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US military chief Gen. Milley resigns after turbulent term US 8mos
Mark Milley responds to Trump's suggestion he should be 'executed' for 'treason' - The Independ... US 8mos
Mark Milley responds to Trump’s suggestion he should be ‘executed’ for ‘treason’ 8mos
Top U.S. military officer Milley taking 'safety precautions' after Trump alleges treason US 8mos
As Gen. Milley steps down as chairman, his work on Ukraine is just one part of a complicated le... Russia Ukraine 8mos
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'Modern Day Patton' shoves off, finally! | Column China US Russia 8mos
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Russia to resume offensive in east Ukraine after regrouping, Kyiv says - Reuters US Russia Ukraine 9mos

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Milley: Ukrainians break through Russian defense line on southern front - Euromaidan Press US Russia Ukraine 9mos
US military nominations delay could embolden adversaries: Milley US 9mos
Was Prigozhin Killed in the Plane Crash? It Will Take Time to Confirm, Milley Says. Russia 9mos
Watch live: US defence sec holds news conference after virtual Ukraine Defense Contact Group me... US Ukraine 10mos
Ukraine Minister Calls Ban on Foreign Military Bases “Outdated,” Kyiv Preparing to Host Nato Tr... Ukraine 10mos
Ukraine strikes Putin's Crimea 'fortress' | Frontline - Times Radio US Iran Russia Ukraine 10mos
Xi undecided on whether to order Taiwan unification by 2027: Milley China Taiwan 10mos
Ukraine war aid: Austin asks U.S. allies to 'dig deep' - Reuters US Ukraine 11mos
U.S. Defense Secretary Austin promises to stand by Ukraine as ministers meet in Brussels - The... Ukraine 11mos
Bolstering Ukraine’s air defenses, other capabilities: Pentagon on upcoming Ramstein meeting -... US Ukraine 11mos
'No Magic Weapons': Milley Sets Expectations On F-16s - Defense One Netherlands Ukraine 1yr
F-16s might not win Ukraine's war, but they promise a more equal fight - Financial Times Netherlands Ukraine 1yr
F-16s won’t be a ‘magic weapon’ for Ukraine, Milley warns Netherlands Ukraine Denmark 1yr
For counteroffensive, Ukraine needs fighter jets, long-range missiles - Deputy Minister for For... US Ukraine 1yr
Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 403 of the invasion US Russia Ukraine 1yr
Not Stopping Russia in Ukraine Would Force 'Doubling' of US Defense Budget, Milley Says US Russia Ukraine 1yr
'General Milley only met US soldiers in Syria’s YPG-held areas' US Syria 1yr
Why top U.S. officials don't want to give Ukraine tanks US Germany Ukraine 1yr
Milley: Russia has 'significantly well over' 100,000 casualties in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 1yr
Top US general says Ukraine war has become an 'absolute catastrophe' for Russia, estimating it'... US Russia Ukraine 1yr
Top US general visits training site for Ukrainian soldiers US Russia 1yr
China Attacking Taiwan Would Be 'Mistake' Like Russia's in Ukraine, US General Says China US Russia Ukraine Taiwan 1yr
Milley: Odds that Ukraine achieves military victory 'not high' US Russia Ukraine 1yr
Milley tries to clarify his case for a negotiated end to Ukraine war Russia Ukraine 1yr
Milley tried to speak with Russian counterpart on Tuesday but was ‘unsuccessful’ Russia Poland 1yr
Biden administration working to clean up Milley remarks on Ukraine diplomacy US Russia Ukraine 1yr
Biden admin divided over path ahead for Ukraine as top US general Milley pushes for diplomacy US Ukraine 1yr
UPDATE 1-More than 100,000 Russian military casualties in Ukraine, top US general US Russia Ukraine 1yr
Milley calls Russia’s attack on Ukrainian civilian sites a ‘war crime’ Russia 1yr
Milley: China more aggressive, dangerous to US, allies China US Indonesia 1yr
Gen. Milley warns West Point graduates of 'increasing' risk of global war, 'robotic tanks' US 2yrs
Milley: Putin not deterrable short of US troops in Ukraine US Russia Ukraine 2yrs
Milley: Putin not deterrable short of US troops in Ukraine US Russia Ukraine 2yrs
As Russia Pounds Ukraine, NATO Countries Rush In Javelins and Stingers Russia Ukraine Poland 2yrs
