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Coronavirus live news: Biden to reinstate Covid travel ban as world nears 100m cases US Ireland UK South Africa 14m
Joe Biden to reinstate Covid travel restrictions on travellers from UK Ireland UK 24m
'Get out Bolsonaro!' say ex-supporters in Brazil as COVID-19, vaccines weigh 2h
Biden to reinstate Covid-19-related travel restrictions lifted by Trump Ireland UK 2h
Protest caravans in Brazil demand Bolsonaro’s ouster - Taipei Times 2h
Biden and Latin America: New Government, Old Fronts US Mexico Venezuela 3h
Six killed in plane crash with soccer players in Brazil 5h
Thousands join protests in Brazil calling for Bolsonaro impeachment 5h
Thousands take to streets protesting Brazil’s Bolsonaro 6h
Brazilian motorcade rallies demand Bolsonaro's impeachment 6h
In Brazil, vaccination begins against a backdrop of political confrontation 7h
Global report: Covid variant overwhelms state in Brazil, as China fights new cluster China Netherlands New Zealand 8h
UK detects 77 cases of South African COVID variant, nine of Brazilian UK South Africa 8h
Juventus beats Bologna to pile pressure on Milan duo 9h
Venezuela’s oxygen gift riles Brazil’s leader, Jair Bolsonaro Venezuela 10h
UK has 77 cases of South African COVID variant, 9 of Brazilian, minister says UK South Africa 13h
‘A complete massacre, a horror film’: inside Brazil's Covid disaster 13h
Brazil's late and rocky start on vaccinations fuels public ire China UK 17h
Protest caravans in Brazil demand Bolsonaro ouster over pandemic 1d

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro could face charges in The Hague 1d
Brazil indigenous leaders sue Bolsonaro for killings and ecological destruction 1d
Brazil begins roll-out of 2 million COVID vaccines amid protests 1d
Turkey halts flights from Brazil due to new COVID-19 variant Turkey 1d
UK coronavirus daily death toll rises by 1,348 with 153% rise in just two weeks India US UK Mexico 1d
Chief wants to bring Bolsonaro to court 1d
Russia’s RDIF signs vaccine production deal with Turkey China India Russia South Korea Turkey Kazakhstan Belarus 1d
Jair Bolsonaro could face charges in The Hague over Amazon rainforest 1d
Brazil battling deadly new Covid variant and world’s second-highest mortality rates - BBC News 1d
Cacique Raoni: "Bolsonaro has always incited violence against us" 1d
Chief Raoni files a complaint against Bolsonaro for crimes against humanity 1d
India sends 2 million doses of Covishield each to Brazil & Morocco | India News India Morocco 1d
Brazil President Bolsonaro thanks PM Modi for 'sanjeevni booti' against Covid with Hanuman pic 1d
Brazilian Prez Bolsonaro invokes Ramayana, thanks India for Covid-19 vaccine supply India 1d
Turkey halts flights from Brazil due to new COVID-19 variant Turkey 1d
Brazil President thanks India for 'Sanjeevni Booti' against Covid; PM Modi says will continue t... India 1d
Venezuela dispatches oxygen for Brazil's Amazonas, reeling from COVID-19 Venezuela 1d
How African body markings were used to construct the idea of race in colonial Brazil 2d
Brazil battling deadly second Covid wave - BBC News 2d
COVID: Second wave overwhelms medical system in Brazil’s Manaus 2d
'Dhanyawaad, Bharat!': Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro thanks PM Modi after India sends out 2... India 2d
COVID: Second wave overwhelms medical system in Brazil’s Manaus 2d
Turkey halts flights from Brazil due to new COVID-19 variant Turkey 2d
Covid vaccines: what are the implications of new variants of virus? UK South Africa 2d
Germany records first case of Brazilian coronavirus strain Germany 2d
Revisited - Brazil's Porto Alegre: From anti-globalisation symbol to conservative stronghold 2d
Brazilian city of Manaus halts vaccination campaign for 24h 2d
Rio de Janeiro Carnival completely canceled 2d
Brazil awaiting 2 million vaccine doses from India India UK 2d
Brazil awaits vaccine cargo from India amid supply concerns India 2d
In ‘dire’ plea, Brazil’s Amazonas state appeals for global COVID assistance 2d
