Xi Jinping

General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and paramount leader of China more on Wikipedia

Will the personal touch give the US the edge in China rivalry? China US 1d
Xi Jinping thanks Kim Jong Un for flood condolence message China 3d
Xi Jinping’s Capitalist Smackdown Sparks a $1 Trillion Reckoning 3d
CPC 'Commands the Gun', Says Xi as He Asks Military to Expedite Modernisation Process China US 4d
West must know what drives modern China China 4d
Xi Jinping urges China to prep for "military struggle" amid security concerns over Afghanistan China Afghanistan 4d
CPC 'commands the gun', says Xi as he asks Chinese military to expedite modernisation process China 4d
What it means to be a Chinese Communist Party member in 2021 China 5d
Chinese King of Sun Duba Sun Duba sentenced to 18 years in prison. Xi Jinping "Disciplies" Busi... China 6d
China’s US ambassador pick shines light on debate over ‘wolf warrior’ diplomacy China US 6d
China names 'Wolf Warrior' diplomat as new ambassador in Washington China US 1w
Under Xi Jinping, the number of Chinese asylum-seekers has shot up China 1w
China’s New Ambassador to U.S. Is ‘Willing to Ruffle Feathers’ China US 1w
In China, the Nagonka on Western correspondents for flooding reporting China 1w
US, China leave room to talk after contentious Tianjin meeting China US 1w
Critics say Xi Jinping has made himself the biggest threat to the Communist Party 1w
Xi Jinping set out to save the Communist Party. But he made himself its biggest threat China 1w
China India war fears: President Xi ignores Modi plea and orders troops to expand border China India China India 1w
Xi Jinping fears regime collapse as Communist Party concerned by 'unsettled' population China 1w

