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At least 102 killed in massacre in western Ethiopia after Abiy visit Ethiopia 1mo
Ethiopia's Tigray region regains some services as PM Abiy seeks to show normality Ethiopia 1mo
Ethiopia's Abiy denies guerrilla war emerging in Tigray Ethiopia 1mo
Ethiopia’s Abiy denies ‘insurgency’ emerging in Tigray Ethiopia 1mo
Abiy’s efforts to unify Ethiopia could lead to its disintegration Ethiopia 1mo
Hate speech in Ethiopia: Abiy Ahmed resurrects old demons Ethiopia 1mo
Tigray leader urges Ethiopian PM to withdraw troops from region Ethiopia 1mo
Ethiopia's Abiy denies civilian killings in Tigray conflict Ethiopia 1mo
UN: Military’s victory in Tigray does not signify end of Ethiopia conflict Ethiopia Eritrea 1mo
‘Stop the madness,’ Tigray leader urges Ethiopia’s PM Ethiopia 1mo
Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Authorities hunt for TPLF leadership Ethiopia 1mo
Ethiopian army takes ‘full control’ of Tigray capital, Abiy says Ethiopia 1mo
Ethiopia's Abiy says army enters Tigray capital Ethiopia 1mo
Offensive in northern region: Ethiopian military attacks capital of Tigray Ethiopia 1mo
Ethiopia’s Abiy meets African Union envoys, rejects talks with Tigray leaders Ethiopia 1mo
Ethiopia's government can win the war with tanks, but not the peace Ethiopia 1mo
In Ethiopia, Prime Minister Abiy orders final offensive against Tigray authorities in Makale Ethiopia 1mo
Ethiopia to begin ‘final phase’ of Tigray offensive: PM Abiy Ethiopia 1mo
Ethiopian PM Abiy urges non-intervention in Tigray conflict Ethiopia 1mo

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Will the Tigray conflict strengthen Abiy’s hand in Ethiopia? Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopia: Tigray leader rejects surrender ultimatum, says people are 'ready to die' Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopia's army chief accuses WHO head of backing rebels Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopia Tigray crisis: Abiy issues ‘ultimatum’ as civilians flee fighting Ethiopia 2mos
Peace was swift in Ethiopia under Abiy. War was, too. Ethiopia Eritrea 2mos
Ethiopia's Abiy vows 'final' phase in Tigray conflict Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopia’s PM Abiy promises ‘final’ offensive into Tigray Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopia appoints new Tigray leader, Amnesty reports ‘massacre’ Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict explained in 500 words Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopia's Abiy replaces army chief as casualties mount in Tigray conflict Ethiopia 2mos
In escalating conflict, people of Ethiopia’s Tigray risk displacement, UN says Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopia's Tigray conflict: A powder keg waiting to explode Ethiopia 2mos
Military escalation in Ethiopia: is the strategically important multi-ethnic state on the Horn... Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopia's Tigray conflict: a powder keg waiting to burst Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopia’s military carries out airstrikes in Tigray as Abiy moves to impose federal control ov... Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopia on brink of war as conflict with Tigray region escalates Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopia: Abiy vows to continue Tigray offensive Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopia's Abiy resists diplomatic pressure to halt offensive Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopia nears war in Tigray as Abiy sends in troops Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopian government sends military to Tigray region Ethiopia 2mos
Tensions in Ethiopia: Prime Minister Abiy sends soldiers to breakaway region Ethiopia 2mos
Breaking: National defense forces given order to "start military offensive against TPLF": PM Ab... 2mos
Ethiopian PM Abiy accuses TPLF of camp ‘attack’, vows response Ethiopia 2mos
