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Coronavirus, Austria extends lockdown to February 7. Over 94 and a half million infections in t... Austria 25m
Reports that Brazil rejected Russian Covid-19 vaccine are ‘inaccurate’, Sputnik V sponsor says,... US Russia 3h
Brazilian healthcare watchdog declines request for emergency use of Sputnik V vaccine 5h
Brazil denies emergency authorization for Russian vaccine Russia 7h
Italy suspends flights from Brazil in response to new coronavirus variant Italy 9h
Coronavirus live: struggle to quash Sydney cluster with six new cases; Brazil's fifth day of mo... 11h
'Brazilian super strain likely in the UK' as Boris urged to up vaccine target UK 12h
Venezuela to send oxygen to Brazil for COVID-19 treatment Venezuela 12h
Bolsonaro Government’s Message to Biden: Trumpism Lives On in Brazil 13h
Countries are bracing for the impact of more contagious virus variants. UK South Africa 14h
Coronavirus digest: Germany reaches 1 million vaccine doses Germany 15h
Coronavirus digest: Germany surpasses 1 million vaccinations Germany 15h
Coronavirus digest: Germany surpasses one million vaccinations Germany 16h
Brazil: COVID-hit Amazonas state receives more emergency supplies 17h
Brazil's Bolsonaro to allow China's Huawei in 5G auctions: newspaper China 19h
New Brazil Covid variant probably already in UK, says Sage member UK 20h
Ronaldinho parties with scantily-clad women as Brazilian star rebounds in style from jail stint 20h
In Brazil, Manaus faced with no means a brutal second wave: "If you have oxygen, please bring i... 21h
COVID-19: Second variant from Brazil 'likely' already in the UK, SAGE scientist says US UK Portugal Cape Verde 21h

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Sidelining experts, Brazil bungled its immunization plans 23h
Coronavirus digest: Brazil airlifts oxygen into COVID-hit state 23h
Brazil airlifts emergency oxygen into pandemic-struck state, vaccine drive lags 1d
BOTH Brazilian Covid variants 'likely' already in the UK, expert warns UK 1d
Brazil hospitals 'run out of oxygen' for coronavirus patients in Manaus as hundreds wait for be... 1d
UK has 11 cases of Brazilian Covid strain and 35 of South African variant UK South Africa 1d
Brazil variant so severe people are 'suffocating' as hospitals run out of oxygen US 1d
Brazil's president casts doubts on Covid vaccine as second wave hits 1d
Two in five Covid patients hospitalised in Brazil die, study finds 1d
Scotland to suspend travel corridors from Monday Scotland 1d
JOHN NAISH: Coronavirus is mutating faster than we can ban flights UK 1d
Brazil reports more than 1,000 COVID deaths for fourth consecutive day 1d
Champion golfer Ángel Cabrera 'arrested in Brazil' over alleged assault Argentina 1d
Brazil elections boost environmental violators to high office in Amazon 1d
Brazil airlifts emergency oxygen to Manaus amid COVID surge 1d
Chaos in Manaus: Brazil hit by a deadly corona wave 1d
UK imposes travel ban amid worries of new Brazil variant US UK Portugal 1d
Virus variant from Brazil causes concern US Portugal Great Britain 1d
11 cases of Brazilian strain in UK as mutation has been here 'some time' UK 1d
Warning of new Brazilian variant as 50 deaths and 3,498 new cases reported today Republic of Ireland 1d
Two-time golf major winner arrested in Brazil Argentina 1d
Brazilian strain detected in UK and could've been spreading 'for some time' UK 1d
Brazil rushes to save premature babies as Covid-19 swamps Manaus hospitals 1d
Covid-stricken city in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest begs for oxygen cylinders 1d
Covid-stricken city in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest begs for oxygen cylinders 1d
Brazil under siege by 'Amazon super-Covid' as deaths double and oxygen runs out 1d
Brazil's president casts doubts on Covid vaccine as second wave hits – video 1d
Brazilian hospitals run out of oxygen amid new coronavirus strain 1d
Brazilian authorities airlift oxygen to coronavirus-stricken Manaus 1d
Venezuela to send oxygen to Brazil for COVID-19 treatment Venezuela 1d
British travel ban is "absurd", Portuguese foreign minister says UK Portugal 1d
