Vladimir Putin

2nd and 4th President of Russia more on Wikipedia

Unit holding Putin's annexed land lost 70 percent of men in a week: Ukraine Russia Ukraine 3h
War in Ukraine live: in turn, NATO warns that "new attacks" will soon take place Ukraine 5h
Angela Merkel evokes her helplessness against Vladimir Putin in 2021 Russia Germany Ukraine 7h
War in Ukraine: Angela Merkel believes that she no longer had "the power to influence" Vladimir... Russia Germany Ukraine 9h
Kazakhstan's Toqaev Tells Putin Russia Strategic Partner Despite Ukraine War Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan 9h
Russia President Putin Calls For Blockchain-based International Payment System Russia 10h
Belarus Foreign Minister Killed By Russian Assassins, Reports Say | Sahara Reporters Russia Ukraine Belarus 12h
Kazakh leader meets Putin in first post-election trip abroad Russia Kazakhstan 12h
Kazakh leader meets Putin in first post-election trip abroad Russia Kazakhstan 13h
Vladimir Putin ‘living in fear for his life’, Zelensky's aide says Ukraine 18h
'We're Dying Like Flies': Remote Russian Village Grapples With Shortage Of Men Amid Putin's War... Russia Ukraine 1d
Françoise Thom: "As always in Russia, it will end with a new autocracy" Russia Ukraine 1d
Putin filmed with mothers of Russian soldiers sent to Ukraine: handpicked speakers Russia Ukraine 1d
Alexei Navalny aide says his survival may depend on value to Vladimir Putin Russia 1d
Cinema: "In Russia, the list of prohibited films continues to lie down without a precise legal... Russia 1d
Russians fleeing Vladimir Putin say they are not welcome in Latvia Ukraine Latvia 1d
Belarus' Lukashenko struggles to disembark private jumbo jet - watch Armenia Belarus 1d
Heavy snowfall to blanket Kyiv with millions cut off from power - live 1d
Russia’s Secret Recruits Allegedly Abandoned, Starving, and Missing in Action Russia Ukraine 1d

