Latest stories about Colombia

20,000 Haitians gather in Colombia for possible migration to U.S. US Peru Panama 1d
Colombia, Nicaragua present cases in long maritime dispute Nicaragua 1d
Thousands of Haitian migrants are blocked in northern Colombia Haiti 1d
Afro-Colombian moonshine gets official seal of approval as heritage drink Mexico 2d
Colombia: why peace remains elusive five years after Farc deal 3d
China: Regulating superstars, superfans and big tech China 4d
Rising numbers of migrants risk lives crossing Darien Gap Panama 5d
Children a big part of migration through perilous Darien Gap Panama 1w
Killings of Colombia environmental activists hit record, NGO says, despite gov't promises 1w
Environmental defenders killed in record numbers in 2020: Report US 1w
Families of protesters killed in Colombia face long wait for justice 1w
Colombia’s 12-year-old eco-activist refuses to let death threats dim passion 1w
Moment man lowers 'lover' from balcony as 'girlfriend' returns home 1w
Colombian ex-soldiers in Haiti accuse police of torture Haiti 1w
Charges laid over Colombian consignment of 'roasted coffee' bound for NSW Spain 1w
The W.H.O. calls Covid during pregnancy a dire threat in Latin America and the Caribbean. US Mexico 1w
Analysis: How free trade has harmed Colombia’s Black communities 1w
Cape Verde's top court approves Maduro envoy's extradition to U.S. US Venezuela Cape Verde 2w
Amid multiple migrant crises, Colombia prepares to welcome Afghan refugees US Afghanistan 2w

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Colombia Navy Seizes $60 Million Worth of Cocaine Found Inside a Semi-Submersible Vessel 2w
Colombian Navy stops drug submarine 2w
Here’s what we know about the mu variant US South Korea Japan 2w
MU variant of the coronavirus on the rise 2w
W.H.O. lists Mu as ‘variant of interest.’ 2w
COVID-19: New 'Mu variant' from Colombia could be vaccine resistant -WHO 2w
WHO warns new mu coronavirus variant could be more vaccine resistant 2w
How this designer's heritage inspires her vibrant work 2w
Who keeps an eye on new corona variant 'mu' Belgium 2w
Covid variant Mu could be more vaccine-resistant, says World Health Organisation 2w
Worry over new strain of Covid that could be more resistant to vaccines UK 2w
Now WHO warns of threat of 'Mu' variant found in Colombia US UK 2w
WHO monitoring new coronavirus variant named Mu 3w
New coronavirus variant ‘Mu’ under close scrutiny by WHO 3w
Medellin strives to become Latin America’s first ‘eco-city’ US 3w
Colombia court refuses to try general accused in 104 murders 3w
Explosion at Colombian police station leaves 13 injured Venezuela 3w
Colombia’s Troubles Put a President’s Legacy on the Line 3w
Colombia Agrees to Accept 4,000 Afghan Refugees "Temporarily" Afghanistan 3w
Police sees suspicious boat and doing mounds 3w
Former army chief is highest official to be charged in Colombia’s ‘False Positives’ killings of... 4w
See the street art that makes this city a destination 4w
Student leader slain in Colombia weeks after protests end 4w
'Last Journey' offers clues to an ancient civilization 4w
'Superman' cyclist shows off Colombia's underrated Boyacá region 4w
See: Door folds open during flight Boeing 4w
The best things to do in Bogotá, Colombia 4w
Guinea-Bissau: Washington offers $ 5 million for the arrest of an ex-putschist Guinea-Bissau 1mo
Because of drug cultivation: more than 1000 displaced persons after armed struggles in Colombia 1mo
Because of drug cultivation: more than 1000 displaced persons after armed struggles in Colombia 1mo
1,150 flee Colombia village caught between 2 armed groups 1mo
As Colombian protests dissipate, activists hit by wave of arrests 1mo
