Olaf Scholz

German politician, federal minister of finance and vice chancellor more on Wikipedia

Olaf Scholz accused of 'breaking promises' as German army barely receives any new funding Russia Germany Ukraine 1d
Chancellor Scholz praises African science – DW – 11/26/2022 Germany 2d
Germany pledges food aid on Ukraine's Holodomor memorial day – DW – 11/26/2022 Russia Germany Ukraine 2d
Germany, France pledge mutual support to avert energy crunch Russia Germany France Ukraine 3d
In Berlin, France and Germany display their rapprochement Germany France 3d
Olaf Scholz Is Undermining Western Unity on China China Germany 3d
Germany's Scholz says Putin can no longer win in Ukraine – DW – 11/23/2022 Russia Germany France Ukraine 5d
Germany seeks less China reliance after Russia 'mistake' – DW – 11/22/2022 China Russia Germany 6d
Scholz names reason behind European economy downturn Germany Ukraine 6d
Germany's Scholz: must be prepared for Ukraine war escalation Germany Ukraine 6d
Foul-mouthed Ukrainian diplomat tells Scholz what he ought to do Russia Germany 1w
Germany warns against escalation between Russia and NATO Russia Germany 1w
On tour in Asia, Olaf Scholz displays his desire to weigh more in the region Germany 1w
German chancellor voices hope for Trump loss in 2024 elections US Germany 1w
Germany's Scholz not impressed by Trump's re-election bid US Germany 1w
Germany’s trade, tech diversification not ‘China decoupling’: Scholz China Germany 2w
Germany's Scholz urges closer EU ties with Southeast Asia – DW – 11/14/2022 China Germany Singapore 2w
Scholz hopes Putin will change his mind on attending G20 Germany Ukraine 2w
Iran hits back at Olaf Scholz after video on sanctions – DW – 11/13/2022 Iran Germany 2w

