Nancy Pelosi

American politician, first female Speaker of the House of Representatives, born 1940 more on Wikipedia

Trump impeachment: Nancy Pelosi to formally send article of impeachment to Senate today – live... 1h
Trump’s impeachment trial set to begin in days as Democrats push ahead 2d
War of words risks wiping women from our language 2d
‘They are not Nancy Pelosi’s servants’: Governor DeSantis calls National Guard back home after... 2d
Chuck Schumer: Donald Trump impeachment trial will be full and fair – video 2d
Pelosi will send the Senate Trump's impeachment article on Monday 2d
Impeachment trial to start on Monday, top senator Schumer announces, saying Trump incited ERECT... US 2d
House Democrats to send article of Trump impeachment to U.S. Senate on Monday US 2d
Pelosi to trigger Trump impeachment trial next week 2d
'What a difference a day makes': Pelosi expresses optimism about Biden administration US 2d
Pelosi plows ahead with Trump impeachment trial 3d
Nancy Pelosi calls Joe Biden's immigration bill 'basic principles' 3d
Trump golfs on his own course as Pelosi mocks: 'Thank God he's gone!' 3d
‘Forgetting it is not how you unify’: Pelosi ‘not worried’ about Trump trial contradicting Bide... 3d
Woman accused over Pelosi laptop theft freed from jail ahead of court hearing US 3d
Nancy Pelosi could remove Trump's Secret Service protection after Biden inauguration US 4d
Nancy Pelosi could remove Trump's Secret Service protection after Biden inauguration US 4d
Pelosi says Trump could be accessory to murder for inciting MAGA mob 4d
Capitol rioter accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi's laptop arrested by FBI 4d

