Aleksandar Vucic

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NATO peacekeepers gave Kosovo ‘carte blanche’ to kill Serbs – Vucic Kosovo 2d
In Kosovo, four dead in the attack on a Serbian commando Kosovo Serbia Servia 2d
U.S. Urges Kosovo, Serbia To 'Fully Implement' Obligations After Talks Fail US Kosovo Serbia Servia 6d
EU candidate questions bloc’s favoritism for Ukraine Ukraine Servia 1w
Serbian president responds to ‘suffer and pay’ Kosovo threat Kosovo Servia 1w
Serbian President Vucic's Wife Meets Zelenskiy During Summit In Kyiv Servia 2w
Zelenskiy Says Talks With Serbia's Vucic 'Honest, Fruitful' Serbia Servia 1mo
Serbian president to meet with Zelensky Greece Servia 1mo
Serbia's Vucic believes NATO-led war against Russia has ‘crushed’ EU economy – Tucker Russia Ukraine Serbia Servia 1mo
Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić: Playing With Fire in Belgrade Servia 1mo
West can’t defeat Russia – Vucic Russia Ukraine 1mo
Serbian president says the real reason for US sanctions against Serbian spy chief is his Russia... US Russia Serbia Servia 2mos
Thousands in protests against violence in Serbia Serbia Servia 2mos
Serbia's President accuses Kosovo of carrying out 'silent ethnic cleansing' Kosovo Serbia 2mos
Kosovo PM planning new attack on Serbs – Vucic Ukraine Kosovo Serbia 2mos
Foreign powers involved in coup attempt in Russia – Serbian president Russia Servia 3mos
Protest against violence and government in Serbia is expanding Serbia 3mos
Kurti, Vucic To Meet Separately With Borrell In Brussels Servia 3mos
Serbian president calls Kosovo situation most difficult in 24 years Kosovo Servia 3mos

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Thousands have protested against Serbia's president and pledged to 'radicalize' gatherings Serbia Servia 3mos
In Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, a president weakened by several weeks of protest Kosovo Serbia Servia 3mos
EU's Borrell Invites Kosovo, Serbia To Brussels For Crisis Meeting Kosovo Serbia Servia 3mos
Serbia warns of escalation in Ukraine conflict Ukraine Serbia 3mos
In Serbia, a Strongman Under Fire Hails Himself as Defender of the Nation Kosovo Serbia 3mos
Serbian President Vucic announces snap polls amid protests Serbia Servia 3mos
Belgrade To Prod Ethnic Serbs In North Kosovo To Vote In Elections US Kosovo Servia 3mos
UK seeks to overthrow Belgrade government – Serb leader UK Serbia 3mos
Vučić statements: Does Serbia also deliver weapons from Ukraine? Russia Ukraine Serbia Servia 3mos
Video: Anti-Government Protests in Serbia Grow in Size Serbia 3mos
Serbian Protesters Urge President To Resign Servia 3mos
Serbia: Belgrade rocked by anti-government protests – DW – 06/04/2023 Serbia 3mos
Kosovo leader ‘dreams of war’ – Serbian president Kosovo Albania Servia 3mos
Kosovo, Serbia Blame Each Other For Tensions At EU Summit Kosovo Serbia Servia 3mos
President Erdoğan discusses Kosovo with Serbian, Kosovar leaders Kosovo Servia 3mos
Kosovo PM dreams of becoming new Zelensky – Vucic Kosovo Serbia 3mos
Tens of thousands rally in Belgrade to protest against government rule Servia 3mos
Serbian president resigns party leadership Servia 4mos
VUCEVIC replaces Vucic at the top of Serbia's ruling party SNS Serbia Servia 4mos
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic steps down as party leader, citing need for 'different appro... Kosovo Serbia Montenegro Servia 4mos
Serbian president steps down as leader of the governing party amid plans for a new movement Serbia Servia 4mos
Serbia blasts NATO forces over inaction during Kosovo clashes Kosovo Serbia 4mos
Serbian President Vucic To Step Down As Party President Servia 4mos
Serbia's President Vučić withdraws from party leader Serbia Servia 4mos
Pro-government rally held in Serbia amid growing discontent after mass shootings Serbia Servia 4mos
Serbia: Faced with protest, the president organizes a gigantic support gathering Serbia 4mos
Pro-president rally in spite of ongoing shock at deadly shootings in Serbia Serbia Servia 4mos
Tens Of Thousands Gather For Pro-Government Rallies In Serbian Capital Servia 4mos Kosovo Serbia 4mos
Serbia ‘urgently’ moving army to Kosovo frontier – minister Kosovo Serbia Servia 4mos
Pro-government rally planned in Serbia amid growing discontent after mass shootings Serbia Servia 4mos
