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CPJ Urges Kyrgyz Lawmakers To Reject Russian-Inspired 'Foreign Agents' Bill Russia Kyrgyzstan 5mos
Gove to bring bill banning public bodies from boycotting Israel next week Israel 5mos
Victoria to ban public display of Nazi salute by end of the week 5mos
Watch: Angry hippo attacks wildlife photographers on safari US Botswana 5mos
Gates Foundation announces new funding for ‘low-cost’ mRNA vaccine in Africa 6mos
California governor vetoes bill that would have set a $35 cap for insulin 6mos
Singapore to go passport-free but what are the risks and could Australia follow suit? Australia Singapore 6mos
Hong Kong bill proposes allowing 8 year olds entry into billiard venues after 8pm 6mos
Speaker Kevin McCarthy faces ouster amid Republican infighting after stopgap funding Bill avert... 6mos
Stop-gap funding measure to avert US shutdown passes key hurdle | Financial Times US 6mos
Senate gathers to advance bipartisan stopgap spending bill to avert shutdown Ukraine 6mos
India's Modi hails Women's Reservation Bill as 'historic step' - but it may not take effect unt... India 6mos
Indian gov’t presents bill to reserve a third of parliament seats for women - Al Jazeera Englis... India UK 6mos
Bill for battling Adelaide's beach erosion could hit $150 million 6mos
Bill on transition to Latvian as instruction language in minorities' high schools did not viola... Latvia 6mos
Banks brace for California law mandating emissions disclosure | Financial Times 7mos
UK trade unions back boycotts of Israel over Palestinian oppression Israel UK Palestine 7mos
California becomes first US state to pass bill banning caste discrimination US 7mos
The United Kingdom is partly reversing on the control of encrypted messaging UK 7mos

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New Zealand: bill to allow under-18s to vote in local elections passes first hurdle New Zealand 7mos
Controversial Legacy Bill risks Northern Ireland peace agreement, say US senators US Ireland 7mos
Bill apparently aimed at halting criticism of Pakistani intelligence figures expected to become... Pakistan 8mos
NSW plans to introduce $5.5m fines for tax leaks following federal PwC scandal 8mos
Bank of England set to incur £150bn loss from bond sales after interest rate rises England 8mos
Netanyahu gets his controversial Supreme Court changes despite mass protests 8mos
Netanyahu gets his controversial supreme court changes despite mass protests 8mos
US lawmakers file bill urging accountability for Assad government US 8mos
US Republicans set up 'culture war' showdown with new defence bill - The Telegraph US 8mos
Ukraine Keeps Support in US House Despite Far-Right Effort - Bloomberg US Ukraine 8mos
Russian lawmakers pass bill outlawing gender reassignment Russia 8mos
Russian Duma passes draft law banning gender change Russia 8mos
Bill that could close Hong Kong trade offices in US advances in Senate US 8mos
Bill on the restoration of nature: decisive day in the European Parliament 9mos
Small boats Bill debate can't rival game of 'guess the BBC presenter' - The Telegraph 9mos
Opinion | Who Says Justice Thomas Benefited From Affirmative Action? 9mos
Google to pull its news service from Canada - Financial Times Canada 9mos
Google to scrap local news links in Canada over Online News Act - BBC Canada 9mos
TikTok to let parents filter out videos they don't want their children to see UK 9mos
Climate and biodiversity: the crucial challenges of the European Restoration of Nature Bill 9mos
Facebook and Instagram to restrict news access in Canada - BBC Canada 9mos
Bill to help finance a Las Vegas ballpark for Oakland A's passes Nevada Senate, heads to Assemb... 9mos
HRW Calls On Kyrgyz Lawmakers To Withdraw Controversial 'Foreign Agents' Bill Russia Kyrgyzstan 10mos
Opinion | Don’t Give Away the Farm Bill 10mos
The House Passed the Bill. Who Won? 10mos
House votes to approve McCarthy-Biden deal as opposition collapses 10mos
Biden and McCarthy’s debt ceiling deal expected to go to full House vote today – live 10mos
US revokes visas after Museveni signs tough anti-gay Bill into law - NewsDay US Uganda 10mos
Japan raises age of consent to reform sex law as former teen stars seek change Japan 10mos
