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More elephants in Southern Africa than previously thought: survey Zimbabwe Namibia Angola Zambia 3w
Elephant corridors: The busy trunk routes where locals take care to cross 1mo
Five new ways to see Africa Zimbabwe 1mo
De Beers prospects blemished after Botswana cuts new diamond deal 2mos
Botswana's President wants a better diamond deal-NZZ accent 2mos
A big cat is on the loose in Berlin - and the locals fear their pet dogs are 'ideal lion food' 2mos
Major African diamond producer secures better deal with De Beers 2mos
Botswana and De Beers Sign Deal to Continue Rich Diamond Partnership 2mos
De Beers and Botswana strike deal on diamond sales after tense talks 2mos
Botswana Supplies the World With Diamonds. It Wants More of the Profits. 2mos
SADC countries scrap roaming charges – DW – 06/16/2023 Malawi Zimbabwe Zambia 3mos
Botswana supports Saudi Arabia’s bid to host World Expo 2030 in Riyadh Saudi Arabia 4mos
Botswana seeks better De Beers deal after taking Belgian processor stake Belgium 5mos
Africa’s top diamond producer threatens to cut out De Beers – Bloomberg Belgium 6mos
Botswana seeks bigger cut from diamond giant 6mos
Deepfakes worrying threat to democracy in Africa, says report | News24 Kenya South Africa Egypt Mauritius 7mos
Josep Borrell: "Wagner in Africa has become the Praetorian Guard of Military Dictatorships" Russia South Africa Ukraine 7mos
How a Zimbabwean startup is going regional Kenya Zimbabwe Namibia 8mos
Botswana’s ex-leader Khama asks court to set aside arrest warrant 8mos

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Botswana issues arrest warrant for former president Ian Khama 8mos
Botswana issues arrest warrant for ex-President Ian Khama 8mos
Bite Club not just for shark attack survivors as Australian mauled by lion finds support Australia 8mos
Ian Khama: Botswana issues arrest warrant for former president 8mos
Here are Africa's most innovative countries in 2022 Kenya South Africa Morocco Tunisia Mauritius 9mos
Saudi minister meets with President of Botswana in Gaborone Saudi Arabia Republic of Botswana 10mos
Bitcoin Trading Connection with Botswana 11mos
German Africa Prize won by scientists who identified omicron – DW – 10/25/2022 Germany South Africa 11mos
Scientists who identified omicron win German Africa Prize – DW – 10/25/2022 Germany South Africa 11mos
African Moot: Africa’s biggest mock court competition 1yr
Trophy hunter 'paid $50,000 to kill one of Botswana's biggest elephants' 1yr
Biggest elephant in Botswana killed by trophy hunters for 8ft tusks 1yr
Trophy hunters kill two of Africa's biggest elephants in Botswana - Africa Geographic 1yr
Botswana’s farmers fighting for survival in the Okavango Delta 1yr
UAE lifts travel ban to 12 African countries for vaccinated citizens Kenya South Africa Ethiopia Mozambique UAE Zimbabwe Congo Lesotho Nigeria Namibia Tanzania 1yr
Southern African Editors' Forum call for sanctions as Botswana mulls legislating freedom of spe... 1yr
UAE resumes entry for travellers from 12 African countries Kenya South Africa Ethiopia Mozambique UAE Zimbabwe Congo Lesotho Nigeria Namibia Tanzania 1yr
From Bhutan to Botswana, LGBTQ rights advanced in unexpected places in 2021 US Bangladesh Bhutan 1yr
Oman sets COVID-19 double jab entry requirement for visitors South Africa Mozambique Zimbabwe Lesotho Oman Namibia 1yr
Omicron variant: the United States will reopen on December 31 their borders to travelers from e... US South Africa Mozambique Malawi Zimbabwe Lesotho Namibia 1yr
Botswana holds second auction of elephant hunting permits | Polarbear | NewsBreak Original 1yr
Botswana achieves great success against child infections HIV 1yr
COVID-19: All countries on red list to be removed as 'less effective' in slowing Omicron South Africa Mozambique Malawi Zimbabwe Lesotho Nigeria Namibia Angola Zambia 1yr
Inside the Botswana lab that discovered Omicron 1yr
Botswana secures permits to shoot 83 elephants South Africa 1yr
Botswana holds second auction of elephant hunting permits 1yr
Omicron raises travel bans and vaccines inequity in pandemic politics South Africa 1yr
Nigeria added to Bahrain’s travel ‘red list’ South Africa Mozambique Malawi Zimbabwe Lesotho Nigeria Namibia Angola Bahrain Zambia 1yr
omicron: Omicron plunges the world into collective uncertainty US South Africa 1yr
The AP Interview: Scientist says omicron was a group find 1yr
Botswana’s leader says foreign diplomats who traveled from Europe were among the first known Om... South Africa 1yr
