Mateusz Morawiecki

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Estonian PM to Polish counterpart: We must not fall into the trap of Russian proposals Russia Poland Estonia 5d
Poland vows to stop EU’s ‘bureaucratic centralism’ Poland 4w
Morawiecki became the face of the EU war Poland 4w
17 Matthew Funny, last European 1mo
Scholz in Poland: The friendly sound does not obscure the differences Poland 1mo
Reparations and threats under the EU. What Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki talked to Chancell... Germany Poland 1mo
Scholz, Polish prime minister discuss migration, energy, EU Germany Poland 1mo
Poland to ask Germany’s new leader for help in stopping Nord Stream 2 Russia Germany Poland 1mo
Poland PM urges 'wake up' to destabilisation by Russia and allies Russia Poland 1mo
"Legitimation of his regime": Morawiecki criticizes Merkel's talks with Lukashenko Poland Belarus 1mo
Polish PM slams Merkel for talking with Lukashenko Germany Poland Belarus 1mo
Boris Johnson gives Poland’s populist prime minister ‘very odd’ thumb greeting Poland 1mo
"We will not give way to the EU blackmail." Mateusz Morawiecki presents his vision of Europe "L... 1mo
Poland to cut fuel and energy taxes in 'anti-inflation shield' Poland 1mo
Mateusz Morawiecki: "We show that we do our job, which we defend the eastern flank of NATO and... France Poland Belarus 1mo
Morawiecki with a visit to Macron in Paris. No details and news France Poland Republic of Poland 1mo
Hybrid attack on Belarus-EU border not showing any sings of abating Poland Estonia 2mos
Polish PM: Belarus migrant pressure greatest threat in 30 years Poland Belarus 2mos
Poland: Belarus crisis is 'greatest attempt to destabilize Europe' since Cold War Russia Poland Belarus 2mos

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Poland accuses Belarus of using migrants as 'weapons' Russia Poland Belarus 2mos
People used as 'living shields' in migration crisis, says Polish PM – video Poland Belarus 2mos
Poland Calls Belarus Migrant Crisis 'Greatest Attempt To Destabilize' Europe In Decades Poland Belarus 2mos
Polish PM urges NATO to take 'concrete steps' to resolve crisis at EU-Belarus border Poland Belarus 2mos
NATO must help solve Belarus border crisis, Poland’s PM demands Poland Belarus 2mos
Belarus migrant crisis: EU Council chief visits Poland Poland Belarus 2mos
Polish PM blames Vladimir Putin for Belarus border crisis Russia Poland Belarus 2mos
Poland accuses Putin of masterminding Belarus border crisis Russia Poland Belarus 2mos
Putin is directing Belarus in ‘staged’ migrant crisis on border, Polish PM claims Russia Poland Belarus 2mos
Migrant crisis on Polish border: 'We must help to secure the outside border' Poland Belarus 2mos
Brussels’ ‘blackmail’ of holding EU recovery funds hostage threatens Poland’s climate goals, Wa... Poland 2mos
Morawiecki threatens the Union "War". As a result, two speeds are threatened with the return of... 2mos
EU calls out Polish 'war rhetoric' in dispute over judicial reforms Poland 2mos
Polish Prime Minister warns European Union for Third World War Poland 2mos
Ombudsman after Moravian's interview: "There is no place for a war rhetoric" 2mos
EU should not begin a "Third World War" Poland 2mos
If EU ‘starts WW3’ against Poland by withholding promised funding, Warsaw will defend itself wi... Poland 2mos
Poland PM warns EU against starting 'World War Three' Poland 2mos
Morawiecki in "Financial Times": The EU puts on demands putting a pistol to the head Poland 2mos
EU summit to load pressure on Poland over rule of law Poland 3mos
Moravian only defended the extreme right. The process of tightening ties with Anti-Union intern... Hungary 3mos
In the Union, there is waiting for what Poland really is ready Poland 3mos
EU issues funding threat to Polish PM in heated debate Poland 3mos
Polish leader blasts EU over controversial rule of law dispute Poland 3mos
Polish PM accuses EU of ‘blackmail’ as row with Brussels intensifies Poland 3mos
In the dispute over the rule of law in Poland threatens the Leyen with sanctions of the EU Poland 3mos
Same reasons Brexiteers wanted out! Verhofstadt likens 'sinister' Poland row to UK EU exit UK Poland 3mos
VDL stunned as Poland chief brutally confronts her with German and French court rulings Germany France Poland 3mos
Ursula von der Leyen, Mateusz Morawiecki clash in European Parliament Poland 3mos
Polish Prime Minister brings out rock hard to EU: "Can ivory towers decide in Brussels what is... Poland 3mos
