Howard Schultz

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Xi asks Starbucks' Schultz to help repair US-China ties 1w
Chinese president asks former Starbucks boss to help repair US relations China US 1w
Starbucks can promote US-China trade, Xi Jinping says in letter to its ex-boss 1w
Xi Jinping wants Starbucks and Howard Schultz to help repair US-China ties China 1w
China’s Xi pens letter to Starbucks tycoon Schultz to help promote trade China 1w
Ex-Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz scraps 2020 presidential bid – live 1yr
Howard Schultz is ending his presidential campaign 1yr
Defend the 'rich guy': a handy guide to being Howard Schultz's social media manager 1yr
Howard Schultz knocks Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal as not gonna happen 1yr
Buffett: It'd be a 'mistake' for Howard Schultz to run for US president US 1yr
Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz criticized for saying 'I don't see color’ 1yr
If Howard Schultz wins in 2020, would he be a good president? 1yr
Whitman and Kerrey: What Schultz needs to have a real shot 1yr
Howard Schultz: the deflated billionaire 1yr
Ex-Starbucks boss slams Donald Trump amid speculation he will run as independent US 1yr
Opinion: Ignore the outrage — Howard Schultz would be smart to run as an independent US 1yr
Howard Schultz (net worth $3.4bn) wants people to stop using the word ‘billionaire’ 1yr
Presidential 2020: Bloomberg and Schultz, two billionaires in ambush 1yr
Presidential election: Howard Schultz, the billionaire who worries the anti-Trump 1yr

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Ex-Starbucks CEO heckled at book event 1yr
Jeremi Suri: The case for Howard Schultz 1yr
Dems hysteria over Starbucks CEO Schultz is all about power, not political views – Tucker Carls... 1yr
Stephen Colbert on Howard Schultz: 'What's the middle ground on baby cages?' 1yr
Howard Schultz's Presidential Goals Are Small-Scale - TIME 1yr
Former Starbucks boss: How dangerous is Howard Schultz America's Democrat? US 1yr
Perspective | Why billionaires with big egos now dream of being president - Washington Post 1yr
Howard Schultz called 'billionaire elite' by heckler in New York – video US 1yr
The former boss of Starbucks wants to challenge Donald Trump in 2020 1yr
‘Don’t help elect Trump, a**hole!’ Independent Howard Schultz heckled at bookstore event 1yr
As Howard Schultz ponders a U.S. presidential run, here's a look at other independent upstarts US 1yr
Howard Schultz denies a 2020 run as independent could re-elect Trump 1yr
He built Starbucks into a global brand, but can he conquer Trump? US 1yr
Angry Democrats call for Starbucks boycott after ex-CEO touts independent presidential run 1yr
Starbucks tycoon roasted over 2020 plan 1yr
Kruse and Zelizer: Starbucks CEO could re-elect Donald Trump 1yr
Howard Schultz’s presidential ambitions draw backlash 1yr
From Starbucks to the White House: Who is Howard Schultz? 1yr
Trump goes to ex-boss Starbucks US 1yr
Possible presidential bid by ex-Starbucks CEO has some Democrats fuming US 1yr
Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz confirms he's considering 2020 run US 1yr
Your Monday Briefing Afghanistan 1yr
Democrats fear Starbucks coffee king candidate Howard Schultz 1yr
Ex-Starbucks boss ponders presidental bid US 1yr
Ex-Starbucks boss Schultz considering US presidential candidate | NZZ US 1yr
Howard Schultz: Former Starbucks boss considering presidential bid 1yr
Ex–Starbucks CEO Could Get Trump Re-elected 1yr
Howard Schultz candidacy is Trump's 'best chance' in 2020, says Julián Castro 1yr
Democrats beg Howard Schultz not to run as independent: 'Too much is at stake' 2yrs
Former Starbucks chief exploring independent 2020 bid 2yrs
'Billionaire boys club': the challengers lining up to face Trump in 2020 2yrs
Starbucks in coffee sky US Italy 2yrs
Starbucks is opening its first store in Italy. Frappuccinos aren't on the menu US Italy 2yrs
From Starbucks to the White House? Howard Schultz can advance against Trump 2yrs
Starbucks entrepreneur and billionaire Howard Schultz wants to become American president US 2yrs
Will 2020 be a double shot of businessman candidates? 2yrs