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Emine Erdoğan, Burundian first lady hold meeting in Istanbul 3mos
Burundi president meets Saudi Arabia’s Al-Jubeir Saudi Arabia 3mos
The long road to reconciliation in Burundi – DW – 10/21/2023 4mos
Burundi's sacked central bank chief arrested over money laundering accusations - BBC UK 4mos
Kuwait elected as new member of UN Human Rights Council China Kuwait Netherlands Bulgaria France Japan Brazil Malawi Albania Cuba Indonesia Dominican Republic Ghana 4mos
Rehabing the Burundi athletes who disappeared in Croatia back to Belgium Belgium Croatia 5mos
Croatian police looking for 10 handball players from Burundi missing from competition Croatia 6mos
Albury resident 'crying out' for justice 19 years after surviving horrific massacre in east Afr... 6mos
Relationship with Russia very productive – Burundi Russia 8mos
Burundi-born ex-policeman seeks to become Greece’s first Black MP Greece 9mos
Former Burundi prime minister Alain Guillaume Bunyoni arrested 10mos
The Hard-Fought Journey From East Africa to an Award-Winning Detroit Restaurant US UK 10mos
New floods in Burundi displace thousands of families 10mos
Burundi: At least 13 gold miners killed in flooded pits 10mos
African town under quarantine after mysterious nosebleeds kills 3 in less than 24 hours 10mos
Released from prison, Rwandan opponent Paul Rusesabagina arrived in the United States US Rwanda Belgium 10mos
Burundi declares outbreak of circulating poliovirus type 2 11mos
Burundi officials detect polio outbreak linked to vaccine 11mos
‘There’s not a drop left’: Petrol shortage has ground Burundi to a halt 1yr

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4 Burundi rights activists arrested while trying to travel Uganda 1yr
One peacekeeper killed in DRC after UN chopper comes under fire 1yr
East African leaders urge ceasefire in eastern DR Congo Congo 1yr
Burundian refugees in Rwanda decry 'reduced' food rations – DW – 01/12/2023 Rwanda 1yr
Congo, Rwanda, Burundi: consensus impossible in Belgium on "apologies" on its colonial past Rwanda Belgium Congo 1yr
40 Burundi rebels killed in east DR Congo Congo 1yr
Dozens of Burundi rebels killed in eastern Congo – DW – 11/27/2022 Congo 1yr
Uganda to send 1,000 troops to regional force against M23 in DRC Kenya Uganda 1yr
Burundi declares border with Rwanda open again after years Rwanda 1yr
In eastern DRC, the arrival of a regional military force arouses concern Kenya Uganda Sudan 1yr
In Burundi, a new Prime Minister after accusations of attempted putsch 1yr
Burundi president names new PM after coup plot claims 1yr
Burundi switches prime minister after president warns of coup plot 1yr
Al Shabaab militants storm African Union base in Somalia, killing several Somalia 1yr
In Burundi, the Drum Is a Revered Symbol of Unity. But Only Men Can Play. 1yr
EU restores aid to Burundi despite critics issuing warnings | Africanews US 2yrs
Music in Goma, Theater and Dance in Bujumbura, Contemporary Art in Lyon: The Cultural Agenda of... 2yrs
Critics warn that Burundi still harshly targets opposition 2yrs
Critics warn that Burundi still harshly targets opposition 2yrs
Tanzania, Burundi sign $900M railway contract, seek finance Tanzania 2yrs
Burundian military reported in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo Congo 2yrs
Burundian troops in eastern DR Congo, say local sources | News24 Congo 2yrs
Belgium complicit in killing of popular African leader, book claims Belgium 2yrs
New evidence of Belgian complicity in 1961 killing of Burundian PM Belgium 2yrs
I survived imprisonment in Burundi 2yrs
FM Çavuşoğlu meets with African counterparts in Istanbul Zimbabwe Ivory Coast 2yrs
Burundi says will 'never' allow in UN special rapporteur 2yrs
In Burundi, the fire of a prison makes 38 dead and 69 wounded among the detainees 2yrs