Gen. Milley says Kyiv could fall within 72 hours if Russia decides to invade Ukraine: sources Russia Ukraine 2yrs
GOP House candidate suggests executing top US general on television China US 2yrs
Milley Speaks With Russian Counterpart as Blinken Calls for Dialogue About Ukraine - Air Force... Russia Ukraine 2yrs
China tells US to back down after General Milley says America is capable of defending Taiwan China US Taiwan 2yrs
Milley Addresses Aspen Security Forum on Today 2yrs
American top general calls rocket test China 'very worrying' China US 2yrs
A ‘Sputnik moment’? Milley hints China’s hypersonic weapons test has left US in arms-race dust China US 2yrs
US Gen. Milley compares China's hypersonic arms to ‘Sputnik moment' China US 2yrs
'Are you a nut job?': Trump claims he slammed Gen. Milley Afghanistan 2yrs
'Disgraceful performance': Lemon reacts to Gaetz questioning Milley 2yrs
Milley admits he would tell Chinese general if US launched an attack China US 2yrs
Gen. Milley admits the US LOST the Afghanistan war US Afghanistan 2yrs
Parents of jailed Marine Lt. Col. demand Milley and Austin RESIGN 2yrs
General Milley says troops should have stayed in Afghanistan China US Afghanistan 2yrs
Milley defends calls to Chinese at end of Trump presidency China US 2yrs
Resigning over Afghanistan is too ‘political’ for Gen. Milley, who worked just fine with CIA, N... Afghanistan 2yrs
Milley defends Trump-era calls to Chinese counterpart in congressional Afghanistan hearing China Afghanistan 2yrs
Top general admits US credibility damaged after Afghanistan withdrawal China US Afghanistan 2yrs
Your Wednesday Briefing 2yrs
‘Why haven’t you resigned?’ Milley asked over US withdrawal from Afghanistan US Afghanistan 2yrs
US Afghanistan withdrawal a ‘logistical success but strategic failure’, Milley says US Afghanistan 2yrs
Gen. Milley details his phone calls with Chinese counterpart China US Afghanistan 2yrs
'A little bit of comedy': John King on Gen. Milley's reply to senator 2yrs
General Milley says Trump officials knew of calls to China China US 2yrs
Memos from Milley show timeline of communications between Trump's Defense Department and Chines... China US Afghanistan 2yrs
Gen. Milley testifies calls to China happened after intelligence that the Chinese were worried... China 2yrs
Afghan pullout damaged US credibility with allies, say Milley and GOP senator US UK Afghanistan 2yrs
Gen. Milley defends calls to China during Trump administration  China US Afghanistan 2yrs
Milley forcefully defends call with Chinese general: ‘My loyalty is absolute’ China 2yrs
Milley defends call to Chinese at end of Trump presidency China US 2yrs
Military was ready to present Afghan evacuation plan in May, White House said no Afghanistan 2yrs
Opinion | What Milley Got Right—and Wrong 2yrs
Top US military general holds talks with Russian counterpart US Russia Finland 2yrs
Former Joint Chiefs chairman dismisses conservative criticism of Milley’s China call China 2yrs
Office of Trump's defense secretary held call with China on January 6, two days before Milley's... China 2yrs
Why top general Milley is likely to hang on despite stunning revelations in new book 2yrs
Wall Street Journal: Milley defends calls to China during Trump presidency as 'perfectly' withi... China 2yrs
Milley warned Trump off violence against George Floyd protesters 2yrs
General Milley cannot undermine civilian authority. The US is not a military junta | Lt Col Dan... China US 2yrs
Milley: Calls to China were `perfectly' within scope of job China US 2yrs
Jan. 6 committee seeking records on Milley's China calls China US 2yrs
Capitol riot committee to investigate Milley efforts to restrict Trump’s actions 2yrs
Jan 6 Committee seek to investigate Milley’s actions after Capitol riot 2yrs
John Bolton defends Milley’s ‘unquestioned’ patriotism as Trump world rages China 2yrs
General Mark Milley should resign over call to Chinese counterparts China 2yrs
Joe Concha says Gen. Milley undermined American voters China US 2yrs
Gutfeld calls out mainstream media for defending Gen. Milley China 2yrs