Omar al-Bashir

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Sudan approves first budget since US terror delisting US Sudan 5d
Sudanese army retake border area with Ethiopia | Africanews Ethiopia Sudan 3w
Well-reviewed Sudanese film nation's 1st Oscar submission Sudan 4w
Sudanese protesters mark anniversary of anti-Bashir uprising Sudan 1mo
Sudanese protesters mark anniversary of anti-Bashir uprising Sudan 1mo
US removes Sudan from terror sponsors list US Israel Sudan 1mo
Sudan's last democratically elected prime minister dies of Covid-19 Sudan 1mo
Omar Bashir: ICC delegation begins talks in Sudan over former leader Sudan 3mos
Sudan’s Bashir trial adjourned to September 22 Sudan 4mos
Sudan declares state of economic emergency due to fall of currency Sudan 4mos
Sudan signs peace deal with key rebel groups, some hold out Sudan 4mos
Sudan signs peace agreement with key rebel groups Sudan 4mos
Sudan military, civilian rulers trade blame for economy Sudan 4mos
US secretary of state in Sudan to discuss normalisation of ties with Israel US Israel Sudan 4mos
Pompeo in Sudan, top US official to visit since uprising US Sudan 4mos
Sudan's Omar al-Bashir a step closer to being tried of war crimes Sudan 5mos
Sudan’s Hamdok says government ready to cooperate with ICC over Darfur Sudan 5mos
Sudan, major rebel group sign deal to integrate rebels into army Sudan 5mos
Sudanese slam slow transition to democracy Sudan 5mos

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Trial of Sudan’s ousted Bashir delayed Sudan 5mos
In Darfur, civilians pay price in new wave of deadly violence Sudan 5mos
Sudan finds mass grave likely linked to foiled 1990 coup Sudan 5mos
'Thank you, our glorious revolution': activists react as Sudan ditches Islamist laws Sudan 6mos
Sudan declares emergency in North Darfur state after violence erupts Sudan 6mos
Protesters hit Sudan streets calling for political reforms Sudan 6mos
Protesters return to Sudan streets, calling for more reforms Sudan 6mos
Sudan finds mass grave believed to be linked to 1998 killings Sudan 7mos
Sudan committee seizes Bashir's bank account, closes FX bureaus Sudan 7mos
Sudan says three jailed members of ousted Bashir regime have coronavirus Sudan 7mos
Sudanese corruption committee confiscates Bashir family properties Sudan 8mos
Will Sudan's former leader Omar al-Bashir face trial at the ICC? Sudan 11mos
Sudan’s former dictator may finally face justice for the Darfur genocide Sudan 11mos
Sudan to send toppled leader Omar al-Bashir to face war crimes charges at The Hague Sudan 11mos
Sudan's Omar al-Bashir to be handed over to ICC Sudan 11mos
Sudan government forces quell armed protest by security agents Sudan 1yr
Sudan army quells mutiny by pro-Bashir troops Sudan 1yr
Sudan quells revolt of former spy service men after clashes Sudan 1yr
Sudan sentences 27 to death for torturing, killing of protester Sudan 1yr
Sudan sentences 27 intelligence agents to hang for teacher's killing Sudan 1yr
Sudan opens Darfur investigation into crimes by Bashir regime Sudan 1yr
Ousted Sudan President Omar al-Bashir sentenced to 2 years in correctional facility Sudan 1yr
Former president of Sudan sentenced to 2 years for corruption, money-laundering Sudan 1yr
Ousted Sudanese President Bashir sentenced to 2 years Sudan 1yr
Ex-Sudan strongman al-Bashir gets 2 years for corruption Sudan 1yr
Former Sudan president Bashir sentenced to two years in detention for corruption Sudan 1yr
Sudan's women hail end of strict public order law - BBC News UK Sudan 1yr
Sudan approves new law 'dismantling' Omar al-Bashir's regime Sudan 1yr
Sudan Moves to Dissolve Ex-Ruling Party, Repeals Public Order Law  Sudan 1yr
Sudanese women hope new government ends flogging, violence Sudan 1yr
