Jens Stoltenberg

Norwegian politician, 13th Secretary-General of NATO, 27th Prime Minister of Norway more on Wikipedia

‘Prepare for long war’ – NATO chief Russia Ukraine 1w
NATO Chief Stoltenberg Predicts Russia's War Against Ukraine Won't End Soon Russia Germany Ukraine 1w
NATO chief urges Germany to boost defense spending – DW – 09/17/2023 Germany 1w
Russia-Ukraine war live: Nato chief warns of no swift end to war; Russian missiles hit agricult... Russia 1w
🔴 Live: 'We must prepare ourselves for a long war in Ukraine,' says NATO chief Stoltenberg Russia Ukraine 1w
War in Ukraine, live: "If President Zelensky and the Ukrainians cease the fight, their country... Germany Ukraine 1w
NATO chief urges de-escalation of tensions in Kosovo Kosovo 2w
Ukraine ‘has never been closer’ to NATO membership – Stoltenberg Ukraine 2w
Ukraine counteroffensive slow but making progress: NATO chief Ukraine 2w
War in Ukraine, live: "The Ukrainians are gradually gaining ground," said Jens Stoltenberg Ukraine 2w
FM Fidan, NATO chief discuss grain deal, Sweden's membership Sweden 3w
Ben Wallace: UK defense minister resigns – DW – 08/31/2023 Russia UK Ukraine 3w
Ukraine alone will decide right time for any negotiations following Russian invasion, says Nato... Russia Ukraine 1mo
Nato chief downplays idea Ukraine could give up land for membership Ukraine 1mo
No Change Seen In Russia's Nuclear Posture, NATO Chief Says Russia 1mo Norway 1mo
NATO official apologizes for comments on Ukraine’s territorial claims Russia Ukraine 1mo
NATO-Ukraine Council to meet on Wednesday to discuss Black Sea grain Ukraine 2mos
NATO's Stoltenberg, Zelenskyy discuss 'unblocking' grain corridor 2mos