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South China Sea: Beijing's biggest threat exposed&closer than President Xi Jinping thinks China 1w
My Jian: "All Chinese have been mentally incarcerated by the Communist Party" China 1w
‘Seditious sheep’ China launches ludicrous crackdown on children’s books ‘inciting hatred' China 1w
China's Xi visits Tibet amid infrastructure boom, rising controls over religion China 1w
70th anniversary of "liberation": Xi Jinping travels for the first time in his term of office t... China 1w
Xi Jinping first Chinese president to visit Tibet in 30 years China 1w
Xi Jinping visits Tibet for first time since becoming president - Financial Times 1w
Xi Jinping should take the Zhengzhou floods as a warning from China’s history | Philip Ball China 1w
Xi Jinping makes surprise visit to Tibet, the first by a Chinese leader in over 30 years China 1w
Xi Jinping visits Tibet for first time since becoming president 1w
Tibet: China's President Xi Jinping makes visit to troubled region China 1w
China President XI traveled surprisingly to Tibet China 1w
Chinese leader Xi Jinping makes first visit to Tibet as president China 1w
Chinese leader visits Tibet amid rising controls over religion China 1w
China's Xi visits Tibet amid rising controls over religion China 1w
China's Xi visits Tibet for first time as president China 1w
China’s Xi Jinping makes first official visit to Tibet China 1w
Xi Jinping to lead Tibet 70th anniversary celebrations China 1w
Biden labels Xi Jinping ‘bright’ and a ‘really tough guy’ China 2w
25 killed, over 1 million affected as unprecedented floods hit central China; President Xi Jinp... China 2w
Flood in China: dead after tidal wave in Zhengzhou China 2w
Flood in China: Many dead to tidal wave in Zhengzhou China 2w
Rains emergency in China, 10 thousand evacuated and 12 deaths in the Zhengzhou metro China 2w
U.S. eyes September for first in-person 'Quad' summit China US 2w
Chinese cadres take enterprising short cuts to study Xi Jinping’s thoughts China 2w
China’s Xi issued blunt warning as Australia ‘carefully monitoring’ Beijing’s spy ship China Australia 2w
Chinese farmer who praised lawyers during crackdown on trial China 2w
Ukraine offers to be China’s ‘bridge to Europe’ amid warming ties China Ukraine 3w
President Erdoğan, China’s Xi discuss cooperation, COVID-19 fight China 3w
Ready for war: US says it will FIGHT if China invades Philippines – alarm bells ring China Philippines US 3w
Japan warns of crisis over Taiwan, growing risks from United States-China rivalry China US Japan Taiwan 3w
The Chinese Communist Party builds the village in which Xi Jinping had to live during the cultu... China 3w
Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un vow to bring China-North Korea ties to ‘new level,’ marking 60th ann... China North Korea South Korea 3w
Why do Chinese officials wait for orders from the top? asks Xi Jinping China 3w
China and the chip factory — Boris Johnson’s hi-tech dilemma China 3w
North Korea, China vow cooperation in the face of 'hostile forces' China North Korea 3w
"So thirty years of Maoism did not come to the end of religion, I imagine bad Xi Jinping to get... China 3w
"Xi Jinping is not a man to tolerate long as a piece of China, was it very small, escaped the c... China 4w
Greece breaks EU ranks ahead of Beijing Winter Olympics boycott vote China Greece 4w
China seeks common ground with Europe in Africa through infrastructure China Germany 4w
'Xi Jinping anxious to maintain his grip on Chinese Communist Party ' US 4w
Xi Jinping urges countries to confront ‘technology blockades’ in swipe at US China US 4w
China should embody the gentle giant, not the wolf warrior China 4w
China's Xi takes dig at US in speech to political parties around world China US 4w
China shows world an alternative path to modern future, Xi Jinping says China 4w
Twitter restricts account of New Zealand academic who mocked ‘crying’ Xi Jinping New Zealand 4w
Twitter restricts account of expert who mocked China leader China New Zealand 4w
Japan says Chinese invasion of Taiwan could trigger regional war China Japan Taiwan 4w
Twitter restricts account of expert who mocked China leader China New Zealand 4w
Twitter restricts tweets of academic who mocked China leader China New Zealand 4w
Is war between the US and China inevitable? Xi Jinping discussed it with Malcolm Turnbull China US Greece 4w
China launches terrifying new plot in Middle East: Xi could team up with Taliban China US Afghanistan 4w
President Xi promotes PLA commander overseeing India border to rank of general China India 4w
China's Xi, Merkel and Macron hold talks amid tensions China Germany France 4w
Boris Johnson invites Putin and Xi to Cop26 talks UK 1mo
Xi took centre stage this week, but a voice from the past was whispering in his ear China 1mo
100 years KP China: with the insanity from the past China 1mo
Xi Jinping says those who bully China will ‘get their heads bashed’ on Communist Party’s 100th... China 1mo
Chinese president Xi says China won't be ‘bullied’ by foreigners during anniversary speech China 1mo
China building 100 'nuclear' silos as Beijing issues terrifying 'head bashing' threat China 1mo
Commerce secretary dismisses Xi speech as 'bluster,' will push for U.S. access to China market China US 1mo
Won’t allow any force to bully China, says Xi Jinping China 1mo
Xi Jinping whitewashes China's record of human rights abuses in speech at site of Tiananmen Squ... China 1mo
China’s President Xi warns foreign powers against “bullying his country” - BBC News China 1mo
China sparks mass panic: US warns Beijing 'appears to be deviating' from nuclear strategy China US 1mo
China warns enemies will 'have heads bashed bloody' as it builds 100 nuke silos China 1mo
China's Communist Party warns the West of 'bloodshed' China 1mo
China threatens countries will have 'their heads bashed bloody' during 100th anniv. of Communis... China 1mo
Xi Jinping: China’s goals are within reach and we won’t be bullied China 1mo
Xi Jinping says foreign powers will find their 'heads bashed and bloodied' if they bully China China Taiwan 1mo
Xi warns China won't be bullied as Communist Party marks 100 years China 1mo
President XI: "Become a head bloody" 1mo
Communist Party sticks to the script on a day for young and old 1mo
President Xi warns China will not be bullied in Communist anniversary speech - BBC News China 1mo
Centenary of the Chinese Communist Party. Xi Jinping Warning West: "China will not be intimidat... China 1mo
‘Poverty divides us’: gap between rich and poor poses threat to China China 1mo
Xi warns China won't be bullied at Communist Party centenary China 1mo
Taiwan lashes out at Beijing after Chinese President Xi Jinping pledges 'complete reunification... China Taiwan 1mo
Xi warns against foreign bullying as China marks party centenary China 1mo
China's Xi Jinping issues 'bloodshed' warning to foreign powers at Communist Party centenary ev... China 1mo
Perspective - China's Communist Party 'controls the lives of more than 1 billion people' China 1mo