Bernie Sanders

American politician, senator for Vermont more on Wikipedia

Sanders threatens to hold up $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus over ‘anti-worker’ bias 1d
Can social distancing hide Biden from voters until November? 1d
'The universe is collapsing': Bernie Sanders mocks Republicans over coronavirus aid – video 2d
'This Is a Massive Scandal': Trump FDA Grants Drug Company Exclusive Claim on Promising Coronav... 3d
Sanders raises over $2 million for coronavirus relief effort US 1w
Trump Admin Tightens Sanctions That Have Devastated Iran’s Public Health System US Iran 1w
Vorwahlen: Trotz weiterer Niederlagen will Bernie Sanders nicht aufgeben 1w
Opinion | Young Voters Outgrow Bernie Sanders 1w
Bernie Sanders is raising the prospect of postponing all primaries 1w
US primaries: Biden, Sanders battle for the Hispanic vote US 1w
Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders forget the name of coronavirus and refer to previous viruses 1w
‘Grotesque level of greed’: Jeff Bezos’ Whole Foods wants workers to pay colleagues’ sick leave... 2w
Bernie Sanders warns coronavirus deaths could exceed armed forces casualties in WWII 2w
Coronavirus deaths could top Second World War, Bernie Sanders says 2w
Biden and Sanders slam Trump administration's handling of the coronavirus outbreak – video 2w
Jane Fonda endorses 'climate candidate' Bernie Sanders in 2020 Democratic race 2w
Joe Biden predicted to win every primary on 'Big Tuesday' in bitter blow to Bernie Sanders 2w
Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden cancel rallies on night of Democratic primaries 2w
'The same old thing has failed my people': Why this black mayor in Mississippi is endorsing Ber... 2w

