Hillary Clinton

American politician, senator, and U.S. Secretary of State more on Wikipedia

Let us redefine evangelism after the Trump presidency US 18h
B.C. billionaire given the green light to sue Twitter over 'Pizzagate' tweets 1d
American civil war India US France Nicaragua Italy Iraq Jamaica 3d
Hillary Clinton says Trump should be impeached and ‘removed from office’ 3d
Opinion | All Donald Trump’s Deplorables 5d
Chinese socialite 'jumped to her death naked holding her daughter'  China 5d
Hillary Clinton trolls Trump with tweet after his Twitter ban 1w
HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media UK 1w
Tragic: Hillary Clinton posts accidental self-own with single emoji response to Trump losing Tw... US 1w
Joe Biden claims Barack Obama discouraged him from running for US President US 1w
Hillary Clinton casts electoral college vote for Biden 1mo
Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama condemn article targeting Biden's wife 1mo
Chelsea Clinton rushes to defend Sasha Obama's 'privacy' as photo goes viral 1mo
Hillary Clinton ‘proud’ to cast vote for Biden as elector while calling for Electoral College t... 1mo
Hillary Clinton: Republicans who humour Trump have no spine 1mo
‘She looks like a Make-A-Wish sponsor’: Fury as female football ace backed by Hillary Clinton w... 1mo
‘We have a deficit, they have a lot of oil’: Biden may tap career Russiagater with creative eco... 1mo
Barack Obama's memoir sells record 1.7 million copies in first week US 1mo
Trump FURY as team claims there was NO ‘orderly transition’ of power in 2016 Clinton loss 1mo

