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EU elections turnout rises as political landscape fragments Netherlands UK Italy 2m
European elections 2019: in Spain, the Socialist Party largely in the lead 16m
Spain is betting on the left 46m
Socialists seen leading EU vote in Spain: poll 1h
Europe: Spain has 10 more affluence points than in 2014 due to drag 5h
Nationalists expected to make gains across EU in European elections, with mainstream parties ho... Germany France Italy 6h
Scots diver missing off Spanish coast as officials launch large scale search 6h
Britons rushing to take Spanish exams so they can keep EU citizenship 14h
These are the world’s healthiest nations 15h
Evil killer 'will to flee to Spain with secret fortune after prison release' 17h
Report: Everton will look to recruit Spaniard if Zouma does not renew deal 22h
Local elections in Spain: A German wants to save Barcelona Germany France 1d
Four young Italians arrested in Cadiz after a fight, a serious Spanish boy 1d
Four Italians arrested in Spain after a fight, a young Spanish hospitalized in serious conditio... 1d
European elections: Creaking centrist parties fighting to hold on Italy 1d
Spanish socialists aim to consolidate general election win 1d
Europe’s leaders vow to hold their nerve after admitting hard Brexit ‘near impossible to stop’ 1d
Why Gibraltar's at the heart of Brexit divorce talks between UK and Spain UK 1d
Video: Gibraltar at heart of Brexit divorce talks between UK and Spain UK 1d

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Ten European polls under the microscope Greece Hungary Denmark 2d
Pedal pain: Cyclist displays shocking effects on legs during grueling Giro d’Italia 2d
Jailed lawmakers from Catalonia suspended from Spanish government Catalonia 2d
Focus - EU elections: Young migrants speak out Germany Hungary 2d
Four Catalan MPs suspended from Spanish parliament Catalonia 2d
Real Madrid react angrily to Tottenham ahead of Liverpool CL final 2d
Will Sunday’s elections in Spain trigger a new era of coalitions? 2d
Far-right Vox challenges Spain's acceptance of LGBT rights 2d
Four imprisoned Catalan deputies suspended by the Spanish Congress of Deputies Catalonia 2d
Spanish parliament suspends Catalans for rebellion Catalonia 2d
Spanish Congress suspends detained Catalan independentistas deputies Catalonia 2d
Spanish parliament suspends jailed Catalan lawmakers Catalonia 2d
Spanish parliament lower chamber suspends Catalan separatist lawmakers jailed pending rebellion... Catalonia 2d
Spanish Parliament suspends jailed Catalans as lawmakers Catalonia 2d
The Latest: Spain fears Britain will crash out of EU UK 2d
Spanish parliament suspends jailed Catalan leaders' rights as... Catalonia 2d
Poland’s PiS party ‘ready to talk’ with Italy’s League, Spain’s Vox on EU parliamentary allianc... Italy Poland 2d
In the face of depopulation, a Spanish village turns itself into a nursing home 2d
World leader in dialysis treatments bribed public hospital doctors in Spain US 2d
Poland's PiS ready to talk with Italian, Spanish far-right: PM Italy Poland 2d
Fotos: The 10 most beautiful villages of Asturias, according to EL PAÍS readers 2d
EU Court overturns decision on Real Madrid's €18.4 million real estate deal 3d
¿Qué? podcast, S02E04: Chaos in Congress and vibrator prizes 3d
Valls Puts ‘Identity’ at Center of Barcelona’s Mayor Race France 3d
Convicted murderer Pablo Ibar escapes capital punishment in Florida US 3d
Breeding restrictions in Barcelona spark debate on role of zoos 3d
Animal rights activists score win at Barcelona zoo 3d
Spain’s Socialists moving closer to coalition government with Podemos 3d
British woman dies in Majorca on Edinburgh-bound Ryanair flight UK 3d
Young Portuguese woman killed by bus in Benidorm Portugal 4d
Iker Casillas’ wife diagnosed with ovarian cancer weeks after Spanish legend’s heart attack 4d