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NATO leaders send mixed messages in Japan office controversy France Japan 2mos
Jens Stoltenberg: Nato summit: Joe Biden hits out at 'craven' Putin Ukraine 2mos
Nato: Warm words but a diplomatic reality check for Ukraine - BBC Ukraine 2mos
'Answer please': laughter at Nato summit as Zelenskiy points F-16s question at Stoltenberg – vi... Ukraine 2mos
NATO Summit Gives Moscow Little to Celebrate Despite Falling Short of Kyiv's Demands - The Mosc... Ukraine 2mos
War in Ukraine, live: Volodymyr Zelensky judges that the promises of the G7 cannot replace memb... Ukraine 2mos Ukraine 2mos
War in Ukraine, live: Ukraine's membership in NATO would make the Atlantic alliance "stronger",... Ukraine 2mos Ukraine 2mos
NATO head sees 'strong message' on Ukraine's membership bid at summit Ukraine 2mos
Ukraine will skip step on path to NATO membership – Stoltenberg Ukraine 2mos
Stoltenberg ‘confident’ Türkiye will ratify Sweden’s NATO bid Sweden 2mos
NATO: Turkey gives its agreement to the support of Sweden Sweden Turkey 2mos
War in Ukraine, live: Turkey agrees to support Sweden's membership in NATO, which it has been b... Sweden Turkey Ukraine 2mos
Turkey agrees to move ahead with Sweden's NATO bid – Stoltenberg Sweden Turkey 2mos
Erdogan agrees to send vote on Sweden's NATO accession to Turkish parliament, Stoltenberg says Sweden Turkey 2mos
Turkey's Erdogan agrees to back Swedish NATO bid, says alliance chief Stoltenberg Sweden Turkey 2mos
Turkey leader Erdogan will back Sweden joining Nato - Stoltenberg Sweden Turkey 2mos
Turkey’s Erdogan agrees to back Swedish NATO bid: Stoltenberg Sweden Turkey 2mos
A decade at the helm of NATO: Why is replacing Jens Stoltenberg so difficult? - Euronews 2mos
President Erdoğan, NATO chief, Swedish PM hold meeting in Vilnius Sweden 2mos
War in Ukraine, live: on the eve of the NATO summit, the Swedish and Turkish leaders will meet... Sweden Turkey Ukraine 2mos
NATO head 'absolutely' confident allies will agree on formal wording about Ukraine's alliance m... Ukraine 2mos
Macron informs NATO chief of France's opposition to office in Tokyo France 2mos
The Interview - Stoltenberg 'confident Ukraine will move closer to NATO' at Vilnius summit Ukraine Lithuania 2mos
Stoltenberg teases NATO vision for Ukraine’s future Ukraine 2mos
Jens Stoltenberg holds NATO news conference on Russia, Ukraine and US weapons - Sky News US Russia Ukraine 2mos
NATO leaders set to offer Ukraine major support package but membership is off the table for now US Ukraine 2mos
Erdoğan, Kristersson to meet to discuss NATO bid Sweden 2mos
Erdoğan congratulates extension of Stoltenberg's tenure as NATO chief  2mos
Comment - NATO extends Jens Stoltenberg's term because it did not find a successor. That says a... 2mos
Joe Biden pushing for Ursula von der Leyen to be next Nato boss after blocking Ben Wallace d -... Ukraine 2mos
Zelenskiy Looks Forward To More 'Fruitful Cooperation' After NATO Chief's Mandate Extended 2mos
Live: Stoltenberg to stay on as NATO chief until late 2024, alliance says - FRANCE 24 English UK 2mos
NATO chief Stoltenberg's term extended ahead of summit 2mos
NATO's Jens Stoltenberg to stay on as chief for another year – DW – 07/04/2023 2mos
Nato extends Jens Stoltenberg's term as secretary-general - Financial Times 2mos
Stoltenberg to lead NATO for one more year 2mos
Stoltenberg likely to lead NATO for another year - Lithuanian officials Lithuania 2mos
Jens Stoltenberg to continue as NATO chief - POLITICO Europe Ukraine 2mos
Jens Stoltenberg to stay as Nato chief for another year - BBC 2mos
Jens Stoltenberg to stay as Nato chief for another year Norway 2mos
Jens Stoltenberg to Remain NATO Chief 2mos 2mos
Jens Stoltenberg: Nato agrees to extend boss Stoltenberg's term by a year | World News Russia 2mos
Jens Stoltenberg to stay as Nato chief for another year Ukraine 2mos
Jens Stoltenberg renewed NATO's head until 2024 Ukraine Norway Lithuania 2mos
NATO extends the contract of Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg by one year 2mos
NATO secretary general confirms term extension 2mos
Happy with a safe pair of hands as the war drags on, NATO again extends Stoltenberg's mandate 2mos
NATO chief makes promise to Ukraine Ukraine 2mos
NATO members have tentative agreement to extend Secretary-General Stoltenberg's tenure another... 2mos
At NATO, secretary general Jens Stoltenberg will remain a year more Ukraine 2mos
EU leaders to assess Putin's position in talks with NATO and Ukraine chiefs at summit Ukraine 2mos
Stoltenberg outlines condition for Ukraine joining NATO Russia Ukraine 2mos
Estonian PM: We need to put an end to grey zones to ensure permanent peace in Europe Estonia 2mos
Why Jens Stoltenberg's successor is probably called Jens Stoltenberg again 2mos
Why Jens Stoltenberg's successor is probably called Jens Stoltenberg again 2mos
Nato ready to face threat from ‘Moscow or Minsk’, says alliance head after Wagner chief’s exile 2mos
NATO chief warns against ‘underestimating’ Russia Russia Ukraine 2mos
Stoltenberg says too early to decide on NATO's reaction to unrest in Russia Russia Lithuania 3mos
NATO chief welcomes German leadership on brigade in Lithuania Germany Lithuania 3mos
NATO chief makes last-ditch bid to bring Sweden into the fold before next month's summit Sweden Turkey fold 3mos
NATO chief says another Sweden-Türkiye meeting expected soon Sweden 3mos
War in Ukraine, live: for the leader of NATO, the attempted rebellion of the Wagner group demon... Russia Ukraine 3mos
‘It’s not going to happen’: Ben Wallace no longer expects to get top Nato job US UK 3mos
NATO Summit Will Not Formally Invite Ukraine To Join Alliance, Stoltenberg Says Ukraine 3mos
NATO chief Stoltenberg meets Germany's Scholz in Berlin – DW – 06/19/2023 Germany 3mos
NATO chief Stoltenberg and Germany's Scholz meet in Berlin – DW – 06/19/2023 Germany 3mos
Stoltenberg and Scholz address media in Berlin – DW – 06/19/2023 Germany 3mos
NATO chief doesn’t want ‘frozen conflict’ in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 3mos
Stoltenberg Likely To Be Asked To Remain As NATO Chief, Sources Say US 3mos
War in Ukraine, live: NATO invites member states to increase their support for Ukrainian forces... Russia Ukraine 3mos
NATO mulls another succession solution: Pairing with EU top jobs race 3mos
NATO chief appears likely to stay on as allies struggle to find a replacement for him 3mos
NATO: Ukraine has 'moved closer' to alliance – DW – 06/16/2023 Ukraine 3mos
NATO meeting: Is Jens Stoltenberg's term extended? Denmark 3mos
Defense Min. Güler meets French, Lithuanian counterparts, NATO chief France Lithuania 3mos
Support mounts for Stoltenberg to stay on in NATO's top job 3mos
NATO in Indo-Pacific: Tokyo office a no-go for now – DW – 06/15/2023 China Russia 3mos
NATO chief says Sweden membership ‘not guaranteed’ yet Sweden 3mos