Latest stories about Egypt

El-Sisi on Renaissance Dam: We are committed to preserving our water security Spain Ethiopia Sudan 7h
Egypt offers condolences to Turkey over deadly storm Turkey 14h
Egypt responsible for murder of Giulio Regeni, says Italian commission Italy 21h
Israel, Turkey should restore ambassadorial links: Foreign policy expert Israel Saudi Arabia Turkey UAE 1d
Egypt removes access to government services for unvaccinated citizens 1d
Italy accuses Egyptian security of Giulio Regeni’s murder Italy 1d
Ex-footballer Mohamed Aboutrika calls homosexuality a 'dangerous ideology' against the backdrop... UK 1d
Like an Egyptian: Vegan feast at Kem Küm 1d
Saudi Arabia’s flight ban ends for travelers from India, Egypt, Pakistan India Pakistan Saudi Arabia Brazil Indonesia Vietnam 1d
Turkey aims to better ties with Saudi Arabia, Egypt: Erdoğan Saudi Arabia Turkey 1d
Canada bans travelers from Egypt, Nigeria and Malawi over Omicron fears Canada Malawi Nigeria 2d
Egyptian Ministry of Health denies discovery of omicron variant in the country South Africa Ethiopia Mozambique Zimbabwe Lesotho Namibia Botswana 2d
Egypt and Saudi Arabia hold talks on possible exchange of military experience, technology Saudi Arabia 3d
In Latest Assault on Dissent, Egypt Convicts a Human Rights Activist 3d
Egyptian rights activist fined over 'insulting' online posts 3d
Hossam Bahgat: Egyptian rights activist found guilty over tweet 3d
Egyptian activist found guilty after critical election tweet 3d
This company thinks a greener future is being poured down the drain 3d
Egypt: Leading activist found guilty after critical tweet 3d

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Expo 2020 Dubai receives 4.8 million visits Kuwait 3d
New Egyptian-Ethiopian escalation over Nile dam Ethiopia 3d
Egypt authorizes Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for 12 to 15 year-olds South Africa 4d
Egypt reopens 3,000 year-old 'Avenue of the Sphinxes' with grand ceremony 4d
Israel bars all foreigners, reinstates phone surveillance in effort to contain omicron variant Israel Morocco 4d
Switzerland adds Britain, Netherlands, three others to quarantine list Netherlands UK Malawi Switzerland Czech Republic 5d
Austria arrests 15 people suspected of smuggling migrants Syria Austria Lebanon 5d
Video: A 3,400-year-old road has been revived connecting the Egyptian cities of Luxor and Karna... 5d
Oman, UAE and Egypt ban travelers from 7 southern African states over COVID variant South Africa Mozambique UAE Zimbabwe Lesotho Oman Namibia Botswana 5d
Egypt reopens ancient Avenue of Sphinxes with extravagant ceremony 5d
Saudi Islamic affairs minister meets Egyptian counterpart in Jeddah Saudi Arabia Indonesia 6d
Belgium detects Europe’s first case of Covid ‘Nu’ variant in traveller who returned from Egypt South Africa Belgium 6d
Egypt restores ancient road linking temples of Luxor and Karnak 6d
Egypt celebrates reopening 3,400-year-old Avenue of the Sphinxes 6d
Egypt reopens its Grand Avenue of the Sphinxes in Luxor 6d
Ancient 'Avenue of the Sphinxes' in Luxor reopens 6d
Egypt unveils 3,000-year-old renovated Luxor's Avenue of the Sphinxes 6d
Egypt reopens restored 'Ancient Avenue of the Sphinxes' in Luxor 1w
Abu Dhabi crown prince holds separate talks with Egypt, Iraq leaders Iraq 1w
Egypt: Grand opening for Luxor's 'Avenue of the Sphinxes' 1w
Saudi Arabia to lift entry ban from six countries, including Egypt, Pakistan and India India Pakistan Saudi Arabia Brazil Indonesia Vietnam 1w
Egypt unveils renovated 'Avenue of the Sphinxes' in Luxor 1w
Egypt sentences 22 militants to death: judicial source 1w
Egypt billionaire: State, army companies make business 'unfair' 1w
El-Sisi reiterates need for end to foreign interference in Libya Libya 1w
Egypt takes over COMESA presidency 1w
Egyptian conjoined twins arrive in Saudi Arabia for surgery Saudi Arabia 1w
Egypt rejects use of Yemeni territory to threaten KSA, maritime navigation Yemen Saudi Arabia 1w
France to probe whether Egypt used its intel to target civilians France 1w
