Lloyd Austin

United States Army lieutenant general more on Wikipedia

India and US to exchanges views on China next week China India US 3mos
Top Biden officials urge Congress to pass funding for Israel and Ukraine Israel Ukraine 3mos
Top Biden Administration Officials Urge Congress To Approve Aid For Both Ukraine And Israel Israel Russia Ukraine 3mos
Russia will succeed in Ukraine unless US support continues: Pentagon chief US Russia Ukraine 3mos
Russia Will Succeed In Ukraine Unless U.S. Support Continues, Says Pentagon Chief US Russia Ukraine 3mos
Lloyd Austin’s absence at Xiangshan Forum a missed opportunity: Chinese general China US 3mos
Watch live: Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin testify on Biden’s $106 billion request US 3mos
Israel-Hamas war: Its either us or them, says Israel defence minister US Israel 3mos
US launches strikes on Iranian-linked targets in Syria US Israel Syria 3mos
US strikes Iran-linked sites in Syria amid fears Israel-Hamas war could escalate US Syria 3mos
Blinken, Austin say US is ready to respond if US personnel become targets of Israel-Hamas war US 4mos
Pentagon sees threat to US troops in West Asia, beefs up military assets US 4mos
Hezbollah steps up attacks, IDF says, amid fears of wider conflict 4mos
UAE president holds phone call with US defense secretary US UAE 4mos
US sends 2nd aircraft carrier to Israel’s aid US Israel 4mos
Blinken and Austin bolster US support for Israel as potential ground offensive in Gaza looms US Israel 4mos
US pledges to back both Israel and Ukraine US Israel Ukraine 4mos
Opinion | Biden Should Win the War, Then Step Aside 4mos
Lloyd Austin says ‘evil’ Hamas are ‘worse than Isis’ as he meets Netanyahu in Israel US Israel 4mos

