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Spain plans to shut down Almaraz nuclear power plant until July 2024 14h
Morocco under the spotlight for treatment of African migrants Morocco 18h
Spanish police arrest man for alleged assassination plot 18h
Spain targets drug-smuggling hub with anti-crime measures 21h
‘A bunch of p******’: Croatian defender Lovren taunts Ramos & Spain after revenge win Croatia 21h
In Spain, José Manuel Villarejo, the man who blackmails the political elite 1d
Spanish police rescued an adorable puppy and called him Stan Lee Germany 1d
Could this be Atlantis? Ancient ruins found off the Spanish coast 1d
Christopher Columbus statue removal sparks genocide row US 1d
Scandal at a Spanish slaughterhouse: Covert CCTV reveals abuses 1d
Ancient flooded ruins off Spanish coast ‘are lost city of Atlantis’ UK 1d
Ex-Chavez bodyguard fights extradition from Spain Venezuela 1d
'Soft' Brexit agreement not a done deal, warn EU leaders Netherlands France UK Denmark 1d
Spain to nix nuclear and coal power by 2030 1d
"Why do not you shut up?" And other curiosities from the Ibero-American summits Chile Venezuela 1d
Meet the Spanish entrepreneur whose casual work platform has stolen a march on Uber US 1d
Spain backs down on Kosovo stance after IOC warning Kosovo 1d
Brazilian gets life in prison for Spanish family slayings Brazil 1d
Gibraltar’s leader says he has no concern over draft Brexit deal UK 1d

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Spain says has contingency plans in case of no-deal Brexit 1d
Spain welcomes Gibraltar protocol in Brexit deal, hopes it gets UK... UK 1d
Spanish Mediterranean on high alert for heavy rains 1d
Spain Unveils 'Groundbreaking' Plan to Slash Emissions and Transition to 100% Renewable Energy... 2d
Spain aims for carbon neutrality in 2050 2d
Spain and UK must cooperate on Gibraltar under Brexit agreement UK 2d
EU border agency Frontex: Illegal migration is heading for five-year low Italy 2d
Poor spelling rife among Spain’s prospective teachers 2d
Spain plans to ban alternative medicine in health centres 2d
British holidaymakers guaranteed visa-free travel to Europe after Brexit - Euro Weekly News Spa... UK 2d
Spanish police recruit mistreated puppy Germany 2d
Foreigners buying up property in Spain like never before France UK 2d
Spain moves to ban pseudo-therapies from universities and health centers 2d
Spanish train firm to create 1,000 jobs at new factory in Scotland UK Scotland 2d
Spain wants to ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles from 2040 2d
Archaeologists dig mass graves of Spanish Civil War era 2d
Spanish city drops cremation ban for obese 2d
The “Wikipedia narco” gets 15 years for smuggling cocaine into Spain US 3d
The innocent Spanish fisherman who got cast as a criminal 3d
Spain sets out plan for 100% renewable electricity by 2050 3d
Spain considers ban on sale of gas and diesel cars by 2040 3d
Spain plans switch to 100% renewable electricity by 2050 3d
Spanish government planning to ban sale of gasoline, diesel cars from 2040 3d
Spain to propose ban on sale of petrol, diesel cars from 2040 3d
Spain targets 100% renewable power by 2050 3d
Puigdemont can be presented to the European but to collect the act of MEP should go to Madrid 3d
Spain’s position on Kosovo could hurt its chances to host major sports events Kosovo 4d
Who is the young heir to southern Spain’s hashish trade? 4d
Conservative Eurosceptic alliance reaches out to far-right Italy 4d
Paris and Madrid defend their cooperation on the migration issue France 4d
Three dead as massive explosion at fireworks factory rocks town in Spain 4d
Spain's Prime Minister Urges British to New Brexit Referendum | NZZ UK 4d
Spain’s audit court tells organizers of 2014 Catalan vote to pay back €4.9 million Catalonia 4d
British Airways to be Spanish? Company wants to keep EU status in case of no-deal Brexit – repo... 4d
IOC urges federations not to hold events in Spain until Kosovo stance resolved Kosovo 4d
Spanish PM: 'If I was May, I would call a second referendum' UK 4d
Spanish PM calls for second Brexit referendum UK 4d
Spain’s audit office orders former Catalan leaders to pay €4.9mn over symbolic vote Catalonia 4d
Owner of Iberia, BA in talks with EU and government over Brexit UK 4d
Real revival: Solari's record-breaking start gives Madrid giants cause for optimism 4d
Spain’s transsexual Miss Universe candidate hounded by press and on social media US 4d
Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez calls for second Brexit referendum UK 4d
More than 250 migrants rescued off Spain’s southern coast this weekend 4d
Spanish, French police smash smuggling ring helping Palestinians reach Europe US France Bolivia 4d
Que? Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez calls for second Brexit referendum UK 4d
Spain's prime minister calls for a second Brexit referendum UK 4d
Acquitted of abuse to daughter after eight years will receive compensation 6d
World War I: Brussels at the end of the Great War Belgium 6d
Police clash with Catalan separatists in Barcelona Catalonia 6d
Police clash with Catalan separatists in Barcelona Catalonia 6d
Djokovic confirms controversial Saudi match is off after Nadal injury Saudi Arabia Servia 6d
Borrell opposes the reopening of the Catalan 'embassies' claiming that they allow acts with Pui... Catalonia 1w
'Remarkable' decline in fertility rates South Korea UK Norway Singapore 1w
Spain’s foreign minister urges sanctions on Nicaragua’s govt Nicaragua 1w
A king with a mission: the humanitarian deeds of Alfonso XIII during the Great War 1w
Spanish ministry opposes Catalan plans for six foreign delegations 1w
Spain: religion at school will not be obligatory 1w
Opinión | Why Britons in Spain need to fight for another Brexit referendum UK 1w
Who is the Franco supporter accused of plotting to kill the Spanish PM? 1w
Spain signed €48 million in irregular arms deals with Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 1w
Spain’s Extremadura region: “No opportunities and no hope” 1w
Ryanair fires 6 staff accused of staging picture of them sleeping on the floor Singapore 1w
Puigdemont believes that if the man who planned to attempt against Sánchez was an independentis... 1w
New decree forces Spanish banks to pay controversial mortgage tax 1w
Spanish man plotted to kill Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez 1w
The Audiencia of Barcelona censures the charges of the Civil Guard on 1-O for being "disproport... Turkey 1w
Man held over suspected plot to attack Spain’s prime minister 1w
Man arrested on suspicion of planning attack on Spanish PM 1w
EIB survey: 70% of Spaniards believe climate change is a threat to humanity 1w
Man held for 'plot to shoot Spanish PM' 1w
Assassination plan in Spain: Police stop assassination attempt on Prime Minister Sanchez 1w
Franco supporter arrested for plotting to shoot Spanish PM 1w
Oldest known animal drawing found in remote Indonesian cave France Indonesia 1w
‘Ramos at it again!’ Real skipper’s elbow leaves rival bloodied, internet puts the boot in 1w
Police of Catalonia captured Franco who planned to kill Pedro Sánchez 1w
Spanish police: prevent premature murder 1w
Arrested right-wing extremist Spanish: "I wanted to kill Pedro Sánchez to avenge Franco" 1w
Migrant survivor of deadly journey to Spain: “The water was up to our chests” 1w
Assassination attempt on Spain's Prime Minister Sánchez thwarted | NZZ Switzerland 1w
Morocco has prevented 68,000 attempts by illegal migrants to arrive in Spain Morocco 1w
Why do Spaniards live longer if they smoke and drink? Sex and tapas, says ‘The Times’ UK 1w