Xi Jinping

General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and paramount leader of China more on Wikipedia

The EU-China investment agreement is a disaster for the West China 1d
Corruption remains biggest threat to Communist Party, Xi Jinping says 1d
The right answer to Xi Jinping is a one-China policy - Financial Times 2d
China’s top anti-corruption body gathers to map out strategy in Beijing China 2d
Will Joe Biden meet Xi Jinping? China awaits clues to future of US relations China US 3d
The right answer to Xi Jinping is a one-China policy 3d
Biden recalls telling China’s Xi Jinping the US is about ‘possibilities’ China US 3d
Critic of Xi Jinping, fellow activist set to face stiffer charge, sources say 4d
Chinese president Xi Jinping to address World Economic Forum China 5d
Xi to join Merkel, Suga and Modi at virtual Davos for the pandemic age China 5d
World War 3 fears soar as China shares THIRD aircraft carrier to be launched this year China 5d
Xi, Modi expected for 'virtual' Davos in era of pandemic China India Germany South Africa 5d
World leaders to address virtual forum after Davos gathering postponed China India Germany South Africa Switzerland 6d
World leaders to address virtual forum after Davos gathering cancelled China India Germany South Africa Switzerland 6d
Xi asks Starbucks' Schultz to help repair US-China ties 1w
Xi Jinping Signs Order No. 1 'To Focus On War Preparedness' And Refers To The U.S. As 'Enemy' US 1w
The time for China’s rise has come, security chief tells law enforcers China 1w
Chinese president asks former Starbucks boss to help repair US relations China US 1w
Starbucks can promote US-China trade, Xi Jinping says in letter to its ex-boss 1w