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Why the West's 'weak' response to a forgotten war 'emboldened' Putin in Ukraine Ukraine 2d
Vladimir Putin Wanted To 'Attack' Japan, Before He Chose To Invade Ukraine - Claims Alleged FSB... Russia Japan Ukraine 2d
Putin teaches the mother of soldiers how their sons are to die 2d
Russia removing nuclear warheads from old missiles to use in war Russia 2d
Ukrainians determined to face bleak winter as Russia strikes power grid Russia 2d
Ukraine war: 'Living in a nightmare' - Kyiv families without water or electricity in suffering... Russia Ukraine 2d
Putin ‘will mobilise another 2,000,000 people including 300,000 women’ 2d
Russian president Vladimir Putin tells mothers of soldiers he ‘feels their pain’ in staged Mosc... Russia Ukraine 2d
Vladimir Putin's Ally Subject Of Multi-Million Raid, Accused Of Supplying Illegal Aircrafts To... Russia 2d
Retired general predicts how Russia's war will change in the winter months US Russia Ukraine 3d
Putin sets priorities for Russian weapons industry Russia Ukraine 3d
Vladimir Putin tells soldiers’ angry mothers he ‘feels their pain’ in Moscow meeting 3d
Putin says what could have prevented Ukraine operation US Ukraine 3d
Vladimir Putin trying to starve Ukrainians into giving up in the war but he will fail, says UK'... UK Ukraine 3d
'We share your pain': Putin meets with mothers of soldiers killed in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 3d
Putin expresses regret over Donbass Russia 3d
Vladimir Putin sits down with soldiers' mothers in bid to stop viral spread of complaints Russia 3d
Video. The images of mothers and wives of Russian soldiers arresting Vladimir Putin on the fate... Russia 3d
Ukrainian troops used as ‘cannon fodder’ – Putin Russia 3d
The very supervised meeting of Vladimir Putin with mothers of soldiers mobilized Russia 3d
'I share pain': Vladimir Putin says to mothers of soldiers killed in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 3d
Putin decries media 'lies' at meeting with soldiers' mothers Russia Ukraine 3d
Putin tells mothers of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine: ‘We share your pain’ Russia Ukraine 3d
Putin meets mothers of Russian troops taking part in Ukraine operation Russia Ukraine 3d
Russian Soldiers' Mothers Accuse Putin of Avoiding Them - The Moscow Times Russia Ukraine 3d
Putin attacks 'internet fakes' in meeting with mothers of Russian soldiers Russia Ukraine 3d
War in Ukraine, live: Vladimir Putin calls mothers of Russian soldiers not to believe "lies" on... Russia Ukraine 3d
Putin tells mothers of soldiers fighting in Ukraine: 'We share your pain' US Russia Ukraine 3d
Kremlin comments on rumor about imminent Putin speech 3d
Europe accuses US of profiting from war US 3d
Putin's supporters call for the liquidation of Ukraine as 'genocidal rhetoric' swells Russia Ukraine 3d
Putin to meet mothers of soldiers fighting in Ukraine Ukraine 3d
Putin warns of 'grave consequences' to oil price caps Russia 3d
Vladimir Putin sends depleted elite Russian troops straight back into Donbas battle after Khers... Russia 3d
Lukashenko warns Ukraine of «complete destruction» if it does not negotiate with Russia Russia Ukraine Belarus 4d
Vladimir Putin’s plot to freeze Ukraine into submission looks destined to fail Ukraine 4d
Russia Risks Knockout Blow in War as Putin Hits Rock Bottom Russia 4d
Putin Warns of 'Grave Consequences' to Oil Price Caps - The Moscow Times Russia Iraq 4d
Putin discusses West's oil price cap with Iraqi leader - Kremlin Russia Iraq 4d
Putin speaks on use of AI Russia 4d
Why did Russia invade Ukraine? Russia Ukraine 4d
Russian lawmakers pass expansion to ‘Gay Propaganda’ ban US Russia 4d
Vladimir Putin finds himself in difficulty with his relatives Russia Armenia Azerbaijan 4d
Russian soldiers in protest: "Vladimir Putin, are you a man?" Russia 4d
Vladimir Putin ‘sending elite airborne troops in bid to stop Ukrainian breakthrough’ Russia 4d
Opinion: Why Putin would want a truce Russia Ukraine 4d
This is how Vladimir Putin's dismal rule ends Russia 4d
Ukraine live briefing: Zelensky urges U.N. to condemn ‘energy terror’ after Russia strikes Kyiv US Russia Ukraine 4d
Ukraine war: Russia faces rising ire from wives, mothers of mobilized troops Russia Ukraine 4d
Vladimir Putin ‘living in fear for his life as army retreats’, Zelensky aide says 4d
There is fresh hope that Vladimir Putin can actually pay for his war crimes in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 4d
Putin Trip Goes Awry With Angry Protests and Awkward Photo Ops Russia Armenia Ukraine 5d
Russia labelled state sponsor of terrorism as missile strikes leave Ukraine without power Russia Ukraine 5d
Germany's Scholz says Putin can no longer win in Ukraine – DW – 11/23/2022 Russia Germany France Ukraine 5d
Vladimir Putin ‘fighting for his life’ after Kherson retreat Russia Ukraine 5d
Armenians Protest Russian Leader's Visit Russia Armenia 5d
"War that we do not see coming": MEP Nathalie LOISEAU pinning the "fake news" against democraci... 5d
Trial of Kremlin Critic Ilya Yashin Opens in Moscow - The Moscow Times Ukraine 5d
Russia suffers gun crime explosion as police say cases have gone up by 600% Russia 5d
Feeling flush? Naked Vladimir Putin sculpture on golden toilet put up for auction Ukraine 5d
Cuba stands with Moscow against shared enemy as president meets Vladimir Putin Russia Cuba 5d
Aliyev, Putin discuss safety of Azerbaijan-Armenia border Russia Azerbaijan 5d
Vladimir Putin ‘living in fear for his life as army retreats’, Zelensky aide says 5d
Russia Unveils Nuclear Icebreaker in Push For Arctic Dominance                                 ... Russia Ukraine 5d
Cold War echoes as Vladimir Putin looks to take control of the Arctic Russia Cuba 5d
Vladimir Putin turns to ‘General Winter’ – but this time he may be fighting for the other side 5d
Vladimir Putin living in fear for his life as army retreats, Zelensky aide says Russia 5d
Evoking Castro, Putin and Cuban leader pledge to deepen ties US Russia Cuba 6d
Putin touts Russia's 'Arctic power' with launch of nuclear icebreakers Russia 6d
Putin to meet mothers of soldiers called up to fight in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 6d
Vladimir Putin to meet Russian soldiers' mothers: Report Russia 6d
Vladimir Putin’s troops ‘dumped remains of fellow countrymen’ in Kherson landfill Russia 6d
Vladimir Putin Forced To Borrow Nearly $12 BILLION To Fund War Against Ukraine As Russian Force... Russia Ukraine 6d
Russia Ukraine War Live | Ukraine Picks Russian Arms For Attack | Vladimir Putin News | News18... Russia Ukraine Russia Ukraine 1w
There is supposedly no war, but there will be veterans: Putin signs law Russia Ukraine 1w
Russian University Accused of Hounding African Students to Fight Putin’s War Russia Ukraine Nigeria 1w
Ukrainian victory can deal a decisive blow to Russian imperialism Russia Ukraine 1w
Putin’s invasion has strengthened the case for Ukrainian NATO membership Ukraine 1w
Russia targets extra profits of energy firms Russia 1w
Putin Congratulates Tokayev on 'Convincing Mandate' in Kazakh Poll - The Moscow Times Russia Kazakhstan 1w
No talk of new round of mobilisation: Kremlin 1w