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Florida Governor awards ‘freedom medal’ to CIA agent who helped execute Che Guevara 22h
Ron DeSantis stands by as man falsely says vaccines ‘change your RNA’ 1w
'DeSantis knows that's BS': Cuomo reacts after Florida governor ignores misinformation 1w
USA: Florida threatens punishment with vaccinations US 1w
Florida governor threatens $5,000 fine PER VIOLATION for any government agency mandating Covid-... 1w
Ron DeSantis amasses massive war chest ahead of rumoured 2024 run 1w
Stephen King admits his widely-shared inflated number of Florida Covid-19 deaths wrong, takes p... 1w
CIVIL RIGHTS arm of US Department of Education launches investigation into Florida governor’s b... 1w
In setback for Biden’s mandate policy, Florida appeals court allows governor to ban obligatory... 1w
Biden slams Ron DeSantis for ‘undermining’ Covid response with school anti-mask rules 1w
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis files emergency appeal on school mask mandates 1w
Florida judge allows school mask mandates to continue 1w
Florida judge overrules governor Ron DeSantis’ attempt to ban mask mandates 1w
Ron DeSantis unveils $5,000 signing bonus to draw police officers to Florida 1w
Florida’s Ron DeSantis says 2024 run ‘nonsense’ as approval rating drops 1w
Florida governor looks at emulating Texas abortion ban 2w
Ron DeSantis appeals mask mandate ruling as Florida Covid deaths set record 2w
Opinion | There’s No Mystery in Florida’s Covid Reporting 2w
Opinion | There’s No Mystery in Florida’s Covid Reporting 2w

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Florida judge shoots down Republican governor’s ban on mask mandates in schools 3w
Florida schools can mandate masks, judge rules 3w
Florida schools can mandate masks, judge rules 3w
Judge sides with parents and overturns DeSantis school mask ban 3w
Half of Florida’s 2.8m public school students now face mask mandates 3w
‘Was it worth it?’ Florida governor DeSantis slams AP over ‘baseless conspiracy theory’ article... 4w
Newspaper begs DeSantis to stop tweeting about snakes and do something on Covid 1mo
Ron DeSantis' 2024 road just hit a major bump 1mo
Yes, a Republican just suggested invoking the 25th Amendment over the Afghanistan crisis Afghanistan 1mo
Norwegian Cruise Lines CEO launches blistering attack on Ron DeSantis 1mo
A Florida school board defies the governor’s mask ban. 1mo
‘We’re not going to risk their lives’: A Florida school board defies the governor’s masking ban... 1mo
Florida records a thousand covid deaths in a week and a 151,000 1mo
Stephen Colbert: Florida governor DeSantis ‘doesn’t care if his voters live or die’ 1mo
Emails reveal how Fox News has tried to woo Florida governor Ron DeSantis 1mo
'It's medical authoritarianism': DeSantis attacks CDC guidance US 1mo
‘Psychotic even for the Lincoln Project’: Attack ad against anti-mask GOP governors gets slated... 1mo
Florida’s Ron DeSantis says school leaders could denied salaries in clash over mask wearing 1mo
Bill Burr blasts Ron DeSantis over anti-mask mandate stance 1mo
Vaccine and mask mandates for teachers: Dr. Fauci calls for stricter rules, while Florida gov.... 1mo
DeSantis faces legal challenges over barring mask mandates in schools 1mo
If Florida Were A Nation, U.S. Would Consider A COVID Travel Ban: Doc US 1mo
DeSantis to cut school district salaries if they don't follow new law 1mo
US judge sides with Norwegian cruise company, blocks Florida from fining them over ban on unvac... US Norway 1mo
Norwegian Cruise allowed to require COVID-19 vaccine proof for passengers in Florida, U.S. judg... US Norway 1mo
Florida parents sue governor Ron DeSantis saying 'children could die' because of mask mandate b... 1mo
Republican disagrees with Ron DeSantis' handling of Covid-19 1mo
Florida with the fourth wave of pandemic - political Republican Laboratory 1mo
‘I don’t see how it can be safe’: Florida schools on frontlines of state’s mask war 1mo
Psaki says politicians shouldn't decide if schools have mask mandates 1mo