Spain’s Prado Museum drafting evacuation plan for its artworks 4d
Inquest reveals how Spain’s “skateboard hero” rushed to protect victims 4d
Latvian Foreign Ministry appreciates contribution by Spain to strengthening of Baltic region’s... Latvia 4d
The day that women took over Spanish Congress 4d
An extensive European network of drug trafficking dismantled UK Poland Lithuania 4d
In Spain, the European campaign eclipsed by local issues and the Catalan conflict Catalonia 4d
In Spain, the middle class caught up in poverty 4d
Female squash players shocked at tournament prize: leg wax and a vibrator 4d
Strange noise keeping couple awake for years turns out to be hive of 80,000 bees 4d
Dil-don't do that: Vibrator awarded as prize in Spanish squash competition causes uproar 5d
Row over Catalans’ oaths sets the tone as Spanish Congress convenes 5d
Jailed Catalan separatists sworn in to Spanish parliament, then returned to prison Catalonia 5d
Jailed Catalan separatists take seats in Spanish parliament Catalonia 5d
Spain's parliament leads Europe in gender-equality despite rise of... 5d
Huge bee colony removed from Spain bedroom 5d
Police in Spain seize record crystal meth haul during raids 5d
‘Lonely Planet’ lists Madrid as the second-best place to visit in Europe Slovakia 5d
Jailed Catalan separatists sworn in to Spanish parliament Catalonia 5d
'Egyptian Kings need sleep too!': Liverpool ace Mo Salah filmed napping on plane floor Egypt 5d
Jailed Catalan separatists take seats in Spain’s parliament Catalonia 5d
Meritxell Batet and Manuel Cruz: two Catalans ahead of Congress and Senate in Spain 5d
Vibrator is top prize in Spanish squash tournament 5d
Spanish Congress to suspend jailed Catalan deputies from their seats Catalonia 5d
Shetland named one of Europe’s top 10 destinations for 2019 Iceland Italy Slovakia Bosnia and Herzegovina 5d
Jailed deputies allowed to attend Spanish Parliament session Catalonia 5d
Jailed Catalan MPs attend Spain parliament opening Catalonia 5d
The Spanish families naming their children after ‘Game of Thrones’ characters 5d
Ceuta: Vox’s anti-immigration message makes gains in a city that is 40% Muslim 5d
Italian Dockworkers Refuse to Load Saudi Cargo Ship in Anti-War Protest France Yemen Italy Saudi Arabia Belgium 5d
Men who receive paid paternity leave want fewer children, study finds 6d
Spain: difficult start for Catalan separatist leaders Catalonia 6d
Spanish police investigate ex-envoy to Venezuela for money... Venezuela 6d
Focus - EU elections: What is it like being unemployed in Europe? Netherlands 6d
A couple heard buzzing in their bedroom; the culprits turned out to be 80,000 bees 6d
London Bridge victim swung skateboard at attackers, inquest hears 6d
Spain's Telefonica says is reviewing U.S. Huawei order China US 6d
Explainer: Crunch time for Spain as regional, EU elections loom 6d
Catalan Independenceists arrested in Spanish Congress Catalonia 6d
Jailed Catalan separatists allowed to collect credentials at Spanish parliament Catalonia 6d
Spain: 5 Catalan separatist prisoners escorted to Parliament Catalonia 6d
Convictions for driving under the influence jump 10% in Spain 6d
¿Hablan español? Grading the 2020 Dems' Spanish 6d
'World is going mad': Fans in shock as Real Betis sack manager ONE HOUR after win at Real Madri... 1w
Juventus trio heading for exit over 'preferential treatment' towards star man Ronaldo - report 1w
'1st bagel in Djodal match!' Ruthless Rafa Nadal wins 1st set 6-0 in Rome Masters against Djoko... Italy 1w
Polls show tight race in Madrid local, regional elections 1w
Albiol: "The threat of a new 155 scared a part of our voters" 1w
Bar Investigated By Renting Dwarves For Singles Parties 1w
Saudi based intercultural center launches coexistence forum in Cordoba Saudi Arabia 1w
European Communities in Spain. PSOE will stay ahead of the PP 1w