Mikheil Saakashvili

Georgian-Ukrainian politician, President of Georgia and Governor of Odessa more on Wikipedia

Georgia’s fugitive president shares tips on police reform with US, fails to mention prison rape... US 3w
Ukraine must drain corruption swamp, Saakashvili says in latest comeback Ukraine Ukrania 1mo
Georgian ex-President Saakashvili toasts appointment to Ukraine reform role Ukraine Ukrania Georgia 1mo
Mikheil Saakashvili appointed to spearhead reform drive in Ukraine Ukraine 1mo
Georgian ex-president Saakashvili to get Ukraine reform role: sources Ukraine Ukrania Georgia 1mo
Saakashvilli says Ukrainian President Zelenskiy is 'against thieves' Ukraine Ukrania Georgia 2mos
Saakashvili making new political comeback in Ukraine, Georgia threatens to recall envoy from Ki... Ukraine Ukrania 2mos
Massive cyberattack affects thousands of websites in Georgia 8mos
Georgia's Russia protests benefit Mikheil Saakashvili Russia 1yr
Kyiv Court Rules Saakashvili Eligible To Run For Parliament Ukraine Georgia 1yr
Saakashvili to run in Ukraine’s parliamentary elections Ukraine Georgia 1yr
Saakashvili, Party Colleagues To Run In Ukraine’s Parliamentary Elections Ukraine Georgia 1yr
Former Georgian president makes triumphant return to Ukraine Ukraine Ukrania Georgia 1yr
Saakashvili Back In Ukraine -- 'It's A Whole New Country' Ukraine Ukrania Georgia 1yr
Ex-Georgian leader Saakashvili stages triumphant return to Ukraine Ukraine Georgia 1yr
Georgia’s ex-president back in Ukraine; citizenship restored Ukraine 1yr
Citizenship Restored, Saakashvili Due To Return To Ukraine Ukraine Georgia 1yr
Saakashvili Praises Ukraine's New President For Restoring His Citizenship Ukraine Ukrania Georgia 1yr
Ex-Georgian leader gets Ukrainian citizenship back Ukrania 1yr

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Guess who’s back? Ukraine returns citizenship to eccentric former Georgian president Saakashvil... Ukraine Ukrania Georgia 1yr
Zelensky restores Saakashvili’s Ukrainian citizenship Ukraine Ukrania 1yr
Former Georgian president gets Ukrainian citizenship back Ukrania Georgia 1yr
Zelenskiy Reinstates Saakashvili's Ukrainian Citizenship Ukrania 1yr
Saakashvili Asks Zelenskiy To Reinstate His Ukrainian Citizenship Ukraine Ukrania Georgia 1yr
Zelensky victory ushers in new era for Ukraine’s post-Soviet politics Ukraine 1yr
Georgia's Ex-President Saakashvili Resorts To Swiftian Satire Georgia 1yr
Georgian Court Upholds Sentence Against Ex-President Saakashvili Georgia 1yr
Georgia elects the president. According to exit poll, a 66-year-old diplomat with French roots... France Georgia 1yr
Georgian Prosecutors: Saakashvili 'Authorized' 2008 Killing Of Opposition Tycoon UK Georgia 1yr
Saakashvili on Putin, Europe's weak leaders and a return to power 2yrs