Covid latest news: European diplomats to blame for omicron spread, says Botswana 1yr
Botswana president: Bans are unacceptable, inhumane and demeaning 1yr
Egyptian Ministry of Health denies discovery of omicron variant in the country South Africa Ethiopia Mozambique Zimbabwe Egypt Lesotho Namibia 1yr
Botswana’s Government Loses Bid to Overturn Homosexuality Ruling 1yr
Gay Sex is Legal in Botswana, Appeals Court Affirms 1yr
Botswana upholds ruling decriminalising same-sex relationships 1yr
Botswana appeals court upholds ruling that decriminalized gay sex 1yr
Omicron: What we know about the new Covid variant 1yr
Two cases of Omicron discovered in Canada from African country not on US banned list US Israel Germany Netherlands Canada France UK Australia South Africa Italy Belgium Denmark 1yr
Botswana records new COVID-19 variant; urges calm as investigations continue - 1yr
Covid variant Omicron keeps spreading with cases found in Australia Israel Germany UK Australia Italy Belgium 1yr
Hungary to tighten controls on air travel from seven African countries South Africa Mozambique Hungary Zimbabwe Lesotho Namibia Swaziland 1yr
Top Botswana health official ‘very concerned’ about Omicron variant France 1yr
Oman, UAE and Egypt ban travelers from 7 southern African states over COVID variant South Africa Mozambique UAE Zimbabwe Egypt Lesotho Oman Namibia 1yr
Hong Kong boosts border controls for new Covid-19 variant, covers 8 African countries Mozambique Malawi Zimbabwe Lesotho Namibia 1yr
United States will bar travelers from 8 countries in southern Africa. US South Africa Mozambique Malawi Zimbabwe Lesotho Namibia 1yr
New South African corona variant surfaced in Belgium, concerns at experts South Africa Belgium 1yr
‘Worst ever’ Covid variant: What we know so far 1yr
Hong Kong blames passenger with ‘selfish mask’ for first case of new Covid variant South Africa 1yr
The new southern African covid variant further isolates the region UK South Africa Zimbabwe Lesotho Namibia 1yr
Scotland Covid travel rules change and red list countries added amid new variant fears South Africa Zimbabwe Lesotho Scotland Namibia 1yr
European countries ban travel to Southern Africa over new coronavirus variant Israel South Africa 1yr
‘Super mutant’ Covid strain found in Asia, Middle East Israel 1yr
Six countries to move onto Scotland's red list amid fears over new Covid variant South Africa Scotland 1yr
New B.1.1.529 Covid variant ‘worst one’ so far, UK says UK South Africa Lesotho Namibia 1yr
UK taking 'safety first approach' with travel ban over new COVID variant, says Shapps UK South Africa Zimbabwe Lesotho Namibia 1yr
What do we know about the new Covid variant and how worried should we be? South Africa 1yr
Fear for the new South African variant: England and Israel suspend flights Israel South Africa England Zimbabwe Lesotho Namibia 1yr
COVID-19: The United Kingdom will prohibit its territory with travelers from six African countr... UK South Africa Zimbabwe Lesotho Namibia 1yr
South Africa to be put on red list amid new Covid variant scare South Africa Zimbabwe Lesotho Namibia 1yr
British scientists warn of 'horrific' new COVID-19 variant; only 10 cases so far UK 1yr
Experts are worried about 'extremely mutated' new corona variant South Africa 1yr
New corona variant in Southern Africa South Africa 1yr
Fears new Botswana Covid variant could evade vaccines 1yr
New COVID variant concerns South African scientists South Africa 1yr
Fears new Botswana Covid variant could evade vaccines 1yr
Hong Kong records its first case of new Covid-19 variant from Botswana South Africa 1yr
Covid, new "horror variant": contains 32 mutations South Africa 1yr
COVID-19: New coronavirus variant B.1.1.529 identified in Botswana as scientists play down conc... 1yr
Botswana Earns $2.7 Million from Elephant Hunting 1yr
Scientists warn of new Covid variant with high number of mutations South Africa 1yr
Covid 'super variant' with 32 mutations found in South Africa, Botswana and Hong Kong South Africa 1yr
Global vaccines project to revamp rules after Britain got more than Botswana UK 2yrs
Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear Lancia 'waiting in a field' after failed attempts to buy car 2yrs
Diamond fever leads to find second giant stone 2yrs
Huge 1,174-carat diamond unearthed in Botswana 2yrs
Botswana unearths second huge diamond in weeks, becoming the third largest ever found 2yrs
World's third-largest diamond discovered in Botswana for second time in less than a month 2yrs
Botswana: Third largest diamond found in the world 2yrs
Botswana diamonds: second huge stone unearthed in a month 2yrs