Vladimir Putin

2nd and 4th President of Russia more on Wikipedia

Hungarian leader Viktor Orban looks set for re-election despite Putin loyalty Hungary 3mos
As war takes its toll, playing the long game will not be easy for Vladimir Putin Russia 3mos
Western allies vow to hold Putin to account as mass graves discovered 3mos
War in Ukraine, live: accused of war crimes in the city of Bantcha, Russia denies and asks the... Russia Ukraine 3mos
Allies want Vladimir Putin to face justice for war atrocities in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 3mos
Russian oligarch: Putin went 'literally insane' when Russian army wasn't met 'with flowers' in... Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
For Putin, Invasion Is the Latest in a Long String of Failures in Ukraine Russia Afghanistan Ukraine 3mos
Two Russian troops dead after being POISONED by Ukrainian buns Russia Ukrania 3mos
Kremlin warns West: rouble-for-gas scheme is the 'prototype' US Russia 3mos
War in Ukraine, live: the bodies discovered in Bantha "raise serious questions about possible w... Russia Ukraine 3mos
WATCH: Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky lookalikes to have MMA fight in Poland Russia Poland Ukrania 3mos
Paranoid Vladimir Putin 'fears military coup, desperate to avoid assassination' Russia Ukraine 3mos
Russia must face justice, says Liz Truss as Germany accuses Vladimir Putin of war crimes Russia Germany 3mos
Ex-Russian oligarch says this moment in war drove Putin 'insane' Russia Ukraine 3mos
Why Hindutva ecosystem is cheering Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine India Ukraine 3mos
Putin takes a bath with herald's blood, and receives regular visit from Kankerdersen Russia 3mos
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he does not 'believe' Biden is fearful of Vladimir... Ukrania 3mos
Venue for a future Russia-Ukraine leaders' summit most likely Turkey, Interfax reports Russia Turkey Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Top Putin ally facing tough reelection fight in Hungary Russia Ukraine Hungary 3mos

