Latest stories about Mali

Doubt cast on photos alleged to show Wagner mercenaries training Malian soldiers Russia 3d
Three killed in Niger as protesters confront French army convoy France Niger 5d
The ICC reduces twin years the prison sentence of a Malian jihadist 6d
ICC judges cut Muslim radical's sentence in Timbuktu case 1w
Mali: tourist guides yesterday, interpreters for soldiers today ... and tomorrow? 1w
In Mali, the "National Assises of Refoundation" reported Sine Die 1w
Blinken takes aim at Russia, China at end of West Africa trip China US Russia 1w
US Secretary Blinken expresses concerns over Mali, warns Russia US Russia 1w
Mali: about 150 personalities sanctioned by Cédéao, including Prime Minister Choguel Maïga 2w
Gunmen kill at least 25 in southwest Niger Niger 2w
Colombia nun freed after 4-year captivity in Mali returns home Colombia 2w
Removed in northern Mali, Rapper Dr. Keb was released after more than three months of captivity 2w
France hands military base to Malian army amid drawdown France 2w
Operation "Barkhane": a second French military base transferred to Malians France 2w
French forces pull out of Tessalit base amid northern Mali drawdown France 2w
Mali: The European Union prepares sanctions against the Russian group Wagner Russia 2w
EU eyes sanctions in Mali, and against Russian mercenaries Russia 2w
Between Paris and Moscow, knife reunions drawn Russia Ukraine Belarus 2w
Moscow vows military support for Mali, denies links to Wagner mercenary group Russia 3w

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Russia gives Mali weapons, ammunition, denies Wagner links Russia 3w
How economic sanctions drove money transfers in west Africa underground 3w
West African leaders meet over coup-hit Guinea, Mali | Africanews Guinea Ghana 3w
West African regional bloc ECOWAS imposes new sanctions on Mali and Guinea Guinea 3w
West African bloc issues fresh sanctions over coups in Mali, Guinea Guinea 3w
ECOWAS hardens stance on Mali, Guinea Guinea 3w
West Africa bloc ECOWAS imposes sanctions on Mali leaders 3w
A massacre in Mali: More than 50 villagers killed by jihadis 3w
A massacre in Mali: More than 50 villagers killed by jihadists 3w
Niger says 11 soldiers killed, nine missing after gun assault Niger 3w
British troops narrowly survive ‘friendly fire’ incident in Mali UK Estonia 3w
Turkey strongly condemns terror attack killing near 70 in Niger Turkey Niger 3w
Suspected Islamic extremists kill 69 people in western Niger Niger 3w
U.S. to end duty-free access for Ethiopia, Mali, Guinea -Biden US Guinea Ethiopia 3w
Turkey strongly condemns terror attack in Niger Turkey Niger 3w
At least 69 dead in west Niger jihadist attack Niger 4w
Motorized attack commands: Dozens of dead at Jihadist attack in Niger Niger Burkina Faso 4w
Dozens dead in village attack in southwestern Niger Niger Burkina Faso 4w
Dozens killed in jihadist attack in western Niger Niger Burkina Faso 4w
Son defends French former al-Qaida hostage’s return to Mali France 4w
Son of ex-hostage in Mali says she wants to be forgotten 4w
A hostage of al-Qaeda made it back to France. Her return to Mali is sparking anger. France 4w
The mysterious reappearance in Mali of the ex-hostage Sophie Pétronin causes an outcry 4w
Dourtir to Mali, the controversial choice of Sophie Petrinin 4w
Sophie Pétronin: Search for French ex-hostage who returned to Mali France 4w
Former French hostage Sophie Pétronin missing again in Mali France 4w
USA: is consent to vaccination of children aged 5-11 US 4w
Britain’s Mali mission: Troops target Isis fighters in growing African conflict UK 1mo
Ex-hostage Sophie petronin missing in Mali 1mo