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Israel-Palestine war: US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin meets with Israeli counterpart Gallant... US Israel UK 4mos
Lloyd Austin says ‘evil’ Hamas are ‘worse than Isis’ as he meets Netanyahou in Israel US Israel 4mos
US ready to send more military aid to Israel, says Austin US Israel 4mos
US defense secretary is in Israel to meet with its leaders and see America’s security assistanc... US Israel 4mos
Zelenskyy visits NATO HQ for first time since Russian invasion | DW News - DW News Russia Ukraine 4mos
US defense secretary in Israel to meet with its leaders and see America's security assistance US Israel 4mos
US reaction: defense secretary says he is ‘closely monitoring’ attack in Israel US Israel 4mos
The US is using Russia’s playbook in Africa, but there’s a catch US Russia 4mos
The US Secretary for Defense Tances putschists in Africa US 4mos
Watch live as Zelensky makes first visit to US Pentagon since outbreak of Ukraine war US Ukraine 5mos
US defense chief urges nations to dig deep and give Ukraine more much-needed air defense system... US Israel Germany Ukraine 5mos
Ukraine War: 'Massive wave' of missile and drone attacks in Lviv - Sky News US Germany Ukraine 5mos
Watch again: Zelensky visits New York hospital - The Independent US Germany Ukraine 5mos
US says Ukraine needs urgent air defence support | Financial Times US Ukraine 5mos
Ukraine will get Abrams tanks soon – Pentagon US Ukraine 5mos
Ukraine Revs Up Diplomatic Push With Defense Meeting In Germany, Zelenskiy At UN Russia Germany Ukraine 5mos
US Army, Marines at risk without confirmed chiefs: Pentagon US 6mos
Lloyd Austin hit with suit by engineer claiming he was sacked for speaking in Hindi India 6mos
US calls on Russia to cease ‘irresponsible behavior’ in Syria after drone hit with flare US Russia Syria 6mos
US to help Australia develop guided missiles by 2025 US Australia 6mos
US stands against China’s ‘bullying’ behaviour, Pentagon chief says China US Australia 6mos
Two of the most powerful figures in US politics land in Brisbane for high-level talks US Australia 6mos
Pentagon chief urges Israeli consensus, action on settler violence US Israel 6mos
US: Biden nominates first woman to head US Navy – DW – 07/21/2023 US 7mos
US sending more warships, marines to Gulf to counter Iran’s efforts to seize commercial ships US Iran 7mos
Watch live: US defence sec holds news conference after virtual Ukraine Defense Contact Group me... US Ukraine 7mos
Ukraine Minister Calls Ban on Foreign Military Bases “Outdated,” Kyiv Preparing to Host Nato Tr... Ukraine 7mos
Pentagon chief condemns Republican senator for blocking military picks 7mos
Turkish, US defense chiefs discuss fighter jets, Sweden’s NATO bid US Sweden Turkey 7mos
US says Beijing’s sea moves ‘risky’ as Chinese ships ‘swarm’ Philippine reef China Philippines US 7mos
US says Beijing’s moves ‘risky’ as Chinese ships ‘swarm’ sea China Philippines US 7mos
Boris Pistorius in the USA: Lloyd Austin praises Ukraine aid US Russia Ukraine 7mos
Turkey blocks approval of NATO's Russia plans over Cyprus issue - In-Cyprus US Russia UK Turkey Cyprus 8mos
NATO meeting fails to approve first defence plans since Cold War - Reuters US UK Ukraine 8mos
As Ukraine presses counteroffensive, U.S. allies pivot to long-term needs US Ukraine 8mos
Ukraine live briefing: U.S. defense secretary in Brussels for meetings on Ukraine US Ukraine 8mos
US Defense Secretary lays groundwork for Indian PM’s Washington visit China India US 8mos
US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin in India: Visit to lay the ground for PM Modi's US visit | WI... China India US France UK 8mos
Shangri-La Dialogue: competing security visions from China and US China US 8mos
China, U.S. trade barbs over Taiwan after Beijing refuses private talks China US Taiwan 8mos
Security conference in Singapore: Washington warns China of attack on Taiwan China US Taiwan Singapore 8mos
Pentagon chief warns Taiwan war would be ‘devastating' China Taiwan 8mos
Shangri-La Dialogue: Chinese general hits out at Lloyd Austin over Taiwan China Taiwan 8mos
US defense chief slams China over rejected military talks – DW – 06/03/2023 China US 8mos
Ukraine live briefing: Moscow’s invasion is a warning for security in Asia, Pentagon chief says Russia Ukraine Singapore 8mos
Washington won’t stand for China ‘bullying’ US allies, Lloyd Austin tells security summit China US Singapore 8mos
US defence chief Lloyd Austin doubles down on security alliance push China India US 8mos
Anthony Albanese lands in Singapore for security forum ahead of Vietnam visit China US Singapore Vietnam 8mos
'Unfortunate' that Chinese counterpart declined talks: US defence chief China US 8mos
China still silent on US request for defence chief talks: senior official China US Singapore 8mos
Ukraine live briefing: Europe to run F-16 training for Kyiv; Bakhmut handover to Russian milita... Russia Netherlands Ukraine Denmark 8mos
Pentagon reveals value of military aid pumped into Ukraine US Ukraine 8mos
Ukraine pilots should begin fighter jet training in weeks, says US Sec Lloyd Austin Ukraine 8mos
Kyiv's Allies To Discuss More Military Aid As Russia Launches More Drones On Ukraine US Russia Ukraine 8mos
U.S., Ukrainian Defense Chiefs Hold Talks Ahead Of Contact Group Meeting US 9mos
McConnell opposes Alabama Republican's blockade of military nominees over Pentagon abortion pol... 9mos
U.S. seeks meeting with China defense minister after being spurned China US Singapore 9mos
Support for Ukraine accelerated in a show of continued unity at Ramstein - GOV.UK Russia France UK Ukraine 10mos
Distribution of weapons, production of Ukrainian missiles: Zelensky holds Staff meeting - Ukrin... Russia Ukraine 10mos
Ukraine War: ' NATO enlargement is the result not the cause of Putin's War '- Lloyd Austin - Sk... Ukraine 10mos
US to begin training Ukrainian troops on Abrams tank US Germany Ukraine 10mos
NATO leaders talk tanks, ammo and support for Ukraine – DW – 04/21/2023 US Ukraine 10mos
US defence secretary seeks to stem discord with allies over document leaks US 10mos
Live: Lloyd Austin hosts international Ukraine defence meeting at Ramstein Air Base US Germany Ukraine 10mos
Live: Lloyd Austin hosts international Ukraine defence meeting at Ramstein Air Base US Germany Ukraine 10mos
US defense secretary forecasts Sweden will join NATO by mid-July US Sweden 10mos
Biden preparing to send fresh shipment of ammo, missiles to Ukraine Germany Ukraine 10mos
US urges ratification of Sweden’s NATO bid US Sweden Hungary 10mos
Pentagon seeks to plug intelligence leaks US 10mos
Watch live: Lloyd Austin welcomes Ukrainian prime minister to Pentagon US Ukraine 10mos
‘Turn over every rock’: US vows to find source of intel leaks US 10mos
U.S. Will 'Turn Over Every Rock' To Find Source Of Leak, Says Pentagon Chief US 10mos
Pentagon chief grilled over leaks US 10mos
US tries to reassure allies after classified intel leak – DW – 04/12/2023 US 10mos
US, Philippines agree to complete security assistance road map in 5-10 years Philippines US 10mos
‘Not going to let our military be politicised,’ says Republican delaying nominees over abortion 10mos
US strikes Iran-backed facilities in Syria after drone kills American US Iran Syria 10mos
US Releases Video of Encounter Between Russian Fighter Jets and US Drone US Russia 11mos
Russian defence minister says Washington’s ‘increased’ spying led to drone incident US Russia 11mos
Ukraine live briefing: U.S. investigating ‘reckless’ drone incident; Kremlin aims to retrieve M... US Russia Ukraine 11mos
US defence secretary Lloyd Austin speaks with Russian counterpart over drone incident - Financi... US Russia France UK 11mos