Ethiopia’s Tigray blocks general’s appointment in blow to Abiy Ethiopia 2mos
Governing party in Ethiopia's Tigray sweeps regional polls Ethiopia 4mos
Ethiopia's Tigray region defies PM Abiy with 'illegal' election Ethiopia 4mos
Ethiopia's influential diaspora split on Abiy Ethiopia 6mos
Ethiopia PM secures big coronavirus support for Africa from Jack Ma | Africanews Ethiopia 10mos
Trump takes partial credit for Ethiopian prime minister's Nobel Peace Prize Ethiopia Egypt Eritrea 1yr
Eritrean protest hits Ethiopia PM in Stockholm: 'Nobel Prize ... not rhetoric!' | Africanews Ethiopia Norway Eritrea 1yr
Ethiopia's Abiy says protests' death toll rises to 86 Ethiopia 1yr
Ethiopia PM Abiy says death toll from recent protests rises to 86 Ethiopia 1yr
Fractures appear in Ethiopia’s ethno-political mosaic Ethiopia 1yr
Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed issues warning over Egypt dam threat Ethiopia Egypt 1yr
PM Abiy says Ethiopia ready to hold elections in 2020 Ethiopia 1yr
Ethiopia’s path to prosperity opens under Abiy Ethiopia 1yr
A son and father reunited, like many under Nobel winner Abiy's Ethiopia-Eritrea peace deal Ethiopia 1yr
Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopian Prime Minister Ethiopia 1yr
Ethiopia's Abiy wins Nobel award: How the world reacted Ethiopia 1yr
Ethiopia 'proud as a nation' over Nobel Peace Prize: PM Abiy's office Ethiopia 1yr
Nobel Peace Prize 2019 awarded to Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopian Prime Minister who helped end standoff... Ethiopia Eritrea 1yr
What’s behind Ethiopia’s recent political violence ? Ethiopia 1yr
Ethiopia's ethnic violence shows Abiy's vulnerability Ethiopia 1yr
'Lost them forever': Ethiopia pays tribute to slain army chief Ethiopia 1yr
Ethiopia’s ethnic infighting threatens Abiy liberal reforms Ethiopia 1yr
After alleged coup attempt: no one is safe in Ethiopia | NZZ Ethiopia 1yr
Ethiopia 'coup ringleader on the run' Ethiopia 1yr
Ethiopian military chief shot dead by own bodyguard in 'failed coup' Ethiopia 1yr
Ethiopia hit by regional ‘coup’ attempt Ethiopia 1yr
Ethiopia PM Abiy in Sudan to meet with chief of military council Ethiopia Sudan 1yr
Ethiopia PM Abiy in Sudan to meet with chief of military council Ethiopia Sudan 1yr
The next year will test if Abiy Ahmed will be Ethiopia’s best hope for stability Ethiopia 1yr
Abiy's year one: Ethiopia's best hope for stability Ethiopia 1yr
Abiy's year one: Ethiopia faces the threat of ethnic conflict Ethiopia 1yr
Is Ethiopian PM Abiy's reform drive running out of steam? Ethiopia 1yr
Ethiopia's presidential press pledge: Has Abiy kept his promises? Ethiopia 1yr
Ethiopian ethnic rivalries threaten Abiy’s reforms Ethiopia 1yr
Abiy's Ethiopia pardons 13,000 accused of treason or terrorism Ethiopia 2yrs
Ethiopia's ethnic conflicts destabilize Abiy's reforms Ethiopia 2yrs
Africa's history makers in 2018 Ethiopia 2yrs
Ethiopia PM promises free election as he meets opposition parties Ethiopia 2yrs
Ethiopia in transition: The enigmatic Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ethiopia 2yrs
The Ethiopians on the rise | NZZ Ethiopia 2yrs
Ethiopia 'Sets the Standard' With Election of First Female President and a Gender-Balanced Cabi... Ethiopia 2yrs
'Women do make a difference:' Ethiopian lawmakers elect 1st female president US Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia 2yrs
Ethiopia Gets Its First Female President Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia 2yrs
Ethiopia's new Cabinet 50 percent women, including defense Ethiopia 2yrs
Ethiopia's ruling coalition re-elects PM Abiy as chairman Ethiopia 2yrs
How Ethiopia’s history of ethnic rivalry is destabilizing its reform gains Ethiopia 2yrs
'Abiy could change everything': Ethiopia's democratic awakening | Tom Gardner and Charlie Rosse... Ethiopia 2yrs
Ethiopia: Talk of peace fails to quell ethnic clashes Ethiopia 2yrs
Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed ready to open new chapter in Eritrea ties Ethiopia Eritrea 2yrs