Republican bill requiring display of Ten Commandments in Texas schools fails 10mos
Bill releasing funds to boost defense spending approved by Lower House 10mos
IsDB launches second phase of lives and livelihoods fund to support 32 member countries 10mos
Street artist claims he created ‘Banksy artwork’ bought for £250,000 11mos
Bill passes allowing Hong Kong to ban overseas lawyers from national security cases 11mos
Hong Kong can learn from Britain in protecting children from online porn UK 11mos
Uganda’s parliament passes mostly unchanged anti-LGBTQ bill Uganda 11mos
Bill stopping Hong Kong bosses from raiding MPF funds to take effect in 2025 11mos
Liberals' online streaming Bill C-11 passes Parliament 11mos
Germany plans to ban installation of most oil and gas heating from 2024 Germany 11mos
WhatsApp and other encrypted messaging apps unite against law plan UK 11mos
Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern call for return of Stormont power sharing Ireland UK 11mos
Lawyers' moot gives Constitution primacy over parliament - Newspaper - DAWN.COM - Pakistan 11mos
As Putin signs new law on draft, Russia says spring call-up is running as planned - Reuters Russia UK 11mos
Govt rejects SC’s decision barring implementation of bill clipping CJP’s powers - ARY NEWS Pakistan 11mos
Putin signs Bill allowing electronic conscription notices Russia Ukraine 11mos
Russia: Bill to allow electronic conscription notices passes Russia Ukraine 11mos
Republican lawmakers approve six-week abortion ban in Florida 11mos
Unions fear ministers may backtrack on UK worker protection bill UK 1yr
Donald Trump could end up running the US from prison – what a fitting next step that would be i... US 1yr
'I have to lie low. I'm totally on edge': Uganda's club scene fears anti-gay law - The Guardian Uganda Indonesia 1yr
Paris rubbish strike ends as pension protest turnout falls France 1yr
'I have to lie low. I'm totally on edge': Uganda's club scene fears anti-gay law - The Guardian Uganda 1yr
Why candy lovers shouldn’t panic over California’s ‘Skittle ban’ 1yr
Macron wants French pension plan implemented by ‘end of year’ France 1yr
Ugandan parliament passes Bill to jail gay people Uganda 1yr
Protests continue in France after Macron forces through pension plan France 1yr
French government fights to survive against two confidence motions France 1yr
Migration policy to 'seal off all loopholes' as officials work towards deportation flights 'by... UK 1yr
Wyoming becomes first US state to outlaw use of abortion pills US 1yr
Bill banning import of hunting trophies into UK passed by MPs UK 1yr
Your Friday Briefing: Macron Pushes Through Pension Bill South Korea Japan Ukraine Poland 1yr
Video: Macron Forces Through Pension Reform Bill France 1yr
Moldovan Parliament Approves Final Reading Of Romanian Language Bill Romania Moldova 1yr
Macron shuns parliament to force through French retirement Bill France 1yr
Meta to end Canadians’ access to news on Facebook and Instagram if Bill C-18 becomes law 1yr
Encryption is under attack, and the Online Safety Bill isn't the only culprit 1yr
Bill to punish criticism of Russian 'volunteer fighter groups' Russia 1yr
Bill restricting electric car stores now law in Mississippi 1yr
UK advances Illegal Migration Bill as protests continue UK 1yr
Bill sharply curbing court’s powers to strike down laws said headed for Knesset vote - The Time... 1yr
Controversial judicial law passes first vote in Israeli Knesset Israel 1yr
Bowen calls for compromise on Labor's climate policy, as final vote on the legislation looms 1yr
Bill Submitted To Russian Lawmakers Raising Draft Age To 21 Years Old Russia 1yr
Georgians Bicker Over Course Of Protests After Pulling Of Controversial 'Foreign Agent' Bill 1yr
Georgia's Parliament Votes To Revoke Controversial 'Foreign Agents' Bill 1yr
Georgian Lawmakers Brawl Over Controversial 'Foreign Agent' Bill Georgia 1yr
Moldova's Parliament Approves Turbulent First Reading Of Romanian Language Bill Romania Moldova 1yr
Will Joe Biden ban TikTok? China US 1yr
There may be an 86-year age gap, but that didn't stop Finn and Bill bonding over a special proj... 1yr
The Last-Minute Retirement Plan Moves That Can Cut Your Tax Bill 1yr
Signal would 'walk' from UK if Online Safety Bill undermined encryption UK 1yr