Haitian migrants risking their lives on Darién jungle route US Haiti Panama 1mo
Ecuador ensures 9.6 t cocaine from Colombia Ecuador 1mo
'Superman' cyclist shows off Colombia's underrated Boyacá 1mo
Panama, Colombia agree to limit of 700 migrants per day Panama 1mo
Marine does spectacular find in mysterious submarine 1mo
US ‘archbishop’ touts bleach as Covid ‘miracle cure’ from Colombia jail cell US 1mo
Colombian court: FARC recruited more than 18,000 children 1mo
Report: Farc rebels recruited more than 18,000 children 1mo
Colombian tribunal: Guerrillas recruited 18,600 children 1mo
Colombia’s FARC rebels recruited more than 18,000 children: Court 1mo
Nicaragua recalls 4 ambassadors in tit-for-tat move Nicaragua Mexico Argentina Costa Rica 1mo
Nicaragua recalls ambassadors to 4 countries in tit-for-tat move Nicaragua Mexico Argentina Costa Rica 1mo
Submarine with 2 tons of cocaine discovered in front of Colombia 1mo
Sub-boat with a good two tons of cocaine fanged in front of Colombia 1mo
Colombian navy intercepts narco-submarine loaded with cocaine 1mo
After die seven vaccinated residents residential care center: what do we know about the Colombi... Belgium 1mo
‘If I go back, I’ll die’: Colombian town scrambles to accommodate 10,000 migrants 1mo
COVID-19 forces thousands of migrants to cross Darién jungle from Colombia to Panama in search... Panama 1mo
Migrants stranded in northern Colombia struggling to survive Panama 1mo
In Haiti, a clouded assassination probe also prompts fears of political crackdowns Haiti 1mo
Behind the Haiti Assassination, Colombia’s Growing Mercenary Industry Haiti 1mo
Seven residents of Belgium care home die from Kappa lineage of Covid-19 Belgium 1mo
Seven residents of Belgian nursing home die after outbreak of B.1.621 lineage of COVID-19 Belgium 1mo
Panama and Colombia will facilitate the transition from migrants to the United States US Panama 1mo
Panama, Colombia agree to restrict flow of migrants Panama 1mo
Colombian variant may evade Covid vaccines, health chiefs warn 1mo
How Colombia's far-right TV personalities get people killed Germany 1mo
Football match held: Giga-Mug in Stadium 1mo
Colombia’s ex-armed group leaders apologise for war atrocities 1mo
Colombian waddling powder: Women caught smuggling cocaine in genitals 1mo
Colombia's anti-government protesters facing legal and death threats 1mo
Turkey’s TIKA to help revive economy of Colombia’s Indigenous Turkey 1mo
Colombian top general Mario Montoya faces murder charges in ‘false positives’ scandal 1mo
Ending Amazon deforestation a top priority on Colombian minister’s D.C. visit 1mo
Colombia ex-army chief will be charged over extrajudicial killings 1mo
Colombian President urges to solve together the crisis on the border with Panama | The Rio Time... UK Brazil Panama 1mo
Haiti police say former Supreme Court judge suspect in president's killing Haiti 1mo
Floods block food from reaching thousands of refugees in Colombia 1mo
Colombia seeks legal, medical attention for citizens detained in Haiti Haiti 1mo
Report reveals illegal detention and torture in Colombia protests 1mo
Colombia coastal city crowded with African, Haitian migrants US Haiti 1mo
Replanting projects turn global cities into lush green spaces 1mo
Shakira could stand trial for tax evasion in Spain, says judge Spain 1mo
Thousands of migrants overwhelm Colombian coastal town US Haiti Cuba 1mo
After participation in protests: Colombia slides Frankfurterin 1mo
After participation in protests: Colombia pushes German Germany 1mo
Illegal gold mining on Colombia's rivers rising: UN 1mo
In Colombia, illegal gold exploitation wins the nature reserves 1mo
Illegal gold mining on Colombia's rivers on the rise: UN 1mo