With oxygen running low, a health care system in Brazil nears collapse. 1d
One of two Brazil coronavirus variants is already in UK, expert says UK 1d
Brazil sends aircraft to collect vaccines, 'too early' for exports, says India India 1d
Travel ban over Brazilian variant precautionary, U.K. transport minister says US UK 1d
COVID-19: Brazil's hospitals 'close to collapse ' 1d
COVID: Brazil faces oxygen shortage as new variant spreads 1d
‘Highly contagious’ Brazilian Covid variant detected in UK, says leading virologist, as South A... US UK 1d
Health care in Brazil's Amazonas state in 'collapse' as Covid-19 infections surge 2d
Angel Cabrera: Golfer arrested in Brazil for extradition, police say 2d
Covid-19: Brazil variant already in UK, scientist says UK 2d
Brazilian Covid variant is already in UK, leading scientist reveals UK 2d
COVID-19: One of two Brazilian coronavirus variants detected in UK, says virologist UK 2d
Travel news latest: Uproar as Portugal is pulled into South America travel ban US Portugal 2d
Britons are stuck abroad as South America travel bans come into force US UK Portugal 2d
Scientists think vaccines will work on Brazilian Covid variant, says UK minister defending dela... US UK 2d
COVID-19: Brazil suffers oxygen tank shortage - but UK only aware of country's variant 'since S... UK 2d
Covid: Growing concern over Brazil coronavirus variant - BBC News - BBC News US UK 2d
Brazil's health minister says healthcare collapsing in Amazonian city, hospitals full 2d
Short of oxygen, Brazilian city of Manaus forced to evacuate Covid-19 patients 2d
Brazil's Ministry of Health Pressures Manaus to Use Chloroquine against Covid-19 2d
Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro accuses Emmanuel Macron of "talking nonsense" about soy France 2d
What do the Sinovac coronavirus vaccine efficacy results mean? 2d
Oxygen shortage in Amazon city forces mass patient transfer 2d
Brazil’s Amazonas state running out of oxygen amid COVID surge 2d
Young, black and more likely to die in Brazil 2d
Coronavirus live news: hospitals in Brazilian state at breaking point amid oxygen shortage; glo... US Israel 2d
Fears Brazilian Covid strain could re-infect those who have fought off Covid 2d
COVID-19: What is the Brazil variant and will it affect vaccines? US 2d
Covid-19: Brazil hospitals 'run out of oxygen' for virus patients 2d
Brazil's COVID-19 death toll tops 205,000 2d
The U.K. bans travel from Latin America and Portugal, citing concern about a Brazilian variant. US Portugal 2d
Coronavirus-ravaged Brazil places hopes on Chinese vaccine that works only half the time China 2d
Oxygen shortage in Amazon city forces mass patient transfer 2d
Covid eruption in Brazil's largest state leaves health workers begging for help 2d
How worrying are the UK, South Africa, and Brazil Covid variants? UK South Africa 2d
New coronavirus strain from Brazil prompts UK to ban flights from South America, Portugal US UK Portugal Panama Cape Verde 2d
BREAKING: Govt bans visitors from South America over COVID mutation US UK Portugal 2d
UK banning travelers from South America, Portugal over Brazilian coronavirus strain US UK Portugal 2d
Brazilian Covid variant may infect people who have recovered from virus 2d
UK bans all arrivals from Portugal and South America after discovery of Brazil Covid-19 variant US UK Portugal 2d
Covid Brazilian variant sparks South America travel ban US Portugal 2d
UK to ban travellers from South America and Portugal from Friday US UK Portugal 2d
COVID: Turkey launches Chinese vaccine drive despite concerns China Turkey 2d
Variants could make second year of virus tougher, warns WHO UK South Africa 3d
UK looking at ways to protect itself against Brazilian COVID-19 variant, says PM Johnson UK 3d
UK to introduce Brazil travel ban to prevent highly-infectious Covid strain spreading UK 3d
Brazilian artist’s waxworks mocked after going viral 3d
UK government to ban flights from Brazil amid new Covid variant, PM hints UK 3d
Brazil Confirms The Circulation Of A New Variant Of The Coronavirus US 3d
What we know about the new Brazilian coronavirus variant Japan 3d