Latest stories about Myanmar

At least 40 bodies found in Myanmar jungle area after army crackdown -media 2h
Myanmar U.N. envoy says personal security stepped up amid threat US 8h
Japan fully backs appointment of ASEAN special envoy to Myanmar Japan 11h
Myanmar diplomat alerts UN to alleged military ‘massacre’ 11h
Myanmar envoy alerts U.N. to alleged 'massacre' 14h
Myanmar's UN envoy accuses junta of township 'massacre' 14h
Myanmar’s UN envoy accuses military junta of township massacre 15h
Myanmar envoy alerts UN to alleged 'massacre' 16h
US amps up Myanmar UN envoy's personal security amid threat US 17h
After the military coup: Special sentiment should end myanmar crisis Brunei 1d
Divided Asean appoints Brunei diplomat as envoy to Myanmar Brunei 1d
ASEAN appoints Brunei diplomat as envoy to Myanmar Brunei 1d
Myanmar Is Not a Failed State, But a Failed Coup 1d
ASEAN ministers pick Brunei diplomat as envoy to Myanmar Brunei 1d
ASEAN urged to address Myanmar crises, shun army rulers 1d
Badly Needed Doctors In Myanmar Are Being Hunted By Military For Opposing Coup 1d
U.S. dismisses Myanmar election plan and urges ASEAN pressure China US 2d
US accuses Myanmar generals of ‘stalling’, urges ASEAN pressure US 2d
Singapore to contribute $135,000 to Asean efforts to aid Myanmar Singapore 2d

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Burmese Resistance to the Challenges of COVID-19 and Lack of Coordination 2d
UN calls Myanmar military actions moves away from democracy 2d
Will Myanmar’s military leaders keep promise to hold election? 2d
Refugees pushed to back of the line amid vaccine shortages India 2d
Myanmar's Military Leader Declares Himself Prime Minister And Promises Elections 2d
Myanmar urged to approve appointment of Asean special envoy 2d
Indonesia urges Myanmar to approve appointment of Asean envoy Indonesia 3d
Myanmar's military ruler declares himself Prime Minister, pledges to hold elections by 2023 3d
Myanmar general assumes prime minister role and again pledges election 3d
Myanmar's military ruler Min Aung Hlaing appoints himself Prime Minister 3d
Myanmar military extends emergency, promises vote in 2 years 3d
Myanmar’s military leader declares himself prime minister but promises elections in two years 3d
Myanmar military extends state of emergency, promises vote in 2 years 3d
Military ruler Myanmar promises new elections in 2023 4d
Myanmar junta chief takes charge of ‘caretaker’ government 4d
Myanmar’s military leader appoints himself PM but promises to hold elections 4d
Myanmar’s military leader promises to hold elections in two years 4d
Myanmar military leader says elections will be in 2 years 4d
Military Junta extends exceptional state in Myanmar 4d
Protests in Myanmar: Military regime extends exception condition 4d
Myanmar general promises to hold multi-party elections in 2023 4d
Myanmar: State of emergency extended with coup leader as PM 4d
Myanmar military leader takes new title of prime minister in caretaker government - state media 4d
Myanmar to hold elections in two years: Military junta leader 4d
Myanmar junta promises elections by 2023 4d
Myanmar military leader says elections will be in 2 years 4d
Myanmar junta chief says new elections in two years 4d
Myanmar will hold new elections in two years, junta chief promises 4d
Top Myanmar General Says Military Rule Will Continue Into 2023 4d
Myanmar army ruler pledges elections, ASEAN cooperation 4d
Military ruler Myanmar promises new elections 4d
Myanmar's military ruler vows to hold elections, six months after coup 4d
Myanmar’s military ruler promises multi-party elections 4d
In Burma, the leader of the Junta promises multi-stakeholder elections Burma 4d
Six months on, military-ruled Myanmar remains in turmoil 4d
When Thomson had to beat a military curfew to submit a uni paper, his dad drove like it was the... Australia 4d
Antony Blinken to court Southeast Asia in virtual meetings next week US 4d
Myanmar: Rights group slams junta ahead of coup anniversary 5d
Myanmar: An Uneasy Alliance 5d
Myanmar junta accused of crimes against humanity six months on from coup 5d
In Burma Covid-19 beats records, but for Junty, the maintenance of power is more important Great Britain Burma 5d
Residents: Myanmar leaders use pandemic as political weapon 5d
Japan denounces canceled 2020 elections in Myanmar Japan 6d
Guerrilla war in Myanmar: Man only dies once 6d
Myanmar leaders ‘weaponizing’ COVID-19, expert says 6d
Myanmar leaders 'weaponizing' COVID-19, residents say 6d
Myanmar junta 'weaponizing' COVID-19 pandemic, activists say 6d
Activists allege Myanmar leaders are 'weaponizing' COVID-19 6d
Myanmar democracy movement moves out of jailed Suu Kyi's shadow 6d
Doctors and nurses targeted in brutal Myanmar crackdown, U.N. warns 6d
UN warned of ‘dire’ COVID situation in Myanmar UK 6d
US urges UN Council to press Myanmar to return to democracy US 6d
Covid and a coup: The double crisis pushing Myanmar to the brink 6d
ASEAN must step up its role in Myanmar crisis | Opinion 6d
Strong, shallow earthquake shakes northern Myanmar Thailand 1w
Japanese physician bringing hope to doctorless villages in Myanmar Japan 1w
Myanmar junta urged to leave do-gooders alone as families fly flags for help 1w
Family of Australian prisoner detained in virus-hit Myanmar prison study new photos of him for... Australia 1w
Groups say Myanmar journalists in peril amid crackdown 1w
Police identify suspected NYC subway mugger killed Asian woman, 58 1w
Myanmar could become Covid ‘super-spreader’ state, says UN expert 1w
Is COVID-19 hampering Myanmar’s anti-coup movement? 1w
Myanmar junta seeks international cooperation over Covid-19 crisis 1w
Instead of the coronavirus myanmars military junta against the health personnel 1w
COVID and the coup: Myanmar in the grip of double crisis 1w
Coup-wracked Myanmar’s GDP expected to shrink 18%: World Bank 1w
World Bank predicts 18% shrink for Myanmar's economy 1w
Jailed by Myanmar junta, Oz economist ‘faces Covid risk’ Australia 1w
While the virus devours Myanmar, the junta wages war on doctors 1w
Swimmer sacrifices Olympics dream in stand against Myanmar’s junta | Kieran Pender 1w
China closing county near Myanmar for mass virus testing China 1w
Protest erupts at Myanmar’s Insein prison amid COVID outbreak 1w
In most places, COVID doctors are applauded. In this country, they're arrested 1w
Anatomy of a Massacre: How Myanmar’s Military Killed Dozens of Pro-Democracy Protesters - VICE 1w
Protest breaks out at prison in Myanmar's biggest city 1w
Burma facing the spectrum of malnutrition Burma 1w
Peaceful repatriation of Rohingyas to Myanmar remains uncertain 1w
Myanmar prisoners protest military with chants, songs 1w
Myanmar to use Chinese vaccines to fight COVID-19 in border area China 1w
As Myanmar battles Covid-19 surge, calls for aid without legitimising junta 2w
Myanmar junta accused of arresting doctors while Covid infections rise 2w