A clandestine mission of French military intelligence in Egypt France 1w
Marshal Sissi, Precious Customer of the French Armament Industry 1w
Egypt lauds deal to end Sudan political crisis Sudan 1w
Fight against terrorism: Egypt diverts information provided by France to target civilians, acco... France 1w
Egypt used French military support to ‘kill civilians’: Report France 1w
Christian students in Egypt beaten at school, ordered by teachers to remove all jewelry bearing... 1w
Egypt informs Washington of huge project to turn Nile into international navigational artery US Ethiopia 1w
Cop27 is in Egypt next year … but will anyone be allowed to protest? 1w
Al-Azhar grand imam: Prince Charles a ‘fair Western voice’ on Islam UK 1w
Prince Charles and Camilla: Why diplomats love it when royalty visits 1w
Video: Prince Charles Visits Egypt for the First Time in 15 Years UK 1w
Charles and Camilla 'swamped by crowds and cameras' in Egypt on final day of Middle East tour 1w
Sliman Baldo: "Sudan and Ethiopia are the two sick men of the Horn of Africa" Ethiopia Sudan 1w
Egypt coordinates with Tanzania as Ethiopian dam negotiations paused Ethiopia Tanzania 1w
Message to Prince Charles: This Is Not Your Father’s Egypt UK 1w
With cultural reawakening, Egypt poised to enchant the world once again 2w
'The sacred geometry of nature': Prince Charles says lessons from the past can help save the fu... 2w
Britain’s Prince Charles in Cairo, first visit since 2006 India UK Saudi Arabia 2w
US and European powers discuss Iran threat with Gulf countries in Riyadh US Iran Germany France UK 2w
Royal Family: Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall pictured visiting the Great Sphinx during... 2w
Prince Charles and Camilla touch down in Egypt as Middle East tour continues 2w
Charles and Camilla Leave for Egypt 2w
Qatar, Egypt agree to supply fuel and building materials to Gaza Qatar 2w
Qatar, Egypt to supply fuel, building materials to Gaza Qatar 2w
Egypt prepares to expand leaders’ powers in epidemics, adding prosecutions for disinformation. 2w
Latest foreign office advice to Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, Morocco and Canada Canada Morocco Turkey Cyprus 2w
Egyptian ex-lawmaker and journalists get prison sentences 2w
Thunderstorms in Egypt unleashed poison scorpions - leaving more than 500 hospitalized 2w
Prince Charles on Queen's health: 'Once you get to 95, it's not quite as easy as it used to be' 2w
Egyptian ex-lawmaker and journalists get prison sentences 2w
Scorpions sting hundreds after severe flooding forces them out of hiding 2w
Egypt reiterates need for foreign forces to leave Libya Libya 2w
El-Sisi, Putin discuss nuclear plant, industrial zone Russia 2w
Scorpions, roused by a freak storm, sting and hospitalize hundreds in Egypt 2w
More than 500 hospitalized with stings after storms wash scorpions into people's homes in Egypt 2w
Swarm of deadly scorpions hospitalises 500 people in Egypt 2w
Egypt introduces ban on unvaccinated public sector employees 2w
Heavy storms coil hundreds of scorpions in the streets of Egypt 2w
More than 500 stung by scorpions flushed out by storms in Egypt 2w
Egypt: 3 dead, hundreds injured after scorpion swarm in Aswan 2w
Egypt restricts workplace access to unvaccinated govt employees 2w
The 11th Plague: Four-Inch Scorpions Called Deathstalkers Descend on Egypt 2w
Archaeologists say they've found a lost 4,500-year-old temple in Egypt 2w
Intense storms in Egypt unleashed a massive swarm of scorpions from their nests, stinging 450 p... 2w
Deadly storm in Egypt sends swarms of scorpions into people's homes 2w
Rights watchdog slams decision for Egypt to host COP27 2w
A city fit for pharaohs? Egypt’s new capital rises from the desert 2w
3rd Lost Egyptian Sun Temple Found Near Cairo: Three More Still “Lost” 2w
Egypt, UAE FMs discuss bilateral ties, regional developments UAE United Arab Emirates 2w
Storms in Egypt unleash scorpions in people’s homes 2w
Scorpions sting 453 citizens in Egypt's Aswan due to thundershowers, killing 3 2w
Three people stung to death as storms in Egypt wash scorpions and snakes into the streets 2w