Tucker Carlson

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Tucker Carlson says vaccine mandate is ‘a takeover of the US military’ meant to flush out Chris... US 19h
Tucker Carlson claims US military vaccine mandate a ‘purity test’ for ‘men with high testostero... US 21h
Tucker Carlson says Pentagon vaccine rule is targeting ‘men with high testosterone’ 23h
Daughter says Tucker Carlson ‘played a role’ in vaccine hesitancy before Covid death 1d
New Zealand grapples with Delta – and Tucker Carlson New Zealand 2d
Fox News drone banned from filming immigrants under Texas bridge 4d
Hilarious ‘self-own’ Tucker Carlson graphic goes viral 4d
General Mark Milley should resign over call to Chinese counterparts China 5d
Tucker Carlson admits he lies on show: ‘I really try not to... [but] I certainly do’ 1w
Fox News host Tucker Carlson tells interviewer: ‘I lie’ 1w
Jim Acosta blasts ‘human manure-spreader’ Tucker Carlson for ‘race-baiting’ claim US 2w
'Obscene': Doctor reacts to Tucker Carlson defending fake vaccine cards 2w
CNN’s ‘national treasure’ Jim Acosta labels Fox's Tucker Carlson ‘human manure spreader,’ blast... 2w
Tucker Carlson defends fake vaccine cards 2w
Fake vaccination pass An "act of despair" 2w
"Fox News" star calculates with "revolt" against biders US 2w
Babbitt's widower blasts Capitol cop who killed her during riot 3w
Tucker Carlson’s decision to wear a Patagonia vest comes back to haunt him US 3w
Tucker Carlson mocked for calling left-wing ideas ‘Satanic’ 4w

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'What is going on here?' Tucker asks why Dems have turned on Joe Afghanistan 1mo
Joe Biden exposed? US broadcaster accused of cutting major POTUS blunder out of interview US 1mo
ABC Biden interview cover-up: President said son served in Afghanistan Afghanistan 1mo
Unhinged teacher caught on video going on left-wing political rant 1mo
Tucker Carlson slams Biden over plan to accept 30,000 Afghan refugees US Afghanistan 1mo
AOC hits back at ‘talking inferiority complex’ Tucker Carlson after he mocked her fears of sex... 1mo
Tucker Carlson condemned for comments on Afghan refugees US Afghanistan 1mo
Tucker Carlson hatefully mocks AOC’s capitol riot rape fears in on-air rant 1mo
Tucker Carlson Gripes Dems Shun His Show Because They Think He’s A White Supremacist 1mo
Fox News-Host Tucker Carlson was monitored? US 1mo
Intel watchdog to probe allegations NSA spied on Fox’s Tucker Carlson, despite agency’s denial... 1mo
Watchdog to review NSA following Tucker Carlson's spy claims US 1mo
NSA watchdog to launch probe amid Tucker Carlson’s claims that agency spied on him US 1mo
Tucker Carlson DEFENDS CNN rival Chris Cuomo who helped brother Andrew 1mo
Viktor Orbán censored a question Tucker Carlson asked about Xi Jinping, after the Fox host sugg... US Hungary 1mo
Alexander Vindman says Tucker Carlson hates the USA US 1mo
Retired Lt Col Vindman says Fox host Tucker Carlson tends to ‘demonise’ and ‘hate’ America US 1mo
Tucker Carlson fuels the Maga mindset with fawning trip to authoritarian Hungary Hungary 1mo
Tucker's explains Democrats' thirst for total control over citizens 1mo
Tucker Carlson slams CNN for FIRING three unvaccinated employees 1mo
Conservative Fellow Travelers: Tucker Carlson Drops In On Viktor Orban Hungary 1mo
Western liberals are threatened by Hungary’s success, can’t accept ‘conservative national alter... US Hungary 1mo
Tucker Carlson: What the Fox News host is doing in Hungary Hungary 1mo
Tucker Carlson has moved his show to Hungary for the week, where he met controversial PM Viktor... Hungary 1mo
Tucker Carlson in Hungary, touts authoritarian Orbán as model for West US Hungary 1mo
Fox News Guitor gives from Budapest, met with Orbán, will perform from Ordo Iuris US 1mo
Avlon: Carlson is flirting with authoritarian leader Hungary 1mo
U.S. conservatives yearn for Orban’s Hungary US Hungary 1mo
Tucker Carlson says Anglosphere is 'committing suicide' over Covid 1mo
Tucker Carlson Summers With Viktor Orban, Touted As Speaker At Budapest Far-right Gathering 1mo
Tucker Carlson escalates feud against Anthony Fauci by claiming he ‘created’ Covid 1mo
DC police officer hits back at Fox News hosts for mocking his Capitol riot testimony 1mo
