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Militants Kill 11 Egyptian Troops in Sinai 1mo
Russian Pullback Seen Near Kharkiv, Despite Victory Day Push for Gains 1mo
A Pot of U.N. Money. Risk-Taking Officials. A Sea of Questions. 1mo
Deaths of foreign fighters draw renewed attention to the military volunteers in Ukraine. 2mos
4 Canadian Military Cadets Die After Car Plunges Into River 2mos
Kremlin Deploys New Troops to Ukraine as Both Sides Gird for a War of Attrition 2mos
As many ambassadors left town, the pope’s emissary remained in Kyiv. 2mos
Ukraine says Russia looted ancient gold artifacts from a museum. 2mos
A small group of women and children has made it out of Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant. 2mos
An Oil Tanker Is Sabotaged. The Investigator Dies. Now What? 2mos
Some Muslims Are Using Digital Rings to Track Their Praises to God 2mos
Video: Rocket Barrage Hits Residential Neighborhood in Kharkiv 2mos
Americans Over 60 Should Get Second Booster, Official Says 2mos
Your Monday Briefing: Russia Demands Surrender in Mariupol 2mos
Death Toll From Pakistani Airstrike Rises to 45, Afghan Officials Say 2mos
As Final Vote Nears in France, a Debate Over Islam and Head Scarves 2mos
Video: Israeli Police Arrest 18 Palestinians Near Holy Site in Jerusalem 2mos
Days after the sinking of a Russian warship, questions linger. 2mos
Pope Speaks of Ukraine’s Suffering on ‘an Easter of War’ 2mos

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Video: Pope Francis Condemns ‘Senseless’ War in Ukraine at Easter Mass 2mos
Macron Vows Ambitious Green Policies, Wooing the Left in Runoff 2mos
North Korea Launches 2 Short-Range Missiles 2mos
Zelensky speaks to Grammys audience in a prerecorded video. 3mos
Video: Video Appears to Show Civilians Killed in Bucha Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Pro-Putin Leaders in Hungary and Serbia Set to Win Re-election Russia Ukraine Serbia Hungary 3mos
In a Kyiv Suburb,‘They Shot Everyone They Saw.’ Russia 3mos
Your Monday Briefing: Reports of Russian Atrocities Russia 3mos
‘Fighting Was Easier’: Taliban Take On a Treacherous, Avalanche-Prone Pass 3mos
Russia has committed ‘apparent war crimes,’ Human Rights Watch says. Russia 3mos
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Dissolves Parliament, Blocking an Effort to Remove Him Pakistan 3mos
Opposition leaders accuse Pakistan’s prime minister of high treason. Pakistan 3mos
Video: Russian Missiles Strike Ukrainian Port City of Odesa Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
U.S. and European leaders express outrage at the images from Bucha. US 3mos
The Supreme Court says it will weigh in Monday on the Pakistan crisis. Pakistan 3mos
Sri Lanka Protesters, Driven by Economic Pain, Defy Government Curfew Sri Lanka 3mos
Images of civilian victims in Ukraine spur some foreign volunteers to fight. Russia Ukraine 3mos
The documentarian Mantas Kvedaravicius is reported killed in Mariupol. Ukraine 3mos
The documentarian Mantas Kvedaravicius is reported killed in Mariupol. Ukraine 3mos
Costa Ricans Choose President Amid Discontent and Apathy Costa Rica 3mos
Climate Optimism 3mos
Who is Imran Khan? Pakistan 3mos
‘This Is True Barbarity’: Life and Death Under Russian Occupation Russia Ukrania 3mos
In the Ocean, It’s Snowing Microplastics 3mos
Daniel Craig, who is starring on Broadway in ‘Macbeth,’ has tested positive for the coronavirus... 3mos
Hochul tells New Yorkers that second boosters are offered at state’s mass vaccination sites. 3mos
Lithuania says it has stopped importing gas from Russia. Russia Lithuania 3mos
Video: Pope Francis Inches Closer to Blaming Putin for War in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 3mos
When the Russians Picked the Wrong Town to Invade Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Claiming No-Confidence Vote is Compromised, Imran Khan Says He Won’t Accept Result US Pakistan 3mos
The ‘China Model’ is being tested by Covid, Russia and the economy. And it’s coming up short. China Russia 3mos