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Proof of war crimes of Russia Russia Ukraine Yugoslavia 3mos
‘It’s like 1937’: Informants denounce anti-Ukraine war Russians 3mos
Serbians To Vote In Elections Seen As Cementing Moscow Ally Vucic's Grip On Power Russia Ukraine 3mos
Russia expert: No bigger insult to Putin than being called misinformed US Russia 3mos
Echoes of Stalin heard in Moscow, as Russians are asked to inform on their anti-war friends Ukraine 3mos
Retired Army major general: The Russian military invasion has peaked Russia Ukraine 3mos
Ukraine official: Draft peace treaty documents between Ukraine and Russia at 'an advanced stage... Russia Turkey Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Peace negotiations advanced enough to allow direct meeting between Putin and Zelenskyy: Interfa... Russia Turkey Ukrania 3mos
Putin ‘has been visited by cancer doctor 35 times in four years’ 3mos
Former UN prosecutor Del Ponte calls for war crimes warrant for Putin Russia 3mos
Two European Strongmen Bid to Keep Power in the Shadow of War Serbia Hungary 3mos
Ex-UN prosecutor urges global arrest warrant for Putin Russia Rwanda Yugoslavia 3mos
'Putin has already lost', says Chief of Defence Staff Russia UK Ukraine 3mos
Ex-UN prosecutor urges global arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin Russia Rwanda Yugoslavia 3mos
Pope Francis condemns "the purious and destructive aggression" of Vladimir Putin, without name... Malta Argentina 3mos
Ex-ICC prosecutor urges global arrest warrant for Putin Russia Switzerland 3mos
Former Ukrainian PM Yulia Tymoshenko: Putin On 'Historic Mission' To Recreate The Soviet Union Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Ex-ICC prosecutor urges global arrest warrant for Putin Russia 3mos
'They cannot sustain the pressure': Ukraine's FM on Russia military moves Russia Ukraine 3mos
Putin ‘loses another colonel’ in further war setback Russia Ukraine 3mos
Pope Francis criticises Vladimir Putin over Ukraine invasion Russia Ukraine 3mos
Pope Francis plans to visit Kyiv at invitation of Ukraine’s president Ukraine 3mos
Pope condemns Putin over Russia’s ‘infantile’ war in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 3mos
Is Russia About To Use Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine? Probably Not. Russia Ukraine 3mos
UK poised to follow US and unleash oil reserves in major blow for blackmailing Putin US Russia UK 3mos
Election in Serbia: The friends of Russia Russia Serbia 3mos
'Hostile environment!' Germany left scrambling as Putin cuts off Gazprom gas supply Germany Ukraine 3mos
Vladimir Putin ‘visited by cancer doctor 35 times' amid health speculations, report claims Russia 3mos
Mystery of Putin, the cancer doctor and healing baths of antler blood Russia 3mos
Putin’s forces grinding to halt because weaponry uses parts made in Ukraine Ukraine 3mos
Biden says Putin seems to be self-isolating Russia 3mos
Biden says Putin seems to be self-isolating Russia 3mos
Jo Nesbo: "The war of stories is a long war. And Vladimir Putin will eventually lose it " Ukraine Norway 3mos
Vladimir Putin ‘running out’ of missiles – because parts are made in Ukraine Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Shaken at First, Many Russians Now Rally Behind Putin's Invasion Russia Ukraine 3mos
Opinion | What’s on Vladimir Putin’s Reading List? Russia 3mos
Ukraine war latest: Ukraine won't deny it attacked Russian oil depot - BBC News - BBC.com Russia UK Ukraine 3mos
Poll Shows Putin Ratings Climb Among Russians Since Ukraine Invasion Russia Ukraine 3mos
Kremlin spokesman says Russia will strengthen western border to deter attack Russia 3mos
Germany encourages Serbia to choose EU over Russia Russia Germany Serbia 3mos
Russian NGO investigates Putin’s health Russia 3mos
What's behind Putin's popularity in the West? Family values, nationalism and a strongman person... Russia Ukraine 3mos
Imran Khan says a 'powerful country' supporting India is angry with Pakistan for his Russia vis... India Russia Pakistan 3mos
Depardieu blasts Putin’s ‘crazy excesses’, Russia offers to explain Ukraine crisis Russia France Ukraine 3mos
Chilling new clues Putin may have CANCER or Parkinson’s amid health mystery Russia 3mos
Ukraine war: Putin's showbiz pal Gerard Depardieu condemns Putin's 'crazy excesses' Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
French Actor Depardieu, Who Received Russian Citizenship From Putin, Criticizes Him For Ukraine... Russia France Ukraine 3mos
In call with Putin, Erdogan calls for common sense, dialogue - Turkish presidency Russia Turkey Ukraine 3mos
Vladimir Putin 'visited by cancer doctor 35 times and bathes in deer antlers' Russia 3mos
Foreign-leased planes to be paid for in rubles Russia 3mos
Europe rejected Putin's ultimatum. So why is Russian gas still flowing? Russia 3mos
Vladimir Putin "not the force he used to be"—British Defence Minister UK 3mos
Russia's Putin and Germany's Scholz talk gas for rubles Russia Germany 3mos
Putin orders foreign software ban Russia 3mos
Putin sets deadline for ruble gas payments Russia 3mos
US doesn't understand how Russia works – Kremlin US Russia 3mos
Germany and France react to Russia’s gas-for-ruble demand Russia Germany France 3mos
Putin warns West of new migrant crisis Russia 3mos
Russia keeps pumping gas to Europe despite Putin threat - live updates Russia 3mos
Defence Secretary: Vladimir Putin is now in a cage of his own making 3mos
The Week In Russia: Carnage And Climbdown In Ukraine Russia Ukraine 3mos
Erdoğan, Putin to discuss Ukraine war by phone on Friday Russia Turkey Ukraine 3mos
Vladimir Putin is ‘a man in a cage he built himself’, says UK defence secretary Russia UK 3mos
Russian gas keeps flowing to Europe despite Putin's deadline to pay in roubles Russia Ukraine 3mos
Vladimir Putin's approval rating skyrockets after Ukraine invasion—Poll Russia Ukraine 3mos
Putin’s gas ploy may rebound on Russia - News07trends Russia Germany Ukraine Austria 3mos
War in Ukraine: Is Vladimir Putin misunderstood by his advisers? US Russia UK Ukraine 3mos
In Serbia, pro-Russia is seen as the winning election stance Russia Serbia Servia 3mos
Mariupol’s Splintering Loyalties May Be Enough for Vladimir Putin Russia Ukraine 3mos
Putin says Russian gas must be paid for in rubles from Friday Russia 3mos
"Let's work that the end of the east-west confrontation is the beginning of a new era of democr... Russia Ukraine 3mos
Opinion: What Trump turning to Putin may say about former President's political future Russia 3mos
Putin signs decree to make 'unfriendly' nations pay for Russian gas in rubles | NHK WORLD-JAPAN... Russia 3mos
Western spy agencies weaponize intelligence in attempt to undermine Putin Russia Ukraine 3mos
Russia forced into humiliating retreat from Ukraine airport key to their battle plans Russia Ukraine 3mos
Vladimir Putin threatens to cut of Europe’s gas supply if contracts aren’t paid in roubles Russia 3mos
Lukashenko cracking down as Belarusian ‘railway rebels’ sabotage tracks to derail Russia’s deli... Russia Belarus 3mos
Ukrainians hunting Russians as they leave Kyiv area: Pentagon update Day 36 US Ukraine 3mos
In Russia, the return of the Soviet black humor Russia Ukraine 3mos
Russia threatens to stop supplying gas if not paid in roubles Russia 3mos
Opinion | Let Ukraine Go on Offense Against Russia US Russia Ukraine 3mos