The Observers - Malians attacked for opposing caste system and 'descent-based slavery' 1mo
In Mali, three Chinese hostages kidnapped in July were released China 1mo
Chk_Three Chinese hostages escape their captors in Mali China 1mo
Seven Mali soldiers killed in separate convoy attacks: army 1mo
Seven Malian soldiers killed in separate attacks 1mo
UN says hereditary slavery still flourishing in Mali 1mo
Slavery is alive in Mali and continues to wreak havoc on lives 1mo
US ambassador to UN urges Mali to hold February elections US 1mo
Mali declares ECOWAS representative persona non grata 1mo
Mali expels the representative of Cédéao 1mo
Mali expels envoy of West Africa's 15-nation regional bloc 1mo
Mali expels ECOWAS envoy from the country 1mo
USA: vaccination of children aged 5-11 at the beginning of November US 1mo
Mali tells UN post-coup election date to be confirmed after December talks 1mo
UN Security Council delegation in Mali to push for civilian government 1mo
Mali denies asking Islamic body to negotiate with al-Qaeda 1mo
Franco-Algerian crisis: the end of a cycle 1mo
French army: leading member of African-based Al Quaeda affiliate killed France 1mo
The Malian junta wants to negotiate with jihadists 1mo
Choguel Maïga or populism in Malian France 1mo
British troops kill suspected Isis fighters in Mali UK 1mo
In Mali, the official Islamic Council officially responsible for negotiating with jihadist lead... France 1mo
British troops shoot dead Isis jihadis in Mali UK 1mo
The UN Security Council on Mission to the Sahel to claim a civilian power in Mali Russia 1mo
The withdrawal of Afghanistan, a shadow on Mali Russia France Afghanistan 1mo
Mali asks Islamic body to open negotiations with al-Qaeda 1mo
French troops shoot and kill woman while on anti-jihadist patrol in Mali France 1mo
Mali asks Islamic High Council to dialogue with al-Qaida 1mo
France stopped Malian army to allow terror in Kidal: PM Maiga France 1mo
Macron gives up Mali to Russian mercenaries as troops withdraw Russia France 1mo
‘Slaves won’t have a party in our village’: Attack reveals Mali's brutal, ongoing caste system 1mo
Mali's Timbuktu fears jihadis as France reduces troops France 1mo
French forces begin northern Mali drawdown: 'The idea is not to create a vacuum' France 1mo
In Mali, the game Trouble of the Junta with the Russian mercenaries of Wagner Russia 1mo
French soldier killed in Mali ‘accident’, defence minister says France 1mo
Operation Barkhane abandons his Kidal base France 1mo
Putin's Shadow Army: The "Group Wagner" Syria 1mo
Mali, released the Colombian nun kidnapped in 2017 Colombia 1mo
Colombian nun held hostage by al Qaeda-linked extremists in Mali since 2017 is freed Colombia 1mo
Nun after years of hostage in Mali free 1mo
Colombian nun freed after more than four years held hostage by Mali jihadists Colombia 1mo
Colombian nun kidnapped in Mali in 2017 is freed Colombia 1mo
Colombian nun kidnapped in Mali in 2017 is freed Colombia 1mo
Colombian nun kidnapped by jihadists in Mali in 2017 is freed Colombia 1mo
Colombian nun released in Mali after four years in captivity Colombia 1mo
Mali has evidence French forces train militant groups on its territory, country’s prime ministe... France 1mo
Mali accuses France of training ‘terrorists’ in the country France 1mo
fly Bundeswehr must drinking water for soldiers to Mali: After water controls Germany 1mo
General Christophe Gomart: "I'm not sure that imposing our democracy and its values ​​works" France Afghanistan 1mo
In the street, in Mali, the critics of Macron arouse bitterness France 1mo
Choguel Maïga, a boutefeu at the Sahel France 1mo
Mali: the endless waiting for the relatives of Journalist Olivier Dubois, removed six months ag... 1mo