Brazil announces incoming vaccine cargo amid supply concerns India 2d
Brazil sees 1,316 new COVID-19 deaths 2d
Brazilian state refuses miner's offer of 'crumbs' over dam disaster that killed hundreds 2d
Manaus: Brazil's city on the Amazon river buckles under second Covid wave 2d
Oxford Covid vaccine team are developing new jab to deal with mutant strains South Africa 3d
Brazil announces incoming vaccine cargo amid supply concerns India 3d
Brazil’s most vulnerable communities face COVID food crisis 3d
No way to hold Rio carnival in July, the city's mayor says US 3d
‘Very high risk’: ECDC urges tougher Covid-19 measures amid mutant strains from UK, Brazil, and... UK South Africa 3d
Spikes of infections in different areas of France: new variant suspected France UK Italy 3d
Focus - A silent death: Residents of Brazilian town of Santo Amaro poisoned by lead 3d
New American President: Merkel expects better transatlantic relations US 3d
Lack of oxygen, overcrowded hospitals and a new virus variant: The second corona wave is bringi... 3d
"Oxford Scientists Work on Adapted Mutant Vaccine" UK South Africa 3d
S African Covid poses 're-infection risk' which could defy jabs, study UK South Africa 3d
Brazil braced for IPO spree this year after bumper 2020 3d
Brazil receives oxygen from Venezuela for COVID-19 patients Venezuela 3d
Brazil's Bolsonaro says he wants free trade agreement with U.S. in letter to Biden US 3d
Oxford scientists preparing vaccine versions to combat emerging virus variants - The Telegraph UK South Africa 4d
Brazil receives oxygen from Venezuela for COVID-19 patients Venezuela 4d
Chile approves China’s CoronaVac vaccine China Chile Turkey Indonesia 4d
British chicken driving deforestation in Brazil’s “second Amazon” UK 4d
Brazil may face shortages of China’s Covid-19 vaccine amid strained ties China US 4d
Being Black in Brazil in the time of pandemic 4d
Coroner singles out police and DV service for failing to protect woman murdered on Gold Coast b... 4d
‘Mike Pompeo was the best ever’: China’s Wolf Warriors are tweeting again China US UK 4d
Donald Trump and Biden clash over travel CHAOS as POTUS suddenly lifts UK and Brazil ban US UK 4d
COVID vaccinations begin in Brazil’s hard-hit Amazonas state 4d
In Brazil, the wrath of evangelicals descends on a writer 5d
Brazilian corona mutant: lack of oxygen and a new virus variant 5d
Global demand for meat propels deforestation in Brazil, says report 5d
Oxygen-starved city in Brazil’s Amazon starts immunization 5d
Oxygen-starved city in Brazil’s Amazon starts immunization 5d
Covid-19: Scotland extends lockdown as UK deaths rise - BBC News - BBC News UK Scotland 5d
Oxygen-starved city in Brazil’s Amazon starts immunization 5d
EU to give flight clearance to Boeing 737 MAX next week following similar moves in US and Brazi... US 5d
Spanish police seize more than 2 tons of cocaine hidden in charcoal Spain Paraguay 5d
Boeing 737 Max could fly in Europe this summer after EU approval US 5d
Travel latest news: Biden blocks Trump's plan to lift US-UK travel restrictions UK 5d
Sinovac’s COVID-19 vaccine more effective with longer intervals, Brazil trial shows China 5d
Oxygen supplies are running low in the Brazilian town of Iranduba 5d
Restrictions will remain in place, incoming Biden admin says, after Trump orders an end to Covi... UK 5d
Biden to block Trump's plan to lift Covid-19 European travel restrictions US 5d
Coronavirus, Trump revokes travel restrictions from the EU, Great Britain and Brazil but Biden... China Germany Great Britain 5d
Trump and Biden disagree about lifting travel restrictions US UK 5d
Trump scraps UK and Brazil COVID travel bans - but Biden set to ignore the order UK 5d
Trump to lift COVID-19 travel bans on those flying from UK, Brazil and Europe UK 5d
Venezuela’s Maduro sends oxygen to Brazil amid virus spike Venezuela 5d
Biden team says US won’t lift COVID travel ban after Trump order US 5d
Trump 'to LIFT US entry restrictions from UK, EU and Brazil from next WEEK' US UK 5d