 2w
Cyprus talks can only resume on a ‘two-state’ basis, Erdogan says Turkey 2w
Protesters attack Cyprus TV over Covid measures, vaccines 2w
Turkey's Erdoğan urges 2-state solution for Cyprus issue Turkey 2w
Cyprus talks can resume only on two-state basis, Erdogan says Turkey 2w
Greek side showed they do not want solution in Cyprus: Erdoğan Greece 2w
‘Embargo and isolation’: northern Cyprus nine months after hardliner wins election 2w
Erdogan supports two-state solution, unveils new projects in Northern Cyprus visit  Turkey 2w
Cyprus condemns TV attack by protesters opposed to COVID measures 2w
Greek side showed they don't want solution in Cyprus: Erdoğan Greece 2w
2-state solution must for new Cyprus negotiation process: Erdoğan 2w
Tensions flare in Cyprus ghost town ahead of 'provocative' visit of Turkey's Erdogan Turkey 2w
Turkish Cyprus to continue to embrace Turkey, Tatar says Turkey 2w
Time to pursue 2-state solution for Cyprus issue: Altun 2w
Demonstrators attacked TV channels on Cyprus 2w
Protest against corona measures: demonstrators attack television channels in Cyprus 2w
Protest against corona measures: demonstrators attack television channels in Cyprus 2w
Cyprus, mon amour | Column Turkey 2w
Turkey’s Erdogan to visit Northern Cyprus amid tensions with EU - Al Jazeera English UK Turkey 2w
France says UK visitors must show they have had a negative Covid test Spain Netherlands France UK Greece Portugal 2w
'Greece tries to escalate tensions ahead of Erdoğan's visit' Greece 2w
Turkey’s Erdogan to visit Northern Cyprus amid tensions with EU Turkey 2w
President Erdoğan heads to Cyprus to mark 1974 Peace Operation 2w
Unease in the air as Cyprus ‘ghost town’ rises from the ruins of war Turkey 2w
No man’s land: three people seeking asylum stuck in Cyprus’s buffer zone 2w
Turkish Cyprus rejects claims of boat firing incident Turkey 2w
Turkish coastguard fires warning shots at Cypriot patrol vessel, police say as tensions mount Turkey 2w
Turkish ship fires warning shots at Cyprus coast guard Turkey 2w
Shots fired from Turkish vessel at Cypriot coastguard: reports Turkey 2w
Greece and Cyprus: Continuous heat with consequences Germany Greece Belgium 2w
British navy’s flagship hit with Covid-19 outbreak en route to Asia India UK 3w
Once ghost town, Turkish Cyprus’ Varosha hosts 200,000 tourists Turkey 3w
Turkey to allocate $500M restructuring credit to Northern Cyprus Turkey 3w
TUI holidays cancelled: Full list of cancellations to Crete, Cyprus and more 3w
Once ghost town, Cypriot’s Varosha hosts 200,000 tourists 3w
2 fully vaccinated travellers among 3 new imported cases in Hong Kong Namibia Ghana 3w
EU can't decide on solution model for Cyprus: Turkish Cypriots Turkey 3w
Questions after Egyptian workers killed in Cyprus fire Egypt 3w
Cyprus vaccine drive: 'SafePass' mandatory, no more free COVID tests 3w
EU Countries Begin Tightening Entry Rules Again  India Spain Greece Portugal Malta 3w
Greece must abandon provocations, maximalist policies: Akar Greece Turkey 3w
Accept reality, Ms. Von der Leyen, then you may change it | Column 3w