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Biden insists US can back two wars at the same time in Israel and Ukraine US Israel Ukraine 4mos
Biden calls allies to reaffirm U.S. support for Ukraine - MSNBC US Russia Netherlands Canada UK Ukraine 4mos
Federal judge to set date for historic US versus Donald Trump trial US 5mos
The United States of America vs. Donald J. Trump US 6mos
Justice for Assange: the appeal of jurists Australia England 7mos
The longer Russian aggression lasts, the more degradation it causes in Russia itself – Zelensky... US Russia Canada 7mos
Zelensky, Trudeau discuss situation on battlefield, Russian threat at Zaporizhzhia NPP - Ukrinf... US Russia Canada 7mos
What does abortion in America look like now? US 7mos
Sudanese parties agree new 72-hour cease-fire, say Saudi-US mediators US Saudi Arabia Sudan kingdom of Saudi Arabia 8mos
Sudan's warring factions ink 72-hour cease-fire: US, Saudi Arabia US Saudi Arabia Sudan 8mos
Warring parties in Sudan agree to 24-hour ceasefire – Saudi Arabia, US statement US Saudi Arabia Sudan kingdom of Saudi Arabia 8mos
Saudi Arabia, US keen on continuing Sudan talks - foreign ministry US Saudi Arabia Sudan kingdom of Saudi Arabia 8mos
Saudi Arabia and US note improved respect for Sudan ceasefire agreement – statement US Saudi Arabia Sudan kingdom of Saudi Arabia 8mos
Foreign Ministry's official underscores necessity to prevent efforts to circumvent sanctions im... Russia Belarus 9mos
Agile, postured, ready with Allies and partners in the Arctic China US Russia Finland Canada Iceland Sweden Ukraine Norway Denmark PRC Republic of China 10mos
US share with UN proof of North Korea supplying weapons to Russia US North Korea Russia Ukraine 1yr
Gotabaya Rajapaksa leaves with family to the US US Sri Lanka 1yr
Joint Statement on Ukraine - United States Department of State US Russia France UK Ukraine 1yr
Civilians told to flee as Moscow loses grip on Kherson Russia Germany Ukraine 1yr

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''Negotiations with Russia and Definition of the Victory Remains Zelenskys Decision.'' US Ambas... US Russia Ukraine 1yr
Recession in Europe Could Be a Blessing in Disguise For the US | Russia | Energy Crisis US Russia 1yr
The U.S. announces a $2 billion 10-year program to strengthen democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa China US Russia 1yr
Monkeypox Epidemic: A Throwback From Smallpox Eradication US Central African Republic 1yr
G7 Foreign Ministers assure Ukraine of military assistance for as long as necessary Russia Germany Canada France UK Japan Italy Ukraine 1yr
Cory Booker moves Ketanji Brown Jackson to tears: ‘Today, you are my star’ 1yr
War: Ukraine forces are fighting bravely, frustrating Russia - US US Russia Ukraine 1yr
Liz Cheney eviscerates Trump for calling Putin a ‘genius’ 2yrs
Anti-vaxxer arrested for trying to open plane door to spread Covid misinformation 2yrs
The echo of violence. A year after the assault on Capitol Hill 2yrs
Mohamed bin Zayed directs treatment for 3-year-old Afghan boy with cancer Afghanistan 2yrs
Omikron: Biden warns against "exaggerated scared" 2yrs
US, UK and Europe launch 'Just Energy Transition' partnership with South Africa US Germany France UK South Africa 2yrs
France, Germany, UK, US and EU launch Just Energy Transition partnership with South Africa US Germany France UK South Africa 2yrs
Abdullah bin Zayed concludes official visit to US US UAE the states 2yrs
Executive Order on Requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for Federal Employees | The W... US 2yrs
Biden, in speech on Afghanistan’s rapid fall, defends his decision on US exit US Afghanistan 2yrs
KENYA: The country will be the new hub for plastic waste produced in USA | Afrik 21 US Kenya 2yrs
Air pollution from animal-based food production linked to 12,700 deaths a year US 2yrs
Europe appeals to the US to 'open the market' for vaccines US 2yrs
Bernie Sanders: We need to fix America. That cost shouldn't fall on the middle class or poor US 2yrs
USA and the Western world are against polygamy, Ghana is against LGBT – Why the threats? US Ghana 2yrs
Melania Trump 'had no budget' after First Lady funds 'given to Ivanka' 3yrs
US supports India's Farm Laws, says differences should be resolved through mutual dialogue India US 3yrs
Estonia to become the only country in the world with a female president and female prime minist... Estonia 3yrs
Ian Cowie: My US tractors were a bet on Trump, but they will plough ahead with Biden too US 3yrs
USA: More deaths from Corona than in World War II US 3yrs
Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the United States’ decision on the Keystone XL pro... US Canada 3yrs
Kamala Harris wears symbolic pearls and purple coat for Inauguration Day 3yrs
Joe Biden inauguration schedule: Timeline of events for new US President ceremony US 3yrs
Melania Trump's clenched teeth gave away her true feelings with signature smile 3yrs
Kamala Harris, the first number two 3yrs
Joe Biden sworn in as 46th US president, taking helm of embattled & divided nation US 3yrs
Potential for bloodbath as armed Trump supporters may turn up at state capitols | ITV News 3yrs
Joe Biden calls Donald Trump 'one of the most incompetent presidents in US history' US 3yrs
VP Mike Pence announces Joe Biden is certified as the 46th President of the United States US 3yrs
BREAKING: VP Mike Pence announces Joe Biden is certified as the 46th President of the United St... US 3yrs
Trump uses New Year’s video to take credit for Covid vaccines amid criticism 3yrs
Girl Scouts Rebuke Boy Scouts in Escalating Recruitment War 3yrs
Bill Gates: ″ The next four to six months could be the worst of the pandemic ″ 3yrs
Lloyd Austin, the first black to lead the Pentagon US 3yrs
New York Liberty Bell feared lost in fire US 3yrs
Janet Yellen will be the first woman in the position of Treasury Secretary 3yrs
Meet Onyema Ogbuagu, di Nigerian inside Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine breakthrough - BBC News Pidgin Nigeria 3yrs
United States estimates to start vaccination in December US 3yrs
Donald Trump's oldest son is infected US 3yrs
What Joe Biden's US election victory could mean for the UK US UK 3yrs
Palestinian President Abbas congratulates Joe Biden US Palestine 3yrs
Date when Joe Biden will become president of the United States of America 3yrs
He's done it! Joe Biden victory celebrations – in pictures 3yrs
Full report: 'We will win,' says Biden as Trump threatens legal war  3yrs
No red card, record support for scandalous politics [NYT] 3yrs
The US election in the shadow of the corona pandemic US 3yrs
US offers F-18 fighters to India for Naval requirement | India News India US 3yrs
U.S.-Armenia-Azerbaijan Joint Statement - United States Department of State Armenia Azerbaijan 3yrs
Joint Statement Calling for a Ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh - United States Department of State Russia France 3yrs
″ The President is doing very well ″, says Trump doctor 3yrs
G7 foreign ministers condemn Navalny poisoning; France halts strategic talks with Moscow Russia Germany Canada France UK Japan Italy 3yrs
Tucker Carlson: The DNC That Democrats Don't Want You To See Philippines India US 3yrs
Trump has appointed a new United States Ambassador to Germany US Germany 3yrs
Michelle Obama confesses that she is suffering from depression. And Trump is to blame 3yrs
Caitlyn Jenner says she wants to be on the ballot with Kanye 3yrs
EU preparing to reopen its borders -- but probably not to Americans 3yrs
American Gas Chambers US 3yrs
American Health Agencies Warn of a New Disease Whose Symptoms are Similar to ‘Corona’ Caused By... US 3yrs
India under Modi among top 10 autocratizing nations, on verge of 'losing' democracy status India Turkey Brazil 3yrs
See Drew Brees' message to Trump about police violence 3yrs
Mongolia provides USD 1 million aid to USA - News.MN US Mongolia 3yrs
LeBron James rips Drew Brees over comments on kneeling protests 3yrs
Read President Trump’s UNCENSORED No-Nonsense Executive Order on Online Censorship 3yrs
Coronavirus cases crosses 4.19 million worldwide, 80k fatalities in US alone US Russia Germany Spain France UK Italy Brazil 3yrs
Afghanistan's Taliban and The United States Sign Peace Deal To End 18-Year Old War US Afghanistan 3yrs
United States to support Pakistan on FATF - Profit by Pakistan Today US Pakistan 4yrs
Military war dogs and no social skills US 4yrs
Sanders Says $3.8B in Annual US Military Aid to Israel Should Be Leveraged to End Horrific Trea... US Israel 4yrs
Brief CLINTEL aan VN-baas Guterres Germany 4yrs
Pakistan's Kashmir leader says India has built "world's largest open air prison" across the bor... India Pakistan 4yrs
Turkey first country to check out Sukhoi Su-57E as Russia showcases the stealth fighter to the... Russia Syria Turkey 4yrs
Telephone conversation between Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and the President of the Unite... US 4yrs
New US-Taliban negotiating round started in Qatar Qatar 4yrs
The Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group spread joint statement Russia France 4yrs