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Germany's Scholz kicks off Asia tour with stop in Vietnam – DW – 11/13/2022 Germany Vietnam 2w
German leader Olaf Scholz: Iran can expect more EU sanctions Iran Germany 2w
Germany's Scholz Criticizes Iran's Crackdown On Protests, Calls For More Sanctions Iran Germany 2w
Scholz says Germany will support more EU Iran sanctions – DW – 11/12/2022 Iran Germany 2w
German chancellor condemns crackdown on protests in Iran Iran Germany 2w
Is Germany’s trade too dependent on China? China Germany 2w
Scholz, Zelenskiy Hold War Talks Ahead Of G20 Summit Germany Ukraine 2w
G-20 meeting on Bali: Confrontation even without Putin Russia 2w
In Germany, the "Council of Sages" recommends temporarily taxing the richest Germany 2w
"He is about to die": pressing on Al-Sisi for Fattoh. The activist added that of thirst to the... Germany France UK 2w
"The German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, did he really choose not to go to Beijing?" »» China Germany 2w
World Climate Conference in Egypt: Germany speaks with many voices Germany Egypt 3w
German expats in China will have access to BioNTech vaccine, says Scholz China Germany 3w
German Chancellor Calls On Russia To Rule Out Use Of Nuclear Weapons Russia Germany Ukraine 3w
Will German chancellor’s visit to China change countries’ ties? China Germany 3w
How German leader Olaf Scholz walked a fine line in China China Germany 3w
Xi warns Putin nuclear weapons in Ukraine is a red line. So much for a ‘no limits’ friendship Germany Ukraine 3w
Scholz's China trip raised more doubts than congratulations – DW – 11/05/2022 China Germany 3w
'Irresponsible’: Xi, Scholz jointly oppose N-threats over Ukraine China Germany Ukraine 3w
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz urges China to use influence with Russia to help end Ukraine war China Russia Germany Ukraine 3w
China 'reheats' $17 bln Airbus deals during Scholz visit China Germany 3w
Scholz in Beijing: twelve hours China and back China 3w
Olaf Scholz flew to China. The criticized visit did not bring a breakthrough China Germany Ukraine 3w
On a visit to China, Olaf Scholz pleads for an economic rapprochement between Berlin and Beijin... China Germany 3w
Germany’s Leader Seeks Accord With China on Covid Vaccines China Germany 3w
XI Jinping calls on Olaf Scholz for closer cooperation China US Germany 3w
Germany's Scholz urges Xi to exert influence on Russia China Russia Germany Ukraine 3w
China Agrees to Approve BioNTech's Covid-19 Vaccine for Foreigners, German Chancellor Says China Germany 3w
Scholz’s trip to China doesn’t mean he’s grown a backbone against US pressure China US Germany 3w
Scholz to Xi Jinping: Russia’s war in Ukraine causes great issues for the world China Russia Germany Ukraine 3w
China's Xi meets Germany's Scholz, urges Ukraine peace talks China Russia Germany Ukraine 3w
Germany’s Scholz urges China’s Xi to exert influence on Russia China Russia Germany Ukraine 3w
Xi welcomes visiting Scholz as China, Germany seek closer ties China Germany 3w
China’s Xi warns Putin not to use nuclear arms in Ukraine China Germany Ukraine 3w
China’s Xi calls for Ukraine peace talks as Germany’s Scholz visits Beijing China Russia Germany Ukraine 3w
Live: China's Xi calls for Ukraine peace talks with Germany's Scholz China Russia Germany Ukraine 3w
Livestream: Scholz and Li Keqiang step in front of the press China 3w
Xi Jinping urges Olaf Scholz to co-operate despite tensions with the west - Financial Times 3w
Livestream: Scholz and Li Keqiang step in front of the press China 3w
Germany's Scholz In China Amid Trade, Ukraine, Rights Issues China Russia Germany Ukraine 3w
Xi tells Scholz China, Germany should step up cooperation in turbulent times China Germany 3w
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visits China with eye on trade China Germany 3w
German climate activists block emergency services trying to help critically injured cyclist - C... Germany Canada 3w
Germany's Scholz in China amid trade, Ukraine, rights issues China Russia Germany Ukraine 3w
Germany's leader and top CEOs are flying into Beijing. They need China more than ever China Germany 3w
German chancellor's visit to China tests ties, expected to discuss Ukraine China Germany Ukraine 3w
What is the state of trade relations between China and Germany? China Germany 3w
Olaf Scholz in China: Germany attracts criticism from its European allies China Germany Ukraine 3w
Xi Jinping satisfies to break the American encirclement US Russia Ukraine 3w
Germany's Olaf Scholz's visit exposes EU rifts over China – DW – 11/03/2022 China Germany 3w
EU unimpressed by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s visit to China China Germany 3w
How Olaf Scholz's visit exposes rifts in the EU over China – DW – 11/03/2022 China Germany 3w
According to F.A.Z. contribution by Scholz: Beijing is forbidden "interference" of the Federal... China 3w
According to F.A.Z. contribution: Beijing is forbidden "interference" of the Federal Chancellor China 3w
Germany Calls On Balkan Leaders To Overcome Regional Differences Russia Germany Ukraine 3w
Olaf Scholz urges Western Balkan nations to resolve conflicts 3w
German chancellor's China visit sparks controversy China Germany 3w
China, an unprecedented fracture line in German employers China Germany 3w
Stolen of criticism on the visit of Olaf Scholz in China China Germany 3w
Germany's Scholz makes difficult visit to assertive China China Germany 3w
Chancellor Scholz criticized for going to China. "The worst possible moment" China 3w
His most delicate journey: in China, Olaf Scholz has to show how serious he is with the "turnar... China Germany 3w
Saudi-German cooperation boosted by delegation’s visit, envoy says Germany Saudi Arabia 3w
Germany Retains China Ties Despite Rising Geopolitical Tensions China Russia Germany 3w
Germany pushes back against the US by talking to China China US Germany 3w
Germany’s Baerbock warns Scholz ahead of his China trip China Germany 3w
China vows ‘continuity and stability’ in Europe policy China Germany France 3w
Worries over Germany's China dependency overshadow Scholz trip China Germany 3w
Into the tiger’s mouth: Olaf Scholz enters the widening gulf between China and the West China Germany 3w
Scholz visit in Beijing: In the realm of hardness China Germany 3w
Erdoğan urges Scholz for Germany to adopt neutral stance on East Med Germany 3w
Erdoğan urges Scholz for Germany to take neutral stance on East Med Germany 3w
Scholz’s approval rating revealed – poll 4w
German leader urges climate activists not to endanger others Germany 4w
"While Europe is trying to distance itself from China, Germany seems to favor the" business as... China Germany 4w
PM Modi, Sunak, Putin congratulate Lula da Silva on stunning comeback as Brazil Pres I Watch Russia Germany UK Brazil 4w
(S+) "Arrogant": German Chancellor Alienates European Partners China Germany 4w
Officials mark death of Turkish woman who lost family in Solingen attack Germany Turkey 4w
Did Germany Learn From Its Russia Trouble? The Test May Come in China. China Russia Germany 4w
Olaf Scholz is overwhelmed with Europe Germany France 4w
Scholz will use trip to press Beijing on opening markets and human rights China Germany 1mo