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Rescued bear arrives in Devon via Eurotunnel 7mos
Erdoğan says (again) that Sweden not doing enough against Kurdish militants Turkey 7mos
For the sixth year in a row, democracy fell in 2022 7mos
Salvage Crews Refloat Marco Polo Ferry in Sweden - gCaptain 7mos
Stricken Marco Polo ferry that was leaking oil into Baltic Sea pulled free - as new oil spill f... 7mos
New oil leak reported after stricken ferry off the Swedish coast is pulled free 7mos
Baltic Sea faces ‘critical challenges’ on climate and biodiversity, report warns 7mos
Sweden wants us to stop confusing it with Switzerland Switzerland 7mos
Nordic countries to cooperate more on returning migrants to countries of origin Finland Iceland Norway Denmark 7mos
Swedish authorities battle to stabilise stricken ferry leaking oil into Baltic Sea - The Guardi... 7mos
Swedish authorities battle to stabilise stricken ferry leaking oil into Baltic Sea 7mos
Sweden: Tesla employees on strike to defend their wages and their social model US 7mos
Grounded ferry off Swedish coast remains adrift, leaking oil – DW – 10/29/2023 7mos
Lithuania sends military ship to monitor NordBalt link after Baltic Sea incidents Lithuania 7mos
Swedish court clears dual national Skvortsov of spying for Russia - BBC Russia 7mos
In Sweden and Denmark, Korane are repeatedly burned: Who is behind it? And what drives the burn... Denmark 7mos
Swedish court clears dual national Skvortsov of spying for Russia - BBC Russia 7mos
Sweden withdraws residency permit of Iraqi Quran burner Iraq 7mos
Report: Quran-burning protester is ordered to leave Sweden but deportation on hold for now Iraq 7mos

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Palestinian arrested in Brussels for talk about planning a suicide bombing - The Times of Israe... Israel UK Belgium Palestine 7mos
Swedish court clears dual national Skvortsov of spying for Russia Russia 7mos
EU leaders hold summit to discuss Middle East situation and support for Ukraine – Europe live -... Israel Ukraine 7mos
Israel-Hamas war live: Israeli troops carry out brief incursion into Gaza; EU leaders to call f... Israel France UK 7mos
Hungary delays vote on NATO expansion Hungary 7mos
Orbán is lonelier than ever on the European stage – but he’s still got cards to play Turkey Hungary Poland 7mos
Only two-state solution will bring peace, says Swedish FM | Conflict Zone - DW News Spain France Ukraine 7mos
EU and UK facing major clash as Rishi Sunak on collision course with France over Israel - Expre... Israel Spain France UK Egypt 7mos
Turkish Parliament sends Sweden NATO bid to Foreign Affairs Committee 7mos
Official Swedish dictionary completed after 140 years 7mos
It is not certain that Turkish Parliament will ratify protocol on Sweden's accession to NATO an... 7mos
'Great Palestine Rally' and Sweden's NATO accession protocol | Column Turkey 7mos
Wyborcza.pl Turkey Hungary 7mos
War Israel-Hamas: Erdogan plays the balancingists between Westerners and the Islamist movement Turkey 7mos
Two detained in France over possible link to Brussels gunman - Euronews France UK 7mos
Sweden's NATO joining: Careful from experience 7mos
Turkish parliament commission set to study Swedish Nato bid Turkey 7mos
Sweden welcomes Turkey ratifying NATO membership bid – DW – 10/24/2023 Turkey 7mos
NATO chief expresses hope for Sweden's membership in November Turkey 7mos
Erdogan submits Sweden's NATO bid to parliament for ratification - Euronews Turkey Hungary 7mos
Wyborcza.pl 7mos
French judge charges 2 suspects linked to Brussels fans attack France 7mos
Brussels attack: Two charged over suspected terror group – DW – 10/24/2023 7mos
Interview - The terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp says about Sweden: "We have completely failed... 7mos
Paris court charges two suspects over Brussels football knife attack France 7mos
Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 608 US Russia Estonia 7mos
Erdoğan, at last, sends Sweden's NATO bid to Turkish parliament - POLITICO Europe Turkey 7mos
Turkey’s president submits bill to ratify Sweden’s Nato membership - The Guardian UK Turkey 7mos
France detains two over possible link to Brussels attack on Swedish football fans France 7mos
Turkey's Erdogan Submits Sweden's NATO Membership Protocol To Parliament Turkey 7mos
Erdogan submits Sweden’s NATO bid to Turkish parliament Russia Turkey Ukraine Hungary 7mos
Türkiye ready to approve fresh NATO expansion Turkey 7mos
Turkey’s president submits protocol for Sweden’s admission into NATO Turkey 7mos