Don Lemon defends Tucker Carlson after confrontation with stranger 1mo
Tucker Carlson called 'worst human' at Montana fishing shop 1mo
Fox News mocked for complaining about ‘inexcusable’ ambush of Tucker Carlson 1mo
‘You are the worst human being’: man confronts Fox News host Tucker Carlson 1mo
‘Settle down, son’: Tucker Carlson confronted by critic while with family, dubbed ‘worst human... 1mo
Man confronts Tucker Carlson in Montana fishing store: ‘You are the worst human being’ 1mo
Fox News backs Covid vaccination – a pity no one told Tucker Carlson 1mo
NSA review finds no evidence supporting Tucker Carlson's claims NSA was spying on him, sources... 1mo
‘Unacceptable’: Fox News blasts NSA after report reveals they ‘unmasked’ host Tucker Carlson in... 1mo
‘Unacceptable’: Fox News blasts NSA after report reveals they ‘unmasked’ host Tucker Carlson in... 1mo
Rep Eric Swalwell shares apparent text messages with Tucker Carlson calling him a 'coward' 1mo
Talkmaster Tucker Carlson: He always makes alarm US 1mo
Fox News host insults Capitol police officer 1mo
Trump, Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Greene make Republican pushes for vaccinations harder 1mo
Harry Dunn’s lawyers hit out at Tucker Carlson after he brands Capitol police officer ‘angry’ a... 1mo
Tucker Carlson rails against vaccination campaign at the same time Biden credits Fox 2mos
Fox News host Sean Hannity urges viewers to ‘take Covid seriously’ 2mos
Fox News’s Tucker Carlson tells viewers to ‘ignore’ TV medical advice US 2mos
Ex-Fox reporter explains why Tucker Carlson is lying about vaccines 2mos
Fox has quietly implemented its own version of a vaccine passport while its top personalities a... 2mos
'An interesting twist': Journalist shares what happened during Carlson interview 2mos
Tucker Carlson slams 'idiot' GOP focusing on Cuba over 'tyrannical' US US Cuba 2mos
Tucker Carlson demands Biden fire General Mark Milley 2mos
Tucker Carlson laughs as guest makes lewd comment about Kamala Harris’s personal life 2mos
Tucker Carlson’s first-grade teacher hits back after host attacked her for sowing his hatred of... 2mos
Tucker Carlson angry at bosses for not backing him over NSA spying claims, report says 2mos
US senator demands probe of whether NSA spied on Fox's Tucker Carlson, cites 'long train of abu... US 2mos
Tucker Carlson 'furious' at Fox News execs for not supporting his NSA spying claims, sources sa... 2mos
Tucker Carlson demands CAMERAS in every classroom 2mos
NSA spied on Fox News host Tucker Carlson because he sought interview with PUTIN – reports US Russia 2mos
Tucker Carlson was trying to set up Putin interview amid claims of NSA spying, report says 2mos
‘It’s confirmed, it’s true’: Fox News host Tucker Carlson says NSA leaked his emails to journal... 2mos
Tucker Carlson calls for teachers to wear body cameras to prevent critical race theory teaching US 2mos
Tucker Carlson says congresswoman and registered nurse Cori Bush is ‘too stupid’ to hold a real... 2mos
CNN compares recent Tucker Carlson comments to views of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones 2mos
‘Tucker Carlson is the new Alex Jones,’ says CNN host and ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy theorist Bria... 2mos
Stelter: Tucker Carlson is sounding a lot like Alex Jones 2mos
Tucker Carlson brands Kamala Harris a 'power hungry buffoon' 2mos
Carlson compares Vogue's Jill Biden profile to North Korean propaganda North Korea 2mos
Tucker Carlson calls for probe into his claims NSA is spying on him 2mos
Nunes on the case? House GOP leader McCarthy wants NSA investigated after Tucker Carlson accusa... 2mos
Matt Gaetz calls for Inspector General investigation into whether NSA or other intel agencies s... 2mos
Tucker Carlson: NSA denies spying on Fox News host US 2mos
NSA denies Tucker Carlson’s claim it is spying on him 2mos
Tucker Carlson calls America's top general a stupid pig US 2mos
‘Entire paragraph of lies’: Carlson fires back at NSA after spy org claims he is NOT their targ... 2mos
Opinion | The U.S. Government and Political Surveillance US 2mos
Tucker Carlson Actually Thinks the NSA Is Spying On His Email 2mos
Tucker Carlson calls America's top general a stupid pig US 2mos