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In Beijing, in the queue to receive the Chinese vaccine China 1w
Xi Jinping wants Starbucks and Howard Schultz to help repair US-China ties China 1w
China’s Xi pens letter to Starbucks tycoon Schultz to help promote trade China 1w
US House impeaches Trump again, Jack Ma vs Xi Jinping, NYC cuts ties with the Trump Organizatio... US 1w
China, a scientific giant launched at full speed China 1w
Xi Jinping endorses revamping China's legal system amid crackdown on Alibaba China 1w
Under the cloak of COVID-19, China's city of protest has become a city of prosecution China 2w
China cover-up: Xi Jinping 'to be pushed out as Covid deaths TEN times higher' than feared China 2w
Trade agreement with Beijing: The EU believes in the market, China in the weapon China Taiwan 2w
China Sentences Ex-Finance Chief to Death on Corruption Charge China 2w
China sentences ex-banker to death for corruption, bribery China 2w
Xi Jinping orders Chinese military to scale up combat readiness to 'act at any second' China 2w
‘Without fear of death’: Xi Jinping orders Chinese army to be ready to fight ‘at any second’ China India Taiwan 2w
Xi Jinping orders China’s military to be ready for war ‘at any second’ China 2w
What the Saga of Jack Ma Says About China Under Xi Jinping China 2w
Revitalising China’s rural regions is Xi Jinping’s next priority China 2w
China's new defence law expands power of its military headed by Xi China 3w
With Concessions and Deals, China’s Leader Tries to Box Out Biden China 3w
The Observer view on how the west should deal with rising China | Observer editorial China 3w
The Bill Is Coming Due for China’s ‘Capitalist’ Experiment China US Russia PRC 3w
Xi Jinping framed as man of the people and the party in New Year’s speech 3w
Xi hails China’s progress during pandemic in New Year’s address China 3w
Beijing is the fetters of its national champions 3w
"The Covid-19, Xi Jinping and Donald Trump dominated the year 2020" China US 3w
China is suppressing research on COVID origins on Xi Jinping's orders, documents show China 3w
After 7 years, there is an agreement between the EU and China on investment. Who wins with this... China 3w
For Xi Jinping, 2020 will have been a good year China US 3w
EU, China seal long-awaited investment pact China 3w
Leaders from EU and China seal long-awaited investment deal China US 3w
EU, China leaders seal long-awaited investment deal China US 3w
EU, China leaders seal long-awaited investment deal China 3w
China vows to revitalise rural economy in push for self-reliance China 3w
The Dawn of the Dragon: How Xi Jinping Has Transformed China - DER SPIEGEL - International China 3w
In 2021, Xi Jinping will try to capitalize on his victory against the Covid China 3w
In Japan, Trump supporters, QAnon fans still think Biden lost election China US Japan 4w
China looks to curb food waste as festive season dawns China 4w
Why Xi Jinping dropped the ball after Trump’s US left the global stage China US 1mo
Breakingviews - China’s economic triumphalism gets harder to take China 1mo
China to bring in law against food waste with fines for promoting overeating China 1mo
Xi Jinping's anti-corruption drive had a counterintelligence motive China 1mo
'You Can Take Any Of The Platforms Ant Has,' Jack Ma Told Beijing Amid IPO Scrutiny: WSJ China 1mo
Taiwanese Horror Game ‘Devotion’ Gets Pulled Again Over Chinese Objections China Taiwan 1mo
Chinese leader Xi Jinping looks to become ‘major power in space’ after Moon mission China 1mo
China moon mission returns to Earth, vaulting nation into ranks of space powers China 1mo
Taiwanese horror game pulled from sale again after backlash in China China Taiwan 1mo
Morrison pushes for 'mature' China meeting China 1mo
Dealing with the pandemic: China sees itself as a system winner China US 1mo
China’s wind, solar sectors ‘need reforms’ to meet Xi’s carbon targets China 1mo
China’s combative nationalists see a world turning their way China 1mo
China's tiny Jewish community in fear as Beijing erases its history China 1mo
Major leak 'exposes' members and 'lifts the lid' on the Chinese Communist Party | Sky News Aust... China US UK Australia Sweden Belgium 1mo
Major leak 'exposes' members and 'lifts the lid' on the Chinese Communist Party | Sky News Aust... China US UK Australia Sweden Belgium 1mo
China holds low-key Nanking massacre memorial service as it seeks better ties with Japan China Japan 1mo
Xi Jinping announces more commitments by China to back global climate actions China 1mo
China pledges to cut carbon footprint 65 per cent by 2030 China 1mo
Xi urges party to be alert to national security risks China 1mo
Xi Jinping tells Emmanuel Macron he hopes Europe can be positive about China China 1mo
Activist held in China after retweeting 'ink girl' video of defaced Xi Jinping poster | Hong Ko... China 1mo
China's Xi sends condolences over death of former French president China France 1mo
President Xi woos global business leaders with vows of ‘opportunities’ China 1mo
Xi Jinping says ‘poverty eliminated’, but warns of uneven development China 1mo
'I'd rather die': Chinese ink activist posts tearful protest video China 1mo
'Mutually assured destruction': Why the jailing of Hong Kong's activists could work in their fa... China 1mo
'Mutually assured destruction': Why the jailing of Hong Kong's activists could work in their fa... China 1mo
Ageing population presents ‘huge challenges’ to China’s social development China 1mo
Genghis Khan’s memory is erased from view as China cracks down on Mongolian culture China Mongolia 1mo
NZ ideally placed to broker truce between China and the Five Eyes alliance China US New Zealand 1mo
Chinese Defence Minister in Nepal to bolster military cooperation China Nepal 1mo
'Do not fear death!' Chinese leader urges troops to prepare for war as tension soar China 1mo
Why China's Communist Party isn't celebrating a major poverty milestone China 1mo
"For Biden City" - China Finally Reacts to Joe Biden Presidential Victory China US 1mo
Xi tells his army 'not to fear death' and 'prepare to win wars' China 1mo
China orders army ‘fight to the death’ and step up training to ‘win wars’ China 1mo
The Chinese are returning to the countryside. 'Cause the "factory of the world" ends China 1mo
China’s carbon neutrality goal China 1mo
"Do not fear death": China's Xi orders soldiers to train harder to win wars China 1mo
Xi urges Asean neighbours to join China in building a digital Silk Road China 1mo
Biden more than capable of keeping up tough talk on China China US 1mo
US Election 2020: China's Xi Jinping congratulates Joe Biden on win - Daily Mail China US 1mo
Xi Jinping congratulates Biden, hopes for ‘win-win’ China-US ties China US 1mo
Xi seeks to ‘manage differences’ as he congratulates Biden China US 1mo