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Neil Young endorses "the real deal" Bernie Sanders for president 2w
Joe Biden attacks Bernie Sanders over 'you're full of s***' pile-on 2w
Warren staffers endorse Bernie Sanders: ‘Let’s persist together’ 2w
Follow our live Democratic primary results map 2w
Bernie Sanders condemns 'unacceptable' wait times at polls 2w
Joe Biden defeats Bernie Sanders in key states, making him clear frontrunner 2w
Joe Biden steams ahead of Bernie Sanders with primary victories – live 2w
Joe Biden hopes to cement lead in crucial Democratic primaries – GETAKA 2w
These Canadians can't vote in U.S. elections, but they're campaigning for Bernie Sanders US 2w
Rev. Jesse Jackson endorses Bernie Sanders 2w
Why don't more young people vote? 3w
Dow Soars Over 1,170 Points on Biden's Super Tuesday Victory 3w
Biden seals comeback with early Super Tuesday lead 3w
Bernie Sanders releases Super Tuesday ad calling for Palestinian rights Palestine 3w
Super Tuesday: Democrat establishment unites against Bernie Sanders as 14 US states hold primar... US 3w
Bernie Sanders' big brother Larry casts his vote in the Democratic Abroad primary in the UK, sa... UK 3w
Israel's UN ambassador calls Bernie Sanders an "ignorant fool" Israel 3w
For Bernie Sanders, radical views once extended to theories on what causes cancer 3w
Sanders responds to attack from Israeli ambassador: Israel policy must 'deal with the suffering... Israel Palestine 3w
Biden wins big in South Carolina but Bernie Sanders still leads delegate count 3w
Biden wins South Carolina, hopes for Super Tuesday momentum 4w
Bernie Sanders polling higher than Elizabeth Warren in her own state 4w
Trump rages at beloved Fox News after poll predicts Bernie Sanders election win as coronavirus... 4w
Decisive South Carolina win puts Biden at front of Democrats' centrist pack 4w
Joe Biden breathes new life into his campaign with landslide South Carolina win 4w
Brexit row: Bernie Sanders poised to FORCE Boris Johnson into accepting EU laws US 1mo
Bernie Sanders and the authoritarian double standard 1mo
Pelosi calls out Trump for 'name-calling' amid coronavirus crisis 1mo
Superdelegates threaten to spark Democratic civil war in bid to stop Bernie Sanders 1mo
Is Gmail biased against Bernie Sanders? 1mo
Priest behind anti-Trump blog explains why he's voting for anyone else in 2020 - even Bernie Sa... 1mo
Democratic leaders admit they may act to stop Sanders as Trump faces criticism over coronavirus... 1mo
Michelle Obama petitioned to run as vice-president to stop Bernie Sanders, report says 1mo
Indian Official Threatens to Interfere in US Election to Stop Sanders India US 1mo
Indian BJP Government General Secretary Threatens Bernie Sanders With US Election Interference. India US 1mo
Angered by Democrat leader’s criticism, BJP leader threatens party will ‘play a role’ in U.S. e... US 1mo
Mike Pence's 'Pray On It' Plan To Combat Indiana HIV Outbreak Resurfaces After Trump Taps VP to... US 1mo
Netanyahu on Bernie Sanders calling him a racist: ‘He’s wrong’ US 1mo
"Failure Of Leadership On Human Rights": Bernie Sanders On Trump's Response To Delhi Violence India US 1mo
BJP General Secretary Threatens Bernie Sanders With US Election Interference US 1mo
Opinion | Trump versus the Coronavirus 1mo
Opinion | Last Stand Against Bernie Sanders 1mo
‘Not a real Democrat!’ Florida lawsuit seeks to REMOVE Bernie Sanders from primary ballot 1mo
Sanders strengthens lead nationwide, edging out Biden among black voters as Bloomberg nosedives... 1mo
MSM’s insatiable anti-Sanders venom forces them to dig through archives & smear veteran America... US Russia 1mo
Sanders draws mixed reaction after branding Delhi unrest ‘anti-Muslim mob violence’ in attempte... US 1mo
Sanders parries attacks from all sides in Democratic presidential debate US 1mo
Blasted by Democratic rivals, Sanders holds his ground 1mo
Late-night laughs: Colbert remixes Sanders' debate line with '90s rap 1mo
Can Bernie Sanders beat Donald Trump? Here's the reality 1mo
Who will pay for Bernie Sanders' plans? 1mo
Bernie Sanders and the authoritarian double standard 1mo
Bernie Sanders: Who is he and where does he stand on key issues? US 1mo
Seventeen things Bernie Sanders believes 1mo
Bernie Sanders calls Benjamin Netanyahu a 'reactionary racist' US Israel 1mo
Can Bernie Sanders turn one of the most important states socialist on Super Tuesday? 1mo
Israel's Netanyahu pulls his punches after Sanders calls him a racist | Malay Mail US Israel 1mo
Sanders blasts Trump for 'failure of leadership on human rights' after Indian anti-Muslim riots India 1mo
Israel's Netanyahu pulls his punches after Sanders calls him a racist Israel 1mo
It’s not just Russia: The US intelligence community is also intervening in the 2020 election US Russia 1mo
Israeli foreign minister slams Sanders 'horrifying comment' Israel 1mo
Bernie Sanders slams Israel's Netanyahu as 'reactionary racist' in heated Democratic debate US Israel 1mo
Sanders: I'd consider moving embassy back to Tel Aviv - US & Canada US Canada 1mo
Sanders and Bloomberg come under attack in Democratic debate 1mo
Blitzkrieg Bernie? Sanders’ victory in Nevada like NAZI invasion of France – MSNBC’s Chris Matt... Russia France 1mo
‘2016 all over again for Bernie’: Trump blames Adam Schiff for ‘Russiagate’ Sanders leaks Russia 1mo
‘There’s a lot we could learn from Mordor’ – Bernie Sanders slammed for saying not everything w... US 1mo
‘Cringeworthy’ Biden attack ad ahead of South Carolina vote says Sanders didn’t back Obama’s 20... 1mo
‘Delete his entire campaign’: Bloomberg gets roasted after tweeting, then scrubbing, fake Berni... 1mo
‘Delete his entire campaign’: Bloomberg gets roasted after tweeting, then scrubbing, fake Berni... 1mo
Sanders: This is how we will fund 'Medicare for All' 1mo
Sanders: This is how we will fund 'Medicare for All' 1mo
Bernie Sanders and the 270 electoral vote question 1mo
The 1 thing that might slow down Bernie Sanders is a very, very long shot 1mo
Bernie Sanders and the 270 electoral vote question 1mo
The 1 thing that might slow down Bernie Sanders is a very, very long shot 1mo
MSNBC host urged to quit after comparing Bernie Sanders win to Nazi invasion 1mo
Pete Buttigieg alleges voting irregularities after Bernie Sanders triumphs in Nevada caucuses 1mo
Marianne Williamson endorses Bernie Sanders after calling Pete Buttigieg a ‘corporate tool’ 1mo
Fox News pundit blames Bernie Sanders for plunging stock market, despite experts blaming corona... 1mo
Video resurfaces of convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein calling Bernie Sanders sexist 1mo