Burundi prison fire leaves 38 dead and dozens injured 2yrs
Burundi prison fire kills dozens 2yrs
burundi: Heavy casualties feared in huge Burundi prison fire 2yrs
Dozens of inmates killed in Burundi prison fire, says government 2yrs
At least 38 dead at prison fire in Burundi 2yrs
Dozens killed in massive pre-dawn fire at overcrowded Burundi prison 2yrs
Burundi says prison fire kills 38 inmates in Gitega 2yrs
Huge fire tears through Burundi prison, kills dozens 2yrs
Burundi prison fire kills at least 38 in Gitega 2yrs
Dozens killed in fire at overcrowded Burundi prison 2yrs
US ends sanctions program on Burundi, noting reforms US 2yrs
US ends sanctions program on Burundi, noting reforms US 2yrs
Burundi rights report cites torture, abuse by state agents 2yrs
Saudi aid agency launches program to combat blindness in Burundi Saudi Arabia 2yrs
Only two white spots on the world map of Corona vaccinations 2yrs
Burundi offers free breast cancer screaning to raise awareness | Africanews 2yrs
Burundi starts COVID jabs; just North Korea, Eritrea remain North Korea Eritrea 2yrs
The forgotten drama of the Métiss of Belgian colonies Rwanda Belgium Congo 2yrs
Burundi expects first Covid vaccines in weeks | Africanews 2yrs
Arrest warrant issued for Burundi’s exiled opposition leader 2yrs
Burundi probes grenade blasts, pledges to stamp out ‘terrorists’ 2yrs
Grenade attacks in Burundi kill 2, wound scores 2yrs
Climate shocks forced over 100,000 to flee home in Burundi: charity 2yrs
Burundi floods: Lake Tanganyika's water levels rise 2yrs
Burundi's Francine Niyonsaba, who has an intersex condition, breaks world record 2yrs
Suspected gangland people smuggler arrested 'while preparing crossing' 2yrs
Burundi, in reversal, says it will accept COVID-19 vaccines 2yrs
Burundi suspends rare-earth mining in row over riches | Africanews 2yrs
Burundi gunmen kill 18 in convoy ambush, some victims burnt alive 2yrs
New UK-Kenya trade deal to be extended to all of East Africa after threats not to ratify - City... Kenya UK Rwanda Uganda Sudan Tanzania 2yrs
Burundi sentences 34 accused of coup attempt; all in exile 3yrs
Burundi says it doesn’t need COVID-19 vaccines, at least yet 3yrs
Travel latest news: Three more countries added to UK's travel ban list UK Rwanda United Arab Emirates 3yrs
UK adds UAE, Burundi and Rwanda to travel ban list, flights cancelled UK Rwanda UAE United Arab Emirates 3yrs
Dubai joins ‘red list’ with UK travel ban UK Rwanda 3yrs
Burundi ruling party selects hardliner as secretary-general 3yrs
The Burundian refugee soap maker who is fighting coronavirus in Kenya Kenya 3yrs
In the DRC, the thousand and one wars of the eastern provinces Rwanda Uganda Congo 3yrs
In Burundi, a real false change endorsed by the international community 3yrs
Central African Republic: Three UN peacekeepers killed ahead of polls Central African Republic 3yrs
Three Burundian peacekeepers killed in Central African Republic US Central African Republic 3yrs
Burundian journalists pardoned in presidential decree 3yrs
Burundi ex-president Buyoya dies from Covid-19 | New Straits Times 3yrs
Burundi refugees forcibly disappeared, tortured in Tanzania: HRW Tanzania 3yrs
Report alleges Burundian refugees were disappeared, tortured 3yrs
Burundi says office of UN special envoy no longer welcome 3yrs
DR Congo army says Burundi rebels forced from strongholds Congo 3yrs
Burundi: Ex-president gets prison term for killing another former president | DW | 21.10.2020 3yrs
Burundi: already one year in prison for four journalists 3yrs
Burundi ex-leader rejects life sentence for murder 3yrs
Burundi's former president Buyoya rejects life sentence for alleged role in assassination 3yrs
Burundi's former president rejects life sentence for alleged role in assassination 3yrs
Involvement in successor's death: Burundi's ex-president convicted 3yrs