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Biden wants Blinken as Minister of Foreign Affairs US 1mo
‘Zero self-awareness’: Hillary Clinton walloped by critics after saying ‘one man’s ego’ has imp... US 1mo
Hillary Clinton on Trump’s delay of Biden transition: ‘It’s going to cost lives’ US 1mo
'She narrowly lost and he narrowly won': How Joe Biden did just enough to win the key states Hi... US 1mo
Biden’s ‘beholden to big money & defense industries,’ but pressure on him to heed progressive a... 1mo
Mr Magoo has gone. This Biden has a real vision 2mos
Obama says top aide called Hillary Clinton a 'f***ing vampire' 2mos
Hillary Clinton set to become Joe Biden's UN ambassador in return to politics US 2mos
Biden is projected to win Georgia and Trump gets North Carolina 2mos
Biden considers Hillary Clinton for UN ambassador role 2mos
Look who’s back: Biden could tap Hillary Clinton to serve as US envoy to UN US 2mos
Why Joe Biden’s victory in the US election is good news for Boris Johnson US Iran Ireland UK England 2mos
CNN's John Avlon breaks down the US election results US 2mos
Kamala Harris in a white suit, dressing for history US 2mos
'A culture that worships goddesses produces strong women': How Kamala Harris became the next VP US 2mos
Hillary Clinton celebrates a 'new page for America' as Biden wins US 2mos
HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media US UK 2mos
Hillary Clinton celebrates Trump’s loss and says voters REJECTED him US 2mos
Hillary Clinton celebrates Trump’s loss and says voters REJECTED him US 2mos
Biden elected but Trump does not budge: what next? 2mos
Hillary Clinton responds to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris victory 2mos
Hillary Clinton says, Biden's victory is "rejection" Trump US 2mos
NYT: Suburbs have turned their backs on Trump 2mos
Trump's old tweet resurfaces claiming 'one must lose with dignity' 2mos
Trump on track to receive most popular votes of any presidential loser in US history US 2mos
Video of Hillary Clinton's apt analysis of Trump's claims resurfaces 2mos
Why Pennsylvania is the battleground Joe Biden hoped he wouldn’t have to fight for US the states 2mos
American elections 2020: the Latin vote disappoints the Democrats US 2mos
Joe Biden doing WORSE than Hillary Clinton with key voters as Donald Trump eyes victory US 2mos
US election results: Pundits piled in before polling stations even closed US 2mos
Amanda Knox gets mixed reaction to joke about US election US 2mos
US election 2020: Inconclusive results point to days of uncertainty US 2mos
The New Statesman's US election prediction: Joe Biden has a 90 per cent chance of victory US 2mos
US presidential election night 2020: which states to watch when US 2mos
'We were so robbed': Loyal Hillary supporters celebrate voting for Clinton through Biden, vowin... 2mos
First village to vote in US election 2020 backs Joe Biden in a landslide US 2mos
US presidential election 2020: map the result US the states 2mos
Biden in the lead in the latest polls, doubts about correctness 2mos
Joe Biden's victory path gives him more margin for error than Donald Trump — and Hillary Clinto... 2mos
Is America finally ready for President Joe Biden? US 2mos
Road to 270: This is Trump's path to victory US 2mos
A fractured United States US UK Cuba 2mos
US elections. Biden keeps the lead at the end of the campaign, but how much to trust the polls? US 2mos
They call themselves 'Wives of the Deplorables' because their husbands support Trump 2mos
Hillary Clinton says she is an Electoral College elector in New York 2mos
What a Trump win will mean for Putin Russia 2mos
US elections 2020: one week before the presidential election, Obama begs the Democrats not to b... US 2mos
Never-Trumper Ana Navarro mocked for shaming third-party voters, after saying she’d write in he... 2mos
Hillary Clinton mocked 4 years after 'future president' birthday tweet 2mos
House Judiciary Committee trolls Hillary - Amy Coney Barrett confirmed 2mos
'I was born for that': Hillary Clinton says she'd handle Covid-19 better, but Trump & Russian m... Russia 2mos
Trump says Hillary Clinton had more energy and was smarter than Biden  2mos
The Countdown: Amy Coney Barrett v Hillary Clinton, and Lil Pump US 2mos
Polls: Trump is behind where he was at this point in 2016 2mos
Hillary says Trump winning re-election makes her physically sick 2mos
What record levels of voter turnout could mean for the US 2020 election US 2mos
Johnson has a way to build bridges with Biden US 2mos
Trump to bring Hunter Biden's ex-business associate Tony Bobulinski to final debate 2mos
Hillary Clinton shares prescient prediction she made about about a Trump White House in 2016 2mos
In the polls, "Joe Biden is in a much better position than Hillary Clinton was" France 2mos
Trump responds to Barack Obama's speech at Biden-Harris rally – video 2mos
The 2020 election has confirmed to China that democracy is a circus China 2mos
US Election 2020: Biden has big cash advantage over Trump as race enters final stretch US 2mos
US 2020 election: Donald Trump's grip on his white working class base is waning US UK 2mos
"NYT" in "Wyborcza". In spots, Biden beats Trump. Will that give him Arizona and Florida? 2mos
Exclusive: Biden might be ahead of Trump – but these polling numbers show a warning for the Dem... 2mos
‘Just crazy’: Trump compares claims Hunter Biden emails are Russian plot to Clinton's branding... Russia 2mos
Trump attacks Biden as 'boring' and a 'criminal' 2mos
Trump calls Biden's family a 'criminal enterprise' at rally US 2mos
US election: Are the polls missing something? US 2mos
Donald Trump gambles on flipping Nevada with focus on economy as pandemic leaves Vegas casinos... 2mos
Trump recycles 2016 rally attacks in final election push 2mos
US election: Are white women voters wavering on Trump? - BBC News US 2mos
Hillary Clinton says 'Americans are sick of the Trump reality show' 2mos
Hillary Clinton says 'Americans are sick of the Trump reality show' 2mos
Hillary Clinton’s Emails Exposed – ‘American Support for Political Islam and Chaos’ - The Jewis... US 2mos
Donald Trump says Joe Biden is part of a ‘corrupt family’ and makes Clinton look ‘amateur’ 3mos
Biden and Trump and the Polish matter. Can the voices of the Polish community stir up the Ameri... US Poland 3mos
Can Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump? India US Israel France UK Iraq Jamaica Ukrania 3mos
Trump attacks Hillary, yells at NBC, but admits he’s less famous than JESUS in raucous post-Cov... 3mos
Trump uses the script from 2016 US 3mos