‘Governor who?’: Ron DeSantis’ popularity tanks as Biden mocks him and Delta ravages state 1mo
'Governor who?': Biden responds to Gov. Ron DeSantis 1mo
DeSantis feuds with Biden White House as COVID cases rise 1mo
Ron DeSantis is a big problem for Biden 1mo
‘I don't want to hear a blip from you about Covid’, DeSantis tells Biden 1mo
Florida governor feuds with White House as COVID cases rise 1mo
Joe Biden pokes at Ron DeSantis after Florida criticism: ‘Governor who?’ 1mo
‘The Pied Piper leading us off a cliff’: Florida governor condemned as Covid surges 1mo
Florida's governor turns his ire on Biden instead of Covid-19 as it rages in Florida 1mo
'I don't want to hear a blip from you': Florida governor mocks Biden as virus rages in his stat... 1mo
Florida Gov. DeSantis vows to ‘stand in the way’ of Biden lockdowns and mask mandates 1mo
Florida’s Ron DeSantis complains Biden trying to ‘single out’ his state on Covid-19 1mo
Doctor: 'Nauseating' these governors forbid mask mandates US 1mo
DeSantis says COVID cases will decrease amid Delta cases spike 1mo
'I don't understand it': DeSantis' move baffles doctor 1mo
Ron DeSantis refuses to impose masks in Florida 1mo
Ron DeSantis slammed as ‘pied piper’ of Covid as Florida breaks hospitalisation record 1mo
Florida doctors are ‘angry and ashamed’ at governor Ron DeSantis as state becomes national Covi... 1mo
Florida Governor signs order allowing parents to decide whether children mask up in attack on C... 1mo
Vaccinated Florida attorney general gets Covid after border trip with Ron DeSantis 1mo
‘He’s basically just sitting there doing nothing’: Ron DeSantis hits out at Biden over Cuba Cuba 1mo
Ron DeSantis urges Floridians to get vaccinated despite leading anti-lockdown efforts 2mos
DeSantis presses Biden to help keep internet flowing in Cuba Cuba 2mos
The leader of the Republican Party not named Donald Trump 2mos
DeSantis parts with Trump in response to Surfside tragedy 2mos
Ron DeSantis: is the Trump-aligned Florida governor plotting a White House run? 2mos
Governor Ron DeSantis is skipping Donald Trump’s Florida rally due to the Miami building collap... 2mos
Officials will demolish remainder of collapsed Florida condo before tropical storm hits 2mos
Death tal in Florida is running to 24, remains building are demolished US 2mos
'Rare' moment between Biden and Florida governor 2mos
Miami building collapse: Demands for answers grow 2mos
Backlash after Florida governor signs bill against ‘indoctrination’ at colleges 2mos
Ron DeSantis beats Trump in 2024 at conservative summit 2mos
Republican straw poll puts Trump second to Florida governor 2mos
The man that edged out Trump in new 2024 conservative straw poll 3mos
‘CDC has been wrong all along, and they knew it’, says Ron DeSantis as judge rules CDC can’t re... 3mos
Fla. governor signs bill requiring moment for school prayer 3mos
Trump snubs Pence and says he would consider Ron DeSantis as 2024 running mate - The Independen... 3mos
Royal Caribbean Cruises will allow non-vaccinated passengers after Ron DeSantis threatened to f... 3mos
Trump snubs Pence, considers Ron DeSantis as 2024 running mate 3mos
Pulse massacre survivors hit out at DeSantis as he cuts their mental health support xx months a... 3mos
Governor Desantis: Florida excludes transgender students from girl sports 3mos
Florida: no transgender people at school sports for girls 3mos
'Going off BIOLOGY, not IDEOLOGY': Florida Governor DeSantis signs bill banning biological male... 3mos
Democrat Nikki Fried announces run for Florida governor 3mos
Miami Herald accuses Ron DeSantis of ‘not caring one bit’ about pandemic 3mos
As pandemic wanes, Florida's DeSantis seizes national stage 3mos
Florida governor signs law against tech firms de-platforming politicians 3mos
New law enables residents de-platformed by Big Tech to sue for up to $100,000 in Florida 3mos
Florida law seeks to rein in large social media companies 3mos
Gov. DeSantis grants clemency to Florida business owners arrested for not enforcing masks 4mos