Can Sudan and South Sudan find friendship? Sudan 1yr
Artists find creative freedom in post-Bashir Sudan Sudan 1yr
Sudan activists call for protest to disband old ruling party Sudan 1yr
Sudan: Copts See Hope in Appointment of First Christian Sudan 1yr
Hamdok urges US to remove Sudan from sponsors of terrorism list US Sudan 1yr
In new Sudan, women want more freedom, bigger political role Sudan 1yr
French foreign minister arrives in Sudan to meet new leaders France Sudan 1yr
Sudan court says trial of al-Bashir to resume next week Sudan 1yr
Sudan’s government, rebels agree on roadmap for peace Sudan 1yr
Sudan swears in 1st Cabinet since al-Bashir’s ouster Sudan 1yr
Sudan swears in new Cabinet, first since al-Bashir ouster Sudan 1yr
First Sudan cabinet since Omar al-Bashir sworn in Sudan 1yr
Sudan's new cabinet sworn in as nation transitions to civilian rule Sudan 1yr
Sudan’s cabinet sworn in, 1st since al-Bashir’s ouster Sudan 1yr
Millions hidden in palace room. 'Only the president had the key' Sudan 1yr
Sudan’s former president had a room full of millions of euros in his palace, office manager say... Sudan 1yr
Sudan's Bashir kept key to room with millions of euros, court hears Sudan 1yr
Sudan protests: Female activists call for recognition Sudan 1yr
AU lifts Sudan suspension saying it created civilian gov’t Sudan 1yr
Sudan names first government since al-Bashir ouster Sudan 1yr
Sudan PM Hamdok unveils first cabinet since fall of Bashir Sudan 1yr
Sudan PM names first Cabinet since removal of al-Bashir Sudan 1yr
Sudan announces first Cabinet since the military’s ouster of autocratic president Omar al-Bashi... Sudan 1yr
Sudan court accepts corruption charges against al-Bashir Sudan 1yr
Sudan Court Formally Indicts Al-Bashir on Corruption Charges Saudi Arabia Sudan 1yr
Sudan’s ex-president Bashir charged with illegal possession of foreign funds, corruption Sudan 1yr
Sudan's ex-president Bashir charged with corruption, holding... Sudan 1yr
Sudan court will resume al-Bashir trial next week Sudan 1yr
Sudan's deposed ruler Omar al-Bashir sits in cage in court for trial Sudan 1yr
Former president looks for a get-out-of-jail pass Sudan 1yr
Omar al-Bashir on trial: Will justice be delivered? Sudan 1yr
Ousted Sudan dictator Omar al-Bashir 'got $90 million from Saudi royals' Saudi Arabia Sudan 1yr
Sudan's army and main opposition announce joint ruling body Sudan 1yr
Sudan’s Bashir got millions in cash from Saudi royals, court told Saudi Arabia Sudan 1yr
Omar al-Bashir trial: Saudi Arabia gave £74m to toppled Sudan leader, court hears Saudi Arabia Sudan 1yr
Sudanese ex-leader Bashir in the dock as graft trial opens Sudan 1yr
Sudan: Omar al-Bashir corruption trial gets underway Sudan 1yr
Sudan's ex-President Bashir arrives for trial Sudan 1yr
Ex-Sudan president Omar al-Bashir in court on corruption charges 1yr
Sudan's ex-president Bashir arrives at corruption trial Sudan 1yr
Sudan's deposed ruler Omar al-Bashir faces trial over corruption Sudan 1yr
Sudan: Omar al-Bashir's trompe l'oeil trial Sudan 1yr
Omar al-Bashir to face corruption charges in court Sudan 1yr
In pictures: The women at the front of Sudan’s political protests Sudan 1yr
Sudan opposition and military sign final power-sharing accord Sudan 1yr
Omar al-Bashir’s trial will be a sham, but Sudan’s revolution is alive and well | Nesrine Malik Sudan 1yr
Sudan opposition to nominate economist Abdalla Hamdok for prime minister Sudan 1yr
Leave our graffiti on the walls, say Sudan protesters Sudan 1yr
Sudanese observe quiet Eid celebrations after crisis Sudan 1yr
The Interview - After Sudan's power-sharing deal, can the military be trusted? France Sudan 1yr
What does Sudan's constitutional declaration say? Sudan 1yr