Kamala Harris

American lawyer and U.S. Senator more on Wikipedia

Watch: Watch live as Boris Johnson meets Kamala Harris in Washington D.C US UK 2h
Kamala Harris says no humans deserve what Border Patrol did to Haitians at border Haiti 8h
Migrants continue to cross into US as Kamala Harris criticises treatment by border patrol – vid... US 13h
Kamala Harris to face panelists on 'The View' Friday 1d
The woman at Joe Biden's side US 5d
Mother-of-three faces jail for making videos threatening to kill Kamala Harris 1w
Trump says vaccine mandates ‘shouldn’t be necessary,’ blasts Democrats for ‘disparaging’ curren... 1w
Kamala Harris and George Bush visit Flight 93 memorial on 20th anniversary of 9/11 US 1w
Kamala Harris and George Bush call for unity on 20th anniversary of 9/11 – video US 1w
Kamala Harris slams Texas's six-week abortion law 1w
Kamala Harris says Calif. recall is GOP bid to undermine rights 1w
Kamala Harris stumps for California’s Gavin Newsom amid recall fight 1w
Kamala Harris slams Greg Abbott for Texas governor’s abortion remarks 1w
White House keeping Kamala Harris from Afghanistan crisis 'to stop contamination' Afghanistan 2w
Harris to California on Wednesday to campaign for Newsom 2w
Kamala Harris is a case study in woke overreach 2w
U.S. Vice President Thanks Kosovo For Hosting Afghans US Afghanistan Kosovo 2w
Half of Americans & one THIRD OF DEMS think Biden should resign over Afghanistan exit, but many... US Afghanistan 2w
Bill to provide aid for American civilians returning from Afghanistan becomes law US Afghanistan 3w

