Elisabeth Borne

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France's pension reform will come after a tight vote France 4d
France's government only briefly survived vote of no confidence France 4d
France: Government survives briefly no confidence vote France 4d
Does Borne survive the vote of no confidence in France? France 5d
French government faces make-or-break vote after pension reform uproar France 5d
Protest in Paris after pension reform pushed through France 1w
French government forces through pension reforms sparking anger in parliament France 1w
Macron opts to force pension bill through Assemblée with no vote France 1w
French government to use special procedure to adopt pension bill without vote France 1w
The Harrowing Personal Story France’s Prime Minister Rarely Tells France 1mo
French PM offers to ease pension overhaul for conservatives' backing France 1mo
France’s PM Borne offers to partially change pension reform for conservatices backing France 1mo
France studying whether to send Leclerc tanks to Ukraine France Ukraine 1mo
France plans to raise retirement age to 64, angering labor – DW – 01/10/2023 France 2mos
France seeks to push through unpopular rise in retirement age to 64 France 2mos
France to raise retirement age to 64, Prime Minister Borne says France 2mos
France to raise retirement age to 64 by 2030 in controversial pension reform France 2mos
French PM to unveil pension changes that upset many workers France 2mos
Macron’s pension reform: Necessary changes to an unsustainable system? France 2mos

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Perspective - ‘No support in the population’ for France’s pension reform, political analyst say... France 2mos
Germany, France pledge mutual support to avert energy crunch Russia Germany France Ukraine 3mos
In Berlin, France and Germany display their rapprochement Germany France 4mos
France's government gives the parliament a muzzle in the budget debate France 5mos
Lithuanian, French PMs discuss support for Ukraine, energy security France Ukraine Lithuania 5mos
Algeria, France hail ‘new dynamic’ in economic ties France Algeria 5mos
Elisabeth Borne wants to launch "denser cooperation" with Algeria France Algeria 5mos
French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne leads delegation to Algeria France Algeria 5mos
French PM leads delegation to Algeria as ties ease France Algeria 5mos
French PM Borne heads to Algeria in push for better ties France Algeria 5mos
Elisabeth Borne goes to Algiers to consolidate Franco-Algerian warming 5mos
The thorny challenge of economic cooperation with Algiers France Algeria 5mos
France announces disposing of Ukraine more active. But companies from this country are still ru... Russia France Ukraine 5mos
In the National Assembly, the government confirms its support for Ukraine and aims at the RN an... Russia France Ukraine 5mos
France confirms its ambitions in space France 6mos
French PM says companies may face energy ‘rationing’ this winter France 6mos
France facing 'most severe drought' in its history, PM says France 7mos
France creates crisis task force amid worst drought on record France 7mos
French PM Borne backs enshrining abortion rights in constitution France 9mos
France's Macron seen winning parliament majority but PM Borne unpopular, poll shows France 9mos
Elisabeth Borne and Clement Beaune: "The time has come to strengthen social Europe" France 1yr
France mandating masks at all workplaces as virus reawakens France 2yrs
Bear shot dead in French Pyrenees, government to press charges France 2yrs
Air France must slash domestic traffic in exchange for state aid, minister says France 2yrs
France wants its citizens to holiday at home this summer France 2yrs
France plans new tax on outbound flights, airline shares fall France 3yrs
Elisabeth Borne, on the tunnel Lyon-Turin: "It is necessary that a decision intervenes now" 4yrs
Yes to the tunnel, but the high speed sled. France also has its plan B France 4yrs
Paris worries about a European project on "post Brexit" exchanges with Ireland Ireland France 4yrs