Turkey’s Erdogan submits Sweden’s bid for NATO membership to parliament - Al Jazeera English UK Turkey Estonia 7mos
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan submits Sweden's Nato bid to Turkish parliament - Financial Times UK Turkey Estonia 7mos
China cautions Finland and Estonia over pipeline 'sabotage' probe - Euronews China Russia Finland UK Latvia Estonia 7mos
Turkey’s President Sends Sweden’s NATO Bid to Parliament for Ratification Turkey 7mos
Turkey submits bill to ratify Sweden’s Nato membership Turkey 7mos
Erdogan submits Sweden's NATO bid to Turkish parliament Turkey 7mos
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan submits Sweden’s Nato bid to Turkish parliament Turkey 7mos
Brussels shooting: Gunman who killed two Swedes had escaped Tunisian prison Tunisia 7mos
Greta Thunberg removed from Israeli textbooks over Gaza support Israel 7mos
Alligator sewer myth paid homage to in new park statue 7mos
Turkey's president submits protocol for Sweden's admission into NATO to parliament for ratifica... Turkey 7mos
Turkey’s Erdogan submits Sweden’s bid for NATO membership to parliament Turkey Ukraine 7mos
Erdogan presents parliament of NATO accession to Sweden for ratification Turkey 7mos
Sweden NATO membership protocol sent to Turkish Parliament Turkey 7mos
Comment - gang war and fear of terrorism: With repression alone, the chaos cannot be solved in... 7mos
Thunberg gets backlash for pro-Palestinian post – DW – 10/21/2023 Israel 7mos
Belgium justice minister resigns after deadly Brussels attack - FRANCE 24 English UK Belgium 7mos
The Brussels attack again reveals the deficiencies of Belgian justice Belgium Tunisia 7mos
After attacking Swedish football fans: Belgium's Minister of Justice Quickenborne wants to step... Belgium 7mos
Non-European immigrants in Sweden face social benefits cut 7mos
'This Tank Instills Great Fear': Ukrainian Troops Praise Leopard 2 Tanks Sent By Sweden Russia Germany 7mos
Protect underwater infrastructure, a headache for Baltic Sea countries Finland Estonia 7mos
After Brussels attack, Swedes fear becoming a target for terrorists - POLITICO Europe Belgium 7mos
Belgium, Sweden qualifier halftime draw stands despite shooting Belgium 7mos
UEFA agree with Man United player Victor Lindelof as decision made on Belgium vs Sweden replay... Belgium 7mos
Who is Matilda Djerf and why is her clothing label in hot water? 7mos
Abandoned Belgium-Sweden Euro qualifier to count as 1-1 draw after shooting - The Guardian Belgium 7mos
In Sweden, the race for the one who will leave the office as soon as possible to go to school 7mos
Estonian parlt panel chair: Without Sweden, defense of Nordic-Baltic region not complete Turkey Estonia 7mos
Brussels attack: the Belgium-Suede match (1-1) will not be replayed 7mos
UK to prosecute Greta Thunberg – WaPo UK 7mos
Belgium's far right capitalizes on migration after terror attack - POLITICO Europe Belgium 7mos
Start in Brussels: Again fail the security services Italy 7mos
Brussels terror attack that left two Swedish fans dead ignites talk of EU border crackdown Belgium Tunisia 7mos
Sweden's PM in Brussels for commemoration, as Islamic State claims football fans deaths - Euron... France Belgium Scotland 7mos
U.K. charges Greta Thunberg as governments crack down on climate protests Germany Norway 7mos
Brussels assassin: Why wasn't the man tracked down earlier? Belgium 7mos
Sweden edges closer to sending Gripen fighter jets to Ukraine  Russia Ukraine 7mos
Swedish and Belgian PMs lay wreaths for Brussels terror victims Belgium 7mos
Ukraine Reports Fewer Russian Attacks on Avdiivka as Moscow's Losses Mount - The Moscow Times US Russia Finland UK Ukraine 7mos
Brussels shooting: Sweden turns on non-citizens after Islamist killings - The Times France Scotland 7mos
Sweden's PM issues warning to all nationals abroad after Brussels terror attack - The Independe... France Belgium Scotland 7mos
Nottingham Forest man responds to Sweden statement after Brussels attack - Nottinghamshire Live France Belgium 7mos
Sweden’s PM issues warning to all nationals abroad after Brussels terror attack Belgium 7mos
Killing of two Swedish football fans in Brussels ‘probably lone wolf’ attack - The Guardian France Belgium Tunisia Scotland 7mos
Greta Thunberg arrested at climate protest outside London oil and gas forum 7mos
In Stockholm, the shock of the Brussels attack, "a terrorist attack on Sweden and Swedish citiz... 7mos
Brussels shootings: Police were told in 2016 Tunisian gunman had a ‘radicalised profile’ and wa... Italy Tunisia 7mos