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Rioter ARRESTED after 'taking Pelosi's laptop in bid to sell it to Russia' Russia 5d
Authorities arrest woman who FBI says may have tried to sell Nancy Pelosi's stolen laptop US 5d
Dems' prosecutor: Trump committed 'most dangerous crime' by president 5d
Clinton and Pelosi suggest Trump may have been on phone with Putin during Capitol siege Russia 5d
Hillary Clinton says Putin may have known about the Capitol riot 6d
Woman may have tried to sell Pelosi computer device to Russians, FBI says US 6d
FBI: Capitol stormer wanted to sell laptop Pelosi to Russia US Russia 6d
QAnon for Democrats? Hillary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi suggest Putin ORDERED Trump to launch Capit... Russia 6d
FBI: Nancy Pelosi's laptop was offered to Russians US 6d
Live: FBI investigates whether woman who stole Pelosi laptop tried to sell it to Russia US Russia 6d
Pelosi demands acting Pentagon chief halt order to NSA to install Trump loyalist 6d
United States: Capitol rioter suspected of trying to sell computer equipment belonging to Nancy... US 6d
FBI investigating whether computer stolen from Pelosi's office could be linked to Russian intel... US Russia 6d
Leader of Cowboys for Trump arrested over Capitol riot US 6d
Who else to blame? Capitol Hill rioter stole Nancy Pelosi’s laptop for THE RUSSIANS, ex-partner... Russia 6d
CNN host stunned after Dem Senator reveals 'assassination party' targeted Pence and Pelosi 6d
US Capitol storm suspected of stealing Pelosi's laptop US 6d
‘Assassination party’ hunted for Nancy Pelosi during Capitol riots 6d
FBI investigates tip that a woman possibly stole a laptop from Pelosi's office to potentially s... US Russia 6d
Cowboys for Trump leader arrested over US Capitol riot US 1w
Capitol rioters taking selfies leave digital trail of 140,000 images under FBI investigation 1w
Rep. Raskin: An 'assassination party' tried to hunt down Pelosi, Pence 1w
Graham blames PELOSI for MAGA riot for 'not providing enough security' 1w
Rioter who sat at desk in Pelosi’s office put under house arrest US 1w
Nancy Pelosi: lawmakers could face prosecution for aiding Capitol attack 1w
Nancy Pelosi: lawmakers could face prosecution for aiding Capitol attack – video 1w
Nancy Pelosi says lawmakers who aided in Capitol attack may be prosecuted 1w
Passionate Pelosi calls out Capitol riot 'punk' US 1w
Pelosi announces retired lieutenant general to lead review of 'security infrastructure' after C... 1w
Nancy Pelosi on brink of tears as US Speaker chokes up in emotional video US 1w
Nancy Pelosi on brink of tears as US Speaker chokes up in emotional video US 1w
Pelosi to fine members $5,000 who refuse metal detector screenings 1w
Nancy Pelosi signs Trump impeachment article 1w
American civil war India US France Nicaragua Italy Iraq Jamaica 1w
'No one is above the law': Nancy Pelosi signs second Donald Trump impeachment 1w
Nancy Pelosi branded ‘Joe Biden's puppet master' as Trump impeachment looms Australia 1w
Nancy Pelosi branded ‘Joe Biden's puppet master' as Trump impeachment looms Australia 1w
Pelosi speaks for first time following impeachment vote 1w
'No one' above the law, Pelosi says after Donald Trump impeached US 1w
Lectern House Speaker Pelosi taken back into the Capitol US 1w
Opinion | Is Nancy Pelosi a Mad Genius? 1w
Live: Trump impeachment - Pelosi expected to sign articles of impeachment 1w
Donald Trump impeached a second time over mob attack on US Capitol US 1w
Morning mail: House poised to impeach, fears over UK strain, summer of cicadas UK 1w
Nancy Pelosi: Trump is a clear and present danger to the nation – video 1w
Trump impeachment: President branded a 'clear and present danger' US 1w
Nancy Pelosi says Donald Trump is ‘clear and present danger’ to US US 1w
Nancy Pelosi: Donald Trump engaged in 'treasonous activity' 1w
Nancy Pelosi pushes to remove Trump: 'A dark week' 1w
'A dark week': Nancy Pelosi pushes to remove Trump – video 1w
READ: Mike Pence's letter to Nancy Pelosi 1w
Man identified as speaker’s office invader appears before judge 1w
Live: Pence declines to invoke 25th amendment as Republicans call for Trump's impeachment 1w
US: Mike Pence refuses to invoke 25th amendment US 1w
Trump faces ‘incitement of insurrection’ charge over deadly US Capitol riot US 1w
Florida man spotted with Pelosi lectern gets $25K bail 1w
Nancy Pelosi gives Vice President Mike Pence 24 hours to invoke 25th Amendment to oust Donald T... US 1w
Impeachment and the 25th Amendment: what are the stages of the proceedings against Donald Trump... US 1w
Trump faces 'incitement of insurrection' charge as Pelosi pushes to oust him 1w
Trump impeachment: House speaker Nancy Pelosi confirms representatives will begin process US 1w
Nancy Pelosi describes how staff hid in her office US 1w
The most notable arrests from the pro-Trump Capitol riot 1w
‘Sexist, ageist and jealous’ CBS’s Leslie Stahl degraded online for asking if 80-year-old Nancy... 1w
Democrats begin bid to impeach Donald Trump for second time US 1w
Trump impeachment: Democrats formally charge president with inciting insurrection 1w
Mike Pence isn't going to invoke the 25th Amendment US 1w
Dems up pressure to remove Trump after Capitol Hill riot 1w
Trump 'considering Rudy for impeachment team as Pelosi to start on Monday' 1w
This is how Democrats try to punish Trump for attacking the Capitol. Plan for this week 1w
Pelosi gives ultimatum to US Cabinet: Remove Trump or House will impeach president US 1w
Pelosi says House will impeach Trump, pushes VP to oust him 2w
Pelosi: What if Trump pardons terrorists who stormed Capitol? 2w
Democrats could delay their plan to impeach Trump by several months 2w
House of Representatives: MPs want to call on Pence to overthrow Trump 2w
Pelosi: House ‘will proceed’ to impeachment of President Trump 2w
Pelosi says US House will proceed with legislation to impeach Trump US 2w
US House will call on Pence to remove Trump before resorting to impeachment US 2w
United States: Nancy Pelosi ready to launch a second impeachment procedure against Donald Trump US 2w
Nancy Pelosi seeks assurance from Pentagon about Trump's access to nuclear codes 2w
Trump fanatic arrested for 'telling people he wanted to shoot Pelosi' 2w
Capitol ‘rioter who wanted to shoot Nancy Pelosi’s noggin’ arrested US 2w