Protests rock Serbia after mass shootings – DW – 05/26/2023 Serbia 4mos
Serbia warned of ‘color revolution’ – Vucic Serbia Servia 4mos
Serbian President Urges People To Disarm After Deadly Shootings Servia 4mos
Serbs Surrender 13,500 Pieces Of Unregistered Weapons After Mass Shootings Serbia 4mos
Tens of thousands march in Belgrade after mass shootings Servia 4mos
Serbian president reveals what West wants him to do Russia Servia 4mos
After 2 mass shootings, Serbia to implement new strict gun control Serbia Servia 4mos
Serbian President Calls Latest Mass Shooting An Act Of Terrorism Servia 4mos
Shootouts in Serbia: why the disarmament of the country wanted by its president seems complex Serbia 4mos
New killing in Serbia: the Serbian president deplores "an attack on the whole country" Serbia Yugoslavia Servia 4mos
Serbian president denies having health complications Servia 4mos
Serbia Has Not And Will Not Export Weapons To Ukraine, Says Vucic Russia Ukraine Serbia Servia 5mos
Serbs in Kosovo refuse to take part in local elections Kosovo Serbia 5mos
‘Hard spring’ is coming – Serbian president Ukraine Servia 5mos
Serbian president predicts future of EU Ukraine Servia 6mos
Who gave you right to kill Serbs, Vucic asks NATO Yugoslavia 6mos
Right-Wing Serbian Parties Protest Agreement With Kosovo On Anniversary Of NATO Bombing Campaig... Kosovo Servia 6mos
Serbian right-wing opposition protests West's Kosovo plan Kosovo Servia 6mos
EU Envoy Says Agreement Reached By Leaders Of Kosovo, Serbia Is Turning Point On Road To Normal... Kosovo Serbia Servia 6mos
Serbia wants to normalize Kosovo ties but without any agreement Kosovo Serbia 6mos
Serbian President Says ICC Arrest Warrant For Putin Will Prolong The War Russia Ukraine Servia 6mos
Serbia and Kosovo closer to normalizing ties – Vucic Kosovo Serbia 6mos
Leaders Of Serbia And Kosovo Meet In Key EU-Mediated Talks Kosovo Serbia Servia 6mos
Serbian president speaks on Russia sanctions after scandal Russia Servia 6mos
Serb leader says he won't sign anything during Kosovo talks Kosovo Serbia Servia 6mos
Serbian President Rules Out 'Factual Or De Jure' Recognition Of Kosovo Kosovo Albania Servia 6mos
Kosovo wants to start NATO-Serbia war – Belgrade Ukraine Kosovo Albania 6mos
The Interview - Kosovo's PM 'very optimistic' that agreement with Serbia could happen this year France Kosovo Serbia Servia 7mos
Serbian nationalists protest against Kosovo plan – DW – 02/16/2023 Kosovo Servia 7mos
Serbian right-wingers rally against Western plan for Kosovo Kosovo Servia 7mos
Serbian right-wingers rally against Western plan for Kosovo Kosovo Servia 7mos
Serbian right-wingers rally against Western plan for Kosovo Kosovo Servia 7mos
Serbia may soon be forced to sanction Russia – Vucic Russia Serbia 7mos
Serbia responds to 'cancel-Russian-culture' calls Russia Serbia Servia 7mos
Serbia names ‘greatest’ mistake by West Germany Ukraine Serbia Servia 7mos
Serbia Could Become 'Pariah' If Normalization Plan Over Kosovo Rejected, Vucic Warns Kosovo Serbia Servia 7mos
Serbia to maintain ‘military neutrality’, president says Serbia 7mos
Serbia outlines stance on NATO membership Serbia 7mos
Bulgaria, Serbia Break Ground On Pipeline Aimed At Easing Russian Gas Dependence Russia Bulgaria Ukraine Serbia Servia 7mos
Vucic Says He Was Told EU Accession Talks Will Be Halted If He Refuses Plan To Normalize Ties W... US Kosovo Serbia Servia 8mos
Balkans: Serbia's president indicates acceptance of Kosovo compromise Kosovo Serbia 8mos
Serbia May Lose Chance to Join EU If It Rejects Kosovo Plan, Vucic Says - BNN Bloomberg Kosovo Serbia 8mos
Ukraine conflict ‘will soon spread’ – Serbian president US Russia Ukraine Servia 8mos
Serbia's Vucic: EU Will Halt Accession Talks If He Refuses To Normalize Ties With Kosovo US Kosovo Serbia Servia 8mos
Serbian President Vucic denounces Russian occupation of Crimea and Donbas Russia Ukraine Servia 8mos
Serbia Asks Russia to End Local Recruitment For War in Ukraine - The Moscow Times Russia Ukraine Serbia Servia 8mos
Serbia asks Russia to end recruitment of its people for Ukraine war Russia Ukraine Serbia Servia 8mos
Serbia explains why it won’t sanction Russia Russia Serbia Servia 8mos
Belgrade Says NATO-Led Peacekeepers Rejected Serbian Forces' Return To Kosovo Kosovo Servia 8mos
NATO declines Serbia's request to deploy its troops in Kosovo Kosovo Serbia Servia 8mos