Polish prime minister escalates war of words with EU over rule of law Poland 3mos
Denim hard clash with Polish prime minister in Brussels Poland 3mos
Polish PM accuses EU of blackmail as row over rule of law escalates Poland 3mos
Polish PM accuses EU of 'blackmail' in clash with Von der Leyen Poland 3mos
Polish PM warns of ‘dangerous’ EU effort to control members Poland 3mos
Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in the European Parliament Poland 3mos
Polish PM faces EU questions over controversial court ruling Poland 3mos
EU at risk! Poland PM issues warning to bloc of ‘danger’ threatening union Poland 3mos
EU risks collapse if it blackmails us, warns Poland’s prime minister Poland 3mos
Morawiecki goes to Brussels to fight for money from KPO. What will the conversation about? 3mos
Poland faces humiliating U-turn after Prime Minister claims EU exit 'harmful myth' Poland 3mos
Usurpers! Polexit fears surge as Poland PM explodes at EU: 'Democracy is being tested' Poland 3mos
Polish PM accuses EU institutions of ‘usurping’ rights of member states Poland 3mos
"At a crossroads": Polish PM berates EU ahead of trip to European Parliament Poland 3mos
Polish prime minister accuses opposition of lying about 'Polexit' Poland 3mos
Warsaw Says Shots, Likely Blanks, Fired From Belarus At Polish Troops Poland Belarus 3mos
Morawiecki resigned from arrival in Budapest. Fortunately for Poland Poland 3mos
Poland PM defiant after EU imposes large fine over coal mine Poland 4mos
Poland hosts Lithuanian PM to discuss migration and security Poland Lithuania 4mos
Angela Merkel in Warsaw. PiS did not pretend kindness Germany Poland 4mos
Andrzej Duda did not want to meet Angel Merkel. "They just insulted. It's not suitable" 4mos
Migration conflict with Belarus: Poland Parliament approves exceptional state Poland Belarus 4mos
Polish Lawmakers Back State Of Emergency Over Belarus Border Crisis Russia Poland Belarus 4mos
Angela Merkel places a visit to Warsaw Germany 4mos
Morawiecki after talking to Stoltenberg: we evacuate 300 Citizens of Afghanistan Afghanistan Poland 5mos
Poland’s ruling coalition collapses as PM fires deputy ahead of key vote Poland 5mos
Poland's PM fires junior partner as coalition crumbles apart Poland 5mos
Polish PM triggers crisis by dismissing coalition partner Poland 5mos
Polish PM fires head of junior coalition partner from government Poland 5mos
LGBT activists block entrance to education ministry in protest against its chief 5mos
Brussels wants to withdraw the application for the recognition of the superiority of Polish law... Poland 7mos
Poland refuses to comply with EU order on coal mine  Poland 7mos
Czech Prime Minister: There are no plans to withdraw from TSUE lawsuit against Poland Poland Czech Republic 7mos
Polish mine will not be closed, PM vows after EU court order to cease coal extraction amid Czec... Poland Czech Republic 7mos
Like a fear, it's for ... European Union Poland 7mos
Polish PM in Vilnius urged fellow nationals to get vaccinated against COVID-19 Poland Lithuania 8mos
Morawiecki after meeting in Budapest: "Europe is on a crossroads, we want to help her" Italy 9mos
Morawiecki will meet Orbán and Salvini. They want to reorganize the European right Italy Hungary Poland 9mos
Moravian is silent about the Belarusian opposition. Lukashenka is happy Belarus 9mos
Prime Minister Morawiecki visits Paris. What is he counting on in a conversation with President... 10mos
Government crisis in Poland: Kaczyński's fragile alliance is shaky Poland 10mos
Nord Stream 2 is no ‘compensation’ for WWII, says Polish PM | Malay Mail Russia Germany Poland 11mos
Swiatłana Cichanouska: Strong Belarus is strong Poland Poland Belarus 1yr
What do they think in Paris about the Polish-Hungarian charge in Brussels? "It's just a defeat... 1yr
Merkel moderately satisfied. Poles and Hungarians in a victory tone 1yr
Second Polish veto canceled. The EU has approved a new climate target Poland 1yr
Poland's Justice Minister Ziobro: He has the Kaczyński legacy in mind Poland 1yr
Polish Prime Minister says extra summit may be needed to unblock EU budget deadlock Poland 1yr
‘Time for great challenge’: Poland has 60mn doses of Covid-19 jabs & will start vaccination nex... Poland 1yr
Europe: "The mechanism intended to protect respect for the rule of law by member states is a ci... Hungary Poland 1yr
Interview with Morawiecki: "The EU likes to react to Poland and Hungary" Hungary Poland 1yr