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Lauren Boebert calls to impeach Biden, Kamala, Blinken 3w
Vietnam's relationship with the US is closer, but remains delicate - that is mainly at China China US Singapore Vietnam 3w
Joe Biden warned chances of Kamala Harris replacing him by end of year 'above 50%' US Afghanistan 3w
Harris holds steady on Southeast Asia trip as crises loom Singapore Vietnam 3w
Biden warned 'another terror attack in Kabul is likely' 3w
Kamala Harris told to 'invoke the 25th' and remove Biden 'We're at crisis point!' 3w
China takes shot at Kamala Harris’s bullying South China Sea claims China 3w
Kamala Harris blocks press from meeting with troops after Kabul killings 3w
US Vice President Harris ends Asia tour with fresh jab at China China US Singapore Vietnam 3w
Kamala Harris’s south-east Asia trip reveals limits of US strategy US 3w
‘Joe is better than Kamala!’ Britons would not support a change in US presidency – poll US Afghanistan 3w
Harris says she urged Vietnam to free political dissidents US Vietnam 3w
Kamala Harris in Vietnam: No Alliance against China China US Vietnam 3w
Kamala Harris holds Vietnamese round-table on disabled and LGBT rights Vietnam 3w
Vietnam: US probes possible 'Havana Syndrome' cases US Singapore Vietnam 3w
Kamala Harris holds talks with Singapore PM on first day of Asia trip US Singapore 3w
Kamala Harris’ Southeast Asia visit draws Chinese netizens’ ire China US Afghanistan 3w
Kamala Harris’ flight to Vietnam delayed by ‘Havana Syndrome’ incident US Vietnam 3w
Havana Syndrome: a mystery illness that’s hit US diplomats from China to Vietnam China US Vietnam 3w
US to give Vietnam 1 million vaccine shots, a day after China’s donation China US Vietnam 3w
China sends more Covid-19 vaccines to Vietnam on eve of Kamala Harris trip China US Vietnam 3w
China hits out at US credibility as Kamala Harris moves to reassure Asia China US Afghanistan Singapore Vietnam 3w
Will Vietnam heed US call for ‘strategic’ upgrade to bilateral ties? China US Vietnam 3w
Will Vietnam heed US call for ‘strategic’ upgrade to bilateral ties? China US Vietnam 3w
US offers Vietnam support to counter China at sea China US Vietnam 3w
Kamala Harris announces U.S. supply-chain initiative with Singapore US Afghanistan Singapore 3w
Kamala Harris urges more China pressure in meeting with Vietnam's Phuc China US Vietnam 3w
Kamala Harris shifts focus to pandemic response in hard-hit Vietnam US Vietnam 3w
In the turbulent South China Sea, the US Navy bets on a troubled warship China US Singapore 3w
Kamala Harris visits Vietnamese site marking capture of enemy pilot John McCain… seemingly thin... US Vietnam 3w
Meghan McCain to Kamala Harris on anniversary of her father’s death: ‘Honour my dad by helping... 3w
‘Havana syndrome’ strikes again? Two US officials to be evacuated from Vietnam over mystery sym... US Vietnam 3w
Harris' Vietnam visit 'wrong time, wrong target, negative effect' China US Singapore Vietnam 3w
US VP Kamala Harris visits Vietnam- BBC News US Vietnam 3w
Former CIA officer on possible Havana syndrome incident: This was no coincidence US 3w
Kamala Harris in Singapore and Vietnam. Havana syndrome mixes arrest visits US Singapore Vietnam 4w
Kamala Harris arrives in Vietnam amid Afghan debacle US Afghanistan Vietnam 4w
US offers support to Vietnam as Afghan debacle rumbles China US Afghanistan Vietnam 4w
US VP Kamala Harris makes historic visit to Vietnam China US Vietnam 4w
US VP Harris tells Vietnam to ‘raise pressure’ on Beijing, as Chinese media accuse Washington o... China US Vietnam 4w
US’s Kamala Harris continues Vietnam trip despite health threat US Vietnam 4w
Kamala Harris Vietnam trip delayed after two US officials report Havana syndrome US Vietnam 4w
Kamala Harris trip delayed over possible 'Havana syndrome' case US Vietnam 4w
U.S. VP Harris pushes ahead with Vietnam trip despite mystery 'health incident' US Vietnam 4w
Kamala Harris's trip delayed by 'anomalous health incident' in Hanoi - Financial Times 4w
US panic as mystery illness strikes down diplomats in Vietnam with Kamala Harris touring US Vietnam 4w
Kamala Harris’s trip delayed by ‘anomalous health incident’ in Hanoi 4w
Harris flight to Vietnam delayed after being informed of a 'possible anomalous health incident'... US Vietnam 4w
Kamala Harris flight from Singapore delayed for ‘possible anomalous health incident’ US Singapore Vietnam 4w
Possible case of ‘Havana syndrome’ strands Kamala Harris in Singapore for several hours US Singapore Vietnam 4w
Angry Chinese netizens question why Kamala Harris is in ‘China’s backyard’ China 4w
Joe Biden on brink as Kamala Harris tipped to take over after Afghan 'fiasco' Afghanistan 4w
China claps back at US Vice President Harris, criticizes Washington’s ‘selfish’ Afghanistan pol... China US Afghanistan 4w
Harris hits at China over South China Sea China US Afghanistan 4w
In Southeast Asia, Kamala Harris’s Message: You Can Count on the U.S. China US Afghanistan 4w
How Afghanistan rattled Asia and emboldened China China US Afghanistan 4w
Kamala Harris says to buy Christmas presents in Singapore speech Afghanistan Singapore 4w
Kamala Harris accuses China of using intimidation to back South China Sea claims China US 4w
Afghanistan, the greats of the earth decide the time of evacuation. Kamala Harris: "The right a... Afghanistan 4w
VP Harris says Beijing threatens ‘rules-based order’ & ‘national sovereignty’ in broadside on C... China US Singapore 4w
US VP Kamala Harris criticises Beijing intimidation in South China Sea China US 4w
Kamala Harris accuses Beijing of ‘coercion’ and ‘intimidation’ in South China Sea China US Singapore 4w
VP Kamala Harris boasts 'the US is a global leader' in Singapore US Singapore 4w
Kamala Harris in Asia: in the service of the global leadership role US Afghanistan 4w
Fallout engulfs Kamala Harris' first day of Southeast Asia trip US Afghanistan 4w
Kamala Harris: US and Singapore agree deals to tackle cyber threats and climate change as vice-... China US Singapore 4w
Kamala Harris stresses Southeast Asia ties on an overseas trip, but the focus returns to Afghan... Afghanistan 4w
US VP Kamala Harris vows 'enduring engagement' in Asia US Afghanistan Singapore Vietnam 4w
Singapore offers A330 tanker aircraft to help US airlift evacuees from Afghanistan: PM Lee US Afghanistan Singapore 4w
Kamala Harris nervously laughs at Afghanistan question Afghanistan 4w
Kamala Harris joins diplomatic charm offensive in South East Asia US Afghanistan 4w
Harris laughs at, shuts down questions as she says Afghanistan is her highest priority Afghanistan 4w
Kamala Harris touches down in Singapore for her Asian junket   US Afghanistan Singapore 4w
US: Kamala Harris visits Asia amid Afghan crisis US Afghanistan Vietnam 1mo
Kamala Harris begins Southeast Asia trip amid Afghan chaos US Afghanistan 1mo
Defence and Covid-19 in focus as Kamala Harris heads for Southeast Asia US 1mo
Harris heads to Southeast Asia in search of a foreign policy win amid Afghanistan crisis US Afghanistan Singapore Vietnam 1mo
Kamala Harris heads to Singapore and Vietnam to bolster diplomatic pivot to Asia China US Singapore Vietnam 1mo
In midst of Afghan crisis, US VP Kamala Harris visits Vietnam US Afghanistan Vietnam 1mo
Kamala Harris trip to Asia will show US is in the region ‘to stay’ US Afghanistan 1mo
Wikipedia defaced to display Nazi SWASTIKA on pages about Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, and Kamala... 1mo